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  1. popzy

    Patch Preview v35

    Will the bosses be on the scale of like how the gop bosses or more on the link of 95t bosses? o:
  2. popzy

    Re-balancing M-DPS and P-DPS damages

    I would have to disagree with Shielder, I think it's in a good spot for the buff that it gives the party and is really tanky as it is supposed to be now it may be boring but for a tank it does what its supposed to which is kinda just stand there on your important people like healers and such to help keep them alive.
  3. popzy

    Re-balancing M-DPS and P-DPS damages

    See my only problem with this is so basically you want all of the other classes to be assassin and make it pointless to be a assassin? The thing is each class has its role and what it does better for example a lot of times I play Beserker mainly to be able to cap/solo cap crystals in gvg/tw and unless I get cc spammed or pushed off a crystal I general last until I cap the crystal, I also play Celestial Arrow which is dmg/debuff which I can help support the rest of the team by ccing people with trophies or certs effectively and deal dmg I normally land it the top 3-10 of tw which I think is pretty successful. Honestly I think there are some weaker classes like Devil Hunter and Raka which is already known, but I don't think p-dps as whole needs a buff. Also if people have the right party set up its very easy to counter Gm's burst. Honestly being tanky shouldn't even be issue with how Shield meta is as most p-dps classes beside ranged would be using it, its just having your res/hp/def up and good healers and again the right party set up.
  4. popzy

    Youtuber? This is your section!

    Popzowo Eden eternal English
  5. So I decide to try after watching some Wow videos to do a Iron man challenge for eden owo, I'm gonna be posting videos of the whole play through and I kinda hope more people will give it shot. Mainly this is too make the game harder and just for something to do! Rules: All Gear must be white besides trophies No pets OTHER then the one you get free from the beginning of the game No outside help from others You can buy a mount or roll ec's ,but you can only use mounts you may get any costumes must be white during the challenge The biggest rule of all you die anytime any point, no matter it be from random mobs, getting one shot, or bloody payback. Death = Game over. I made a video as well with the rules and hope others will try it and let me know how it goes!
  6. popzy


    I honestly think this class need's a nerf at the moment it's one of the simplest and freest class in the game. It way too easy to snipe someone and 2 shot them for basically for free unless you're lucky and it gets blocked and with hallowed realm which gives them -90%dmg for 3secondsand the fact it also has a shield so its can block as well along with a aoe silence and the main attack still is instant and doesn't require cast spd so they can as easy just kite as well. I suggest adding a cast spd to limit at least the movement of the class and maybe nerf how much res the skill drops.
  7. popzy

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions

    Puss in Boots pet and Orange clothing headwear and body dyes
  8. popzy

    AFK Gold Generation

    See like I said in peer the issues with this is for one you will not make more then a active player even with 5 characters afking from the gold amount you gathered, you will always get more gold from running fae and being active. See before pet afking was abused with the De dragons that didn't have a spawn timer and could kill the mobs a lot faster which meant a lot more gold gained. If your making only 800g a night even with 5 characters that's only 4k compared to fae where you can make 6-8k in a hour or less depending on your gear. Pet afking just isn't as big of a issue anymore there's already a lot of gold just sitting in everyone's bag from running Fae alone tho now with new patch everyone will be spending which should help quiet a bit with the gold issue for now.
  9. popzy

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions

    normal Orange dyes :<
  10. popzy

    BP for lv75 Awaken Guitar

    Nope its only Skleros
  11. popzy

    "Reborn" Sets and weapons

    I don't know leveling is already easy, even easier if you can run two clients and taunt yourself. The rates are already boosted hell if you really wanted to you can pet afk lv a alt if you're that lazy ,but even then the rates are already maxed out I don't know if they add something that makes it even higher.
  12. popzy

    Balancing halfkin enchants

    Maybe adding the element res bonus from Guardian to the other enchants might make guardian useless, but it will give reason too use the other enchants while adding to other stats as well making them more viable.
  13. popzy

    [FEEDBACK] Patch v23

    I didn't know that with mecha and I hope that's the case with other holy weapons if you swap. For the most part the problem is that the new holy weapons for the most part don't do more dmg then the 95 weapons from trials since they get dmg on skills and p-atk/m-atk boost as well as the dod counter parts do not which again if not in the case of mecha you could just swap use holy skill then swap kinda making the holy weapon you use not really matter all to much which leads to my point if you want the most dmg swapping the best case I honestly think they should ether add the stats like on the trial weapons the same as the holy counter parts or idk
  14. popzy

    [FEEDBACK] Patch v23

    I can understand that but that also proves my point with the 95 weapons aren't really worth getting for the most part, now ofc people are still gonna do the content and get them but at the end of the day they aren't better stats and they aren't really worth getting since you can just use the 90's for the holy skill lol. My problem is the 95 weapons just aren't worth getting at the end of the day since the 95 weapons from the trails are still better.
  15. popzy

    [FEEDBACK] Patch v23

    I have done some of the dods (not all of them), but I can see your point the only problem I see is the fact that the trial weapons gives dmg to skills and patk/matk%'s as well so ether way its more efficient to swap to said holy weapon and then swap back for max dps and skill damage, that's honestly the only problem I see if the new weapons also had the dmg/p/matk boost they would easily be used as main weapons. I do like the new dods but I also feel they are a bit too easy in my opinion such points being we are able just dps bosses and ignore most of what they do or in cases like Loki in century where he has a healing debuff that's applied we or most people can out dmg the heal and flat out ignore it all together or like Jala in manor his dot deals 1.7k per sec and then we jump to last boss who has a 16k dot per second. Again that's just me I like harder content .