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  1. justin allspore is red kekabu is blue they have been beheaded slew for loot, drops only rat poop IGN: Aeri
  2. EE (Awaken) Level cap 120 All awaken classes enabled Mimic enabled Awaken classes have been tweaked to be more balanced / fun Custom content, dungeons, costumes, etc Has higher overall population than classic EE (Classic) Level cap 75 (Started at 55) Awaken classes will not be enabled Mimic is not enabled Custom costumes Ideal if you preferred earlier content / pre-awaken class content Rewards improved in dungeons (25-man Dragon Expedition, Sky Tower, Elysian Island, etc) No class drops for gear, but class drops exist for EP, Honor Stars, Eden Crystals, and Safety Stones Neither server has battle mounts.
  3. Even without the bug the shura doesnt work like it should. it lags and it's impossible to get away from it. Its a gimmick but its not done correctly and the only people who enjoy the map are the ones who take advantage of the gimmick in either form. Belk and the manta rays arent bugged, thats why nobody complains about them. Both belk and the manta rays can kill players just like the shura, theyre completely different mechanics. If the shura skill bug is patched it still doesnt change the issue that its skills delay you and you cant get away from them, taking away all of the skill and fun. You can easily get 100 move speed on foot too...
  4. yes delete that mf cuz u can bug it and cast normal skills with -99% damage buff. imagine if i did that with my healer X D
  5. Translation: Put the Hello Kitty Car back in boxes please
  6. Provoke(s) actually reset malices iirc
  7. these and memory tomes, trait tomes, etc lol
  8. Prime Pets (Italics are very much desired) Mischievous Cupid Doll / Lively Cupid Doll ✔️09/06/21 Fierce Zashiki Warashi / Reverent Zashiki Warashi ✔️11/15/21 Indomitable Sprite Princess Alyssa / Glitzy Sprite Princess Alyssa ✔️10/16/21 Fierce Catmaiden Fiona / Wise Catmaiden Fiona ✔️09/23/21 Robust / Magic Angel Warrior ✔️11/25/21 Mischievous Imp Lilith / Lively Imp Lilith ✔️12/09/21 Mischievous Mersprite / Peppy Mersprite ✔️01/31/22 Swift Akazukin Lala / Crafty Akazukin Lala ✔️1/3/22 Handsome Lionknight Rolland / Fearless Lionknight Rolland ✔️01/13/22 Robust / Magic Succubus✔️ Robust / Magic Armored Scorpion ✔️ Alpha Pets Courageous / Bright Madame Greensnake ✔️12/02/21 Agile / Ruthless Nightfall Demon Drake Ilu ✔️12/02/21 Playful / Gentle Zashiki Warashi ✔️12/02/21 Brave / Wise Archangel Angelica ✔️12/09/21 Clever / Frisky Catmaiden Fiona ✔️12/09/21 Ruthless / Agile Infernal Dragon✔️12/09/21 Head Mysterious Strawberry Jam Sandwich ✔️10/22/21 Mysterious Jade Mask ✔️09/13/21 Mysterious Fox Mask (Prime) ✔️11/08/21 Mysterious Meow Ear Beanie (Prime) / Mysterious Cat Ear Beanie (Prime)✔️11/13/21 School Beret (Prime) ✔️11/11/21 Delicate Blue Sprite UFO ✔️ Mysterious Cheshire Cat Hat (Prime) the HAT, not the CAT please ✔️11/29/21 Mysterious Bridesmaid's Updo (Prime) / Mysterious Groomsman's Chapeau (Prime) ✔️ Mewsterious Marielle Kitty Hat (Prime) ✔️01/06/22 Mysterious Royal Floret Hairpin / Mysterious Royal Knight Hairpin ✔️12/16/21 Elite Mummy's Revenge Bandage ✔️01/06/22 Back