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  1. ❤️Hi Hi GS Nova here~!❤️ Hi all! It's event time! While I am working hard on upcoming cosmetics for the game we here on the SB Team think it would be fun to allow you guys to have the opportunity to design a costume for the game! This is your chance to have your ideal costume made so don't miss out! 😮 💥Rules:💥 Your concept sheet must be set up similar to the example below: Must provide: - Clear view of front and back and side - All details must be visible and explained (as shown above) - All parts of the outfit must be labelled (Example: LED, Decal, Tattoo) - You must provide a brief description of your concept - Concepts must be in colour and preferably in Digital Format Failure to provide these details WILL impact your entry as I will need this information for the chosen costume. ✋Limited to 1 entry per person🤚 All entries MUST be your own work. Copyright characters and content or stolen, plagiarised works will result in disqualification. Costumes will be judged by the following criteria: - Creativeness and Uniqueness - Fits in with Scarlet Blade - Has followed all instructions clearly and has a well laid out concept sheet NOTE: Due to restrictions to our models we ask that you please look at current costumes in game for reference of what is possible for us currently. we can ONLY modify what currently exists. 1 winner will be chosen and have their ❤️design made into an official costume available in Scarlet Blade❤️ 💜The winner will also receive their costume for one class of their choice💙 Entries will close June 30th Winner's will be announced July 1st All Entries must be submitted to this thread here: TEMPLATE AVAILABLE
  2. We have a plan for PVP that may help without needing FC I can't release any details but i will ask that you wait for us to implement it
  3. IF a small FC would take place then many of our active FK PVPers would roll to RG. Now this wouldn't be a problem if FK numbers wouldn't be effected badly by this. The issue is that RG simply will not come to PVP even if they can easily match our numbers. Letting the people we have swap to RG will not fix this it only makes FK number decrease which is what the RG who say what vivi mentioned want. Please understand this.
  4. We will not be opening FC if you would like to play RG you will need to create a RG character Opening FC will make the game unbalanced, as it is the current unbalance is not because of numbers its the player's decisions. FC will not fix this only the playerbase can
  5. i was asked to work on some bike designs this month so your in luck ❤️ One pink rapid with a heart coming up
  6. if there is a big enough demand for it Originally I wanted her to have some form of stockings but the bare legs looked nicer and more elegant
  7. He will be back in game soon, currently he is unable to log in untll he sorts out internet
  8. No offence to some WH players but... are you guys even playing your class properly? I have gone over the whipper class so many times and came to the conclusion that they are a secondary support class outside of medic. Whippers entire kit is literally defence, de-buff and CC, that's what they are designed to do. Whipper isn't going to excel as a fighter because nothing in their kit supports that at all. Out of all classes whipper has tonnes of defence support, if your building her as anything but a tank then of course all that defence is going to go down the drain. The way I see it her intent in battle is to use her skills to pull, de-buff and lock down her target FOR THE DPS CLASSES SHES ALLIED WITH and to tank damage from the enemies she pulls while doing so. Sure some whippers can manage some damage but lets not sit here and complain your defence and so on is bad if you have built her wrong. Your a tank CC support, not a DPS and not a healer
  9. No problem ^^ wait for your ticket to be answered im sure the situation will be solved
  10. Ok well sometimes when you try to log in multiple times you can get this error and if someone was on your account it would of been closed when you logged in since you can only log your account once at a time. In other words they would of been kicked off. Best thing I can suggest is changing your passwords for security and submitting a ticket ti have the log in issue investigated
  11. How many times did you attempt to log in?
  12. Unique lingerie's (37-47-57) Rapidfire and Magnum bikes
  13. Like you mentioned making any change at all to WH is a ... touchy subject. Of course for any class a change can be upsetting especially if they don't like it or see the reason behind it. WH has been under discussion a few times and we don't currently have a change that can help without making the players of that class angry like last time. We do need to work on a few classes including whipper but we need to be careful about how we do it, I admit there needs to be a pro and con for a skill like a pull or AOE pull. At the moment there isn't really any risk for whippers to pull because their attacker will be stunned and easily disabled then locked down (experienced myself Also whipper players please keep this conversation civil, its a discussion about your class not a human rights war
  14. Pretty sure there are plans to fix this but we haven't gotten to it yet. These things take time and we have our hands full so we can't fix everything at the same time which can make it take a long time. Sadly in that time some players will quit and that's ok because that is their choice. But changes will be made in time
  15. -shrugs- guess not changed yet then
  16. According to doc it doesn't anymore
  17. Hi hi bloom (its Nova hehe) We have updated the game a lot since opening it again after it was shut down. We have a lot more content and updated the game quite a bit since then including the new level 65 cap which features a new explorable zone not found in the original game plus a big line of cosmetics (some proudly made by myself) Needless to say our Scarlet Blade is quite different to how it used to be back in Aeria days
  18. Hi! try this download here ^^
  19. Well who know's maybe someone is willing, always best to check here is our support page
  20. Two options I can suggest are to either trade with another player or submit a ticket and explain the situation, I can't guarentee we will be able to swap it for you but it's worth a try to ask
  21. Derelict - Wep skin DS - uni cos
  22. this has been brought up before but not sure if we actually can or not. The idea is there tho