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  1. that will always happen on beguining, u can see the same on DSR bosses before, when they released it, no one saw Koharumi alive, since 3-4 party camping them. Later it gonna be easy so if need to do fast, need try hard and keep 24/7 on boss spawn.
  2. Not this K20936.dds this one is male version from Hello Kitty Suits. But yeah i agree with u just said cause they have exclusive texture and u could use on events.
  3. Hi @Jordan found non released costumes on game files and thought would be nice tell you. They are all done. You can find by dds name so here's. Have Fun bruh! ❤️
  4. Hi, i would like to ask if you guys have Glory Destiny Online or for english players Spirit Tales Files? I was trying to find UI(Themes) of them so i can make custom themes for eden, will be amazing if you guys can provide me those themes :3 @Jordan @Bash
  5. By players mind its, for me as exemple its dying time by time, Awaken lost the essence of eden eternal and classic is Aeria 2020 server so yes for mostly its. Numbers of players also doesn't really mean server is dying awaken never had too many people like Classic did for some time, and people quit and back every month. I understand the staff being against this players mind cause you guys have the exacly numbers to say ''we're or we'rent'' since its yours job. 3 weeks ago i've done with my account, giving everything back to players who gave me and gave all my gold and gathering items to them too, since is better than stuck on dead account. I got many memories and over than 2gb of ScreenShots during this time i was here, sadly is the end of VGN for me but that's it. 5 years was amazing time thank you for that. Especial Thanks to Jordan who helped me with some sugestions like NCTW revival.
  6. Great Suggestion! would be nice see it.
  7. duskblaze guitar = self heal. U're right. But BM is SUPER good just need to know how to combo, and for pvp none PDPS is usefull now (reaver is exception cause isn't a dps class) *PARTY POINT* VGN Changes haven't killed DB or ED both still usable people just need good eye on it. Remember is the best DB atm, since he can overkill me in 3-4 sec. warbeast INSANE ED he lock me in dance mode 20-30 times on TW's and this makes me die. BM just need one thing, class lover , he will make it able to fight everywhere, and no one will beat him. i can tell you Shinryu(Vyzer) and Judgement made me looks noob since they was hitting 7-9m dmg on PvE.
  8. [Desc][Open client.ini faild] [Desc]ERROR!! Mission[3435] AcceptCommand[AcceptSRA 1 11] is incorrect Welcome to the team.
  9. LOL? in 5 years of VGN you're one that made me leave from forums. You complain about not adding content but we don't have stuff to do on awaken too, vgn have other servers too. Bye! good luck.
  10. yes awaken weapons are ready, as said on jordan's post it can come to the game at august 28th. About people who complain 100% pvp i'll not expose names but they did it on awaken server 3-4 times. I don't disagre if Jordan come here and say yes i can do it, i'm not saying ''no,don't add it'' , just saying he have alot of stuff to do. If can do it , go ahead alot of people are stucked ingame.
  11. i gave my suggestion but i voted on ''leave it as it is'' since we need to focus on 1 thing now, Awaken Weapons incomming, and people that have 999k need chill now. PvP is the ''end game'' but as we noticed ALOT of players COMPLAIN about NOT WINNING 100% of PvP content, and some quit or split. If you're in a guild which you have NOTHING to do to urself, welcome to helping guildies world :3 Classic Server doesn't really need new pvp stuff for now. Another point is Jordan is the major eden developer from VGN if i'm not wrong and hes solo on it (not sure on it too, but he said some time ago), i'm awaken player too which doesn't have a huge update for long time and i've seen people leaving the server cause they have nothing to do for like 3-4 months already, so he needs to finish next update, isn't good deal push more stuff to his list now.
  12. its Normal Class TW Exclusive Map, isn't that big, but ofc cause of alot of factor people doesn't play, so we play 2x2 / 5x5 sometimes. Here's a video that i've recorded long time ago.
  13. Guild Arena is a good deal but it should came during cap 65 before cap 70, since we will get stucked for 5 months ( expected, not official). Jordan can nerf GA status cause dng is designed to awaken classes and need to FIX fact of ranking work and doesn't work sometimes (not sure if he fixed it on awaken). Using TW way to rank for GA is SUPER NICE!, and Guild Arena Give Glory Gift bag, which looks necessary in the server since Capes need more WS than awaken. Another Idea , for a future patch add 5x5 PvP using Centurion Battlefield Map. Use 3 Crystal System 150 points to each side, work like GA and GvG (Hold Crystals), Crystals HP can be adapted. Winner Reward : 3 Class Medal + 20 Honor Stars. Loser Reward : 1 Class medal + 5 Honor Stars. Round 10 minutes (People can respawn after 10 sec) Locus Leaf doesn't work inside. (Just Idea)
  14. When u archive pet lv99 to alt lv1 pet convert his status to lv1 or level of your character.
  15. Bash confirmed there, its a 2nd option.
  16. Stones NEED to be wiped and level 70 should come in 5 months. Yeah 5 months without ''content'' since F2P players need 1-2 months (tryhard players) 3-4 months (Casual Players) to gear up. VGN can host special events as they did on awaken like Anniversary,Halloween and Xmas, which give good stuff and take alot of time from players.
  17. @Jordan Hi bro, just a new idea for estimulate ppl, could you add ''Driver System'' to Lv80 weapons? So hard to get specific weapons 115%+. When you can ofc, i know you have too many stuff to do .
  18. I was waiting for that :'D remember when u set it on Awaken. (mimic) :3
  19. for mimic 5k honor stars is TOO much since we will need to acumulate ALOT until lv80-85. I think ccm is good deal like 10-15k. (Would be nice see this on awaken too but with diferent way to get them) Idea:Add to top rank prize from 1x1,box give you coins that u can trade for it. (Only 1st place get it), each class give specific coin. this will make 1x1 arena playable on awaken (can be used on Classic too)
  20. About items price, this same full set 101%-104% for 8k. Some people will care about 1-2k def, which is nothing since mage will 3 shot if get you isoled. @MaD2210 VGN is decreassing price on awaken. 70k is common price, will get lower and lower.
  21. People wanted classic server but don't use , classic ways to beat it, that's why idc about how much $ ppl will spend or how much time it will takes, survive in the server who can, who can't i'm really sorry.
  22. My bad. Anyway this will keep happening.
  23. LOL thought u knew that, literaly me and Herakles during classic release saw VGN going from 35k to 80k in 1 day cause ppl wanted to sell all their stuff to buy VGN and use on classic.
  24. VGN/AP not moved. People Buy VGN cards By gold and instead use them on Awaken they use it on classic.
  25. That's happening to me on awaken server too.
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