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    Greetings! I have seen some arguing about the temporary removal of Normal Class Tw and unnecessary theories of guilds doing blah blah blah. I have come once again with a new Idea instead of fighting. So without further ado, I hope you guys like the idea, do what's possible and ignore what's not. Improve my idea if necessary, I don't mind.. its all just to provide a solid plan of where to begin ❤️ Special thanks to BlackQueen and Koega for some ideas. ❤️ Eden Eternal VGN PvP Game Mode Game Mode: 5v5 Crystal Capture and Defend Description: In this game mode, players will be paired up into two parties of 5 members in each side. You will have the option of Solo Queue and the second option of Party Queue. For Solo Queue, the player will be paired only with and against other players who are also in the Solo Queue option, requiring organization and cooperation amongst unknown players. For Party Queue, only the party leader must queue and then all members must press in agree or disagree, to be able to enter the Queue line. Party Queue members will only be paired up against other Party Queue members. Objective: Players will be placed in Team Blue or Team Red . In Team Blue, players will have to work together and decide which classes they will use and their goal will be to Capture the Crystal in the center of the arena. In Team Red, players will have to work together and decide which classes they will use and their goal will be to Defend the Crystal in the center of the arena. The Blue Team will have 10 minutes to take over the Red Crystal. If they fail to do so, then the Red Team will win 1 Match Point. If the Blue Team succeeds in taking over the Crystal Structure, then the Blue Team will receive 1 Match Point. Teams will switch from Defense to Offense and vice versa after 2 rounds of being in the same position. The first team to reach 3 Match Points will win the game. Teams will have 2 minutes before each round to organize and change strategies. Special Abilities: Each player will have to speak to an NPC in the Spawning Zone to pick a special Offensive Ability if your are in Team Blue, or a special Defensive Ability if you are in Team Red. Abilities may be selected by more than a single player Team Blue Offensive Abilities: Man on a Mission - Player will be granted +50% Extra DMG to Crystal Structure, but will lose -30% DMG done to other players and increase +15% DMG Received from other players. Berserk Mode - Player will be granted +15% P-Atk, +10% Extra DMG to players, +15% Basic Double Hit DMG, but will do -30% DMG to Crystal Structure. I’m a Wizard - Player will be granted +15% M-Atk, +5% Skill Double Hit DMG, and -15% DMG received, but will do -20% DMG to Crystal Structure. Hit Me Baby - Player will be granted +5% P-Atk and M-Atk, +30% Basic Double Hit DMG, -20% DMG received, +10% Block, and will reflect 15% of DMG received back to the attacker.. Additionally, the player will receive the buff “Masochist” every time they are hit with a basic attack or skill and it will stack to a maximum of 150 times. Once the buff reaches 150 stacks, the player will instantly die, dealing instant death to Friends or Foes in an area of 10m around the player (Structures are unaffected). Player respawn timer will be increased to 30 seconds. The Almighty - Player will be granted +20% HP Increase, +10% Wis, +30% G-Heal, +20% Defense, +15% All Resistances, -50% DMG Dealt to players, and -20% DMG Received. Additionally, the player will receive the buff “My Beloved” that stacks to a maximum of 10 every time the player casts a skill. Once the 15 stacks are reached, all allies within 50m of the player will be healed for 50% of their maximum HP and the buff will be reset. Team Red Defensive Abilities: Unstoppable - Player will be granted +15% HP, +25% Movement Speed, and Immunity to all crowd control but will get +10% DMG received from other players. Additionally, the player will receive “Reckless’ Aura”, creating a 70m area around the player that reduces -5% DMG done to Crystal Structure. Killing Machine - Player will be granted +10% HP, +10% P-Atk, +10% Defense,+25% Atk SPD and +10% DMG Dealt to other players. Additionally, the player will receive “Killer’s Aura”, creating a 70m area around the player that reduces -5% DMG done to Crystal Structure. Dark Magician - Player will be granted +10% HP, +10% M-Atk, +10% Defense, +15% Cast SPD and -10% DMG Received from other players. Additionally, the player will receive “Magician’s Aura”, creating a 70m area around