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  1. Instead of simply adding one of effects A or B to scrolls, make a new scroll to have the effects, that will be obtainable by fusing scorlls on Arcane box. With a lower drop rate on scrolls, so if you want to have your fortification easier you have to drop more scrolls and fuse.
  2. Its possible to disable it in 3x3? Otherwise I don't think its a Minor thing since its the PVP that is open for more time for people to play and its always active.
  3. Its clear that a lot of people are unhappy with current fortification situation. Some already quit the server, some are thinking about it. Regardless of what Bash says that acivity seems the same, we can clearly see that on PVP with less people on TW and GvG. Its also clear that Staff doesn't want to change the 10% stones since they are concerned about server longevity and they think 50/75% stones would make everything to easy. So I'd like to try some differnt stuff to make fortifying easier without making it to easy. I believe some people are doing some things wrong when trying to fortificate their stuff, by doing it with a low stones of amount (since they keep asking to save success rate bonus by failing) or not using Premium Safety Stone/Premium Lucky Safety Stone (since they claim to have failed 30+ corals in a single piece to get one level of fortification) That might be happening due to the fact that % bonus are really low on higher levels, to a point where you will have 0.04% increase of success rate for failing. My suggestions are Fortification A) Change Power/Guard Scroll to have 100% success rate to +4/+4 or +4/+5 (+3/+4 is also a option, but I believe that wont make people stop complaining) This way we have a better base success rate on subsquent level and a better bonus % increase by failure, making it less frustrating to +9/+10 a item and giving a nice incentive for people to use PSS/PLSS to increase % before trying ULSS/CLSS. To balance, move Viridian Safety Stone 1 tier above on altar. B) Simply buff % success rate bonus after failing to make it fair. From +3 (Make Power Scroll 100% to +3): +4 64% +5% per fail +5 32% +5% +6 16% +5% +7 8% +3% +8 4% +3% +9 2% +1.5% +10 1% +1% (Note: Lucky Stones already gives +10%) That will give a meaning to failure bonus on higher level because being honest, its pointless to waste 3k on Safety Stones to increase % on +9/+10 in 0.4% (0.04% per fail), that's why people rather just go with CLSS and then complain they failled 30 CLSS to increase 1 fortificaiton level on their gear. Add ways to farm Safety Stone on PVE (NT so people can't sell or enchant it) or lower it 1 tier on altar before demand increases a lot increasing the price and making the change almost pointless. If possible, add a system that gives 100% chance after failing a x number of stones (Safety or Lucky Safety Stone doesn't count. For example, if you are fortifying something from +9 to +10 you have to fail 20 CLSS to get 100% chance) C) Another option is to wipe Power/Guard Scrolls from server, descrease drop rate and make a "Enchanted Power Scroll" obtainable by fusing x3 Scrolls on arcane box. Enchanted power scrolls works like A or B Suggestion. Fortification Bonuses Reset scrolls are so expensive right now that even with a lot of people complaining about fortification, there are people looking for perfect stats that are rolling with Reset Scrolls till they get a really good +6 and +8 bonus, then downgreading and fortifying it again till they get something good on +10. So my suggestion is to make Reset scrolls be on every altar on 1 lower roll that they are currently (3rd) WITH A FAIR RATE or making it x2 instead of x1. In addition, add ways to farm +6/+8/+10 resets on PVP. Daily quests: - Win (0/5) 10x10 Matches. Reward: x3 10x10 Reset Scroll Box. 10x10 Reset Scroll Box can contain: x1 Reset +6 x1 Reset +8 x1 Reset +10 - Win (0/10) 3x3 Matches. Reward: x2 3x3 Reset Scroll Box 3x3 Reset Scroll Box can contain: x1 Reset +6 x1 Reset +8 x1 Reset +10 x2 Reset all (NT) - Win (0/3) Monster Battle Arena Reward: x1 Monster Battle Arena Reset Scroll Box Monster Battle Arena Reset Scroll Box can contain x1 Reset +6 x1 Reset +8 x1 Reset +10 x2 Reset all (NT) (Note: MBA has lower rewards compared to other Arenas because unless you really tryhard at it you have to accept the loss or pray to be carried by someone who does tryhard at it, so I'm trying to add at least some reward for this people but nothing big so people don't start crying to nerf MS and stuff people use to tryhard in MBA) No 1v1 quest due to it being easily abusable by alts or asking friends to QUEUE But you can add Rewards for rank 1 since people will report who uses Alt/friends to reach rank 1 and its against the rules. Add random events (Like the 10% Stats event) to kill 2 bosses (in different dungeons) 10 times to get a Event Reset Scroll Box. Reset Scroll box can contain: x3 Reset +6 x3 Reset +8 x3 Reset +10. To finish: I know that you don't need +10 sets either perfect stats to be relevant in PVP. You can be the best PVP player without any of it. We have some players that already proved it to us. (Either players with +6/+8 set with +10 weapon dominating a arena or player with full +10 being close to irrelevant in