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  1. Shadow


    wtb skill reset code and game source code
  2. Shadow


    u no need medic close for kali buff, enough u got bugged by kali before and if u not relog or do something else u will carry that bug till next relog. And fade was failing and will keep failing sometimes as long u got skill stone on the weapon, as sw struggling with this shit years already - nothing new.
  3. Shadow


    Fade bug its because of skill stone, when you ar using fade, there is a chance that skill stone just works, i know it is nonsense cos skill stone should work only with atk skills, but thats how it is, seems like skillstone "think" that fade is like any other skill:). that could be simple kali bug, but for ghost walk yes, cant rly use if u been hitted by dot before
  4. Shadow

    Skills Feedback

    8 points to get -5,5%, waiting 12 seconds for th effect when most likely will be cleansed anyway, rly dont think any SW will sacrifice 8 points for something like this so... for me and maybe more SW's that skill can be simply removed maybe replaced by something else
  5. Shadow

    Skills Feedback

    It is working fine, just not at the moment when we use that skill but gotta wait 12 seconds to see effect of it, and yeah - in 12 seconds will be cleansed anyway, so agree, this skill is just usless and simply waiste of points, i really doubt any SW is using this.
  6. Shadow

    Mystery Box Item Requests

    Fiery Jumpsuit SW costume is cool, what about invisibility fix tool for this costume in mistery box?:)
  7. Shadow

    Skills Feedback

    on every cap was like this, 44, 54 was even worse and dps classes were even more broken. At least now, tanks got new suit for better defence and it is not like can kill everybody in 3-5 sec. Some ppl are still rly tanky.
  8. Shadow

    Skills Feedback

    thats why i dont have any skill stone, didnt expirienced fade bug so far but... thats not the solution to compromise skillstone for working fade properly
  9. Shadow

    Skills Feedback

    as i see PU's got so insane dmg now-like W0W, passive atk rly OP, but can live with that and adapt to it. for me all cool
  10. Shadow

    dear fk

    Seems i just got back luck with joining BG's, when i was on FK side, i had to spam reg button rly fast to get into BG and envy RG's cos they could log in 2 min before BG and easy register and get in, when i went on RG side it was so cool, comfortable and without any rush rgister on BG but now, i got same story as before. Just my very short and simply question is: WTF?
  11. Shadow

    Patch 97 Feedback

    fade or ghost walk bug is like... imagine WH shields or CB shouts buff bugged etc, horrible and pls throw on market or drops 2000k+ exp boosters, it will rly help out solo playing ppl
  12. Shadow

    Patch 97 Feedback

    With new patch i can tell that not realy can do much solo in game anymore. For example stuck on lvl 61 when pretty much everyone hit max lvl, so almost mission immposible find exp pt, it would be no problem if could exp solo but of course grinding 2% exp per hour makes me just log off the game, also cant farm any dg except dmh where is nothing i need. game is now like from Janus to Janus and nothing else between. Find open pvp is like miracle now, thats about it so far
  13. Shadow

    Mystery Box Item Requests

    I would like to request for lvl 57 uni Lingerie thank you