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  1. New BG suggestion

    I dont know is that Siren pointing system is ok, so many times team which had more kills loosing BG just because destroyed box first. Maybe better make boxes just for example 10 points value or even no points? But i am aware that is hard to find the way to make ppl fight whole time on BG, but that would be just awesome....imagine bg where is nothing to loot just pure 15 min pvp 🙂. Maybe even no reward for win? Then bg will join ppl who really want to fight...ofc not every bg like that, just few per day? Idk...loud thinking..;) - that numbers on BG's was normal - so it wasn't hard get that daily kills old good times
  2. New lv cap any infos?

    Supido, Hellsa doing a lot pvp when they online, also Saboor, but as a RG CB ingineero
  3. rank 2 jewel success rate

    patience as always is a good option, try to make R2 only from replicubes you will find, if you will fail that at least will cost you nothing...except maybe lil stress
  4. The Defender Problems

    Super high ping might provide some weird stuff, i remember when i was fighting long time ago with one WH (no matter who it was), he was saying that he had very bad ping. Resoult was when i was hitting his wh, i did in some my hits zero dmg, not because of his high void or my misses, just because for server in this particular mil sec he phisically wasnt there, my hits didnt land on him. It was like he dc for a moment but not long enough to get normal dc. Well, that could be also just some disconnect cheat or again-very high ping. Anyways lots of strange things was happening when i was pvp with him, sometimes i saw him running with speed of the bike, expirienced many pulls from over 40m. So i started record my fights with him, reported and dude got banned. So far his another WH doing fine.
  5. Hi there

    What do you expect on battle ground-hugs and kisses? Going battle u might get hurt.
  6. rank 2 jewel success rate

    would be really nice to have jewel safeguards, had them on asb and those things really made life easier. I dont mind fail on rare jewels, but when u fail on uni jewels where 1 might cost like 2,5k g... a bit painful
  7. Staying a certain level to farm BC

    I’ve noticed best drop rate in BC until lvl 31, so if u wanna make toon just for farming BC, i can say that lvl 31 is best cos u can wear uni deltas kg, gloves and weapon ofc. Team mode ofc best and for me BC was jewel replicubes dungeon. For bp’s there are better ones then bc.
  8. Mystery Box Item Requests

    Would be nice to see some rapid bikes in near future, thnx.
  9. 64 level cap ch atk or crit atk?

    I think that might be very hard to be an universal killer. When Vivi mentioned about over 900 pieces of gear, that tells me it can be a lot of variety on stats. Personaly i doubt it will be so simple as is now-just pure Ch or Crit.
  10. New BG suggestion

    I like what u said there.
  11. Wow, yeah, awsome work Scorpion - respect !
  12. Faction locked Gloria might be good idea to prevent ppl jumping from side to side for loot, transfer items or gold through AH to other side, this idea it is maybe worth for consider, but removig Gloria completely it is just wrong. I don't see any benefit from it.
  13. [SB] Christmas item requests!

    IGN - Blades Wish: Ancient Jewelry Spanner
  14. SB faction imbalance..

    Who need FC ?:) RG's to be better zerg-napalm squad?:). We are like Spartans vs Persians:D. I rather die on FK side then win by RG's way so...just calm down FK's friends - we fine:)