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Could they magically make the MOB or GUARD of the AI NB disappear?

They pass AFK in AI, on top of that getting the score in their favor, they decide to stay AFK in AI for 5 minutes.

They no longer seem users but bots that are programmed (They die all stay afk 5 MINUTES AI .-.)

Those of the entrance the GUARD that look like BOT but apparently they are the real users are fine

At least 15 minutes before the end of the NB that they disappear, even that the GUARD who are in the Abbadon tunnel disappear

Even if the RGs outnumber the FKs, the fks if they are willing to do PVP ZERG or not, the FKs will always focus on you v:

The code of the RGs (Sometimes the cowards survive) v:

If I know they will not get wet with my perfect English v:

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well, i upload any NB on my  YTChannel ,when join, and  im not AFK anywhere nerver did.
There people afk in both sides anyways. Either play, leave it or stay outside.
Im tired of Zerging you guys, but also bored to get Zerged by you when would show up. So basicly we just kill who's there even when its boring and zerg for you. 
I personally dont make an Alt or FC any of my Characters back to FK tbh,just because you are less people there. A few who went over and try to help but instead of accepted, rather shit on it and made drama out of it.  So they dont do it anymore. There is always a reason why a lot peopel dont play, or have Quit. In some days we see bunch of FK and get wrepped in paper. :ph34r:

Its been a while now, that others, included me have made the suggestion , to push the guards at entrance Tunnel like they are in Amara so no side has the chance to go inside and camp camp camp.

but on the other side the problem will be :

  • FK leading - Hide in the Tunnel - RG lose.
  • RG leading - Hide in Tunnel - FK Lose
  • Same goes for AI when not killed.
  • Also you can AFK inside then, nobody would notice.

so if they disappear, FK/RG camp even more in there? still the same but more worse :/
Maybe take out the respawn mobs arround AI when they got killed because
for low,not geared players they can hurt af.
Even for maxed Player. xD

But hey, It's always the same here, as soon as one faction always wins, the other howls, arguing and pissing off, log off, dont show up what ever. We should all honestly pull ourselves together, after all, this is a game of faction vs faction. The player numbers are not like they were back then. But honestly give a question to yourself why you still playing the game.

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31 minutes ago, xF4T4Lx said:

I don't even play anymore, I just go in to see if I change something in the pvp but it's still just as boring

Hopefully there will never be more FKs than the RGs will not want to do pvp :v

I understand that. :ph34r:

There where a time while i still was FK that they had more lol but hard to hold this numbers up it always was a struggle lol

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20 hours ago, Daddy said:

for the higher tier bunker, the regular guards will be adjsuted which will probably allow for the mobs in the AI room to be adjusted as well. 


for the lower tier. it will need a lot of fixes but shouldn't be a problem. @Filomenacould you link me to something again about the lower tier I wana make sure I have it all ;x

This. Something has changed from that time. For example, level 48 uniq rings now don't drop anywhere.

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