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  1. OhThePain

    REQUEST: 2 Nuclear Bunkers!

    How would it make the balance any worst or bring end to the game as you say? When we were RGs back in asb, no one ever protested the addition of the 2nd AK even though it was hitting FK/Chill prime time at 3 AM EST. Did it break balance or made it any worst? No. A lot of us just started to stay up at night just for the pvp even though the odds of winning were still incredibly low. Why now the sudden objection over something that is placed in an even better position than the 2nd AK of ASB?
  2. OhThePain

    REQUEST: 2 Nuclear Bunkers!

    You gave no suggestion whatsoever. The only thing you implicitly said was "I disagree, this will break the balance" Ok, cool. Tell me, how does this break the balance? How do you think it's fair and relevant to bring up AK as an argument against this suggestion, when in fact, adding a 2nd AK improved the "balance" by giving the opportunity for everyone to gain some loot considering how the way the player base in our factions are divided is terrible in terms of timezones?
  3. OhThePain

    REQUEST: 2 Nuclear Bunkers!

    That's not true tbh. If there's 2 bunkers, they will be 12 hours apart. RIght now there's one bunker at 12 PM EST/9 AM PDT (RGs hitting their peak at 35-40 players while fks get 20ish) and the other bunker will be at 12 AM EST/9 PM PDT. If I remember correctly, rgs start waking up and gets a decent amount of ppl even an hour or two prior to asmo while FKs would be reaching the end of their prime since most of us go to sleep. There's no way whatsoever that this will break any balance. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news but RG turrets also occasionally bugs on Tuesday/Wednesday's AK so don't think RGs are the only one being disadvantaged in this, especially when it comes to drops. This argument of yours holds no water, it's dishonest and completely 1-sided.
  4. OhThePain


    I know there are many problems concerning the imbalance (I.e one side has more numbers & casuals than the other, each respective side has a known team/player setup in their respective prime time: curse and + for NA timezones, war and + for Asian Time zone) but so far it seems those prime times are converging to a balanced control of the PvP map and bgs because of school starting. Some of us might be more busy than the usual, some not. So, let's just stop making the game more complicated than it is and just play, even if it means losing the occasional shtty 1-sided bgs or NBs or AKs. Anyway, wait and see.
  5. HI, is it possible to change the NT gear you make (Suit/helm/bangle) into tradable? Cus it seems counter intuitive to just make it NT considering the fact some ppl might want to trade for a different stated piece with someone else or to help each other enhance etc. After all if we're farming in team and help each other to farm our pieces then at least we should be able to help each other when it comes to enhancing and +.
  6. OhThePain

    last fc bullshite

    A medic with a proper skill build and tank gear can kill any sw or any dps classes for that matter (except fo really skilled cbs, now that would just last forever) . they aren't only meant to tank Anyways here's a boring example out of 727373 1vs1s ive had against maxed geared sws back in asb http://eachvideo.com/watch?v=mGSzQ4wbU5g Another example (longer fight)
  7. OhThePain


    make rp tradable too pls Edit: make kill counts tradable as well Edit edit: make opened collectable balls tradable
  8. OhThePain

    CB Rgs faction costum

    Looks da bes.
  9. OhThePain

    last fc bullshite

    Yea I agree, this is total bullshite! We now gotta put a lil bit more effort and do less pve to win :///////////////////
  10. OhThePain

    Scarlet blade 'rules'

    I completely understand GMs need to do judgment calls, and I don't expect a big rule book that covers every possible thing. However, as someone who was a gs for asb from start till the end, working with gms, I know for a fact randomly adding completely arbitrary rules that have nothing to do with using old/new exploits, terrain exploits and bug abuse leaves BIG ROOM for abuse. There are no judgment calls for this kind of game breaking (hell it's not even anything remotely close to game breaking) and yet you want to go out your way to call us children when our only goal is to prevent such abuse with absurd rules. Tbh, I think out everyone, GMs should be the ones to care more about not unfairly banning legit ppl. Aside that, I could name a million circumstances that legit ppl would be banned simply because how dumb and cancerous this community can be since they get triggered af if they don't like something in a damn game. Anyways that's just my 2cents.
  11. OhThePain

    Scarlet blade 'rules'

  12. OhThePain

    Scarlet blade 'rules'

    I mean, the whole point of my thread was to make this whole flag feeding (more like wing feeding) a non issue due to the fact it can be used maliciously by ANYONE to report and ban ANYONE from either side. So, I don't see what are you trying go say or point out other than redefining the term.
  13. OhThePain

    Scarlet blade 'rules'

    There are a few important things that need to be addressed when it comes to randomly added arbitrary rules for SB (without telling the player base) and the legit faction trolling going on when it comes to BGs, pvp etc. First, flag feeding. Obviously, everyone is familiar with flag feeding and it looks likes for someone reason everyone seems to constantly get triggered from people feeding flags over stupid wings (Intentionally and unintentionally). For the past 3 months or so, flag feeding as been more abundant due to the crazy fluctuating balance between RG and Fks, especially prior the FC when RGs greatly outnumbered FKs for a while and had ppl (alts) flag feeding them for wings, and more recently during last AK. Now, I didn't give a shit and I still don't give a shit to this day if people want to do that for wings, however, what I do care is how you are now enforcing a rule against it without making any posts about it and now banning players doing it, even if it's not intentional. This is a quote from bash during the Q.A, and I would like to emphasize on what is bolded. First, people who feed flags are generally the one winning, and not losing so they're not really ruining the fun for others, on the contrary, it brings them at a disadvantage for taking the risk of getting unequipped at the last second and lose. Second, if we're gonna hit people with the ban hammer for "trolling" or "ruining the fun for others", then you should go punish these people who actively discourage others to not sign up for BGs, not participate in pvp and tell their faction member to do jack shit (aka not push, only defend the base even if there's no flag to defend) in AK when it's equally numbered. If you want some proof of all this, go look at my thread which was locked bc ppl have no sense of humor. It may be a joke thread but the point still remains, and this mentality (especially that started post-relentless in asb) has just been getting worst in vsb; it's killing the game and people are still being pussies about dying or losing rp. So, if you're gonna punish people over dumb things, then first make sure you make a thread with a change of rules and then start punishing everyone who wants to be a bitch and intentionally encourage others to boycott PVP, ruin battlegrounds etc. Or, drop those useless rules and let the community learn on their own and hopefully ppl will stop being 15-year-old c--ts thanks. EDIT: as of 11/09/2016, this is the thread for game rules which has nothing updated on flag feeding http://archive.is/eGEkJ Don't enforce rules that aren't even rules yet, thx.
  14. OhThePain


    Fks been getting pranked this whole time
  15. OhThePain

    Fixing drop rates a bit?

    that was sarcasm, curse sux ;/