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  6. Hey there, hope you all having a good day, sharing my thoughts about the new patch •Regarding the new battle map Demonic Valley, I would say DSR still remains as best. Resources required for potion enhancing in DV are too heavy in comparison for the minimal upgrade it provides. We also don't obtain MP Potions as drop so overall DSR wins. •About the new trophies: They are really good if you starting, you won't dps as high as with CC, but you surely can do it. Highlight the 20% speed one. •Event with costumes, furniture and pvp consumables would have been good, I know players that were expecting it as well. However there's still New Year's event to be seen. •Weapons are strange since we got lv130 cap, weapons are lv120, and you roll them in lv110 content. Personally feels like we could've just had them at cap 120, there is no +120 content related to them. Arcane box re-rolling for 120% feels low so I'd say we will use 115 weapons since they grant teamwork buffs. However they are a good option for new players, I'd recommend using them if you are new one hundred percent. •New racials are good, zumi is best in my opinion. Human and halfkin are minor upgrades but lv8 gems were already seriously good so I'd say it's pretty fair. Same with partial enchants lv9 when we get them, lv8 are already huge compared to lv7 so it's understandable the changes are not huge. Frogs in the same lane. Zumi ones are very nice. •Finally regarding pvp as a player that has attended every pvp of the previous 2 years, I can affirm we have lost many pvp players due to the preparation required for pvps. If you amount the gold it takes the approximate 20 potion types used, twist of fate, and the time for pod + events, it's considerable. Since a pod immobile spot like Classic, or pod dgn as seen in other servers is not possible in VGN Awaken, consider slightly boosting at least Death Mountains mobs. Honestly, Fallmyst was seriously slow compared to the other servers, many players could attend VGN after Angels or Infinity TW but simply didn't because podding takes too long. If you wish to change anything about pvp, please let it be this. Excited to see the pvp changes you mentioned above, GA is VGN exclusive and it's my favourite pvp map so looking forward to them as well as the new bear racials, good work. Thanks.
  7. Right eye version of these costumes: Blazing Eye Monocles Mask of the Phantom Eye Patches
  8. Hello Kitty: Melody Duke Suit [any colour] ✔️05/06/22 Elite Monocle [Legendary]✔️05/13/22 Netherworld Fox Nine Tails but darker shade and edges on red [costume design request] thanks sir
  9. Mysterious Dark Wizard's Hat (Legendary) ✔️11/25/21 Night Eye Mask ✔️12/24/21 thanksu
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