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  1. I mean they were introduced when level 75 was still the cap, mb. But that's kinda tied into my point, nobody used purple weapons before so it should not be a huge deal about them having more atk than an awakened weapon, because the procs outweigh everything.
  2. Imo if class drops are to be added, % system should stay in order to increase the need and ease to farm a better % if you want one, esp for armor crafting. If class drops are not added, then the % system should go because it's a little ridiculous running a trial so many times, only to get a low % weapon on your 21st run of the week. Also, procs from awak weapons outweigh any 160% purple (again imo), and atk can also be fixed with kp and enchants if that's all you're focusing on. If there's a worry about purple weapons being so OP against an awaken 100% weapon, then as a suggestion, maybe consider just making the highest % of all weapons and armor besides awakens to 120? Because really, awak weapons are designed to be obtained for end game, and most of the time I myself have to pray to the gods for my stuff to proc when I'm in a dgn. It's also not just abt % which determines who wins and who dies, but skill level of players, kp builds, how they fight, etc. Your 160% +14 weapon isn't gonna do anything to anyone unless you know how to properly cast. They really go hand in hand, and I also think that even though it's a classic server, the class drop and % system was implemented before the 75 patch, so they should still be part of the classic experience.
  3. If class drops are going to be gone, then the percentage system should go along with it. Not only is it aggravating to farm a trial for days to get drops now, but to get the drop w/ a low percentage just feels like an extra rip off. However, if class drops are going to be a thing, then the percentage system should stay, because you can easily get a better % if you wanted it just by trialling like 5 times, and it also allows for more variety in the game. Game would be no fun if everybody has the same equips and 100% everything, plus even with a higher drop rate for trials it's not like everybody can go from min-max in a week, cause you still have to fortify, enchant, socket, and farm a high % if you want it, AND get all your lil pieces and side cars. % allows for there to be more competition and epic bragging rights, and yeah some purple weapons may get up to 160% but I have never in my life heard someone say they'd use a purple weapon over any awaken/gold item that can proc to the gods. Side note: Back on PlayEden (not comparing, just an example) where they had high af drop rates, it still took a solid 3ish months to build my entire set with 115%+, awaken my weapons (75+), fortify to +14, socket each item completely, and buy every enchant i needed. And that was just to build my cleric, not even for any other class. Imo I think class drops AND percentage system should be implemented.
  4. Just gonna plop my 2 cents in here real quick. This is just MY PERSONAL opinion on the game, feel free to reply but don't be a dick jerk about it, cause I kinda just rejoined a month ago. I think one of the main problems within the game is that there aren't enough new players to support other gamers while levelling up, because the game itself is not very popular anymore. A lot of older players already have the advantage by having the knowledge base from previous EE servers/experience on VGN to know where to go, what needs to be done, how to get to a high level as fast as possible, how the economy is set, etc etc. If you're wondering why the game seems so dead... Eden has been around for like 8ish years now, and I think it's odd that there's only one private server. Maybe if there were more private servers, it would attract more people, and private servers would need to compete in order to draw even more players. (Idk if anybody plays perfect world, but there's a lot of different private servers that strive to be the greatest, and there are lots of players on any server you join, at least the one's I've played on. Eden needs that to keep the game alive). As much as I hate to say it, I do believe EE and VGN needs some more advertisement as well. I know it's not feasible for EE private servers to just magically start coming online, but if it were, that's what I think would elevate the server population, in theory. Now, about EE VGN... You don't see ANYBODY camping at level 69 or 80 (or whatever level people used to camp at, forgive me it's been awhile since even I did). And the reason being is because there's no longer a level cap on trophies or drops. It's also REAL easy to plvl anybody nowadays, and with such a high exp rate, most NEW players level up fairly quickly, and quests can be skipped, with new ones popping up everytime you level in some cases. I feel like if the level cap for drops was put back on, it would almost force players to take a break and focus on getting whatever they need before moving on. At least, that's what happened to me when I was beginning on Aeria WAYYY back in the day. But then again, what's the point of doing trials of any level anymore? You can solo them WHEN YOU'RE GEARED. I feel like I have a good point but idk how to express myself easily so just deal w it Also, I remember back when the peer chats were separated, it was a lot easier to ask for help, because all people in your peer chat were around the same level as you and had the same problems. And if you are just starting out, it's nice to know people that are within your level range and level up with them. Back when I was just starting out it was really nice to have a little friendly "competition" while learning the game. I've also noticed that a lot of people are more concerned with levelling faster, as there's nobody to talk to or team up with at a lower level, and that's straight up boring. However, I understand that with a low influx of players, separating the peer chats may not be the correct option. If the chats were separated, those low level players may not see other people in the chat, and may just think it's REALLY dead. However, most of the player population is already above level 80, and the peer chats could just be straight up dead for the most part. Then again I have no idea how many new players join the server per month or whatever. So my three suggestions are: 1. Put the level cap back on for drops. 