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  1. Mysterious Meow Ear Beanie (Legendary) Phoenix Fall Wings (Legendary) Mysterious Prep Girl (Legendary)
  2. I have a theme of my own, and I plan on reworking on the different buttons and currencies at the moment. At the moment, I'd say it's about 80~85% done. I'll show screenshots in a bit and upload the UI later today. --------------------------------------------------------------------- https://puu.sh/uKagJ/14bb9a0c7b.jpg https://puu.sh/uKamT/ad8465bcd8.png https://puu.sh/uKavw/56defc2708.jpg https://puu.sh/uKarR/4b1807c379.png https://puu.sh/uKamT/ad8465bcd8.png A couple of previews ~
  3. Eden Eternal Vendetta had a bigger and more diverse population than Twin Saga Vendetta. TS got a recent update, which is actually increasing its population a bit. EE's patch is close on its way. i think you'd enjoy both games, so why not try out both? Happy gaming ~
  4. I'd like to see these in the next boxes if possible D: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Crystal Wand (Legendary) *Both Blue and Pink** Mysterious Cheshire Hat Hello Kitty: XXXX Veil (F) Hello Kitty: XXXX Ushanka Mysterious Prep Girl (Legendary) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Altar Suggestions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Silver Grey Head/Body Dyes Magic/Robust Nine-Tail Foxes Mysterious Alpaca Wool Cloak (Legendary) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks ~
  5. No need for orange gear when you p-level. Do the Temple Knoght quests you get starting at 50 for weapons/armor. It will keep you going for a bit, and you get them every 10 levels until 80.
  6. Mar

    Kawaii Yummy pic. :)

  7. Can you put Mysterious Cheshire Hat (Legendary) and the Mysterious Outback Adventurer Cutoffs (Legendary) in altar/boxes? I'd be so hAPpy. ;D <3
  8. Yummy

    Valentines Day Event

    ================== Hush, Hush My Love ================== Hush, hush my love, We can run away together. As the doves soar from above, Our love will last forever. No one will separate us, my dear. They can call us gay, spread envy and hate. We may not belong here, but do not fear, Let us elope and commence our fate. My heart and body now a wreck, Ending your life, infernal. As you slice your neck, Left alone in this world, eternal. I will see you soon so hush, hush my love; Our absence is short as I join you above. ================== IGN: Yumi Submission: Poem in Shakespearean format (ABAB CDCD EFEF GG) Picture: Photoshopped by me~ ==================