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Bringing Astellia to Vendetta


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@Vivi and @Bash

I have a friend telling me about a game called Astellia that is being closed on October 29th because the people running the game treated it much like how Scarlet Blade was treated by Aeria. They were wondering if there's away to keep the game alive through a different company and I thought maybe Vendetta would give it a go. Not sure if this is a project you want to take up, but I said I would ask about it.

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There are so many Videos on youtube about the game issues and graphic fails and bugs, that people just dont enjoy the game. A lot of people even say it looks like a Mobile Game of 2019, graphicwise. The game is bad and wasnt even a success in Asia.

Also there did already exist an Astellia P Server from the same Owner of Ak.to. And as it seems its not really successful, because the Homepage got shut down as it seems and probably the server aswell. 

I dont think that Astellia would be a good choice at all, and i guess Bash, Vivi etc are still not convinced to open another game yet. 

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On 8/30/2021 at 11:15 AM, Vivi said:

As we have been saying on the requests for Grand Fantasia - we have no intentions of opening any games on Vendetta right now.

hi i want ask for if soon open nostale vendetta  much ppl want play and i have firend want to  so  open server alt aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  all sad for close wtf


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