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    I'll add to this, yes the game is quite grindy but making it easier is not going to bring new players to Eden Eternal. Only those who like Eden Eternal will return to Eden Eternal, the game is dated graphically and gameplay wise and unless you like Eden Eternal you won't turn to this as your go to game would you? That doesn't mean Jordan should ignore the fact to make the game easier for new players. This is a drum I've been banging for a long time now but then look at NosTale for instance (I know I'm comparing apples to oranges right now), the game is very grindy yet boasts a HUGE playerbase. Arguing that Jordan needs to pull a rabbit out of his hat is not going to help. Why don't you offer suggestions on what you think would help attract new players to this "dying" server instead? Jordan is doing a fantastic job and remember you wait 3-6 months per huge patch, when was Aeria's updated huh? Don't worry I'll wait....
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    So help promote the servers? You guys do a great job chasing each other off with harassment but it's up to us to find new players? Seems odd...
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    It won't change. So no point making a scene about it.
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    Well hello, here is some idea for the next Patch. Some of them are from me or other players. - Cosmetics (check Cassie's post) - New System to buy Event Cosmetics https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/topic/6963-old-event-fashions/ - Add Move SPD buff DNG Palace of Dreams 0/10 maybe +20 or +40% - New TW map 4 Crystal Awakene Grand Fantasia Kaslow https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/452658953684254740/551822017842774057/TW_ok.png - Upgrade Status Assistant Item Support : from 8 slots to 16 slots Recovery Support : from 4 slots to 6 slots - Add auto-sell Blue item - Increase Archive Save from 30 slots to 50 slots - Add Guild Name Change https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/topic/6965-guild-name-change/ - Increase Trade NPC Eden Amethysts stack 100 or 50 - Upgread one buff from PoD Great Illusionist's Blessing| Cost of using Phy or Magic skill & any %MP/sec -10% - Add crafting item Lv 95 on Loyality Shop - Add Two Boss on Sakura Island map for some test One with full Tanky One other with full Damage - Fix All bug/Typo - Increase Gear Swap interface from 3 to 5 - Add Alternate Dragonside Ridge map without Boss - Awaken Armor Lv 110 it would just be a waste of time to do it for lvl 105 - Racials Ursuns Glyphs : Dragon Knight Awaken Dragon emperor LCK +35 M CRIT DMG & CRIT DMG +7 ACC +31 skill:trempling dragon roar dmg dealt is 10% - soul bound lance 10% or When using dragon leader buff increase all stats 5+ Dragon Soul Def +620 HP +416 Parry +15 Samurai Awaken Blade Master AGI+32 LCK+32 Crit Rate+32 Resilence Clear 6 negative status Master Fencer AGI+32 ACC+32 HP+242 Ranger Awaken Celestial Arrow LCK +35 ACC +32 Crit Rate +33 Holy Dragon Reincarnation +25% hp on the pet Lethal Arrow LCK+35 HP+200 Crit DMG+3 Sage Awaken Holy Sage WIS +55 LCK +35 G-Healing+62 Angel of Justice WIS +55 HP +206 LCK+59 Luminary Awaken Holy Blade INT+35 M-CRIT Rate+43 LCK+27 Darkness Blade INT+35 HP+308 DEF+675 Halfkin : Healer |DEF+830 HP+ 599 Cast SPD+55 G-Healing+82 All Elemental Reistance+8 All Physical Reistance+1 DEF+5% WIS 7+% G-Healing +3% Warrior |P-ATK+999 DEF+830 HP+599 CRIT Rate+42 CRIT DMG+6 All Elemental Reistance+8 All Physical Reistance+1 DEF+5% P-ATK+5% LCK +3% Tank |DEF+830 HP+599 AGI+35 EVA+35 STR+35 All Elemental Reistance+8 All Physical Reistance+1 HP+5% DEF+5% DMG Taken-3% Magic |M-ATK+999 HP+599 M-CRIT Rate+42 M-CRIT DMG+6 Cast SPD+55 G-Healing+82 All Elemental Reistance+5 All Physical Reistance+1 WIS+5% M-ATK+7% INT+3% Hybryd |P-ATK+999 M-ATK+999 HP+599 CRIT Rate+42 CRIT DMG+6 M-CRIT Rate+42 M-CRIT DMG+6 All Elemental Reistance+5 All Physical Reistance+1 P-ATK+7% M-ATK+7% AGI+3% Anuran : Remove 1 negative effect each second during 10 Sec. | Cooldown 1min30 Immun to all cc for 3 sec after use. Cooldown 1min30 Within 10 minutes, All stats+5%. All stats +32pts. Recovers +649 HP & MP every second. Within 1 second you are invincible. Cooldown 1min30 - Fusion possibility Can fuse Pickave / Glove / Ball (Alpha) for (Prime) NT with Arcane Box - Increase Cert to 8 case it's just an idea, but maybe it could be interesting. - Add Search bar in Item Mail shop and for archive - Change the members participation in A TW / N TW / GvG 50 members / guild => 30 members /guild - Add Honor Star on the NPC Mystery Boy 1 Daily login reward = 50 Honor Star - Add Status Assistant on all Gear swap Interface few slot for cosmetics, different Stone, mount - Increase the damage in guild town buildings Farm, Mine, Altar, Lab, Foundry, Magic Pool to 300/300 - Add mount for NPC Ziglar Aven He's useless, he's depressing me! - Remove Captcha on all DNG and run map and PvP instance Captacha only on basic maps Thank you for reading.
