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  1. IGN: Kome My Wish 100 eden crystals
  2. yea they had a twin saga server didnt do too well don't think a second go around is a good idea.
  3. Honestly thank you for the reply sometimes its easy to forget to look at it both ways and it makes more sense why the system is the way it is still frustrating but yea. To Karen i think the boss itself isnt bad same with Phantom who i really dont have a complaint about, just the healing skill from Karen which like i said you can be doing fine the boss is dieing ect and then boom the boss can almost be back to full health because of lag/ just zoning out and then having to almost start over because of it but other then that im happy Mdps are acutally needed instead of being able to just cheese pdps the boss super quick.
  4. At this point the only boss i have a problem with is Karen I get you wanted to use mdps but adding healing factors to these bosses just waste so much time esp if someone happens to lag ect if anything i say remove bosses healing at least by a % ^^; also the rng upon rng upon rng at this point gearing isnt even fun i like you have to get the weapons a couple of times to increase the % but when you ether hope you get lucky or spend all those hours in the dgn hoping the ess you got doesnt just give you a weapon you dont plan on using 5 times over like whats already happened to a lot of people. I feel like a lot of this content wasnt made with Peoples time in mind because again upon rng your runs could be smooth or you pull Karen and it all goes down the drain like that.
  5. I haven't gotten up to trials yet but yea if no class drops all items should be 100% which is what I would prefer. because yea its bs if items have 101-120% with no class drop
  6. I have to say I disagree with class drop its one reason too keep running trials and such instead oh hey everyone has the item they need in a run or two if this is a classic server I say keep it classic with no class drop
  7. Same my game launcher gets stuck at _Launcher.exe and doesn't go any further
  8. if they cant recover it you basicly have to redo the quest on another character
  9. please no to more mp ;-; wtb less mp please
  10. To be fair even if you lower the member count to 100 it wouldn't change anything lol you would have to do lower then that because like you just said if there's like 200+ players there's barely 100 people in a guild barely 50 people in a guild to the effect where even lower to 100 max doesn't really solve the problem
  11. I like the guild system suggestion would be a real cool why to improve and make guild more valued. The guild limit I like as well but with how the game currently is even if its at a limit of a 100 it wont change the people already abusing it and as well as how would you go about removing people in a guild with 100+ alts already? Honestly at this point its the community that's killing the game if anything with the way everyone keeps doing pvp lol instead of getting better and fighting with strats and it just turns into a numbers run sadly.
  12. Honestly it just sounds like people rushing then getting frustrated trying to do to many things at one time. Make goals, pace yourself no one is rushing people to end game and having perfect gear, its a mmo, and you have to put time in it and work at it.With the addition of the new repeatables quest ccm and lving is so much easier now. Gold is even easier now with more dgns to farm even if you just do 0/2. One point you made I don't understand 'Also, I think all of those skills (for Tank classes, Meele, etc) could be changed, they're pretty much useless now days, ' Melee is in such a good spot right now compared to where it has been before its still better then most mdps for pve as well.
  13. no offense ,but this is dishonest, and untrue to why the vendetta server failed lol, Maint's were always delay there wasn't a content patch for almost a year if not a year and then when the patch did finally came the sets that were added in were worse then what was already in the game so no reason to get the new gears, it had nothing to do with making the game easy or a challenge lol..there isn't it just didn't work out, it didn't work out because there was a lot of problems with the server.
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