PVP) But there are people who does like to work for it even if its just to be sit in aven showing his stats. So please, let us have our ways to farm for it. Also, I know that Jordan is concerned about server longevity, but this fortification is really hard and its kinda defeating EE porpuse that is playing any class you want. There are a lot of people who are farming their asses off to be able to go PVP with good gears on one class, but at current server state you can't fortify gears for a lot of classes unless you want to spend a lof ot money. So I think making stuff a bit easier wont really decrease server longeivty, it will only make us excited to gear classes other than our mains. I hope we can discuss and have feed back so if you like this suggestion, we can make it better together. And if you don't, we can improve whatever you dislike in it. I love EE, I've searched a game that can make me feel like EE does for years and never found it. So I think its really sad to have a server with the potential VGN EE Classic have and still logout thinking stuff like "If I hadn't invested that much time and/or money in this game i'd quit" and I know that are people thinking like that. So Please, Jordan, I know you are tried of discussing it and complaining that forum is taking away from you time you could be using to improve Classic and other games you work, but tell us at least what can be done, what can be improved in our suggestions so a change can be made and we can finish this subject.
  4. If you take warlock as example, you can't simply tab and cast fear since its a paceable AOE. Same for Illu sleep, even tho it has a bigger area, you could try to sleep a knight that is using another class skill. Even if you tab, there are situations that you need to move your mouse and click and someone will be at a disadvantage by having people playing x class with y costume. You can argue that any costume can have this effect since we can't know the class someone is playing just by looking at it, but t least normal costumes only "hides" the class someone is playing, don't misslead you to think they are playing something else.
  5. I don't like this idea. Imagine trying to fear a martial artist in arena and it turns out to be a warrior/warlock who cant be feared. I know that would be hard to happen since you can see the class of your opponents pressing Y and when targeting him. But if it can happen once means that this costume can get you a advantage it shoudln't.
  6. I willl tell you how 10% stones is protecting server longevity: "If I had a refund option i'd quit this server without a second thought"
  7. Here I will say the same thing I've said in some other posts: Not being a top PVP player doesnt mean I can't have fun trying to perfect my gears the best way possible. If people only geared for PVP, Awaken server would be shutdown already. You know there are people who will never step foot ouside PVE and is paying 50$ for one single legendary pet on awaken so I really don't see the point of your argument. You say yourself a lot of times that there are things that's not necessary but its not a problem if people go for it (120% was one exemple, AND I'M NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT THE 120%, PLEASE). I'm missing 2 enchants and a few capes to be full 65 achievements, so what do you suggest? That I invest in costumes instead of sets? So I can look cute but I can't have nice aven stats just to show off? That doesn't even have any logic, implying that +10ing a set is waste of money and we should invest in costumes. I've seen people with a 105% piece of armor +6 pay 10k on a piece 110% and +10 it just because it looks better, even tho it add's less than 50 base armor. And what's the problem? There are people who have +2 gears and pay 15k for a costume just because its cute.
  8. No one is hoarding because we are trying to inflate the price so staff can make it easier. We are hoarding because its the only way we can asure we will be able to fortify our gears. Just look at the amount of stones I used to fortify the gears I mentioned. If I wasn't saving stones I'd still be trying to buy them overpriced at market now, making it even more exepensive than 800k Hoarding isn't causing the problem, its just a reflect of the real problem: 10% stones. I still don't understand how you guys expect a stone wipe to fix anything. Instead of buying stones to stack we will just start buying stones to resell at a higher price when it's out of altar, stack tons of money and then just buy a lot of stones when a new cap begins, leaving little to no stones for other people to buy. Its only making it worse. People are talking about stones again, and will keep talking about stones till you guys present a solution that attacks the root of the problem, the 10% stones. And sorry, I cannot believe 100% that it doesn't have any greedy motivation because when you have a lot of people complaining about the same thing for weeks, about how expensive something is and still refuses to change, being greed or not to community it will always look like it is.
  9. I've fortified all the gears i mentioned without closing the window. I can asure you all that this doesn't fix anything unless bonus % for failing is highly buffed.