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    Making this thread to address how things are going on, This also is to average players in the game New players usually die out at quest end which is level 92-95. If no one carries them. They usually cannot do anything because no gold. Gear is way too weak and way too grindy to even do fae. A geared player would do fae in 4 minutes. A new player with tk gear 1 awaken class and 1 + weapon, will take atleast 15 to 20 min to finish 1 run. 10 runs = 150 -200 min. I know Squid made a video about being able to grind fae with no armor, just weapon and trophies. But do not forget it is not just that, A new player has no gold to have that awaken classes CE unlocked to even be able to do proper damage nor survive. They do not have the achievement he has, nor the knowledge or Trophies/Accessories he used. This makes players not want to come play despite they do come they always quit. Every now and then a new guild pops with many players who need to do PvE to be able to achieve what many others did. There is level to grind. Ccm to grind. Gold to grind. Achievements to do. Gems to make. Without spending money they cannot really do anything. If it is PvP, No one wants to face people that are heavily overgeared than them if pvp wise. People cannot spend all day grind it, this kills the server state. I would suggest make better ways for new players to make gold. And not rely on RNG to roll altar. There is always less people that donate, than players who do not. That is the reason why EE is played by many players who cannot really afford many things. So if can solve this. More people will come, and in turn more will donate so they are able to play with the others. Let's talk a bit about PvP. I know there has been many reasons why PvP players quit the game, which go from drama , not properly understanding the game, complaining about classes been broken and a few more. But that is not only the reasons. For so many months, PvP has just been MT vs Garden, 10vs10s and there is those randoms from smaller guilds or sometimes some people in Phi try and you can get around 20 kills. There is no fun in it anymore, it is not intense anymore. There is barely any GvG that is worth it, people will get stomped in few minutes. A guild will only last long on situations where players like us,just decide not to go pvp because it is boring now, and then it is just 2 or 3 of us vs the rest, so it just becomes a cap war. There is no new players that come, if the do come, they will usually get killed so fast due to having no gears. Yes Level difference matters but i am not talking about a Geared Level 110 facing a Geared Level 100. The Level 100 can still get away with it, despite level impacts a lot. But i am talking about those new players that barely have any proper build, resist, defense, damage to even pull something out. Having made many alts, let's take a look of the different things you will need as a new player , taking level 100 gears into consideration. First the leveling, which usually stops at level 91 with quest then they have to buy DoS slightly to 92 then proceed to 94 with viroona quests. Questing would give you around 5k gold. They need to be atleast level 95 to do the new contents, because no one does old content anymore. For so many months i keep see players LF4m LF3m LF3m for <xx trials> for hours, no one is helping them at all. Yes gearing at older content will help, but even getting there is a bit rough. And people do not have all time. At level 95, they need 6k Gold to buy an awaken armor book, (66k if all awaken books which is rather important at end game but keep 6k for now), It is already hard to find the Guild Bosses in the trials for them unlike geared players, so doing them 1 by 1 can take many weeks to months. 1 of these quests also will require you Inks, ccm and among other items which require gold. I would say atleast 10k gold is gone per these quests. Since a new player who does not get carried by others, needs their classes leveled in order to even be able to participate in DoDs, trials (which almost no one does), so they have to atleast buy runs to proceed which is around 250G, Ofc they don't need all classes leveled so let's take 20 out of these. 20 classes to 80 is 5k Gold, and then awakening the 20 classes is 20k Gold. Buying 1 class to 85 is around 400G, so out of 40 awaken classes if they buy 20 for the important CE, it is 8k gold. Level 95 Trials might take 1 min or 2 minutes for us top tier players to do, or even solo, but for new players? 1 Trial can take them more than 20 min if they keep die. Counting disconects boss resets, wipes etc. It takes a relative large amount of time for them to even get the trials done, if no one carries them. Achievements now, 1 Corona Stardust 65 is 150G, 90/100 is 250-350g sometimes more. You need atleast 50 of these to be able to do the basic achieves to even be able to survive constantly without any issues to Level 95 + trials. If some player would want to PvP, they will need atleast 300 + of them to even finish the ones they require for 1 class. If all weapons then it can go around 400 +. so let's take level 65 stardusts x 300 = 45k gold, Now they need Eternal Coins , which cost around 450 of them. Having made so many alts full achieves , i can tell to finish all achieves to 90 apart from runes takes you around 400 EP, That is 180k Gold, Of course a new player don't need to do all, so let's say atleast 100k gold will be invested into it. And if they have to grind for it it takes all their time for other things. People are playing this game for fun, not to kill themselves grinding. The Blueprints and Fame items you need to even craft for achievement usually use up all your gold. The blueprint price can be very very costly depending on the guild tax %. but already at 5 % it takes quite a while to even get them done. Now Gems is very important, without gems there is no point to even PvP, and to even do Level 95 trials ESPECIALLY level 100 ones. you need to be at full HP and High HP. GoP , you can barely even carry any new player. 