Corrupt Minidemon's Wings (Prime) ✔️11/06/21 Spirit of Glossy Black Alpaca (Prime)✔️10/07/21 Magic Energy Wings (Prime)✔️10/21/21 Sakura Gauze Fins (Prime) ✔️1/20/22 Stalwart Templar Cape (Prime) ✔️12/16/21 Body Mysterious Prep Girl / Mysterious Prep Guy ✔️09/27/21 Mysterious Combat Mage Garb / Mysterious Shadow Hunter Garb ✔️11/06/21 Mysterious Pretty Xmas Costume (Prime) / Mysterious Fashionable Xmas Costume (Prime) ✔️02/04/22 Mysterious Joyful Wedding Dress (Prime) / Mysterious Elegant Tuxedo (Prime) ✔️1/20/22 Mysterious Tai Chi Dress (Prime) / Mysterious Tai Chi Robe (Prime) ✔️01/13/22 Weapon Rose Thorn Snipper (Prime) ✔️11/20/21 Composed Alpaca Mallet (Prime) ✔️11/08/21 Fork (Prime) ✔️11/18/21 Knife (Prime) ✔️11/18/21 Carnation Cane (Prime) ✔️10/25/21 Savory Skewer (Prime)✔️ Lifesaber (Prime)✔️ Magic Watering Can (Prime) ✔️01/24/22 Dream Alpaca Mallet (Prime) ✔️01/13/22
  9. The only one of these I can answer is crit dmg will never overcap so any skills you use to apply debuffs just add to totals until they are 3, i.e if you already have 3.00 any crit dmg buffs will not help you. GM can probably help with the rest
  10. I'm not sure on awaken, on classic one of the active guilds is french (guildouillot)
  11. In a few weeks is fine, gives people time to wrap up any 70 content they're working on. luminary at cap would be okay as well. the only other input I have is there is a lot of new items for 75 cap between tower, world bosses s and awakens so introducing a way to get larger bag slots like 37 would be very appreciated.
  12. since my previous suggestions post is nearly completed (thank you) here is my next set for when the other one is finished Mysterious Pastry Chef's Toque (Prime)✔️07/01/21 Lipstick Mark (Prime) ✔️07/22/21 Adoration Sticker (Prime)✔️07/31/21 Mysterious Alpaca Swimsuit (Prime) / Mysterious Alpaca Beachwear (Prime)✔️ Mysterious Flowery Spring Dress (Prime) / Mysterious Spring Garb (Prime) ✔️08/05/21 Mysterious Pretty Xmas Dress (Prime) / Mysterious Fashionable Xmas Costume (Prime) ✔️07/31/21 Fallen Angel Gorewings (Prime)✔️ Broken Devil Arrow (Prime)✔️07/05/21 Crystal Wand (Prime)✔️ and I would like to suggest again at least putting in archive these other EE items, even if they aren't going to be released for a while. some of the legendary recolors have undyable parts with different colors that would be lovely to have in classic, like the leather & lace dress for example has red neckline/details which are undyable, while the prime one is purple. it would be nice to have some variation (like the green and pink versions of the heart lollipops being on the diamond altar previously, this sort of thing has been done before on classic).
  13. if esc was auto pass / greed world peace would happen tbh
  14. make sure you're in the right dungeon to get keys. if that's correct, sometimes you can just get really unlucky sorry also, you can double up on key rates. so let's say your book needs silver keys from guillotine, buy another book that needs silver keys from guillotine and you can complete your set faster and even get 2 keys in one run. keys stop being dropped when you reach 15 of one kind though, so if you have 15 silver more silver won't drop.
