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  1. Yoo this dude is summoning the dead, someone call the cops or something
  2. Then it's settled, we're removing guards from Amara next maintenance. Thanks for chiming in everyone.
  3. You're right, I forgot you can be targeted immediately after respawning. For some reason I thought you had an interval where you can't target and can't be targetted after respawning. I wonder if something like could be implemented but I'm guessing not because source.
  4. That's sort of the point of pvp maps in my opinion, no neutral spots where you can stay safe. Many times after NB/AK players could force pvp to happen but can't because some rather stay in the comfort of their bases. Even if it's spawn camping, tough luck buddy its a pvp map. Get more people to retaliate or get out.
  5. Could very well put a chest box with incentive drops in each base, like Ceargate and Ellis!
  6. Is there any possibility of a consideration to revert the damage changes made years ago to Amara guards? Or perhaps not revert, but make them more interactive, in a way to be hard to deal with (similiar to the guards in Ellis with their nasty dot debuff) as opposed to getting instantly obliterated.
  7. Remove wanteds from game, ez. There's really no use for them
  8. I would also like Faction Change to open. At least temporarily if possible, thank you.
  9. noobs freyja is broken, the stun just needs a slight range increase
  10. That's great! And while you're working on it it wouldn't hurt to have people doing BG's 😃
  11. I am requesting a small scale FC as a FK player so active players can join hourly BG's more fequently. Think of it what you will but its the sad truth. 2-3 FK's wont't affect their numbers in the slightest, but it will allow more players to join hourly BG's. And yes I know some RG's are sore losers and do what they do but whats the plan then? Wait until the active pvp playerbase on FK dies waiting for RG's to drop their ego and start joining BG's when they've shown no such intentions in the past? NB/AK will always be one sided as long as people want loot so the least that can be done is help the active pvp playerbase by giving them more slots in BG's
  12. I understand that but not every RG is inclined to do what others tell them and having the remaining active playerbase suffer because of the allegations that you mentioned is just disheartening. The state of the hourly BG's is undeniably portrayed in those screenshots as they were all taken in May. Allegations or not they are lacking active people for hourly BG's while FK have many and the active pvp player base would highly appreciate if a small scale FC took place. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  13. Please read the topic name and look through the screenshots. I am requesting a small scale FC as in 2-3 players maximum in order to liven up the hourly BG's and not disrupt the sacred "balance" of NB/AK that everyone seeks so desperately.
  14. As title reads, requesting small scale FC for FK>RG so people who want to join hourly BG's have something to do.
  15. @Uninformed@MichelleZhivago The ability to tank with Whipper this cap is looking very nice with the new and improved buffs, the duration/cooldown ratios are giving me anxiety. The ability to apply the biggest void/ch resist reduction to your opponents avaliable in game, no other melee class can reduce ch resist, let alone reduce it to multiple targets at once. A dash that literally throws you in harms way of the enemy team the moment you use it whether it misses or not and does not benefit your team at all isn't really comparable to the ability of pulling opponents to the vicinity of yourself and your team who then just pummel any unlucky soul that has been targeted by your pull despite having buffs to try and evade them. They absolutely should after all they sacrifice a good utility skill and have to enter mech to make that happen. Like it or not Whippers have a speed buff, one of the highest ones not to mention that it comes without having to spend any skill points for it. Whippers have the best Defense buff and can reach the highest Defense of the 4 melee classes, which class is the only one with 3 Arkana stun abilities (2 of them pull, thank god)? That's the WH, other melee classes have 1 each of the 3 "tank" classes, which class is the only one with a ch resist debuff (and its aoe, mamma mia)? That's the WH That being said, yes Whippers dont have access to all the abilities other melee classes have but no other class has all the abilities Whippers have so I don't know why you're pointing it out. This is all fine though, these are your core abilities that were there before the whole "rebalance" mess. This threads concern is about not removing the compromise that was given to Whippers upon the removal of stun on pulls, when the stun was returned. This is an indirect nerf to all the other classes that are supposed to excel at not being pulled easily, while giving Whippers the luxury of being able to succesfuly pull any target that is in the range of their pull without having to give it any second thoughts. Whippers are the only class with the benefit of having extra CH ACC / ACC on 2 of their stun abilities, that coincidentally also pull their enemies.
  16. Thank you for the reply. Stun on Hook and Sinker I & II was removed, as a compromise CH ACC / ACC was given to the said skill. WH players turn into an angry mob and protest. Return Stun and remove the compromised CH ACC / ACC. WH players are happy again and have nothing to be upset about. Returning Stun was fine, but not removing the compromise for it wasn't because now as you said there's no risk for whippers to pull since it hardly has a chance to miss making other classes suffer especially those that are supposed to excel at CH EVA / EVA allowing WH's not having to think about when and who to pull anymore.
  17. Then remove the ch acc / acc values that were given to the skill as a compromise for losing stun. Why do they have both now lol?
  18. Whippers had stuns removed from Hook and Sinker I & II and were given additional ch acc / acc on said skills instead to justify the removal of stun. Well they cried so much that they got their stuns back but kept the additional ch acc / acc on them? Is this subject to change or not?
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