the player that reduces -5% DMG done to Crystal Structure. It’s a Tank - Player will be granted +20% HP, +10% Defense, +10% All Resistances, +10% Block and Parry, -10% DMG Received, and -15% DMG Dealt. Additionally, the player will receive “I’m Not Useless” buff, causing enemies to suffer -1% HP per second and reducing enemy’s DMG Dealt by -15% in an area of 10m. The user will also receive “Tank’s Aura”, creating a 70m area around the player that reduces -5% DMG done to Crystal Structure. Guardian Angel - Player will be granted +20% HP Increase, +10% Wis, +40% G-Heal, +20% Defense, +15% All Resistances, -50% DMG Dealt to players, and -20% DMG Received. Additionally, the player will give the buff “Crystal’s Blessing” that stacks when skill is casted to a maximum of 5 times and lasts for 3 seconds to the Crystal Structure. “Crystal’s Blessing” heals the Crystal Structure 1% HP per second per stack, to a maximum of 5% HP per second. If buff is not kept active on Crystal Structure, the stacks will be reset. Also, the player will receive “Angel’s Aura” buff, creating a 70m area around the player that reduces -5% DMG done to Crystal Structure. Rules: 1. All players must be Lv 95 and above. 2. You may change classes inside Arena. 3. You will have 2 minutes to get organized in Spawning Zone. 4. You may respawn after dying, but you must wait 10 seconds. 5. Arena Badges and Enchants will not work. 6. Crystal Structure will not receive Class Skill Buffs. 7. Crystal Structure is not immune to debuffs. 8. Players may only pick an Ability in the Spawning Zone 9. Players may switch Special Ability after dying. 10. Special Abilities cannot be removed. 11. If a player Disconnects, they will reappear in Respawn Zone if match has not finished. 12; If a player leaves party, they will be teleported outside of Arena and will receive “Traitor” buff preventing Solo Queue or Party Queue for 30 minutes. 13. Players will receive a boost of HP. (Similar to Territory Wars) 14. DMG Shields will be allowed. 15. Potions from 4 Trials of Dimension will not be allowed. 16. Players will receive all buffs from Path of Destiny once they enter the Arena 17. Reviving items will be ineffective. 18. You will be unable to do Party Queue if you are in a Raid Party. 19. Raid Party will not be available once inside the Arena. 20. Pets will not be allowed for attacking purposes. Rewards: Players will be rewarded with Blood Coins, 5 Blood Coins to the team that wins and 2 Blood Coins to the team that loses. Blood Coins will be able to be spent after consuming the item. An NPC in Aven will display all the possible rewards you may choose from. Blood Coins will be sent through the Mailbox to the players once they have been teleported out of the Arena. Suggested NPC Items: 5 Blood Coins = x1 Mystery Gem Box* 10 Blood Coins = x1 Blood Crystal* 30 Blood Coins = x2 Mystery Tower Gem Box* 50 Blood Coins = x5 Mystery Corona Essence Box* 100 Blood Coins = x20 Blood Crystal 150 Blood Coins = x10 129 Eternal Points (NT) 200 Blood Coins = Awaken Weapon Required Item 500 Blood Coins = “Mighty Crystal Guardian” Title Voucher (NT). 1000 Blood Coins = Transferred Mount: “Blizzard: Silver Lion (NT)” (Aura Kingdom) (Exclusive to this Arena) Mystery Gem Box - Gives a random Elemental or Physical Resistance Gem lv4-7 Blood Crystal - Item used to getting items from Blood Altar (Exclusive Altar for PvP) Mystery Tower Gem Box - Gives a random Gem from Dreadlore Laboratory and 4 Trials of Dimension “Mighty Crystal Guardian” - Passive Title that gives +3% P-Atk and M-Atk and Reduces -10% All DMG. (You don’t need to have it equipped to receive the stat boost.) Awaken Weapon Item - An idea for future content. Blood Crystal Altar: Look at Second Post for Visual Representation of Everything Listed. The Blood Crystal Altar will be one of the main attractions for players to try their best at winning and it will be a constant motivator to keep the arena alive, bringing in PvE and PvP Players alike because of the exclusive rewards which can only be obtained through purchasing a Blood Crystal with Blood Coins earned from Winning or Losing. The idea of the Blood Crystal Altar is for the items that are placed in it are all Non-Tradeable and the only way to get them is by participating in the Crystal Capture and Defend. Altar Suggestions: 1-9a: 1a. Energy Explosion Potion Lv7 - 2a. Mana Explosion Potion Lv7 - 3a. Complete Support Potion Lv7 - 4a. Quick Recovery Potion Lv7 - 5a. Strength Potion Lv7 - 6a. Agility Potion Lv7 - 7a. Intelligence Potion Lv7 - 8a. Wisdom Potion Lv7 - 9a. Luck Potion Lv7 1-9b: 1b. Blood Coin x1 - 2b. Corona’s Heartflame Lv100 (NT) - 3b. Corona’s Heartflame Lv90 (NT) - 4b. Corona’s Stardust Lv100 (NT) - 5b. Corona’s Stardust Lv90 (NT) - 6b. Corona’s Essence Lv100 (NT) - 7b. Corona’s Essence Lv90 (NT) - 8b. Shattergem (NT) - 9b. Eternal Chisel Lv100 (NT) 1-9c: 1c. Blood Coin x2 - 2c. Rose Quartz Sublime Safety Stone (NT) - 3c. Amethyst Sublime Safety Stone (NT) - 4c. Citrine Sublime Safety Stone (NT) - 5c. Coral Sublime Safety Stone (NT) - 6c. Ultramarine Sublime Safety Stone (NT) - 7c. Viridian Sublime Safety Stone (NT) - 8c. War Stone - 9c. 18 Crystal Cross Medals 1-9d: 1d. Blood Coin x3 - 2d. Magic Armored Scorpion - 3d. Robust Armored Scorpion - 4d. Illusory Nightfall Demon Drake Ilu - 5d. Aggressive Nightfall Demon Drake Ilu - 6d.Dark Thunder Wyvern - 7d. Ice Flame Tarragon - 8d. Magic Femme Whitesnake - 9d. Glitzy Sprite Princess Alyssa 1-9e: 1e. Blood Coin x4 - 2e.Ether Crystal - 3e. Mini Reactor - 4e. Demon Crystal - 5e. Mysterious Rare Encant Box (NT)* - 6e. 129 Eternal Coins (NT) - 7e. Class Temple Chest (NT) - 8e. Glory Gift Bag (NT) - 9e. Random Dye Box* 1-9f: 1f. Blood Coin x5 - 2f. Magic Bear Puppet Fragment (NT) x1* - 3f. Scarlet Japanese Umbrella Fragment (NT) x1* - 4f. Skyforged Darklight Blades Fragment (NT) x1* - 5f. Silver Winged Bow Fragment (NT) x1* - 6f. Demon Kitty Wind-Up Key Fragment (NT) x1* - 7f. Endora’s Backpack Fragment (NT) x1* - 8f. Custom Alice’s Wonderland Hairdo Fragment (NT) x1* - 9f. Custom Uriel’s Fancy Haircut Fragment (NT) x1* 1-9g: 1g. Blood Coin x5 - 2g. Cesela’s Bunny Picture Book Fragment (NT) x1* - 3g. Ornate Dual Fan Fragment (NT) x1* - 4g. Holy Scarlet Tachi Fragment (NT) x1* - 5g. Furious Thor’s Holy Sword Fragment (NT) x1* - 6g. Holy Demon Wings Fragment (NT) x1* - 7g. Transparent Black Butterfly Wings Fragment (NT) x1* - 8g. Hand-dyed Hairstyle: Eternia Fragment (NT) x1* - 9g. Custom Eastern Exorcist Hairstyle Fragment (NT) x1* *Mysterious Rare Encant Box (NT) - The idea is to create an enchant box that contains only Enchants that are found through chests or relics that are scattered all around zones and gives a random Lv1 - Lv7. *Random Dye Box - This box would give a random Dye, Headwear or Clothing. *All Other Asterisk* - This are all Aura Kingdom Items. The idea on why the items on altar say “Fragment” is that players will have to collect 5 pieces of this Green Items and fuse them through Arcane Box. The formula would be 5 Fragments of X Legendary + 1000g to create the wearable costume. The following is the translated version of everything to Spanish so everyone understands Traduccion a Espaniol estara abajo
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    This game is a hulk smash game. If you are the hulk, you smash everything. This game isn't helpful for new comers because many of the jerk players that created high level toons used them to create toons at lower levels in pvp zones. My suggestion about BG's is to enter get your quest done and wait it out and wait till you have another quest in there. Farm DG's for items. Jewels, BP, and narak drop in BC. Join a guild, but stay active. Far too often players join the game, get help, and then abandon the game and it pisses off the players who helped them because they could have saved their gold and used their time for their own purposes rather than helping players who just leave. Players who want to invest their time into the game play some and get used to your character, create multiple characters to figure out which you like most. Just don't enter the next zone thinking it is going to be better than the one you are just in, especially if you are under geared. You have players who speed through leveling into +50 without the gear. Sure you get free zeta weapon, knee guard, shoes, and gloves, but to come without suit, bangle, and helmet is really going to just keep you where you were when you started with BG's, getting your but smacked. But work on getting gear and enhancing them after having more than a year for players to make +12 kappa sets you have idiots who level into the 60+ arena with +8 gear, really it's that pathetic to think I am lvl 60+ I can spank some players, trust me, the only way you spank anybody is with the help of a guard or other players and you can end up being a liability of a 1 or 2 shot death. Not to mention if you enter level 60+ unprepared you aren't going to get anywhere as you don't even have the gear to farm for making better gear. So, just work through the game and stay active so that players