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  1. I am using Linux Mint and i also can only sign into game , but nothing happens when I press start button. Xsigncode is the cause of that, it prevents SB to start.
  2. Yes, both of them are bad , just need time to find money for new one.
  3. Problems again! At least I collected starters pack.
  4. It is here from 2016. It is good game, better then other two, and better then junk from Steam.
  5. I play Scarlet Blade, so cant tell much about Eden Eternal.
  6. Well, that means that you cannot uninstall it,because you didnt install it, it will remain on your hard disk... forever.Unless you delete SB folder manually.
  7. That happens to me... often, but usually i see desktop after that. Solution? In order to play this game your PC must be in perfect condition, otherwise you will struggle with it. Best solution is to buy new PC.
  8. There were suggestion that all equipment should be accessable at lvl 60 (50 and so on). So you can use for example Kappa Suit at lvl 50, not 55 . That way leveling wont be so important part of game.
  9. Another problem is when PU activates Firing Squad, which means that she cannot move, but still can be pulled by WH. And that is not the way Firing Squad should work.
  10. 1.Feeding Vespine!? How about me!! Or it could be similar 2 Feeding spadefoot!? How about me! 3 Feeding bonemasher!!?? How about me!!
  11. For more help you need to give more info, screenshot of problem. Not clear is it installed or not. But first disable Windows Defender, antivirus and restart Windows , may help.
  12. As far as I remember, I couldnt play SBV before removing Aeria Ignite and Akamai . (and disabling Defender ofc.) And there is no more ASB.
  13. Not sure that is possible to play on Aeria and on VGN same game. There must be some conflicts with these 2 versions of game.
  14. I am in 60+ lvl so I dont have it . If I have it, it was sold on auction.
  15. Quests can be unchecked in quest icon, so they dont appear in quest log.
  16. Thanks! Happy New Year to players , staff and GMs!
  17. I am afraid there is no solution for this. Otherwise there will be only one game which everybody would play. Besides there is MOBA games for pure PvP ers.
  18. https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=chr-yo_gc&p=metric+girls+gold+guns#id=1&vid=1e2bc62cd94fde416e1ccc9153b64809&action=click Scarlet Blade hymn?
  19. Spektar

    Dead Maps

    There should be more quests for high level players in lower maps like daily missions for SG. This way lower maps wouldnt look empty and it would save time for creating new maps. They will be side missions or dailies to not interfiere with possible new map and content.
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