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  1. Moved to EE General Discussion ~
  2. Softi

    Top 10 Rewards on RBB

    ^ What he said.
  3. Softi

    Fernon raid questions

    I'd say thats up to you, try it and decide what you prefer \o
  4. Moved to General Discussion ~
  5. Softi

    Channel no xp

    So are you trying to say it was better when no exp channel was full of bots 24/7 and we technically did them a favor with keeping that channel? There are many other ways to earn gold, more efficient and you're able to do it on every channel.
  6. Softi

    Channel no xp

    Yeah I know about that one. Players who do pts will have to live with less gillions then ~
  7. Softi

    Channel no xp

    It's simple: you don't need alts for pts/raid ts. You can just do it with your main. Problem solved.
  8. Softi

    Fernon raid questions

    1. If there is another item on official you need to have, we on Vendetta don't. You just need the seals which you obtain in Caligor. 2. The most common team probably is 1 zerk, 4 scouts and 3 dgs. 3. You can only use the swords when you're invisible, that's why you need Hongbi/Cheongbi. For pets I'd suggest sick bushi or Erze because their debuffs are useful and Erze also gives you a buff (shadow resistance increased by 10, all attacks increased by 5% and skill cooldown decreased by 5%).
  9. Softi

    Starting up

    1. You should complete the A1 Quest because it will help you lvl up to Lv83. 2. Visit our homepage and claim your starter pack. (Also, please beware about scammers ingame, make sure you don't visit any fake sites) 3.. You either have to do the quests to get them or buy them from someone else. We have an NPC with low resistances and equipment near Mimi Mentor named "VGN Equipment Shop". 4. Welcome to VGN, I hope you'll like it here ~
  10. Softi

    Make Draco/Glace great again!

    Because each Draco/Glace raid is like 2 minutes and you can take one alt with you. Players would perfection their SPs even faster than it already is, but I do like the idea to increase dragon hearts, because you're not even promised to get some each raid. I'm unsure about the essences, but I also don't disagree. If it will be considered, the chances should be really low tho. ~
  11. Softi

    Make Draco/Glace great again!

    If you really have everything PvE related but couldn't pp one SP to +100, I guess you're doing something wrong. I agree that farming in Frozen Crown can really be annoying, especially on Fernon days, but otherwise it's doable. ~ If you didn't know already, you can also obtain Claws and Manes through Fernon raids, depending on your luck/bad luck however you want to call it, you can get like 10-30 Claws/Manes in one hour. To be brief, it's not that I don't want others to progress better, just because I've been playing here for longer, there are already various ways to farm perfection stones, SP raids shouldn't be another one. They should be re-focused into something else since high levels have no need for them.
  12. Softi

    Make Draco/Glace great again!

    It's end game, I don't think you should have it within two months. If you'd fully go for a +100 SP, buying boxes and farming (not just Erenia) you'd get it pretty fast, but there's other important stuff to take care of before focusing on that. Disagree on Webster's suggestion because there are enough ways to farm Claws and Manes but increasing dragon hearts is a good idea.