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  1. Metallic phoenix v2 & Vivi 👽
  2. Free knight jumpsuit
  3. you press K and you click the + icon
  4. Sailor Schoolgirl costume
  5. The 55% ACC is the only thing that needs to be reduced by 20% imo. The rest MUST be left where it is. In a massive PvP is still hard to adjust, they can only focus on ONE opponent and try to kill them and escape but in order to do that, they need the dmg and defense they currently have.
  6. They do have a counter, PU and SE both can see SW when in fade and land a stun if they have the required ch-acc
  7. Of course, you have to fail at stunning them sometimes, it can't be a 100% win for you as much as for everyone else. There's always a medic in team fights so this isn't really considered as an issue. Exactly, if anything happens to these, SWs won't be able to KILL and ESCAPE, which is what they are meant to do if the opponents are not capable of stunning them.
  8. I'm pretty sure u can get more than 244% since SEs can reach more. If Shadow walkers lose Ch-Eva that would be game over for them, you serious?
  9. You can't compare a DE damage or defense to an SW. SW is a PURE damage dealer. If their damage gets reduced they wouldn't be able to do anything against a different class. They are supposed to deal a good amount of damage since they only have a 10-second defense buff, however, after escape artist runs out they can literally get 3 shotted. SW is easy to fight against, the only thing you need is a decent amount of ch-acc and acc and a right build. Besides, the only class that is actually facing a problem against Shadow Walkers right now are Medics. They can't survive because they lack too much shit. Every other class CAN survive and kill Shadow Walkers if they know how (correct build, gear, tactic).
  10. Unlike DEs, SWs have no other dmg boost, just the crit-rate but that ain't much
  11. 50 shades red/black