  15. the default for 2h weapons is greatsword animations which looks identical to most physical 2h weps i think, iirc jordan said he was open to changing some of the pike-like weapons to pike animations. there's a list of pike/halberd/spear weapons i made a while ago i think that would match this description
  16. Honestly it really feels like altar is trying to squeeze too much into one static rotation. The new static placements are definitely an improvement but what jult is trying to do is give feedback in his silly little angry language. The miscommunication is in wanting more variety in altar setup. If there's not a shiny body prime on an altar, it's not the end of the world like it seems like we're complaining about. what I mean is if for example pets are going to be the focus on the altar, there should be a full push towards pet related items instead of swapping out the prime slots because then it feels like a bit of a lost opportunity/less thoughtfulness or creativity on the altar maker's part. the new static is appreciated for clarity sake but that doesn't mean it can't be switched out a bit for obviously special altars that are out of the norm like pet/corona. It's ok if pets are on altar. But if the pets aren't for everyone or some players already have them, other incentives to play the altar would be far more effective by replacing other slots with things like pet food (maybe instead of the top row alpha), Nelle handbooks, unbind stones, nametags, battle theory, just a dedicated altar instead of a few items here or there stuffed into the normal rotation. pet nametags specifically have been asked for more frequently on altar but as it is altar is cramped and my point exactly is never will everyone be happy all the time with a static rotation so there should be alternate types of statics for broader item categories like crafting, pet, gear, to please *specific* needs instead of trying to meet them all with one type of altar. For coronas I would like to suggest instead of bickering over which level is in which slot, once a month or so throw a bone to the crafting players and have a SPECIFIC altar like This one that players loved a lot from 9/12/20 but having EP (x2 specifically on this type of altar), gathering aids, crafting related items in general. Since there's a large presence of new players having altars like this would soften the relentless blow achievements takes to your gold and also have them rely less on whatever happens to be chosen for the regular status slots. On the safeties department I would also like to suggest incorporating LSS in some way as there isn't many ways to get them now. Maybe removing the gathering aid slot, putting 30 slots there, moving SS down and putting LSS under VLSS. I don't know if that's workable or something you could fit in but it devalued the zumi racial even more than it was before as LSS wasn't quite so common on altar anyway so if LSS could be worked into the new system somewhere it would be appreciated as some players like myself prefer to use them over the specific variety luckies. Along with this, themed altars are tiring due to it feels like the same themes being repeated or reusing items a lot. there's a lot of 3 prime themes that can be incorporated, it's disappointing for things like demon eye greatsword or fish to be a recurring theme for edgy or aquatic. here's some examples how those themes could be repeated without reusing common items: its not specifically themes that are disliked its just the reuse of particular items when other things are available to switch out for. - Elaborating on the categories I suggested earlier Idk why this quote has a list dot but I cant get rid of it so dont judge me. Hopefully this is understandable to ask for. the pussy pet thing on altar wouldn't be disappointing for players not in need of a pet if we were also able to roll for other pet related accessories like handbooks and conversion fruits yadda yadda. Go all in on the themes instead of just swapping out the prime slot because other items are needed too and it's okay and it's what we'd like to see to break the mold a little on certain altars to provide more to a certain niche than to try to cater to everything on the standard altar. Also the reason I repeatedly mention grouping themes is because it can get frustrating when item uses are separated. Like iirc there was an altar a while ago that had pet conversion fruit out of the blue? But then you'd need the other pet relevant items to make full use of that like unbinding your new decent pet or teaching it better skills so it's just hella convenient to have that shit all on a similar altar
  17. SenorBernd Im begging stop derailing every post to complain you dont even log in. your character is never online, you don't participate in anything in-game (or I would know about it, ask anybody I'm nosy as fuck) and you never give constructive criticism that is relevant to the post at hand or to classic in general. Im so sick of you showing up on every post to slather your whining all over it like a child finding the mayo jar unscrewed when some of us are genuinely trying to get feedback from players current and inactive to appeal to them more and create an enjoyable experience. I cant remember the last time your input on classic forums was any level of insightful or helpful and at this point I would really hope by now youd find something else to do than troll forums for a game you probably dont even have the most recent patch downloaded for. do us all a favor and please shut up already anyway on topic the gvg changes should help a lot if they are able to be incorporated and i think this topic should be locked if the unhelpful discussion continues
