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  1. - New Couple/Spouse buff AGI & ACC +10/+15% MP +10/+15% G-Heal & P-Heal +10/+15% - Add Skill upgrade Max level add a box to increase each skill to the maximum level of the current class. - Add new Loot Mode "Dungeon Roll the Dice" Items > Orange - Pet Pray "Magic Man" : Holy Sage : Seraphic Hammer healing +7% Druid : Unicorn Morph healing +7% - Scroll lv100 Add to Arcane Box - Power / Guard Scroll stack 999 - HP/MP pot stack 9 999 @Jordan
  2. you can try this but it's not up to date yet, for the moment I'm trying to do it as soon as possible: c
  3. Welcome Back on Eden and Welcome on VGN !
  4. If you forgot your 2nd password : Just create Ticket.