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  1. pu just need to tank like they did back in 59 cap like add def/void buff in hp passive and an extra disable cc and maybe add acc/ch-acc buff in offense cocoon this should give them a 50/50 chance to kill sws or any class instead of 0 and not get melted in mass pvp /1v1s ez but they great for countering whs in buffs and melting medics in this patch
  2. I will be honest and blunt here my apologies for that. For Skills: As someone who usually gets on to pvp in game, I feel like you guys should have not drastically mess with the skills at all, whs were just fine and fun to fight actually prior the skill changes they only needed a slight nerf with disable and buff duration and slight tweaks and buffs here and there for other classes. I will go into details for criticizing each skill change per class maybe in a later post, but thats why everyone is complaining, this was a bad idea overall to mess with the original skills because something will always go wrong and the more you change the worse it gets. I would honestly reverse the skill patch and work on putting less changes in each class otherwise even MORE people will stop playing so then there will be no point. For Event: The Halloween treats should also be awarded when going to bgs or in pvp bosses because now nobody will attend bg or go to pvp maps as much and just strictly farm in dungeons making the event even more boring. 😑 But overall A for effort at least.
  3. game iz ded at this rate plz change the drop tables in pvp maps so people can go thx