  18. these changes/suggestions are good and should be implemented imo. smaller cap on numbers, smaller map, less crystals, and more focus on actual fighting is what would make pvp better overall. having a different map is also a good attraction and a breath of fresh air for gvg since guild vs guild pvp is fun, the current vessel for it just isn't satisfying unless there's a ton of people on each side. the original map is just outdated for the current playerbase of the game and something different would be really nice. the timeslot change is good too, the majority of the server has been euro for a while now and changing gvg times to be earlier would be at the worst unaffecting to americans etc but for the europeans it would probably make the difference in them being able or willing to attend pvp events or not. if this was put in it would definitely draw players to or back to the game and the current playerbase would appreciate it greatly. as for things that would be the same time as the proposed new gvg timeslot like tw arena etc i personally dont really care about overlap whatsoever but moving tw to be a different timeslot if it overlaps and leaving any arena openings would be my preference
  19. the biggest hurdles that i've noticed to players returning or starting out on classic has been EP / stones. the other servers have it very easy to fortify all of your gear to max level, but that isn't really necessary to be a "useful"/geared player on classic tbh. when pvp was very competitive last year some of the best players had +6 gear, realistically all you need is your weapons +10 if you play dps classes. but with shiyatsu making it very simple for players to cap your gear, that isn't a good selling point for classic, players like having shiny stats easy to customize. when i log on, players ask me if i have +6 safety stones to sell or know anyone who has them or know any way to farm them, and i never have a good answer for that besides "play altar" but ecs aren't immediately accessible to everyone, it can just read to them as "spend real money to roll ec". alpaca tokens have been said before to be intentionally unviable to farm for safety stones, i really don't know where players are expected to get the regular safety stones / viridians EXCEPT altar. there's several ways to get +7-10 stones, EI/altar/rankings and i've actually found it much easier to +10 an item from +6 than to get it to +6. there needs to be more ways to get regular safety stones so players can fort their equipment. players often fort, er, inefficently, as they don't know any better. you can get to +7 with regular safety stones (again, if you have any), and if you have a rat character the safety stone upgrade racials can help more than people realize. adding viridians to permanently be on 2nd row of altar is good, but its not enough imo. maybe if there was a daily pve quest that gave a few safety stones so players have incentive to go trials or whatnot. there's safety stone fragments, but iirc the only time they were easy to get en masse was the belle boss for halloween and I got half a dozen or so from that throughout the event. if we had something like that but with slightly increased rate or amount then it could help too. hoarding ultra/corals isn't really an issue anymore, they're not the scarce part of the stone problem. also, EP. it's been brought up before but EP should definitely be increased on the top row of the altar to x2 permanently and be on at least once a week if possible. players need to get fame items and iirc there's no good way to farm 70 wills instead of buy with ep but if ep is hard to come by (tw quest 12 + box 4 + statue quest 30 = 46/day assuming you do all every day) then it's a roadblock to getting the orange gear that you need for arena sets. again it just tells players "ok just spend money to get a bunch of EP and do it instantly" of course the server needs to make money so the option should be there to those willing or able to take advantage of the convenience, but there should be ways to work for it or purchase it a little faster than the current rates. EP has been at a stable 500g or so for months and the price hasn't really changed too much in the history of the server, but other top row items like heartflames (currently like 800g probably, but used to go for 1-2k), deuts (I buy them 500-800g ea), and trits (probably 1.5k atm) obviously the monetary value of the top row not-prime items have always been more than x1 ep's value. this is a huge reply to the post and seems indirect to the exact topic at hand but having helped a lot of the current new players get started this is the problems that kept being ran into with every single player and it's disappointing to have to tell people "I'm sorry there's not really a good way to grind for this and I don't have any or know anyone with any of what you're looking for so I can't help you buy it" so often. altering the levelling curve has been GREAT as people no longer need help levelling and can take care of things like their racial crafting needs and self-levelling on their own, and hopefully other changes can happen QOL wise similar to that. also with honor stars being an issue - it's a double edged sword but easier than you think right now. if arena is active then you can queue and get what you need, if it's not active then the easiest way to get you what you need is ask someone or level a character to a class with L50 and do one win on every class for 1v1. it equals 200 honor stars per win each class, so if you get 1 win on cleric, 1 win on hunter, 1 on thief, that's 600 honor stars for you at the end of the month. players will also help you get kills in elysian for honor stars, whenever elysian is open and i'm online i see people in there offering to help or just hanging out. there's also 0/10 (which at level 70 if you have any health recovery should be more than possible to solo) for class medals and i used to do them a lot to prep for arena gear.