  10. When cap started I had around 1000 stones. I've bought around more 250 stones since then. I've also used 12 coral sublime stones. All that was enough to +10: Zeus Rage Set x1 Spectral Pinion set x2 Heaven Angel Mace x2 (Sublimes used) God's Eye Sheild x2 (Sublimes Used) Blood Shouter x1 (Sublimes) Failing Star x1 (Sublimes) Hecate Newborn Staff +10 (Sublimes) Premium Safety Stones 218*250 = 54.500g Premium Lucky Safety Stones 222*550 = 122.100g Viridian Lucky Safety Stone 363*500 = 181.500g Ultramarine Lucky Safety Stones 235*700 = 165.900g Coral Lucky Safety Stones 244*800 = 179.200g 12 Coral Sublime Safety Stones 18000*6 = 108.000g Total: 801.200 gold That's around 750 USD worth of stones that we can math (Note: there are sublimes that came from rank (Crafting golden when Jordan makes Golden item x11 EP becomes more expensive than simply buying sublimes) and there's also stones that came from altar with some awful rate that would increase the cost, but I will stick with the numbers I can math now) Remember that we are on a pre awaken cap, and when awaken weapons are released, I will have to +10 another staff, bow, 2 shields and 2 maces again, and even tho Club x2 can't be awakened, I will need to +10 the Cesuts. I'm sorry. That's not my fault for hoarding stones. That's your guys fault for picking the 10% stones and simply refusing to change your mind about it. There's a total for 2 people happy about those stones: Jordan and Bash. NO ONE ELSE. Even hoarding 750 USD worth of stones, I need to buy more to +10 heavy set, cloth set, another mace, another shield, and a grimoire. (Thankfuly I give up on Samurai so I don't have to +10 one more heavy set and a Katana) Can we start complaining about reset scrolls being 1.2k? Because I've used many at this price. Prices are high simply because there's no +6/+8/+10 reset. So when you have Lck, M-crit DMG, P-crit DMG on your bow, you can't simply reset +8 status. You need to keep buying Reset scrolls till you get 3 good status. Add that with the fact it keeps going out of altar and it has some really shit rate on altar, prices are going up. You can't simply blame players for that. A Item will never increase from 200g to 1200g just because of players greedy. No one is rich enough to inflate the market that much in classic. You and Jordan knows that I have 0 problem blaming the players for the problems they create for themselves. But that's clearly not the case when it comes to +10 and reseting stuff. That's 100% on VGN hands. Its their choice, you guys are the one profiting hundreds of dollars with this. You know there's a problem on server. You tried to fix by adding Viridians on lower tiers of altar. I know you guys were at least trying to fix, which is better than doing nothing. But it was obviously that wasn't even close to enough. Gives F2P +6 items after farming for hours in dungeons. Increase demand for +8/+10 stones making F2P fight a unfair battle for those stunes with VGN Spenders. Increases demand of reset scrolls and fixes nothing. You can wipe the stones, you can make then lower on altar, you can blame players greedy. Unless you guys gave up on having 20 coral stones failing to +10 a set piece, nothing will change.
  11. By the way, i'm not even talking about reset scrolls yet. 1.2k each? Really? And that's not only community fault. That's because of it being ages off altar and also having a shit rate to land on. That thing went from 200g after beeing in altar like 4~5 altars in a row, which was already expensive when you were looking for perfect forts (which eveyrone instead of just giving +6+8+10 reset keeps the same blablabla u dont need perfect forts) to 1200g each because it comes to altar once every 10 days. Now its expensive even to reset without looking for perfect forts, thank you. VGN is pushing us a "I need to make it harder for server longevity" but honestly what is happening is: Who ever has $ can +10 and reset his set in 2 days if he wants to spend a absurd amount of money for a private server Who ever doesn't stay at +6 after days of farming, thank you.
  12. Just do the maths of how much it costed in AP/VGN/USD to +10 2 parts of ur set. At this point, that's no longer a matter of keeping server longivity or paying for the servers to be online. With all respect, that's either unbelievable greed from staff or you guys just can't see what is happening with those stones. It costs at least 30$ to +10 one piece that is already +8. I'm not even counting the stones to go +8 before. That's just EA level of greedy.
