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  1. the fks that switch for loot are like 5-10 so it doesn't really matter lmao
  2. Even though im not sure i think theres not. You need to understand how your character works and customize your own build, based on your play-style (my opinion).
  3. The specific post is kind of old. Many changes have been made to the game including skill trees and such.
  4. Bruise

    Bringing Back Old Events!

    nice move
  5. Bruise

    class change

    you can change your name by using an "arkana name change". You can find it on gloria or in the vgn shop.
  6. Bruise

    Christmas Events

    Create an event in which, whoever makes the most kills gets an item of their choice. It would be best if there were 2-3 winners and not just one, from each faction.
  7. Bruise

    Turnpike points system

    my suggestion is to increase wings' buff to 1000 crit-atk and 800 crit-rate to make Al kasava pvp only and by that i mean, Score should be the only way of winning Conclusion Players will be trying harder to catch the flags for the particular buff
  8. Bruise

    Skills Feedback

    What if you create +14 gears and set each level to cost like 30k gold to be upgraded. ex. from +12 to +13. This would make players play and pay way more to achieve the best
  9. Bruise

    Skills Feedback

    god no
  10. Bruise

    Mystery Box Item Requests

    50 shades black
  11. Bruise

    New to the game !

    welcome to SB, make sure you purchase a pet from the web store it costs 4k vgn points!
  12. Bruise

    Can PU solo everything in this patch?

    ghost - wizard accessories (chakra damage) is definitely stronger than crit-atk
  13. Bruise

    Patch Bug Reports

    The icon for the diner derby dress costume has changed to saucy candy stripper costume icon due to the last patch. I think.
  14. Bruise

    Patch Feedback

    they said that because they haven't faced me yet lol