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  1. This thread is intended for feedback with respect to class skills. Let us know what you think of the skills, points required, interaction with other skills. Don't just give us vague "it needs to be changed", use your words and let us know why and your suggestion on what can be done to try and improve. Couple things. Don't double post, just edit your existing post and add additional thoughts. This will save how many pages of stuff we have to go through.. I cannot stress enough that this thread will stay civil, polite and flame free Also need to point out, don't be commenting on other people's thoughts. Please only post your own feedback and not on other people's. People are entitled to their own opinion on what they think about the current skills.
  2. I got problem with my PC, so I wont be able to play SB for indefinite time. Obviously I got spare one, but with 1,1 ghz processor, 1 Gb memory and 128 Mb video memory wont be possible to play. I only can follow forum now.
  3. This is an alternate way to download game. This would be a good option if you have a potato internet connection and can use this with a download manager to download the game in chunks as you're able to. This is the latest version v116;!HmpiVARC!1xDXEyFwN-jhL6rTScXINvyBqMq2yAhtJpJ78P9AcJs Also, if you're new to VGN, please check out this post and download and install those things too.
  4. i have a logitech headset 7.1 however if i use my speakers i happen to have sound on edit: it got fixed somehow
  5. Real talk; Has anyone want to make this like an official topic to where we discuss about class and balance changes to pvp grounds? We all love pvp, but both RGs and FKs are in a war when it comes to classes like WHs, MEs, PUs, SEs and SWs. My suggestion is too give a stat to all classes to make all damage and buff effects halved in pvp grounds while keep the normal damage and buff effects the same in pve grounds and dungeons. Also give all classes a stat limit to where we cant go over it. For instance, a PU having 15k CRIT-ATTK and we limit to only to 10k, even when buffed we cant go over it. SWs with crazy amounts of EVA, CH-EVA could receive a limit as well. I know we might get some augments to this but everyone has their opinion towards feedback right? I mean C'mon! Feedback keeps games alive (besides new content). Lets talk about this and have the GMs, GSs and the consumers, which is us, say in this discussion. Lets discuss away!
  6. Hello everyone! I'm a new player here, only started to play a couple of days ago. Everything went smooth, but now I've got a kind of a problem with lvl. 1 Experience Hypechips eating up my inventory space. I've already used one of these and I can't seem to be able to drop them out of my characters bag. Is there a way to get rid of them? Sorry, if it has been answered before. I tried to look through the forum but didn't find any threads about this.
  7. so i know other people have brought it up yet none of the fixes posted have worked for me. its the same thing though where you try and hit start game after you sign in on the launcher and it says the game is launching then the launcher closes and nothing. and ive been trying it for 45 mins straight now
  8. After I login with my credentials, and it has a "start game" button, I click it but the game never launches. It is active in task manager but never loads. I'm on Windows 10. Any ideas?
  9. Will They Have A Valentine's Day Event For Today
  10. SO, I used to play this game back in 2013-2014, then recently found out about VGN (thanks for making this game alive again!!!) and started playing again. I forgot most of the stuff in this game but picking it up again has been pretty easy. I'm wondering if there is anyone here whom I used to play with. I used to be apart of Curse guild on the FK side. Anyone still playing? The tags that i remember were Alloxya (loxy), SLPCherry, C? idk thats how i used to call you. I recognized some ancient player still doing nice and well (filomena mainly ). Anyways is there anything I should know that changed? The game so far looks pretty much the same to me (lvl 25) with the exception of crazy prices in AH. Cheers! -Marlentino (Whipper)
  11. If Is Any Way Possible Way That The Double EXP Event Will Happen
  12. Some of you if any will remember me in asb (Aeria games scarlet blade) if NOT I am Petty of royal guards I used to be andromeda player time game was in closed beta at lv29 and used to hav 3 servers Andromeda , Valkyrie & Venus before they merged it into 1 Solaris i played up to lv25 and took time off my game due to lack of quest how other players put it for remainder of that year when i born into game on May 14th 2013 My DISCORD feel free to ADD is Petty#8263 I will be joining game soon my last time i logged was on Nov. 26th and my debut in Vendetta was on Jun. 14th last yr xxx
  13. Soldier Berserker Commando Assassin Gladiator Enforcer
  14. After Having A Blue Faction As Third It Will Change Maps On Player VS Player Fields And Battlegrounds Also Add This On Suggestions For The Next Patch
  15. Hi everyone! Just two or three days ago I decided to play the game again, was disappointed that it had been shut down, but then was lucky to stumble upon Vendetta. It's been several years since I've played the game, back then on the official servers. I always loved it, but the crowd was not to my liking so I quit after about a year. I hope to find some nice people here to team up with! I'm looking for open- and mature-minded people (sorry muricans!! ;D) who have a great sense of humor that doesn't rely on insults or profanity, but instead of wit, and who know how to hold a conversation. I like playing as healer or whipper equally much, but given that I just started I am very low level. It'd be great if there are any people on new characters who'd want to hand out! I got characters on both sides and I have discord as well. Drop a line if you wanna hand out and/or team up!
