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    Now I know that this is going to be a long rant (possibly rant?) and I'm aware that this will probably just be closed, archived or thrown away after a bit of time. But I am here to give it a go at my thoughts and hopefully bring out other peoples thoughts/feelings on the same matter. Vendetta has been an amazing network for quite a few years now, have had a few ups and downs as anyone would, but you guys are holding strong and retain the BEST Eden Eternal server of all time, as well as the best (and only?) Scarlet Blade server. I believe in the staff and the capability of you guys, I also highly respect the GMs most of all for their hard work in running and taking care of these games as just a hobby between your busy IRL lives, so for that I want to say thank you and let you know I appreciated it all. Now, for the matter that will be shot down ­čśé I'd like to ask that for your 4th game you consider giving Twin Saga a second chance. Vendetta had the most amazing TS server of all and I did try/play on the others, but always stuck to Vendetta and even played all alone for a long time until you guys closed. I know the server stability was bumpy and had 3 rollbacks so the server came off to a bad start with that, as well as having Aeria/To servers come out at the same time. But I believe you guys can make it popular and run it better than anyone else could, Jordan himself in charge of it would make it awesome just like he's done with Eden! (I think it'd be cooler if you guys picked it up again under it's original name: Astral Realm.) I truly miss playing Twin Saga on Vendetta's server a lot so I have a little bit of hope that if anyone else misses it too it might be enough to convince you guys to give it a second try. Thanks for reading/considering.
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    1. Go to game folder: Vendetta Gaming Network\Scarlet Blade Vendetta\Data\Config 2. Right click edit GameOption file, or open with notepad. 3. ??? 4. Profit. Joke aside, you can then type in your resolution: <Graphic> <FirstStart Value="1" /> <ScreenMode Value="0" /> <Resolution Width="1920" Height="1080" /> Save file, start the game. Thank me later. Another tip, if your cpu is always at 100% load, while running game alt+tab, ctrl+shift+esc, go to processes tab, show processes from all users, find SB.exe right click set affinity, disable all but one cpu. Alt+tab back to game and alt+tab back to task manager, re-enable all cpu, now cpu doesn't work at 100% and doesn't overheat. I don't know why this is, it just works. edit: Here is an example of what is achievable say you have a triple monitor setup or ultra wide screen: https://imgur.com/mUQJSlM https://imgur.com/9HAbQvJ https://imgur.com/4zKKYfj I think for the first time I see this one: https://imgur.com/Bbx6G3D Haven't realized before that mechs were at the game lobby: https://imgur.com/kj378W7 Fov roughly 113 here: https://imgur.com/GoS3hzy https://imgur.com/a/GoD0aFY https://imgur.com/a/CLe2phT
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    Well I'm not actually a newbie, but it's been so long it's like I'm new to the game, again. I need gold, fast. Any tips?
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    I'm not gullible, but for those who are you should read this. I was asked by a player(currently to be unnamed), to share my account with them. Their reasoning was so that they can play my FK toons when I am not on and FK are needed for BGs. As understanding and innocent as this sounds, there's so many problems that can happen from this and the following can happen if you share your account with others. 1) They remove all gear, gold, and alter your character so that you no longer can play because they delete or sale everything you own for combat. 2) They alter your passwords and code so you can't even log in any more. 3) They give somebody else this information and they do those things above. 4) You will lose all support from GMs and GSs on that account. 5) They use your account to spend any AP amounts that you have. 6) It will all be gone and you have nobody to blame but yourself. So, please don't ask for my account or anybody else's and don't share your account with anybody else. If you want to play the other faction, create a toon in the other faction. Better yet, create your own second account and have a main character in that account on the other faction. If you have a computer good enough, then you can have more than one client open at once. If you want help or advice on how to manage the things I do, I am willing to tell you about it, but not give my account away.
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    I just got reminded to stop by
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    only people who wish new server wanna rush top in easy way, how ever we did disagree many many times about this idea, vendetta is cool this way, if you love to refresh things then seriously just delete your account and make new one. split never was a solution.
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    You can catch up in no time on our current one so why ask for server 2? So you can feel like a special snowflake for a week before people catch up?
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    Remember, that the MA sp 1 here cant give buffs away! Welcome back btw
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    Hi, would it be possible to introduce a "gear swap" kinda thing but for costumes? To swap your whole visual by the simple click of your mouse. I know that this doesn't influence gameplay at all but it would be cool to use a special costume for each class or even type of class (1 costume for p-dps classes, 1 for healing classes and 1 for m-dps classes, 3 would be more than enough). Thanks for reading this in advance.
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    Sell AP/VGN points. Or shud I say sell stuff that can only be bought by AP/VGN points. Just shout "WTS> AP" and we'll flock to ya like piranha to a sirloin.
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    This we´╗┐ek's mystery box! The following items may be obtained inside ´╗┐of it: Nighthawk Turbo Nighthawk Prototype´╗┐ ´╗┐´╗┐ Golden Nighthawk Bike appearance at +10: Lingerie v1 Lingerie v2 Lingerie v3 Love Cat Pajamas ´╗┐ Pink Peekaboo Bikini Polka Dot Pajamas Seastar Bathing Suit Heart of Gold