1 Resist gem costs atleast 2.5k if you buy them for a Level 7 one. If you craft them it will cost you atleast 1.5k gold, taking essence, EP mats etc into consideration. So 12 gems per set will cost someone 18k gold to just get resist gems. Now to PvP players They need more than just resist gems, the new gems added help a lot to be at end game , but let's just say they will use normal resist ones. But they will go for tower gems etc, which their base gem costs 1.5-2k already. There is barely any crafters that sell gems now, so they have to level their own racials, which take time to gather materials, their own time to invest leveling alts, not to mention it was already hard for them to get their own main leveled. Also many players don't have a high end pc to do many clients to keep gather at the same time. The New gears are harder to get, and they will give anyone who uses them a big boost in damage and survival, so hunting them is almost a necessity now. It is easy for old players who have already geared themselves or have gold for it. Myself being the one of the best if not the best speed runner to get characters geared from 0 due to myself having the resources and help for it. But for new players it is not. You will also need Fort stones, 1 set to +14 will cost you [(100*6) + (250*2) + (300*2) + (350*2) + (350*2)] per piece from just the stones (viridian/ultramarine/coral/citrine/amethyst/rose). Not counting the Guard Scroll Primes/Power Scroll Primes used on it and the BIG fail RNG that happens. Then they will need reset scrolls from all sorts, which can range from 1k to 10k + depending on the RNG per piece they want to be at top end, 1ks being the ones for the new players. These new players can barely grind Fae properly , even if they do and spend so many hours of their time, they can only get 7k a day if they do not invest $$ into the game. Yes the server needs $$ to run i already took that into consideration but just like i said above, there is always more players than play this game because it is free to play. I am not saying it is Pay2Win, it is Pay2WinFaster for sure. But 7k a day with all these RNG involved is hard. I made a new character from scratch, i had the resources and many friends did help me, just in order to get myself geared just like my old account, took me a lot of VGN as well as more than 2 million gold. But i have everything geared so let's just take 1 class gear into consideration counting all these achieves etc will take them more than 500k gold to even get there to PvP. (which used to be the reason why EE has been alive for so long). If PvE then maybe less but it is still a grind fest. And if a player really wants to be top end , he would want to have the best things for the specific role he plays. Which requires a LOT more gold , example top tier gems, top tier pets, best weapons, best forts. At the very moment just these i just mentioned will cost you more than 800k gold in game to get, due to how expensive they have become. Of course they are not needed, but in PvP it is another thing (the pet is not a big difference, but it can make a difference between killing or capping and making a win), Players who keep win over and over again mostly have these pets , while the others who don't have the resource for it just lose and quit over the time There is so many more things that is hard for them to acquire, like Honor Stars to get them their desired set, they have to grind for it, or rolling gem altar which is so much on RNG it could take all their gold and not get anything. I know a MMO needs grinding , and EE already has it, but at the current state, it is so hard for a new player to get things, so much of their real time invested into the game, As someone who works and studies as well as those who work or study, time is hard to get , even 1 hour a day is hard to get sometimes. So for new players the cost is very heavy right now. There still is so many of their everyday needs which i will not mention, there is too many of them. EC is 250-300G each at the moment, so if they want to roll altar they will have to buy that too , using up all their gold. Legendary price is low at the moment but it still will use all their gold, making them grind grind grind everyday for it. They cannot really enjoy what they want in a Private Server anymore unless they grind hell. Not to mention the other dungeons give so little gold (Meeryasha and so on), Viroona Ruins is out of question it is way harder than Fae, so i won't even mention that for now. If anyone wants to add more things i missed, i am just writing this on whatever came to my mind and was thinking about over the time. Feel free to post it on the thread. I felt like this needs to be addressed as someone who is on the top and can see everyone's ups and downs and how they do things in various guilds and various situations. I do not think just adding new contents will solve this, because the server has been going on a constant downfall in numbers of players not because they are busy or drama, it is hard for many new players to even be able to play the game properly. Thank you.
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    Princess Glitzy Alysa (We got it some time ago but some players in peer chat was looking for it)✔️08/17/19 Steel Melded Marvel Wings(Legendary) Crystal Altar Dark Night Alpaca (Legendary) Crystal Altar Mecha Fighter Pet (Crystal Altar) ✔️08/20/19 Shiba Inu Pet(Crystal Altar) ✔️08/15/19 Fashionable Xmas Costume (Legendary) Crystal Altar Mysterious Hoodie (Legendary) Crystal Altar Brazilian Olimpic Garb/Threads (Legendary) Mystery Box
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    Link has been updated. Enjoy the loli voices ^^
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    Wait... the server is dying?! lol ok...