  13. I was thinking about ways to add a "surrender system" before giving this suggestion, because I think it wouldn't be simple for Jordan to implement a intire system for that. (like, the one you vote and etc) Well I could not really found a good solution. But its possible to make something like a GvG bomb but that only affects allies? We could spawn with a tradable item. So if we want to surrender we can just give it to someone and with 6 (out of 10) he can trade to a bomb that wipe his whole team making him lose. I know its not a really good solution, but it was the less worse solution i could think of for a surrender system p_p
  14. 1/2: are ideas that there's no reason not to add (besides what Jordna said that its a lot of work). If someone doesn't like can simply don't use. 3: I think it would be nice like Awaken server where battle maps have a alternate version for runs, without any bosses. Idk how server activity will be, but having 10 spots to run can reduces the chance of someone steeling areas or of you trying to run and just being frustrated because all 5 channels are taken. 4: It would be nice even if we can't see the formula on g-healing we could compare someone who is having good heals/bad heals and see the g-healing so see how much one is lacking. (Well, besides m-rate and m-dmg of course because its pointless to have 30000 g-healing with 5% m-rate and 1.60, we know) 5: Idk if people would like to play but that's might be fixed changing time for TW. For example it starts at 3:30 pm for my girlfriend (she lives in US) and 5:30 pm for brazilians. Both are times people are still working, specially now that there's a lot people returning to work (besides the ones working at home)
  15. Oh, its okay, I don't mean it need to be release next week or anything like that. We just need to know what will be decided so we can know if we should keep weapons with low % or to just sell.
  16. I just want to say that whatever is going to be decided, it has to be ASAP. Before people starting stack lower % items to feed and then its decided that it system wont be added Or people start selling lower % cheap and then need to remake it to feed their weapons. @edit also before its to late to fix since we are on a countdown for awaken weapons
  17. Weapons awaken shouldn't be changed. The best part of having 120% weapons on cap 65 is exactly the fact we can work iwth builds other than awakens weapons. If a proc isn't that good, simply don't make the awaken version and use a 120 (?) Nom-Awaken Bow is 10 times better than pre-awaken. The reason we make the Awaken bow is exactly because of the prox. If it was bad, we would keep the - resist debuff. People say a lot of "build variety"but when there's a minimal chance that can really happen people try their best to screw it.
  18. Jordan said something about lowering weapons to 110% on cap 55 so everyone would stay at a "close stage" to begin when feed system was available. So I think making it for 65 weapons and letting 110%+ drops would be the best choice for this cap.
  19. Just mentioned it because part of the old discussion was people complaining about gearing classes with $ was to expensive. I'm not complaining about the solution you guys are bringing, in fact, I think that's sad that took just a few minutes for someone come to complain but no one said anything abou class tokens dropping on 0/2. Like you said, that they want just to complain. I'm a bit afraid that this solution will lead to people complaining about how expensive is +8/+10 when everyone have +6 and demand for +8/+10 stones increase, but i'm leaving that to future, if it happens.
  20. We need to remember that the chance to a successful fortification for lower levels are higher, that's why they are using normal stones. +5 to +6 chance is way highter than to +8/9/10. The real problem of the solution is that doesn't fix anything about how costly it is to +10 gears on the server. But for +6, lets see how much viridians will cost before starting to complain and asking they to change it already.
  21. Tuti


    No please. I've saw people saying "I rather wait 10 min than go into x match" and quit. Shorting it would just make more people start doing it. I play 10x10 daily (couldn't play last few days because of my connection, sadly) and I know how painful is to alpaca and get the deflector. But its way last painful than keep having people ragequiting on a arena that is already making a lot of people alpaca.
  22. Tuti


    That would be great due to the amount of alpaca/random dc we have in 10x10. But we got to remember that 10x10 is here to protect us from people quitting just because they got a bad team or anyshit like that, so its not really a good idea to remove it.
  23. That's good. I hope if we need to reach step 2, only viridians are affected by the wipe since its the stone that is having his position changed. But in general its good, makes it easier to people have a +6 base to be able to continue farming for they +10.
  24. The possibility to add another step to this besides the racial (Farming an item you need to fuse on arcane box before using the enchanted stone) is there to make sure you can balance it well. You can have it as a low percentage drop from bosses, or as daily quest that gives you a limited ammount of the supposed item. TBH I just didn't wanted to add this direct to the suggesion but instead adding just as a possibility of doing it, because I was afraid people was going to complain about having to farm the stone and then farming to be able to use after enchanted. But the idea is to add value to the stone by grinding a bit more so you need to grind less gold (As you would be using less stones) but still needs to grind the item so you could use the stone. Making it less frustrating than 10% stones because would fail less, but not making +10 easily like in Awkaen or anything like that.
  25. I will just say what I did in other post again. Racials shouldnt be removed from PVP/game. Some like Cleric - malice human racial could be changed, yes. Not necessary but could be changed. But "broken" racials shouldn't be changed because of people picking a race to play it. Everyone knew the racials before creating their characters and they could pick it too, if they think its broken. I agree of removing it from 1v1, because there are racials with no counter-play. But on 3x3, 10x10, TW and GvG they all should stay how they are rn or only buff useless racials without nerfing any.