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  1. I wish we game could get vintage (old but gold) like us, not just plain old
  2. This is a major reason for me to give a break in this game: being limited to walk into a map because of level restriction. I'm sure there are ways to get around this. But I'm really outdated now to say much...
  3. Long time ago I made a few videos depicting the Abyssal Temple and Narak Ship infiltration (in solo mode). It was meant to be walkthroughs with some explanations. I don't know if these places are still visited or not, but I'm sending the links here anyway since it seems this is a pinned thread for videos, what makes me happy, it makes things more organized. Also, a bonus video of Derelict Tunnel (floor 1) in party mode!
  4. I think Iron Skin currently helps the Defender fulfilling one of her "roles" in pvp, which is so far to make people waste skills and time on her. Not very thrilling anyway, but that's where Frenzy comes in. I feel like the Defender must learn to bluff to stand a chance. Running into the mess with Iron Skin is kinda predictable thing to do! You'll make Defender look like a high hp ogre that just wants to smash his club into things that move! 🏑
  5. You just announced what should be the next visual costumes! ?
  6. 1. I'm so important that leveling me is harder than leveling yourself!
  7. I suppose then that if an economy tends to get frozen (that is, few people buying, and lots of sellers), the trend becomes players who got more give things to those who have less, so who can't farm yet can slowly get into the business somehow... I'm glad I could have helped some people already from SB through this method, and being helped likewise. And if I'm not mistaken, this is close to the idea behind the Nobel Prize of Peace (shouldn't it be of Economy?) from 2006: I quoted this from here: https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/peace/2006/yunus/facts/
  8. If you want gamma gear, send me a mail and I'll be happy to give you whatever gammar I come across. Not just me, there's a lot of people here who wouldn't mind!
  9. Good job monoki! Is it possible to work on skin color too? I mean, a costume that would just be a palette swap of the original...? And also, have a look at this, it's from the game already, but would be so nice to have a costume for both factions like this one:
  10. Could we eventually work on a costume for all classes like this one? Would be fun also to have a "skin color" costume!
  11. Every now and then, I do the Nemesis dungeons (still in solo mode) as a DE. In the beginning, it took me 40 minutes to clear a dungeon. After enhancing the defender's gear, this time dropped down to say, 15 minutes. That's still twice the time the ghosting people take to complete these dungeons. Maybe the Dungeon Damage Indicator (the boring window that can't be closed) could be of some use now, in order to calculate drops and gold! I mean, the more damage the player/party deals inside the dungeon, the better the odds to get stuff from that place, in a general manner. This would somehow pay for those who crawl longer inside.
  12. I guess you should begin by reading all the patch notes, there's indeed tons of new information for you to read!
  13. feel the tension and... tadaaa! you enhanced to +1! what about making an npc that will upgrade from 0 to +5 all at once? just have the items and gold in your bag. ?
  14. I wish I could say something deeper about this, but I know little about WH and other classes. But, would someone just consider experimenting (in case this wasn't done yet) adding a small charge time for WH pulls, say, 0.5s, see how this would affect the dynamics of a match. I guess the main point your thread is to debate how to make the concept (the "essence") of each class to work as it should ingame. We still have a lot to cover in this matter (poor gms, I trust your hard work!). See for instance, the DE's hardly ever act as a tank in a pvp context, because their aggro skills won't force-switch the target of her enemies to her. This is the kind of stuff that someday could be corrected or redesigned.
  15. I suppose the basic attack (beyond "not showing the full extent of the arkana abilities") main role is just to fill combos as a last damage resort, which happens quite often... it's most weird feature in my opinion is the 100 crit bonus! ⚡
  16. 1. How Moses make coffee? Hebrews it. 2. Quit saying you play solo! I'm always around pickin' up your trash! 3. Dad jokes are for PUNishers!
  17. Is there another color for Zeta suit for all classes? Thought there was only 1 kind! ?
  18. I posted everything the flattest possible, with graphics on max. Some glows would happen because of set enhancements, but I disabled all glows in the C window, so I don't know how to handle with the glows... maybe this gallery could be flat, and another one with glows (not the enhancement glow)?
  19. You could just add the ones missing in the previous post, or let me use the links you'll provide!
  20. I'm taking some prints, but I'll need help from other players to complete the whole gallery. Will be editing this post as information flows in! CB Alpha / Beta / Gamma✔️ / Delta / Zeta / Kappa WH Alpha / Beta / Gamma✔️ / Delta / Zeta / Kappa ME Alpha✔️ / Beta / Gamma / Delta / Zeta / Kappa SE Alpha✔️ / Beta / Gamma✔️ / Delta / Zeta / Kappa PU Alpha✔️ / Beta / Gamma✔️ / Delta✔️ / Zeta (yellow)✔️ / Kappa (pink)✔️ SW Alpha / Beta / Gamma / Delta✔️ / Zeta / Kappa DE Alpha✔️ / Beta✔️ / Gamma✔️ / Delta✔️ / Zeta✔️ / Kappa =============================================================================== CB Gamma WH Gamma ME Alpha SE Alpha SE Gamma PU Alpha PU Gamma PU Delta PU Zeta (yellow) PU Kappa (pink) SW Delta DE Alpha DE Beta DE Gamma DE Delta DE Zeta
  21. A set of prints with all armors would be great, even if what you're looking for is the stats!
  22. What do you think of events that span for few days (like those in xmas, or forum events like pet chat)? I find them more secure to get the most people involved. I'm curious about what would be a spy event. Are you interested mainly because of the generous exp points they give,or would be throwing in at random times a higher number of spies everywhere, unlike the 2 per map (is that the right number)?
  23. Armada

    Pet Chat!

    1. "Pet Hunger hacks? Gimme some real pet scrap! NOW!" 2. "My Anti-spyware is pointing at your commander! Why!?" 3. "Do I so look like an R2-D2 ripoff?"
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