can see you are wanting to stick around that may help you. But don't believe that players who worked to create the best toons are going to just let you have what you want. I played with a girl who thought that I should just let her have her way to get certain items that I was going for and wanted, she threw a fit that I wasn't letting her and quit. Do I feel bad? Not how she whined about it and complained that she wasn't allowed to have it even though I've been working on my characters and they still need work to get them what they need. So, just because they are better than you, they might not be finished building their toon or improving their toon. We also improve our toons so that we can increase our ability to get what we want, not so that we maintain the same so others over power us, not by gear or even skill for that matter in many cases, but by luck and the character you have. Characters on a level playing field will still have the advantage over other characters, just because that's the nature of their character. So, even trying to balance out things, you will still end up unbalanced.
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    Somebody told me one was made but no one really posted in it because...reasons o3o; So I'm making a new one! I'll start~
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    @FilomenaI have yet to meet people of that mindset but yeah ive started doing the avoid people and go for boxes thing but I still think BGS would be more fun if everyone had the same stats that way u can actually work with your team and win and not just stand behind the OP person and get a free win or just get destroyed when you're on the other side. I'm sure ill figure out eventually but I feel like BGs would be more fun and more populated if they found a way to balance everyone in BGs. I have some friends who don't even try because "What's the point of playing if im just doomed to fail." which I kinda understand but you cant get better at PvP by not playing and alot of people ive noticed are pretty turned off by all the OP players. idk tho who knows maybe things will change but imma keep trying tho even if its like an ant fighting an elephant most of the time...
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    But in low levels the big OP players can let you win. With my 29, for example, I always try to let noobs have a tower, so they can enjoy to collect drops. Win in Turnpike is more easy, you have just to destroy all 3 boxes AFTER the opposite faction, so take you time. In soccer you have to kill more enemies than them, and this can be hard, if the enemy don't want to die ehehehe.
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    Welcome my best Guildie ❤️
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    Welcome! Royal Guard or Free Knight?
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    Welcome to our community and game have fun on your new adventure on boobs blade...eeem i mean scarlet blade
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    Hi and welcome.Hope to see you in game.
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    Hiya and welcome! Glad to hear that you're enjoying it
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    Hey guys, just another small patch for now to improve the quality of life of the game for newer players. I'm currently working on the next patch and will hopefully have it out in the next couple of weeks. Major Changes Players who have completed the ALL Awaken Armors on their main character can now pass their stat titles to an alternate character providing the alternate character is level 95. The CCM cost of Awaken Armor level 95 has been reduced to help the newer players catch up as well as older players being able to finish the armors they're yet to complete. Changes/Fixes Demon Summoner skill "Kyle's Meteor" now deals triple hit damage as intended. Crafting Item "Blueprint: Infinite Mirror Cape" now costs the correct amount of war stones. Life Worshipper KP "Duo Soulchaser" now displays the correct Max Level.
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    I rarely take pictures of myself First one is recent and the other one is 2 years ago with a friend of mine
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    me playing with a snake as you do
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    simple besides the face book crap.
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    I'm sad, I play the game in silence. I don't even have sound enabled in game.