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    Cause it proves also how much you love the game people who are just so dedicated to go that way up again Also you say "but any gold buyers leveling hero level, 30 is so exaggerated" are you saying that you might buy or sell gold? Just in case i ask this
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    The reason the server dies is because it is updated every 3-6 month so as not to lose old people but every time this is done it is a stumbling block for new people if we take what a new possible player should do with all serious patches 6 months to be armed. but that impossible nobody will give that time of his life to play is the reason why the server dies
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    If only it was that easy sadly. Feels like every patch needs a new nerf to it. As for @Pinkey please refer to my previous answer to understand why you can't just buff Axe and GS and be like #JobDone
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    I've done this several times since being a developer for this game. You might be un-aware but I've played this game since back when it used to take days and days of grinding to get from 40-45, when you had to run unlimited dungeons for EXP and gold. I could grind a PvP character in a couple of weeks with no VGN and no help (unless buying runs with grinded gold counts). The problem is people aren't me, people aren't Vyzer. New players look in the archive or ask a player, whats a good build for Gravity Manipulator or Time Manipulator. Then Mr. End Game Player replies, well you need the Awaken Weapon and this Armor and then you need this Shield for swapping and this specific Trophy set from XYZ. Then the new player is on the track of "I need help defeating GOP cause I need this trophy". When in reality you need to work your way up the chain, you need to Gem for half the PvE these days, you need to start small and work your way up. Don't be begging for Khal Mund trophy or Molten tounge trophy, settle with 75 Corken and Isolda. Then move up to maybe a BTS trophy or if your lucky then try Kahl Mund or Swamp King. Slowly do your 1-30 achievements. Focus on running your 10 limiteds a day to get the gold to do 1-65 (Not to mention you can get to 100+ in a day so you can grind multiple characters a day on your limiteds). You can't just click your fingers and have it all done. We maybe a private server but we like to pride ourselves in not being a private server but being a better version on the Official server. One where you can come and voice your opinions to a GM (One where the GM can also respond with their opinion and not just that one line we all love hearing from Aeria "We've passed on the suggestion to the developers"), one where you get content and updates a couple times a year. I try my best and I know you agree that I do changes with new people in mind but you can't expect me to shit on the players who worked hard on their character by saying right, 1-65 achievements are now freely done and ohh the title you get for completing all awakens gone. It's a deservice to your older players just to try and draw in new players. You can honestly not expect a new player to come to the game for 1 month or 2 months and have everything to perfection. Quite honestly you don't even need things perfect... I made a character maybe a year and a half ago at this point, this character had 1-65 armor/grimoire/gems/farm/altar/mine achievements and 1-30 enchants (and maybe a couple others sprinkled here and there). It had Awaken 95 Armor (Cloth DMG only) and at the time the best Grimoire was the 95 +M-ATK one. I didn't have GOP gears, I didn't have Armor Awakens and I didn't even have perfect forts (5/5 on some pieces and 4/5 on others). Yet I could still consistantly come top DPS on a class that many people where saying is garbage and weak and even before the GOP patch I could do this and again before the balance patch. Me making a new character to proove a point will just waste everyones time since it's time I could be doing other things with my life or working on bringing you guys content. I always try to cater to the new players but you cannot expect me to just say here mate have everything this game has to offer in a single click. You can be as geared as the number 1 player in a month showing just how little the top players gear is worth. I get that gearing is hard when people don't play with others but whats the alternative? A solo dungeon that grants gear to everyone without having to do anything cause if its easy its easy for a noob if its hard its impossible for a noob. There's a reason TK gear is now free to fort and scales higher as suggested. The gear is enough to do trials for sure but will still require gems / achievements to be able to do some of the harder stuff.
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    I checked before my initial response cause I actually had forgotten how much it gave. It is exactly 30% no doubt about it and obviously because the formula behind both Magic DMG and Physical DMG are only about 50% the same, the rest is completely different. So measuring the two in terms of "if I wear xyz then I should get abc" it just doesn't work that way. Not even beginning to mention the formula behind Physical DMG auto attacks and Physical DMG skills are also two different calculations all together theres just no way to get a solid read on it unless you build a program with the exact same code behind it and spit in all the different ways to improve your damage. Like example of a difference: MDPS has a flat -DMG value or +DMG value depending on the level difference which caps at 10 levels. So level 110 will deal 20% more dmg to a level 100, as well as a level 120 will deal 20% more dmg to a level 100. However: PDPS factors it only into the defense reduction, so if you have 50% defense and the level 110 attacked a level 100 then you get -70% defense. Which slightly affects the output considering one of the first things you lose is defense -dmg. Also healing is not just 20% variation of what the formula states as the old formula I had before isn't even correct. Now i've seen the actual formula its much more complicated than that. Healing has 2 formula's that pass between the person casting the spell and the person recieving the heal. Even beginning to explain how G-Heal and P-Heal work is just a road that's not worth going down at all as there's actually a 3rd hidden stat that is related to both G-Heal and P-Heal that isn't even referanced in