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  1. Hello Kitty: Melody Duke Suit [any colour] ✔️05/06/22 Elite Monocle [Legendary]✔️05/13/22 Netherworld Fox Nine Tails but darker shade and edges on red [costume design request] thanks sir
  2. Mysterious Dark Wizard's Hat (Legendary) ✔️11/25/21 Night Eye Mask ✔️12/24/21 thanksu
  3. Forgotten Ghostblade Ren ✔️11/18/21 thanks
  4. Box: Magic Dragon Flame Valkyria✔️09/30/21 Robust Candy Rabbit Rita ✔️10/07/21 Magic Starlit Sky Alyssia ✔️10/07/21 Robust Snow Empress Lenna ✔️10/14/21 Robust Sweetheart Belle ✔️10/14/21 Thanksss
  5. Hey, since weekends pvp is dead most of the times, I thought that implementing given pod as in nctw might be a good idea. Example of sundays having to pod 5 times a day, 3 tws, 1 gvg (usually 1 round is vs alt guild so no pod needed) and 1 ga makes people just skip tws frankly. Me personally I skip them a lot of times even tho I'd enjoy them cos I spend more time podding than playing the game otherwise. If you are pvp exclusive you can save buffs by logging off but feels not a smart move since you are basically encouraging players to log off the game and not pve either. If it was given as in nctw where you literally just have to click join that might help to give life to weekends tws instead of having to pm people if they are gonna assist or not.
  6. Mysterious Ronin Hairpiece (Legendary) ✔️08/05/21 Mysterious Rugged Gi Garb (Legendary) ✔️08/16/21 Blazeblight Cestus (Blue) ✔️06/24/21 Mysterious Radar Monocle (Legendary) ✔️06/10/21 weeb purposes thanks
  7. Box Shining Starlight Staff✔️05/27/21 thankss
  8. Altar: Kimono (Legendary)✔️06/11/21 Mysterious Gentleman Kimono (Legendary)✔️05/27/21 Mysterious Suave Kimono (Legendary) ✔️06/21/21 Mysterious Wedding Suit (Legendary) Mysterious Elegant Tuxedo (Legendary)✔️05/27/21
  9. Box Green Cherry Blossom Hana✔️05/27/21 Magic Libra ✔️05/06/21 thankss
  10. Altar: Kimono (Legendary) Mysterious Gentleman Kimono (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Trenchcoat (Legendary) ✔️04/20/21 Mysterious Suave Kimono (Legendary) Mysterious Wedding Suit (Legendary) Mysterious Elegant Tuxedo (Legendary)✔️ ayy thanks
  11. Murasame (Legendary)✔️04/01/21 thankss
  12. Boxes: Legendary sword pets 15% ✔️03/25/21 Legendary pets 2nd pray 8% patk + matk ✔️03/19/21 thanks
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