2. Segregate the peer chats again. 3. Spread the word of VGN EE! IDK if that would literally do anything, but it's just what I think would change up the server a bit and add that sense of gameplay back into EE VGN. And I know there are a whole lot of downsides to changing anything about the server rates or drops or anything, but maybe this server just needs a few big changes in order to attract more players who actually wanna play the game and enjoy it. Sidenote: If I ever did a trial back in the day with any of you old folks from Aeria or PlayEden, just know that that was a boppin' time and I always had hella fun doing trials even if I was the squishiest Samurai ever. Personally, I LOVED doing trials, and I don't know if anybody can relate to the feeling of when you just killed the boss and it drops your call, and it's 120% and you just kinda wanna scream because you've done the trial like 10 times already, and then you hit need and it pops up in your bag and you just feel so COMPLETE. qwq And remember guys, try not to focus so hard on the NUMBERS! Enjoy the GAME and the BEAUTY of it! If you read this whole thing, sorry for giving you a seizure with all the different font sizes I used
  5. Haha do you mean that in a good way? ? Thank you!
  6. Hey guys! So as some of you may know, I am an aspiring author! I need some new character inspo for my book that I am writing, but first I'd like to write a couple of short stories! Please post some character screenshots (for character descriptions, height, etc.),with little descriptions about your character, and I'll incorporate it into a short story. I'll dedicate my short stories to you as well If I REALLY like your character, I'll even consider building them into my book! This'll really help, and I'll post some content once I start actually getting replies! Thanks guys! Hope to hear from you ❤️ -Ophed Me in the shower, listening to music ^^^
  7. Bringing this thread back to life because it should be a serious thing!
  8. I needed these cute ass drawings in my life Thank you ❤️ Keep up the amazing work
  9. I'm totally good, just wondering if anybody else has ever experienced SP before, and if anybody has tips on how to NOT have it because obviously it's scary for me
  10. Hey guys! So about 3 months ago, right before I moved into my new house, I had my first sleep paralysis experience! I was living in a small 2 bedroom apartment with my parents, and we are now moved into a 3 bdrm duplex in a way nicer neighborhood (thank you papa!) I remember going to bed, laying on my stomach with my right arm propping my head up. I think it was about 4am? When i woke up to fix my alarm or something, before going back to bed in the same position. Keep in mind I had actually went to bed BEFORE @2am. I went to fall back asleep, and layed there for maybe 10ish minutes? When I went to change positions, I couldn't move! It felt like something was sitting on my back as well, and it was hard to breathe. I went to reach to flick on my light switch, and it was impossible. I felt trapped! But somehow I managed to turn my experience into a lucid dream! It was unreal I dreamed that I managed to turn and flick the light switch, but the light didn't go on and I saw it was plugged in (no power outage) and I felt really light. I quickly screamed (in my dream) for my parents, and ran to their room. They weren't in there and I knew they were sleeping before I went to bed. I realized I was dreaming when I couldn't turn on any lights and the world felt so weird around me. I attempted to leave my apartment by flying through my roof(???). Surprisingly, it worked and I conjured an image of a U shaped earth, kinda like a donut but massive. The edges of my world curved upwards, and there were hundreds of massive sapphire blue office buildings with cracked glass and jungle vines that were as long as some of the buildings themselves, hanging out of them, but they were beautiful. I dreamt that a train appeared, looking as broken down and rustic as the office buildings surrounding me were. I hopped onto the train, and it drove upwards on the curve of the planet, and I rode it for miles and miles on end. It stopped, and let me off at a run-down mansion looking place, sort of similar to this but it had a giant beautiful double staircase with a fountain between the two leading up to the doors: Now the weirder parts: So my absolute favorite disney princess is Belle, not even for Beast at all. I could relate to Belle very easily, as we share a lot in common. Haha, I've even went to see the Beauty and The Beast muscial/play when it came to my city back in grade 9, and 3 months after that I helped to make props and build a Beauty and The Beast musical for my school as well! What a coincidence, they didn't even plan it like that, nobody knew it had came to our city just previously. Anyway, I've always looked up to Belle, and this mansion KIND OF had a BATB kind vibe to it, yenno? So I walk into the castle, and THE BEAST is there just chilling on the stairs, and he says "We have to find out what's wrong with the clock." So I said no I wanna just look around like chill out buddy guy. Anyway, I walk over to a window and then I'm inside of a giant ballroom with suspended broken furniture and glass all around me! I reached out, and grab a shard of glass, looking at my