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  1. i toggled music for the first time in SB and came to the conclusion that it can be much better to the very least . if am offering to make Royalty free "modernized" music that would fit the genre of this game , in these battlegrounds atleast , would there be a chance it can be integrated into the live server of SB ? ( hope to get an answer from an official at VGN , keeping in mind that i do NOT monetize my music in any form , and all my music is 100% original and free for use ) .
  2. can we please get the option to craft x50/255 for alpha/beta/gamma hexweave at banna ? am rly tired of spending 30mn crafting a stack for an rng that am not getting lol , honestly no need for even x255 just x50 is fine . thanks !
  3. I had just gotten back into the game a couple weeks ago after I had finally figured out how to get the xigncode error to stop (by whitelisting the entire SB folder with my anti-virus software). I was literally playing the game last night and it was all fine. I attempted to log in today and all of a sudden I am getting that Xigncode error again! I checked and its still whitelisted with my anti-virus software. I even uninstalled the whole folder (deleting all files) and reinstalled it, then re whitelisted it with my anti-virus software again. It still won't work! How am I supposed to play a game that won't let me log in at all?? Here are links showing the whitelist and error codes. Error Codes: https://ibb.co/8dGV9Yh Whitelist: https://ibb.co/Dkm43b6
  4. Oi oi 👻 @Vivi is it possible to re-work on this Weapon-Skins and add them in the Game again like we had the first time on this Server? The last talk about them is a while ago , And their SO COOL would be nice see them again pls pls pls :v
  5. Dear Admins Can I make a small request. Can we (the people who wants to level up) have a day or 2 of the event monsters with the original exp drop? It can be a small extension after the last day of the event, so that it wont interfere with the others who wants the event but don't want exp. The infected evergreens and the everfrost crystal will do just fine, but there's a small hitch when it comes to the lvl 39 FK side evergreens that are clustered together. Of course there's no more event drops, because the event is already over. Hopefully you guys will reconsider. Thanks
  6. I was IN LOVE with the game, got onto the hypetrain a bit late and 8 months into it got the news they were discontinuing the servers. Devastation was an understatement to what i felt back then, so imagine my uttermost happiness when I found out some blessed bloke decided to dust off the game engine again. People that know me irl know how much I talked about sb even years after it was gone. Just like every other horny teenager I got pulled in by the naked bewbs and stayed for the surprisingly fun mechanics and pvp arenas. Tl;dr happy to be back, hope to meet some of you guys ig, I remember fuck shit of what the gameplay was so if anyone can link me a good whipper guide would greatly appreciate.
  7. Hi everyone! I'm excited to get started in Scarlet Blade. At least try to anyway. I continue to get a launch errors. I've already submitted a trouble ticket for it so we'll see how it goes. In any event, I was playing PSO2 and interestingly one of the players there suggested for me to try out Scarlet Blade. I looked at a few videos and figured I would give it a shot! I'm thinking I would like to start with a Punisher to get the mechanics down (it's been a long time since I played WoW or CoH, which is what this game looks like it's modeled from). Eventually I would make a Medic as it's nice to feel wanted! (^_^) Anyhoo, once I can get this game working I'll see everyone online! --Leon
  8. So i've been playing since forever and never got my enocia warp skill, figured while i have some extra time i should post it.
  9. This is an alternate way to download game. This would be a good option if you have a potato internet connection and can use this with a download manager to download the game in chunks as you're able to. This is the latest version v144 https://mega.nz/file/dLEBiKDC#Q0FpCgqx_aEheRQjMcXM0UpWaD2riRQ2qk-QkH_EQYU Also, if you're new to VGN, please check out this post and download and install those things too.
  10. newbie here - i just wanna get the story straight, because i've been told too many contradicting things from players. 1. the quest madfly level caps at 30 2. the starter pack madfly level caps at 40 3. no madfly will give you 8000hp bonus when it's 40 4. events and holiday boxes only drop pet skins, not (chip using) pets. is all the above correct? or am i being misled while getting at the truth.
  11. newbie here - i just wanna get the story straight because i've been told too many contradicting things from players. 1. the quest madfly level caps at 30 2. the starter pack madfly level caps at 40 3. no madfly will give you 8000hp bonus when it's 40 4. events and holiday boxes only drop pet skins, not (chip using) pets. is all the above correct? or am i being misled while getting at the truth.
  12. (lvl 25 newbie question) i figured out we can sell magic(green) armor and weapon drops to NPC but i can't find which NPC buys all these grey drops or know if i should accumulate them for crafting or some other later purpose. does such an buying NPC for this junk show up at a higher level? also, while i'm here asking... stuff like skill data cards that i already learned i simply "destroy" should i continue to do that? or is there a place to sell them too? if anyone remembers a good faq on what drops we should keep or not or if there's some way to upgrade lowbie potions to higher level ones. (you know, how you get different capacity potions every 5 levels) my inventory keeps filling up with junk i have no idea what to do with.
