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  1. Welcome to Vendetta Gaming Network! Hello!! Wish u can have fun into VGN games, i'm Eden Eternal player mainly, all i can tell u... Our server is amazing , tons of content to do, frequently updates, active staff, nice altars and amazing events! Just using forum you can find alot of information like our wiki and players guides. If have questions or need help ingame (Eden Eternal) feel free to pm! IGN: Infecttado
  2. wow nice idea but idk if its possible xD, imagine pet prays are random and they have specific pray at end , if u fused many, imagine how many variation it can have. I've basic idea how does it work, and this is kinda hard to implement :c But still an nice idea! :3
  3. To be honest i've felt a bit on party modes, DNG like abyss and HoO got 1-2 min more which is nothing for me , but too much for many. i'm afraid to say anything here since this will generate huge problem ingame but lets go: Sirocco in these 3-4 years always said M-DPS wasn't a choice for PvE but is just way to think, since i love to do stuff with M-DPS (didn't liked before but now i don't care about the time i spend on it so whatever) Nerfing P-dps isn't a bad idea FOR ME, since those have too much resources to get dmg and M-DPS are slower and weaker vs bosses. I understand Nanami, cause i thought like her before, i just ignored the idea ''only sirocco has voice'' since read last topic about mdps 3-4 times again to understand how this could become a P-DPS nerf discussion, and had nothing really specific about it. Jordan you will have this feedback always u nerf something that ''90% of comunity does'' like P-DPS party only, its normal, and i just don't do that cause its ur decision and even if we wanted , it make sence, so u will not turn it back. KD of BM in special was a big problem since i did HoO with peer party and we got 3 Karen, those even spawned her tigers any time after BP. (3 karen was 12 min run, before when i was playing each karen took 7-8 minutes) What Rin said here: If i suggest to my friends today, lets do GoP with M-DPS only they will say yes, why? cause doesn't matter they want to have fun with it, we did as normal classes why not M-DPS only. Its right u need to find ur party and play with ur classes, you aren't locked into any , just change and go. Obviously what some bosses do, like Molten Core which is EXCLUSIVE M-DPS, or DS bosses which is EXCLUSIVE P-DPS, its game content, change a bit, is just 20 minutes, we playing game with 61 classes,20 awaken, being used like 15? why build 1 set only? why not try something new? I agree with nerfs, i agree with M-DPS buffs (Not cause BP got buffed, i loved new Arch and buffs on HB), but i feel people should try something new.
  4. killed more than 100 frisaya for 1 ring so yeah! those hurts. (still no full combo of any)
  5. Those are super nice suggestion and will help ALOT! Nice suggestion @Rin.
  6. I'll take this topic to talk a bit about my main class only , i'll not touch others or talk about cause i'm not that good with those and maybe that's the problem :3 Battlefield Poet got a nerf on Melody Of Mana, which was NEEDED :3, ty for that cause it annoy me proc all time, it made me feel i was good but was the class thing. About changes: Battlefield Poet Flame Vibrato Cooldown has been removed. (Thank You for that was really good change, on PvE made me feel better not use racial or star of the show for 1-2 mobs when stacking) Dark Metal Resistance reduction increased from 5 pts to 7 pts. Class Talent Dark Music now stacks 5 times. Class Talent Dark Music reduced from 15% DMG to 3% DMG. (Good change at all, making spend more points on build was really knowledged from ur part) Melody of Mana Triple Hit Rate reduced from 50% to 10%. (As i said, needed 50% too much) Wave of Thunder Triple Hit rate increased to 100% from 20%. Class Talent Flash increased from 3% to 5%. Class Talent Flash now stacks 5 times instead of 3 times. (IDK about this is kinda ok for me since we got nerf on melody of mana but KP was good change since i had to use better my points) Death Metal (Awaken Flame Vibrato) Grants all party members within 40 meters "Death Metal" status for 15 seconds. While "Death Metal" is active P-ATK & M-ATK +10% and will be immune to stuns. (This one i'll talk a bit more) Its a insane change really good, AFB (Awaken Flame Vibrato) was really useless , just good for quicly stack, even with that good point skill had less duration and i needed to use normal flame vibrato once to keep it up, skill is super usefull on PvP, on 1x1 especially cause BP give stun as 100% for 3 sec and this can be decisive. Would like to ask for another change, make Wave Of Nature 100% sleep since is more defensive or escape skill than ofensive, and works nice as 50% but would be super nice if get it at 100%. (or not idk, it saves me sometimes) About BP changes in general i can't say its bad cause was a SUPER GOOD buff, but i would like to see more people playing as BP :c. Ty for all work and wish we can have nice updates for some other classes too (Elegand dacer could have 2 dances again )*infecttado whisper in the shadow*
  7. Hello! Sorry for sending another suggestion that fast but would like to see those costumes that has been added to classic some time ago. Pls add to awaken eden too :3 ✔️ Ty.