reflection my face is blurry and my eyes are white, as well as my hair (my hair and eyes are dark brown). The Beast is gone now, and I'm talking to Lumiere. He's floating beside me, and tells me sharply, "You need to jump in order to fly, or else you won't be able to see!" So I listened to him, and jumped off the edge of the broken windows, which had been sloped downwards almost like this: Found on:https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/AWm57_8OFzyTEHU33A-6dHCqn9vGTSdShsT01sKyIyGQ6yjARXf6WYI/ All rights to respective owner whoever you are! I know this picture is from the Maze Runner: Scorch Trials but idk how copyright law works so please don't sue me, I'm a broke student working 2 jobs and 18! These are all thoughts I've been thinking and planning to write about my novel (I'm an aspiring author, but I'm pushing to be an EMT when I get older, and possibly enlist in the CAF). I think and write a lot of short stories. I also like to show and draw pictures for my stories elements. So, to see a world I has previously made within my brain tripped me out. After I dropped off the edge of the "Window Cliff," I struggled to fly. I did it perfectly at first and enjoyed myself, but eventually it grew "heavier" upon my body and I ended up trying to jump off the ground in the end. After I stopped moving, I was in the middle of a group of the same tall skyscraper-office buildings from before, and a massive dark green/black military airplane flew over me, before crashing into a building! After that, I woke up and bolted into my parents room, quietly, and tapped my mom on the head. (My dad wakes up at 5am for work everyday, so I knew I needed to not bother him and just talk to my momma. She's a lighter sleeper then he is). The Entire Conversation "Hey mum." "W-Wha? Hawooza? Wha-?" "I just had a lucid dream." "Mmmm. What?" "Yeah I had one, it was kinda freaky." "Oh, ok, sick. Goodbye now. Gnhhhh-" - insert sleeping snores here - I then went back to my room, flicked/tested my lamp (it worked), and went back to bed. Now, I want to hear YOUR sleep paralysis and lucid dream experiences or curiosities! Keep in mind I have no idea how to answer your questions about lucid dreaming, I am no expert, but I'll post my second experience and more information about my sleeping and eating (and smoking) habits. But these dreams are really scaring me. I feel very scared when they happen. Today, I had another one when I went to bed at 8pm, and woke up @1am. I went to bed early because we are going boxing day shopping (At like, 11am, we're not crazy about it either). I just really need my sleep and it takes me like 1.5 hours to get ready if I have the time to do so in the mornings. The Ominous Feeling I have Everywhere After moving, and my first lucid dream even (I've had only 3 so far), I've had urges to double and even tripple check that all doors, lights, and windows even are locked and shut tight. I check behind doors before walking into rooms, and double check my closet before sleeping. I jump at sounds that my house makes (it makes a lot of dumb sounds bruh). I never used to act this way, but when I sleep something feels like it's watching me. Waiting, almost for me to fall asleep. And that's hard, because anything under 10~ hours of sleep is too little for me. I see a shadowy figure, lurking at the edge of my vision, and I feel something crawling beneath my bed, almost squirming around, but both of my dogs sleep with my parents. I don't ever dare to look underneath the bed. And sometimes when I look at people, their faces shift and change to evil looking things, before going back to normal (only for a second though). I'm worried that maybe I should see a doctor or something, I'm seeing, hearing, and feeling things that aren't actually happening? Or could it be possibly a demon or ghost influencing me to begin my novel FOR real perhaps? Or maybe it's just my subconcious retaining memories of my dreams and sleep paralysis experiences, COMBINED? Who really knows. But anyway, give me some feedback! I wanna HEAR YOU! Post your lucid dream and sleep paralysis experiences below! And any questions you may have about any experiences you've had. Someone may have an actual answer! (Hopefully) (???) And help me out to NOT have sleep paralysis and bad thoughts PLEASE! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Edit: I'm okay, if I feel I am in immediate danger or in a bad situation, please know both my parents AND my 2 loving and protective dogs are in my house, and I'll be okay This thread is not meant to scare anybody, but I am just interested if anybody has similar experiences they would like to share.
  11. Hey! If anybody likes chill R&B music like I do (I'm a night owl so it has to be soft and quiet), check out this playlist and just keep it on in the background of games with only the sound in the game enabled Always relaxes me and I put it on when I drive. They have tons of options on their account and in the suggestions! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4QNnZJr8sRPmuz_d87ygGR6YAYEF-fmw
  12. Hey guys! I'm Ophed, just returned from a 2ish year hiatus from the game!

    I played Aeria's Eden Eternal in OB as "PlumSauce and I had another char, Demetria or somethin' xD. Made it to lvl 75 then quit aeria and moved to PlayEden!

    Played PE till it shut down, then came here, smashed my laptop (never bring your electronics onto the roof kids!) :D

    Haven't had a laptop for 2 years until this past month my laptop came in the mail early and it was my xmas present!

    Say hi to me in-game, I swear I won't bite!

    -Ophed ❤️

  13. Really happy to see Scarlet Blade! Only ever played for like a year and only ever made it to lvl 30 or something, but I just found this private server AND eden eternal again (I played on playeden ps before it shut down). Look for me in-game sometime! IGN: Ophed