game. You can get a rough guess based on [Random{Skill Value - Skill RNG, Skill Value + Skill RNG} ] * Crit (if Crit) but it's never going to be accurate. For example, there is a lot of static numbers in the healing formula like the players wisdom is always multiplied by 1.2, so if you have 1000 wis you actually have 1200, something that you'd never ever be able to guess from in game numbers alone. All I will say to finish this as there is no point in discussing it further without flat out giving the formula's which I don't think is the greatest idea. No matter how much data you have, if it's not a static number like the MDPS skills you will always be wrong in some way or another. The formula's are much more complicated than this and also have external numbers influencing them that are unchangable. As the example even though your data said 50% i have it in plain text infront of my eyes that it's 30%. Yeh and at the time the shield was made classes with 1HD weapons where 100% unplayable and without being able to cap block differently for each weapon which isn't possible how else am I suppose to balance this? I put a negative block debuff of flat -35%. That means you need 85% block to be capped, If I make this more then classes that don't build STR will not be able to cap block. You can't just say XYZ is unfair because whats the alternative? I remove DMG to the point where you never get enough DMG out the shield to make it worth using, then you lose the posibillity to play 1HD classes in a PvP environment cause they can't survive. Your just missing the entire point of everything. Nerfing a shield that makes beserker stronger cause Axe Beserker is weaker than Shield Club Beserker doesn't solve the problem. It just means Axe Beserker is the better varient and then you have people who play races that require 1HD weapons QQing that now they've drawn the short end of the stick and how it's unfair the only way they can match a Human is by going full glass cannon die in 1 hit build. Alternatively buffing Axe Beserker doesn't work either cause the only way to truely buff it is increasing the P-ATK which then scales harder and then in a couple of patches you have the 1HD users again QQing they've got the short straw. The best solution is what the original post suggested, make a 1HD axe, but it's not possible to make a 1HD Axe. The game isn't designed to have a 1HD Axe. If the shield needs more -Block then fine I can do that, if the shield needs more nerfs to its damage thats fine too, but you're forgetting that it doesn't matter. If someone gets to use a shield while DPS then they don't really care about 2HD weapons because it doesn't matter about damage when you're dead. You have 2 solutions here, make the shield like every other shield where the only way you can make enough damage is going 2 1HD weapons which in turn means that those people cannot use the class in PvP anymore. Second solution is you keep nerfing and buffing it each patch and have people roll the dice every patch to see what they get which trust me is very frustrating for people to deal with rather than "Ohh although my class says Axe user, it's more optimal for damage to use Club Shield". There is nothing wrong with Axe/Greatsword Beserker, they're are still playable and they still deal damage.
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    Not even close to 50%, its 30% just like the mdps one. The basic attack damage is 50% yes but the skill dmg is 30%. There's no way you can test physical dmg because a weapon has RNG dmg on it and a skill has RNG dmg on it. Where as mdps only skills have RNG dmg which is why because of the way the Luminary skills where made it comes out as 100% the same as they where made wrong.
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    I can say not everything is about what does the most damage because in this game you can play things you wanna play and not just whats the best. Like what do you expect from me? To buff Axe beserker until its stronger than Shield Club beserker? Then what? You have the Zumi players come here saying to buff Club Shield Beserker because does less damage. Thats just an endless cycle because UNLESS you remove everysingle build option from the game you will NEVER get 100% balance between the two. Axe beserker is great, its by far playable and with all the life steal you get from the Awaken Axe you can become as tanky as someone using a shield especially when it comes to PvE. I get it, it would be nice to have every race equal but you will never get that unless every race is a copy and paste of the next. The only reason these shield exsist in the first place was because before the shield exists every single race and every single 1HD weapon class was completely useless when it came to PVP (asside from Darkness Blade and that was only because it was so broken that it didn't matter). With 2 * 1hd weapons only relying on evasion to survive in a game that even with me doing everything in my power to make a useful stat still being useless you get a PvP situation where you just cannot survive at all. You have classes like BA that where super broken before the balance patch but yet where rarely if not never played because it just died too easy because you had no parry, no block and evasion was useless. This was the case for many years and once Awaken Classes where released and you got piles of ACC with everything you do or LCK then you just got to a point where 100% evasion did nothing. And no you cannot make a 1HD version of a 2HD weapon, you have Axe's in the game and you have Sword's in the game. Doesn't have 50% on skills at all and neither does the MDPS one. The numbers wheren't released on skill DMG. You'd also never balance the item without skill dmg as quite frankly the only way to match having a second weapon is skill dmg since pattack buffs will need to be altared on a per patch basis and any one who decideds to go for a -res/-def build instead of a +pattack build would lose a lot of dmg with just pattack.
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    This is basically what I'd respond with too. You guys are forgetting that the only reason this equipment exists is because without it 1HD varients of Beserker / other 1HD classes become unplayable to a large degree. So even if this equipment makes Beserker stronger with a 1HD sword why does that instantly mean we have to start buffing Axe users and Greatsword users. Claiming the class is useless as a Human is just a very close minded statement, not everything is about damage you know...