  8. I've played for some days already and did some Abyss entrances. I really apreciated how the set mechanic works, RNG to take time can disapoint alot but it makes people active. DNG mechanics i'll not be specific but all i did until now looks good and isn't that hard but isn't that easy, 6-10 min on some bosses 15-20 if party trolls so i think its good. Just the fact of having 120% on those are kinda bad idk, i'll do of main class cause is fun doing these dng. 10% Per Driver was a good boost since its armor. About This: I think Abyss Armor Fragment x2 is too much x1 was going to be ok, but its working and i sometimes will take one more week for the set. Bag Giving 3-15 Fragmented Abyssal Soul is kinda bad cause too high chance of getting 3-6, or just unlucky of me and all my party members. About Quest that gives 1 of each armor fragment. I think add this quest as daily one would be good so we can get one of each essence every 3 days if you log. Or bag that give random x1 armor fragment. (x2 bag per quest) At all is good content and nice Dungeons, is being super fun, diferent of HoO which we played with luck on everything, bag of BP or Essence Roll on arcane box, this time you did so nice with grind content but 100% sure on getting what you want when trading your stuff. -Good Job to everyone who worked on it.
  9. for leveling i said and my opinion, how i level up. Ik now other classes has good stuff to which compares or its better than mage, like Lumy , which is my main, i think its easier than others for killing boss but i prefer mage for clearing than cleric and engineer (if we talking only about 1-79 on VGN awaken server which have free +10 weapon and armor) i never tried others instead of mage/cleric (75>80+ Normal class) Ew pvp is problematic prefer not talk about. (Each one have one vision of how its) I prefer say top 1-5 doesn't exist cause All of those has super good skills and gameplay so 1-5 can be those but never like say class X is top1 by far or Y top 5, but yeah those are top tier m-dps classes. Your version of AE kills Aeria one by far not on status but gameplay with it is SO good never found good point of using on boss and idk how it can react, i will try anyday.
  10. For leveling only until Lv79 Mage and cleric is stronger than all others in my opinion, and this because they can just spam skills with enough dmg for pve content. After this we get awaken classes. Blade Acrobat without holy skills depend of items for having auto sustain, but still a good option. Riffliter is super nice for starters having or not good gears it works perfecly. MDPS on PvE just got frustrated cause deal less dmg than P-DPS by far and have no chance on some party comp. Now M-DPS is necessary and mechanics helps alot the class cause with M-DPS you need to pay more attention, i don't think it can be good for New DNG like Abyss, i did some dng with a good party and DNG looks so good with MDPS works perfecly and its fun. Gravity was the only playable M-DPS before, and its super usefull on dng cause it BURST ALOT when party have - resist procs, still the highest dmg of magic classes. Idea of Increase M DMG delt on PvE is good but it can be bad at same point making Shiny of Some classes and killing others, maybe making people use 2 of same class Like 2 Gravity on party cause its good enough if boost it can be too much. Good Exemple is Battlefield Poet which deal good dmg on PvE and can be comparated to Equilibrian but never to GM or Holy Blade. Or DT which is kinda useless since bosses have limit of resist drop and we already do that, and his dmg isn't that high. In general M-DPS are weaker than P-DPS and i think force player build M-DPS just because boss don't get Physic dmg is ok, not good but ok, and its working. Still good idea boost M-DMG Delt but need pay attention how bad it can be.
  11. Glass Wing Staff But Darker :3 Basic image just to use as exemple.
  12. add this bard class hat as costume:
  13. I've been playing with Ursun for some days and got mad with that thing too, i just use Poisonus Powder that makes me super small , or teddy bear shampoo too is a nice deal. But i understand you.
  14. I know cause pets poup up on my screen. Exemple Frost one that have cape, sometimes it just leave from its model and starts gliching on map. Same for mounts.
  15. i play EE with full graphic but pets/mounts still crash me 9-10 times a day. I know custom content now is better than before, but Win10 sucks :'D Yeah but soon u guys will have some beautiful stuff.
  16. doesn't matter on awaken we crash alot cause custom content. Also cause win10 problem with graphics we still having issues. i don't think its good deal to add it too cause how much this will take from our bag :'D
  17. Hello, its me again, when possible could you guys reduce the size of guitar costumes? new ones i mean, its oversized on halfkin only as many others costumes, but for guitar looks super weird. Here's some SS: -Demon's Eletric Guitar -Angel's Eletric Guitar and here the good size of normal guitar -Mocking Rhythm Just visual change but matters too much :3
  18. that will always happen on beguining, u can see the same on DSR bosses before, when they released it, no one saw Koharumi alive, since 3-4 party camping them. Later it gonna be easy so if need to do fast, need try hard and keep 24/7 on boss spawn.
  19. Not this K20936.dds this one is male version from Hello Kitty Suits. But yeah i agree with u just said cause they have exclusive texture and u could use on events.
  20. Hi @Jordan found non released costumes on game files and thought would be nice tell you. They are all done. You can find by dds name so here's. Have Fun bruh! ❤️
  21. Hi, i would like to ask if you guys have Glory Destiny Online or for english players Spirit Tales Files? I was trying to find UI(Themes) of them so i can make custom themes for eden, will be amazing if you guys can provide me those themes :3 @Jordan @Bash
  22. By players mind its, for me as exemple its dying time by time, Awaken lost the essence of eden eternal and classic is Aeria 2020 server so yes for mostly its. Numbers of players also doesn't really mean server is dying awaken never had too many people like Classic did for some time, and people quit and back every month. I understand the staff being against this players mind cause you guys have the exacly numbers to say ''we're or we'rent'' since its yours job. 3 weeks ago i've done with my account, giving everything back to players who gave me and gave all my gold and gathering items to them too, since is better than stuck on dead account. I got many memories and over than 2gb of ScreenShots during this time i was here, sadly is the end of VGN for me but that's it. 5 years was amazing time thank you for that. Especial Thanks to Jordan who helped me with some sugestions like NCTW revival.
  23. Great Suggestion! would be nice see it.
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