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  1. No Man PvP only for Hight LVs or make a spare Agoge for PvP same as Blood Portal in Cap. 39
  2. Was a good if in future updates Agoge is open for PvP and event PvP area, for all LVs... And spare LVs too or keep open only for hight LVs...
  3. I had not seen this post before ... Welcome back ☺️☺️☺️
  4. Hola LittleShot. :)

  5. Samba Ihe Little Shot Rock n Roll.

     <<< On March 9 is my bday party on scarlet Blade VIP, you are all invited to go to just have fun.>>>

  6. Hola :)

    1. LittleShot


      Hi, I'm sorry I did not respond before, sometimes it takes time to see the forum profile xD


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