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    Hello, it's me, Sirocco. I've made a topic a really long time ago about people AFK'ing in maps to generate gold, which was listened to. Thanks VGN, specially Jordan! This time, i'm writing this topic to discuss something that has roots on the very heart of our veteran community: Salary. We have a member cap in TW's and GvGs (if I remember correctly, it's 50). I'll add some math on gold-generating here: A level 100 character, with 3 territories, gets around 600g. That same character can be created and leveled up in a couple of days, if not a single day (with charms). At the current moment, we can have 350 characters in a guild. Considering that a "big guild" has 50 real players, that's room for 300 gold-generating alts. That means, if all those alts are at least Lv100, that the server is getting 180k gold everyday from people logging alts and doing nothing. From a single guild. The number gets higher if you count all the territories involved and multiple guilds. Now, you may tell me: "This is OK because PVP has costs like pots and pods, and those people won that right because they put effort on it!". All PVP costs can be covered for a week if you do Palace of Dreams in a single day. That's 1 hour of farming. Not only that, allowing people to exploit the system in order to generate gold has been an issue to the server growth for a really long time. Most of the lazy new players dream of joining a guild that grabs them free salary just so they can exploit like the veterans. It's not healthy for the server. MY SUGGESTION: Lower the guild member cap to 100. ___________________________________________________________________________ Now, after that. We all know how painful it is to level guilds and NPCs from guild towns up. It was made easier on gold thanks to VGN, but it's still really slow to level up buildings like Magic Pool or even Mine/Farm. If the member cap were to be changed, we would have even less motivation to level a guild up past 6. This is where my suggestion kicks in: GUILD BUILDS Yes, you read that correctly. I'm suggesting that each guild, past level 3 (the level for Guild Town) gain access to a couple of "Knowledge Points", quite much like the classes, in order to encourage people to level their guilds up. That helps the server with more NPCs and variety, not being gated by dead guilds or high taxes. How would that work? Since this is not a feature in original Eden Eternal, that would probably need a gimmick to insert in the game. My initial idea, to make things easier, was to put new special NPC slots in the guild town (as you level the guild up), and make a store with permanent NPCs that we can plant in those slots, that would grant the guild, the passives they want. Quite much like our VGN Statues, but permanent. If it's possible to program a guild KP system, then that wouldn't be needed. No, not more status I'm not suggesting more P-ATK or that kind of stuff. This idea was more guild-oriented in the sense of economy and market, so the guild KPs could be something related to crafting itself. I have some suggestions, but that idea could be refined with the help of the staff, or the community. Some examples - Passive: Longer NPCs (That would heavily help rare NPCs since they last for 3 days) - Passive: Higher building EXP (Would help leveling stuff like Magic Pool) - Passive: Higher fame gains from NPC activity (Would help leveling the guild itself) - Passive: Higher NPC durability (For less need of repairing NPCs) The NPCs could have multiple levels (with higher benefits), so the higher levels would be unlocked as you level up your guild. More NPCs with guild utility could be created (again, we would need the help of the staff or community with more suggestions). Why would we add that? The guild system is perfect I agree that the guild system is currently on a good state, but as I mentioned, we don't have any real motivation to level our guilds past 6, unless we want to exploit the salary system. These suggestions are a complement of my first suggestion, but would heavily improve our lifes on building guilds up. Trust me, being a guild leader, nothing makes it more boring than creating "rules" to force people into farming fame into oblivion just to get more room for guild recruits. That way, we would have clear benefits, more high level guilds with quality NPCs, less room for tax exploiting (since there would be more guilds offering the same service) and less room for "hey can you repair Guild X please" on peer. That's all. Thanks if you read it until here. Goodbye! ~
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    Okay Newbie. I know you wanna get back to the game so I will make this short as possible. 1.Difficulty Settings Nobody will tell you this right off the bat but Scarlet Blade actually has a difficulty settings and its the second thing you set when you play this game for the first time. How difficult or hard this game is depends on the class you play. so here is the breakdown. Easy: Whipper - Whipper is an excellent class and has utility for every situation. good in fights, good in dungeons, has good dance for the club, got the hourglass shaped body- oh man. If you are being overwhelmed. raise your shields and go into mech! You're a reckless whipper! Don't apologize for it CyberBlade - Another excellent class that has utility for many situations, great in fights, great in dungeons - best thing about Cyberblade: they can heal themself! Still metabolism, this is a newbie's best friend! Shadow Walker - Not exactly as easy as the two above, but still easy enough! Why? She has high damage and she can sneak around mobs in dungeons and just kill the main boss, reduced farming time!, and if you meet an enemy player that you cannot beat head on, you can disappear mid fight! ghost walk! and run away, you scaredy cat! Moderate Difficulty Punisher - This is your glass cannon character, she can dish it but she cant take it! That being said the punisher is a tactical character and requires skills to play properly. In PvP you cannot just run into the enemy and spam attacks like a whipper. Play her like you would play rainbow Six! She requires some amount of work to be great. but once you master the punisher you will be able to kill anyone and anything with relative ease. Sentinel - Kind of like glass cannon, has low hp, she requires some work to be great, that means enhance your gears, in PvP, run all over the place to survive use your slow attacks to keep distance from enemy. sentinel has good damage, the only passive you should take is damage increase passive. NEVER take hp passive, you cannot fix your hp with it. its not worth it. Hard Defender - She has a big sword, she has big boobs, her HP is huge and under the right circumstances, she can do big damage! She's so hot, she constantly fans herself! Defender is hard because most of her buff and and debuff are mediocre PvP wise. Her major buffs have a serious debuff, if shes not careful, she can actually kill herself, with her own frenzy ability! unlike other classes her mech skills have no secondary effect that is useful in PvP, except one. 1 second stun! hurrah!. on top of having average damage outside