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  1. popzy

    The mind isn't longer there

    I can agree with the comment on the greed and such, but when someone gives feedback that isn't in line with what you guys believe its just people being spoiled? This has nothing to do with Ms at all yes we have it good here ,but its literally just people posting their opinion on the matter and I can you a lot of us haven't been playing isn't because of school or anything and almost sure this post isn't here to pick a fight lol I know negative opinions are hard for you guys but you then think comparing it to ms makes it invalid (from what its seems) '. You just have to take a quick glance at the state of official to realise how good you have it here.'
  2. popzy

    Recent Altars

    I think it wouldn't of been so bad if we were actually able to play the diamond alter, being there used to be two chances on the alter to get the diamonds and now there is only one and while it should be rare but rolling 400ecs and not getting a single one is really annoying and its not just one person a lot of people have barely even landed on the star diamonds. and With the Ghost horns the reason people are so up in arms is because its been said before its Diamond Alter Exclusive and hell we get the red alter today and they aren't even on it plus the lack of decent items even on the alter to begin with. I have nothing against new alters ,but at least make then worth playing because there's only been 2 legendary on each alter and then with this one we get wings that was already on normal alter at the beginning of the week..
  3. popzy

    Recent Altars

    It's really sad especially for how long people were waiting for these alter just to get trash and trash rates on even getting the diamond it's self, I get with the recent bug ,but they went and wiped the ec's and gold of the offenders and some nonoffenders why not just give us what we wanted and not these trash alters wasting everyone's time
  4. popzy

    Patch v35 Feedback

    I think that would be a easy countermeasure lol, I don't know what else you could really do to prevent people doing that x.x
  5. popzy

    Patch v35 Feedback

    So regarding 3v3 can we make a new sub bracket like 100-120 so we can stop seeing lv 95 alts in 3v3 or figure something out because its so frustrating to be sided with 2 alts and trying to 1v3 '-'
  6. popzy

    Stuck At lvl 92

    What goddess said is kinda half true itll get you half way through each level to like 50/55 % if anything I would suggest doing 0/2's for gold then buy runs if possible because at your lv doing Dos is gonna be really hard without some gear
  7. popzy

    Astral Pathway

    LOL true good old days yo while we at it can we get warstones x30 on alters as well? I wanna roll alter forever again
  8. popzy

    Astral Pathway

    At this point we don't need the extra stats lmao. Plus doing that will basically get rid of people looking different as everyone will want the extra stats.
  9. popzy

    PvP potions

    Trainer in its alright has some issues, but even if you buffed it to match it to Gm that doesn't fix any of the current issues lol there's a reason Gm is so popular its a easy class and just deals a ton of dmg its that simple but if you make every class like that might as well revert the hp buffs and make this game what FNO was everyone just getting one shot.
  10. popzy

    Awakened armors

    The easiest way I would guess looking at the titles you get for the awaken armor,most people only awaken them on one character, Jordan put in a quest so that if you go on a alt itll give you the titles if you did them on another character (assuming you're talking about the 95 awakens)
  11. popzy

    Patch Preview v35

    Will the bosses be on the scale of like how the gop bosses or more on the link of 95t bosses? o:
  12. popzy

    Re-balancing M-DPS and P-DPS damages

    I would have to disagree with Shielder, I think it's in a good spot for the buff that it gives the party and is really tanky as it is supposed to be now it may be boring but for a tank it does what its supposed to which is kinda just stand there on your important people like healers and such to help keep them alive.
  13. popzy

    Re-balancing M-DPS and P-DPS damages

    See my only problem with this is so basically you want all of the other classes to be assassin and make it pointless to be a assassin? The thing is each class has its role and what it does better for example a lot of times I play Beserker mainly to be able to cap/solo cap crystals in gvg/tw and unless I get cc spammed or pushed off a crystal I general last until I cap the crystal, I also play Celestial Arrow which is dmg/debuff which I can help support the rest of the team by ccing people with trophies or certs effectively and deal dmg I normally land it the top 3-10 of tw which I think is pretty successful. Honestly I think there are some weaker classes like Devil Hunter and Raka which is already known, but I don't think p-dps as whole needs a buff. Also if people have the right party set up its very easy to counter Gm's burst. Honestly being tanky shouldn't even be issue with how Shield meta is as most p-dps classes beside ranged would be using it, its just having your res/hp/def up and good healers and again the right party set up.
  14. popzy

    Youtuber? This is your section!

    Popzowo Eden eternal English
  15. So I decide to try after watching some Wow videos to do a Iron man challenge for eden owo, I'm gonna be posting videos of the whole play through and I kinda hope more people will give it shot. Mainly this is too make the game harder and just for something to do! Rules: All Gear must be white besides trophies No pets OTHER then the one you get free from the beginning of the game No outside help from others You can buy a mount or roll ec's ,but you can only use mounts you may get any costumes must be white during the challenge The biggest rule of all you die anytime any point, no matter it be from random mobs, getting one shot, or bloody payback. Death = Game over. I made a video as well with the rules and hope others will try it and let me know how it goes!