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  1. limeox how much time you need for the new skill simulator when the new content is out? not a date ... i also satisfied with a period of time
  2. make a Archievement week in the future all 2 month or so that would be nice a bike or pet week to then comes all the stuff again and again
  3. EpiChOrST

    Next FC?

    Ok that is very bad. It makes the Problem very hard to fix. Thx for the fast answer
  4. EpiChOrST

    Next FC?

    The balancing of the Fractions,BG´s, and whatever is very hard. The Problem give it from the 1st Day on the Aeria Server. Nobody can this Problem Handle. When Bash did a FC then is the FK Problem on the RG Side. The People will Loot expensive or rare Things First and than comes PvP. This is a wrong way. Why we cannot Loot Bikes or Costumes from the Actuall Mystery Box in Alcazar? That make the activity by the FK Side a little bit better. And the 40vs.40 is crap. Make a Limit the BG´s have a good function. 1RG for 1FK. Then make a FC for 5RG and Bingo.