of suicide skill frenzy. most of her good attacks are single target! amazing! Big sword that only hits one monster even tho you are surrounded by 14 of them. That means she will take forever to clear a dungeon by herself kill all them mobs one by one! - that is why defender is hard! that doesn't mean you should give up. if you love your defender, then play it to lvl 59, at max lvl, a defender is godlike in duels and you become scary with your suicide skill, it will hurt enemies more than it hurts you. Max frenzy, max healing chakra, combo healing chakra with iron skin to come back from brink of death! Very Hard Medic - The healer class, medic is by far the hardest class to play, due to low damage output, you will take a longer time to complete quests and clear dungeons. In PVP, enemy players will target you first because most of the time, the only way to win battles is to take out the medic. I have never really played medic myself, only briefly but trust me when I tell you. it will not be easy. However, medics are one of the most important classes having a medic on your team makes life a lot easier, if you like to be the healer then go for it! I advise that you make an alternate character that has good damage output. if you intend to farm dungeons, its doable on medic yes, just will take a while. Now that you have basic idea of whats in store for you... Choose your Destiny! Skill points Before you go and ruin your character build by dumping points all willy nilly into basic skills. do some research on your class to see that makes sense when it comes to spending skill points!. this is by no means a character guide!
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    I'll tinker around with it on test server with Jordan sometime. See if it's doable.
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    Just gonna plop my 2 cents in here real quick. This is just MY PERSONAL opinion on the game, feel free to reply but don't be a dick jerk about it, cause I kinda just rejoined a month ago. I think one of the main problems within the game is that there aren't enough new players to support other gamers while levelling up, because the game itself is not very popular anymore. A lot of older players already have the advantage by having the knowledge base from previous EE servers/experience on VGN to know where to go, what needs to be done, how to get to a high level as fast as possible, how the economy is set, etc etc. If you're wondering why the game seems so dead... Eden has been around for like 8ish years now, and I think it's odd that there's only one private server. Maybe if there were more private servers, it would attract more people, and private servers would need to compete in order to draw even more players. (Idk if anybody plays perfect world, but there's a lot of different private servers that strive to be the greatest, and there are lots of players on any server you join, at least the one's I've played on. Eden needs that to keep the game alive). As much as I hate to say it, I do believe EE and VGN needs some more advertisement as well. I know it's not feasible for EE private servers to just magically start coming online, but if it were, that's what I think would elevate the server population, in theory. Now, about EE VGN... You don't see ANYBODY camping at level 69 or 80 (or whatever level people used to camp at, forgive me it's been awhile since even I did). And the reason being is because there's no longer a level cap on trophies or drops. It's also REAL easy to plvl anybody nowadays, and with such a high exp rate, most NEW players level up fairly quickly, and quests can be skipped, with new ones popping up everytime you level in some cases. I feel like if the level cap for drops was put back on, it would almost force players to take a break and focus on getting whatever they need before moving on. At least, that's what happened to me when I was beginning on Aeria WAYYY back in the day. But then again, what's the point of doing trials of any level anymore? You can solo them WHEN YOU'RE GEARED. I feel like I have a good point but idk how to express myself easily so just deal w it Also, I remember back when the peer chats were separated, it was a lot easier to ask for help, because all people in your peer chat were around the same level as you and had the same problems. And if you are just starting out, it's nice to know people that are within your level range and level up with them. Back when I was just starting out it was really nice to have a little friendly "competition" while learning the game. I've also noticed that a lot of people are more concerned with levelling faster, as there's nobody to talk to or team up with at a lower level, and that's straight up boring. However, I understand that with a low influx of players, separating the peer chats may not be the correct option. If the chats were separated, those low level players may not see other people in the chat, and may just think it's REALLY dead. However, most of the player population is already above level 80, and the peer chats could just be straight up dead for the most part. Then again I have no idea how many new players join the server per month or whatever. So my three suggestions are: 1. Put the level cap back on for drops. 2. Segregate the peer chats again. 3. Spread the word of VGN EE! IDK if that would literally do anything, but it's just what I think would change up the server a bit and add that sense of gameplay back into EE VGN. And I know there are a whole lot of downsides to changing anything about the server rates or drops or anything, but maybe this server just needs a few big changes in order to attract more players who actually wanna play the game and enjoy it. Sidenote: If I ever did a trial back in the day with any of you old folks from Aeria or PlayEden, just know that that was a boppin' time and I always had hella fun doing trials even if I was the squishiest Samurai ever. Personally, I LOVED doing trials, and I don't know if anybody can relate to the feeling of when you just killed the boss and it drops your call, and it's 120% and you just kinda wanna scream because you've done the trial like 10 times already, and then you hit need and it pops up in your bag and you just feel so COMPLETE. qwq And remember guys, try not to focus so hard on the NUMBERS! Enjoy the GAME and the BEAUTY of it! If you read this whole thing, sorry for giving you a seizure with all the different font sizes I used
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    So as requested, here is the Korean Voice Pack for SB. When you download it, open your root folder Vendetta Gaming Network\Scarlet Blade Vendetta and paste the entire extracted folder there. https://mega.nz/#!nmZSGSwC!bZ1SziDoOH0LSbhka02Ww36WEEzMxy518vUzy-WYmGs This pack should cover NPC voice over and general character voice over including skills and emotes. Just a heads up though, some NPC voices may not work in our version. I will not be fixing them, this pack is what it is. If you notice any crashing while using this pack, I suggest just reverting back to the original NA version. This is just client side, so only you will hear this. Side note, Korean voices are 10x better then NA voices.