  20. since herakles said to make a new post for my suggestions... Alphas (idk I have most alphas I want) Dark Affections Adoration Sticker (Alpha)✔️04/26/21 Buffalo Roam Cowgirl Getup (Alpha)✔️05/10/21 Weapons Plumed Fan (Prime) ✔️05/13/21 Dream Monarch Staff (Prime) ✔️05/29/21 Lifesaber (Prime) ✔️04/24/21 Violet Lifesaber (Prime) ✔️04/24/21 Joyful Beer Can (Prime)✔️05/27/21 Angel Rapier (Prime) ✔️05/03/21 Azure Night Bow (Prime) ✔️05/13/21 Primes: Striped Valkyrie Siren Helmet (Prime) / Midnight Sleek Wig (Prime)✔️05/20/21 Lipstick Mark (Prime)✔️04/26/21 Mysterious Blossom Spiral Blush (Prime) ✔️04/15/21 Mysterious Rosy Spiral Blush (Prime) ✔️04/15/21 Golden Conquest Wings (Prime) ✔️04/15/21 Ornate Cross Pendant (Prime)✔️06/07/21 Mysterious Crown (Prime)✔️04/22/21 Mysterious Radar Headset (Prime) ✔️04/24/21 Mysterious Voodoo Beast Bone Headdress (Prime) ✔️06/05/21 Mysterious Bridesmaid's Updo (Prime) / Mysterious Groomsman's Chapeau (Prime)✔️05/27/21 Mysterious Royal Floret Hairpin (Prime) / Mysterious Royal Knight Hairpin (Prime) ✔️05/22/21 Mysterious Militissa Ensemble (Prime) / Mysterious Courier Garb (Prime) ✔️05/29/21 Mysterious Whipped Cream Dream Dress (Prime) / Mysterious Modern Elegance Suit (Prime)✔️06/03/21 Mysterious Eagle Threads (Prime) / Mysterious Eagle Garb (Prime)✔️06/17/21 Mysterious Cowgirl Getup / Mysterious Cowboy Suit ✔️06/24/21 Mysterious Alpaca Wool Cloak (Prime) / Mysterious Alpaca Wool Cape (Prime) ✔️05/06/21 Mysterious Bandit Queen Gear (Prime) / Mysterious Brigand King Gear (Prime)✔️07/22/21 Delicate Cruel Death Frock (Prime) / Delicate Cruel Death Suit (Prime) ✔️07/24/21 Etc: Include 60-69 Gear Upgrade Suggestion Reset Scrolls occasionally (for 65 awaken weapons) Downgrade Scroll -1 Stardust-centric altars more often (Like this one from 9/12/20) Starlight costume dyes (as no one takes them on the diamond altar)
  21. there isn't a lot of public chat rn, most talking is in party/guild chat due to the french/english language barrier between people. there's two main guilds playing at the moment and they play on ch2 (US players) and ch4 (EU players), so if you don't play on those channels you aren't likely to see anyone. the game was more active a few months ago but there's still a playerbase. if you need help or need a merchant just send a mail to a guild leader (Raion or Matt) with what you need and one should get put up shortly after that. if you enjoy playing the game then you should play it and not really worry about what other people are doing that much, there aren't very many players that aren't maxed level already so it's not like there's a bunch of people hanging out in the levelling maps.
  22. some are personal favorites I'd like to have, some are desirable items, some are unrollable by tritiums or simply unreleased thus far but good future altar fillers. items that are separate for different sexes are listed female first, male second. I had to pick just a few things I really want it'd be Nightshade Scythe (Prime)✔️02/18/21 Skeleton Scythe (Prime) ✔️02/18/21 Draconic Rime Scythe (Prime) ✔️02/18/21 Glass Wing Staff (Prime) Plumed Fan (Prime) ✔️05/13/21 Angel Wings finally released (Fallen angel gorewing, Pink hope, Blue freedom, Golden conquest, Large white)✔️05/01/21 Mysterious Chastity's Hood (Prime) / Mysterious Gunslinger's Garb (Prime) ✔️03/25/21 Mysterious Guerilla Threads (Prime) / Mysterious Guerilla Garb (Prime) ✔️01/23/21 Mysterious Sultry Succubus Wig (Prime) / Mysterious Suave Incubus Wig (Prime)✔️01/22/21 Alphas: Primes: Weapons: Mounts: Etc: Pets: Recolors/EE items not yet in archive:
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