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  1. Shadow


    But it's easy Sand....ok, easy for google translator ;). The login account password is normal. When entering the game, the red frame ATL100 is displayed directly.
  2. And what is this all about in first place? I wish my WH fade so I can wait safe till my shield will be ready again, and also wish my SW have Still Metabolism buff - how about that?
  3. I think better solution is make classes more balanced, for sure there is one class crazy op....guess which one
  4. nighthawk bikes and elite commander stormchaser. And how about to make exp boosters tradable? Some ppl got stacks of boosters and dont need them, and there is plenty ppl lvling and struggling to get any.
  5. Leave poor WH's alone, they still can be better, i think only Fade is missing there:)
  6. With OP toon it's not a problem at all, i guess point was, bring back SP for ppl who can't lvl themselfs using GH or Suer glitch.
  7. I didnt ask what you or game need, asking about thing what some ppl need in game, and actually was asking Vivi, sorry i didn't mentioned that.
  8. what about ancient jewels? any plans make them rank 2?
  9. and that would be so useful ! Also about titles, it's about time to add some nice titles for 5k achievement points, something like boost The Infinite and The One, can't understand that is still missing. Do something about it already, please. It's on the topic so long time.
  10. Shadow

    DC and crash

    just thing is i have always been using WiiFii, never had such a problems like this now, and I am sure you aware that other ppl got same issue lately. Definitely its not a WiiFii
  11. Shadow

    DC and crash or that, also often lately, and i am not alone with that. Rly i dont have alzheimer to forgot my id or password
  12. Shadow

    DC and crash intel core i7, 16 gb ram, 2 HD, 1 is ssd, graphic card 3gb and DDR5, only windows dfender in background