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    I'm not the one crying about inflation. I do have gold to do whatever I want even if prices are high, also I have most of my achievements done and enough stardust to finish what i haven't yet. People in peer chat, trying to do their achievements so they can try to finish Dragonside Sanctuary who are complaining about that. For people like you, me, Adrien, etc inflation doesn't matter. For people who have little time to play, people who aren't strongh enough and farm about 10k/day in palace and then have to keep looking till someone sell they 20 coronas for 10k, it does. (Besides the ammount of Eternal Points they will need, that's between 750-900g 129 rn) I don't see your point about my runs price. Most of people who buy from me say it's worth to pay 20k for a good runner instead paying 10-15k for a Totem Master runner and getting around half EXP I can give. And i'm not taking inflation in consideration for my prices, i always sold runs for 20k/h, everything price is increasing and I still ask for the same amount, don't expect me to go lower because people are selling bad runs for 15k. Same for gems, which I used to sell, even with EPs price being double than when i started selling it, I didn't increased gems price. Only thing I sell overpriced are ECs for 400g each, and there's people even thanking me for selling ECs (even with this price), because they just can't find people selling it So I can't understand what you mean with 'you do the same", actually you're the one who like higher inflation because you've been selling overpriced stardust even before inflation started to get higher and higher. That makes the reason you want to deffend server state obvious.
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    Promote the server then made videos help the server get these "new players" and stop crying for inflation EC-Stardust since u also does the same lmao . If server quiet on PVP doesn't mean its also on PvE and people than logging for fun.
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    Do it. Do it, document and and make a full guide for new players. We will see how many new players we will get. Jordan, I don't want to be rude with you, but at the very same time you're insiting you there's a path people can follow to reach end game, we aren't geting new players, we don't have people buying VGN, we don't have ECs, inflaiton is going higher and higher and our the core of PVP is basically a bunch of old player moving from guild to guild. As you said, I know you're trying to make a few changes for the game to become more noob friendly, but as I said before, EE have a lot of grinding to do, and each new patch is a new thing to grind. So in the point of view from a new player, no matter what you think, they just feel like a lot of pointless grind they have to do before reaching end game You might think it's a perfectionist mindset or whatever, but what can we do if that's how people want to play? Some player might even say "If you don't like that, quit." and well, they might be right, but lets just take in consideration that it's being a private server or not, any game need people supporting (donating) to keep the server running. So it doesn't matter if it's a perfectionist mindset, what does matter is that right now we need start geting new player otherwise we will just regret the ones we lost and the server will eventually die. Might not be today, this week, this month or this year but it's already slowling happening. (Might think i'm exaggerating, but if there's old player quiting and we're not geting new players...eventually we all know what will happen). Doesn't matter if we can go from cap to cap till we eventually reach the end game if that's not what new players want to do. And yes, I agree you can't simply give everything to new players because it would feel like old player have no value on what they did to be strong as they are. But without the new players in a few months we might not even have a comunity where the old players can play. Inflation got to a point that even player with a bit more experience, who are already ready to PVP are tryng to improve and they just can't, because they can't find party to thing they didn't have yet and they can't even get stardusts to finish archievements and be able to play another classes. So, being honest, I'd even suggest you to stop developing new things and start to discuss what you can do to really bring new players to the server. Because there's no point in producing end game content (Content some aren't even able to finish, and as i said can't improve their character to be able to because the server state) when you don't even know when people will get tired of prices increasing everyday and just quit the game, as some are already doing. While you don't do that, I'd suggest you to get some new players to guide, teach they ur path into PVP and tell they later they will have to go back and grind T95, GoP, T100, and whatever else they will need and you will see if they're going to quit or not. (Remember they that they will have a lot of difficuty to find a party) Because most people i tried to help, i managed to get they weapons, lv100 sets, trophies, classes leveld and they just quit when they needed to stay online till the find a party to lv100, or they had to grind for awaken sets and other stuff, because they knew that after that they would have to grind something else, and they said they don't have time for that, they have to work, they have to study, or they have to do both. (another thing for you to consider, not everyone have time to keep leveling alt to farm gold) I really hope you understand as much as I don't feel happy about the same answer everytime, I don't want to be rude. But while you keep insisting that we can't make the life of new players easier, almost every new player will just quit.
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    simply yes! for sorry!