  16. Just a heads up that some of the newer versions of AMD Drivers/Software may cause problems when using DirectX 9 games. Since all games here use DX9, just something to keep in mind if you come across some weird problems. If you notice a graphic problem, please try to downgrade to an older version and see if that fixes it. Here is the link to download previous AMD graphics drivers
  17. Megaphones Drops In Al Kasava And Nuclear Bunker Tradable 1000% EXP Boosters Drops In Al Kasava And Nuclear Bunker Legendary Passcards Becomes Tradable
  18. The Character Name Petty Was Able To Be Stolen As A Result Of The Ticket System By Vivi And Bash After The Game Was Started Also The Pet Name Was Perker And The Guild Was Phenomenon
  19. Jigsaw Puzzle Event This event is very simple To participate in this event one only needs to complete the puzzle and submit your time via screen-shot Here Entries for this event will be open until the 12 of April With your entry please include your IGN or alt on your main account with NORMAL characters in their name. Failing this, your points, if any, will be given to some random participant. You may solve this puzzle as many times as you wish until you are satisfied with your completion time The prize for first place will be 3 points, 2nd place 2 points and 3rd place 1 point This puzzle is very easy, only 99 pieces. The main challenge of this event is not the puzzle itself but being faster than the other players. Enjoy The Puzzle can be found here: There are some buttons at the bottom left of this puzzle, play around with them to make life even easier! Winners for Jigsaw Puzzle Event are as follows 1st GoddessSand 2nd CrazyCow 3rd Spyro Thanks for participating
  20. Hello everyone, As a new GS i would like to bring something new to the in-game so what about a GS hunt? Now you might wonder. What it is about? What we have to do? Let me explain to you. Me and any other GS who will take part in this will go and hide in Ellis or Amara and once he is ready in a spot he picked, a Wanted will be applied on his head. Then all you have to do is find him and take his wanted. Date and time: Sunday 1st April 2018 14:30 (server time) RULES NO ALTS (please make a fair game for everyone to enjoy it) Once you have taken a wanted kill stay behind and enjoy the rest event, please don't make us expel you from future events. EVENT WILL BE HOSTED BY GS's from both sides. FK SIDE: [GS] NoRunNoGun RG SIDE: [GS] Spherical aka Moo Note 1: If the faction of the Wanted GS decides to protect him, there is not much we can do about it. Note 2: If any other GS take part on this event, will be added on this thread.
  21. I will be hosting a weekly Word Scramble event. It will be held on Sunday @ 5am SERVER TIME (which for easy conversion for you NA people, is 11pm CST on Saturday evening). It will consist of 10 questions. Each question is worth 1 event point. You can only win ONCE per person (not toon, or account, or whatever, YOU only get 1 point). A GM will be confirming winners after event in case of any sneaky business. After the 10 questions, I will have a bonus question that is worth THREE event points. That will be open to ANYONE, including people who had already won a point in the 10 questions. Answers must be all of the following: in Shout only and both correct spelling and spacing. The first one who answers correctly wins. Each week I will have a different topic. Please provide any suggestions you have under my General post Here Thy's additional rule about the name is due to the fact that we are having great difficulty finding winner's name to give them the point. So keep your name, but give me an alt name, with normal letters, ON THE SAME ACCOUNT AS THE ONE YOU HAVE YOUR TOON ON!
  22. Hi VGN and fellow gamers...I was initially dejected when things took a turn for the worse in Scarlet Blade's community in 2013 and gave up the game since then, however a million thanks to VGN for reviving SB and I feel slightly regretful for missing out on the server online date last year. But still better late than never!
  23. If you come across someone that you believe to be hacking/cheating/exploiting/botting, please do one of the following things immediately; 1. Take a screenshot (if applicable to what's happening), then upload that Imgur/photobucket/somewhere else or 2. Take a video. there are MANY free video recorders (FRAPS, Nvidia Experience App has built-in recorder press Alt-F9, BandiCam, etc). Make sure you choose a high enough quality to show names clearly. Then post it on YouTube. Once you've done that, you must submit a ticket, with appropriate evidence links -> If you submit a ticket, without proof, nothing can be done. If you see something that is happening repeatedly, take another video/SS and submit new ticket. Tickets will get answered in order, so please be patient! So don't ask about it through chatbox or make forum posts asking GMs to look into it. It WILL be reviewed.
  24. Hail, Longtime MMO~Online~Player~Developer. Saw some videos, think VGN looks TST. SB looks drool, will be on to checkout the game-play. How is the community? Does everyone power level or grief you if you go with a personal build instead of "best" build?