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  1. Man, I hate ignit and a-servers, they are just trying to find out how to sell something to everyone; as a eden eternal, twin saga from this server, few things I personally couldn't stand was the progression between your sprite and your character, sometimes your had to wait like 2 months because you were lvl 80-85 and your main sprite were 60. Also free players were limited a lot, I know there's a balance, but in the other servers there wasn't, you just had to pay and you could gear up in a couple of minutes while free players didn't because the items are just way to expensive for a new player
  2. Well, I guess the main reason is time, they also have life and problems.
  3. Before the VGN close this post I'd like to say that I know it's already a mess the management of 3 servers and obviously I know that you guys when decide to open a server is because you don't want to make the server and let it run 3-5 months without info or patches or something new; but Idk, this game has a lot of content and only requires balance and really good GS's that love and help with events, also as inceptionz said, this game only needs balancing like PvP stuff(because we know that you guys won't let people gear up to +999 at lvl 30 or if that happen you try to put something to let us
  4. Money is not the main reason. Actually, Bash said that he doesn't want to repeat the problem with Twin Saga, they just couldn't maintain all the servers because of the number of people was working on the servers and their updates.
  5. I have watched some videos about the new classes and there were people 70-80 1 day after the released.
  6. Hmm, I understand why Bash doesn't want to get into a new game aaaand yes, probably a VGN GF sv will be a success(I personally would love it xD), but we have to really stop this, Bash already talked about it and we can't just keep spaming the suggestion. Just wait, when Bash thinks that is already worth to introduce a new game he'll do it. Actually I really want to take a look at the new classes, but I won't go to those shitty servers e.e
  7. If VGN host a GF server I'll probably help doing unofficial events and publicity, besides that, It'll be difficult to bring a new GM, I'd like to be a GM and help Bash, but unfortunately I'm very noob programming
  8. Well, no comments, I can't get angry because I know you'd like to open a GF sv, but I guess it's not the time ^^ just keep that hard work, all of you do a great job with SB, EE and Nostale
  9. Actually, I'm aware of that, And I really hope you guys one day think about open a new game, every game you launch is awesome
  10. Actually I was really disappointed, if VGN do a GF sv, I'm sure it'll have a lot of support, why? Because the currents svs are just :poop: :l
  11. 1- They're necesary for some classes. 2-Idk what's that so, I won't say if its good or bad. 3-There are important, I'm against the stats to the combat mounts, that's way too much. 4-Ohm, well, I don't have any suggestion about the cap lvl 5-The restrictions are made to keep the economy stable, imagine someone faming like 328 times "VID" or any other dungeon...(they could increase the runs per dgn) 6-Please, just +15 7-AGREE :c 8-Actually, I'd like to do events with clays and items once the server is running(Obviously, I'm not GS to make official events)
  12. Just don't eliminate the combat mounts please, you could put some in the N-Alchemy or something like that, but don't eliminate them
  13. Dude, I preffer a Vendetta GF server than any other (official or private) sv Why? Simple, they try to make the game funny and equal. I think if they make a server, they'll increase the exp, sprite exp, drop and probably reputation(jale, kaslow, ilya[also the subs]. And about the costumes, mounts, clays, etc., they could make something like EE(something where we can obtain clays or something like the loyalty shop) There are a lot of things to improve in this game, sadly AG and IG think on how make more money
  14. We aren't saying that they have to make another server now. It's just a post to come up with the idea
  15. Personally, I hate the private one, they just don't update and did they game more p2w than the official one If you open a server I'd like to help you. And I know that a GF vendetta sv will be very nice :3 also GF has a lot of players waiting for a new and a good pserver
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