  13. I Am Hoping Someone Could Help Me. When I Ended Up Redeeming An Event Pack For My Whipper, I Ended Up Getting A Bunch Of Stuff. In The Pack I Ended Up Getting A Pet Data Chip, And When I Tried To Right Click On It To Put It In My Inventory, It Would Not Let Me Use It, Even Though I Had My Pet Summoned. It Kept On Saying Can Not Be Used.....Umm Why?
  14. I got problem with my PC, so I wont be able to play SB for indefinite time. Obviously I got spare one, but with 1,1 ghz processor, 1 Gb memory and 128 Mb video memory wont be possible to play. I only can follow forum now.
  15. It was my first time is suer and i noticed that the screen freezes and im left blind. i need to span the camera around to get a few steps until it freezes again . also i'll just add it in here but some of my chars has a skill reset quest bug, the quest just keeps popping after im done with it or accepting it. its kinda annoying now you see. https://imgur.com/bqMP59O
  16. So, I'm going insane. I downloaded this game 2 days ago. Had so much trouble to get the game working. I tried downloading the directx 9 and visual c++ package here on the forum and installing it. I tried the xigncode fix. I tried whitelisting everything in my anti-virus, even disabled it. Didn't change anything. Game still didn't start. So I thought I should restart my computer, might fix it. Tried one last time and somehow the game booted up. Yay. Played yesterday without any issues what so ever. Game booted up on the first try, no problem. Today. Same issues as the first time. I press start game and the Xigncode3 window pops up in the lower right corner, loads completely and then shows up as an icon in the lower right corner. But the game doesn't start. As soon as I mouse over the icon it disappears. Sometimes it just goes away even if I doesn't mouse over it... I'm not even getting an error message or anything, it just doesn't start at all.. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. Does anyone have an idea what the issue might be? I have done everything I stated above, even did a clean install of the game. Still doesn't boot... I'm stumped, don't know what else to try.
  17. need help, i was playing the seona dungeon when the program stop all of a sudden and crash i tried opening again but when i choose the character that i was playing on seona dungeon the program will crash i tried on other character it doesn't have any problem. help can you teleport it outside the dungeon admin. character name Twerp Sentinel lv 27 FK
  18. Will They Have A Valentine's Day Event For Today
  19. SO, I used to play this game back in 2013-2014, then recently found out about VGN (thanks for making this game alive again!!!) and started playing again. I forgot most of the stuff in this game but picking it up again has been pretty easy. I'm wondering if there is anyone here whom I used to play with. I used to be apart of Curse guild on the FK side. Anyone still playing? The tags that i remember were Alloxya (loxy), SLPCherry, C? idk thats how i used to call you. I recognized some ancient player still doing nice and well (filomena mainly ). Anyways is there anything I should know that changed? The game so far looks pretty much the same to me (lvl 25) with the exception of crazy prices in AH. Cheers! -Marlentino (Whipper)
  20. If Is Any Way Possible Way That The Double EXP Event Will Happen
  21. Some of you if any will remember me in asb (Aeria games scarlet blade) if NOT I am Petty of royal guards I used to be andromeda player time game was in closed beta at lv29 and used to hav 3 servers Andromeda , Valkyrie & Venus before they merged it into 1 Solaris i played up to lv25 and took time off my game due to lack of quest how other players put it for remainder of that year when i born into game on May 14th 2013 My DISCORD feel free to ADD is Petty#8263 I will be joining game soon my last time i logged was on Nov. 26th and my debut in Vendetta was on Jun. 14th last yr xxx
  22. Soldier Berserker Commando Assassin Gladiator Enforcer
  23. After Having A Blue Faction As Third It Will Change Maps On Player VS Player Fields And Battlegrounds Also Add This On Suggestions For The Next Patch
  24. Hi everyone! Just two or three days ago I decided to play the game again, was disappointed that it had been shut down, but then was lucky to stumble upon Vendetta. It's been several years since I've played the game, back then on the official servers. I always loved it, but the crowd was not to my liking so I quit after about a year. I hope to find some nice people here to team up with! I'm looking for open- and mature-minded people (sorry muricans!! ;D) who have a great sense of humor that doesn't rely on insults or profanity, but instead of wit, and who know how to hold a conversation. I like playing as healer or whipper equally much, but given that I just started I am very low level. It'd be great if there are any people on new characters who'd want to hand out! I got characters on both sides and I have discord as well. Drop a line if you wanna hand out and/or team up!
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