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  1. Been friends with him since Aeria. A really fun and cool dude, we were most of the time at eachother's throats in the game, but really good relationship out of it.. Sad times, RIP old friend. Condolences to his family. https://ibb.co/Lrbv8XB
  2. You can at least, make the wanted sign work only on online people, that will make it a lot harder for whoever's being toxic, and will show how tryhard they are about it. Imagine logging your "puzy" char just so you can flame someone.
  3. I agree with the longer CD on the item, or the higher cost. Dont mind me, I'll just lurk. *Eats popcorn*
  4. Cnf

    Photographer Contest

  5. Just, after all this useless fruitless commotion, open up that faction change. thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, i would like to add my vote to that Faction Change topic, thanks.
  7. LOL, well I'm the disclaimer of that SS and yes it's true, as we all know, the game is dying. We urged you guys to at least help by providing some pvp ground for a huge PVP event that would spice the game up. I guess this is the final warning lol.
  8. W/E you may do as Pve should work. though we urge you to provide a similar to agoge place where we could use to host pvp events. PvP is the end game afterall..
  9. PS:@beau, Simply going into NVidia control panel and manually assigning SB to it wont do. Your os is completely capable of knowing which program is to be used by the NVidia gpu,and which to be used by the integrated graphics. Adding sb would show that it's already by default an NVidia GPU task.. The lag issue remains not to mention party lag that still isn't resolved.
  10. Well the only issue for me is Orengi's ridiculously high range debuff that for some reason HAS to deal like 200 dot damage to unfade SWs, I vote for making it a debuff only with no dot.
  11. OK, Suer can be messy, if find yourself unable to do anything about it, create a mix faction Agoge duplicate with the same rules as in the Suer arena. Obviously with some tweaks and changes but i believe it's doable..
  12. Fun dungeon, Challenging enough with the eva debuffs. drop rates are surprisingly low for such a difficult dungeon. please fix portals in the Bloody Chamber and the last boss portal, had to relog to leave the dungeon.
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