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  1. Accessory stats Please note all accessories crafted are NT Stats for craftable Rings: Stats for craftable Necklaces: Since Earrings display in game and Trinkets are abundant I've opted out of displaying them here. Enjoy~
  2. Hi Chub, your picture is sooooo cutttttte!!! I hope you enjoy your gaming experience here with us! Good luck & Have fun. c:
  3. Hi, Imperia! Nice to have you back and hope you enjoy your stay c:
  4. Hi and welcome to the games! I hope you enjoy your stay, I play SB so I hope to see you in game c:
  5. This may be just a tad late but ... hi and welcome back. I hope you enjoy your stay c:
  6. Hi and welcome to SB! Hope you enjoy your gaming sessions c: and as a FK i promise no such thing! Have fun though~!
  7. Better late than never. c: and Welcome, Royalette. Glad to have you back :3
  8. Welcome back to SB! I hope you enjoy your game time~
  9. Ghost buddies! that eye creeps me out :D

    1. Valac


      hahaha ,but m loving it .want me to change it or something ?

    2. Sardonic


      Nahhh. Its creepy but its yours xD

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