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  1. Zsoltgewinn

    Crystal Cross Medals Should be able to trade

    Hum, No ?! In the Past for the Awakken set 95 you needed 8 000 CCM, and now it's just 4 000. So if you trying to do your Awak set you are lvl 95. just do your DNG + PoD + Mobs and don't forgot to use class drop for more CCM, if you can't just ask to your guild or to friends and go with Party ! Don't see the typo it's 4k for Awaken set 95.
  2. Zsoltgewinn

    New to Eden Eternal

    Welcome to Eden Eternal VGN !! For your class it depends only on you and your preferences And you have a great opportunity for the guild, it's up to you to make your choice, but otherwise I'll tell you Forestria! #Nipple #Forest Have a nice day !
  3. Zsoltgewinn

    Altars guide rotation

  4. Zsoltgewinn

    Altars guide rotation

  5. Zsoltgewinn

    Hi! New Player to EE!

    Hello and Welcome to Vendetta Gaming Network and to Eden Eternal !!
  6. Zsoltgewinn

    Altars guide rotation

  7. Zsoltgewinn

    is there a discord for the server or a clan/guild?

    So you need Katana Weapons for this class.
  8. Zsoltgewinn

    is there a discord for the server or a clan/guild?

    You can obtain Trait tome with Gem Crystal or buy to other players or use AP. For Weapons that depending only to which class you want play.
  9. Zsoltgewinn

    Altars guide rotation

  10. Zsoltgewinn

    Altars guide rotation

  11. Zsoltgewinn

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestion

    The Crystal / Pickave and Gloves are allready on Altars, just today was buged hwhw
  12. Zsoltgewinn

    Altars guide rotation

  13. Zsoltgewinn

    Altars guide rotation

  14. Zsoltgewinn

    All Dye Color overview

    Hello ! Today, I provide you with a guide that includes all the colors of Dye. They are arranged in the order of pages 1 to 48. (The Starlights are not there, because it's complicated to take a screen from a Dye that has 50 colors in 1 second hwhw.) If you want to quickly find a particular Dye use CTRL+ F and enter the exact name you are looking for. Light Gray Powder Blue Peacock Blue Sea Green Grass Green Sunshine Yellow Pale Peach Scarlet Dark Red Amethyst Sage Orange Dark Grey Sand Yellow Yellow Eggplant Coral Pale Blue Lavender Midnight Blue Vermilion Bright Orange Coffee Citrus Vibrant Violet Silver Grey Leaf Green Pale Crimson Dawn Gold Lemon Chiffon Lace White Deep Green Mocha Sunlit Orange Royal Purple Sandstone Red Cyan Blush Sunflower Basil Cerulean Plum Steel Blue Mist Gray Cider Orange Rosewood Merigold Ruby Red Deep Purple Paradise Blue Sassy Pink Emerald Pure Red Pure Green Pure Blue Pure Yellow Pure Magenta Pure Black Seafoam Indigo Misty Rose Ivory Apricot Saffron Amythest Purple Jam Redwood Pink Deep Turqoise Ash Gray Hyacinth Forest Green Celedon Lime Green Green Dark Green Jade Mustard Moss Army Green Dark Blue Peach Blossom Rose Gold Cantaloupe Caramel Salmon Pale Orange Soft Gold Pale Green Turquoise Grape Periwinkle White Ash Merlot Gray Pea Green Red Gold Eggshell Oak Green Light Turquoise Wisteria Sweetheart Pink Snow Blue Mauve Tan Sun-Kissed Tan Rosey Tan Sandstone Bronze Starfish Chocolate Light Brown Antique Pale Pink Slate Gray Charcoal Brown Goldenrod Spring Moss Sapphire Blue Camo Green Mint Green Fern Midnight Turquoise Sky Blue Sangria Lilac Rose Lipstick Red Pine Green Ice Blue Orchid Sea Blue Sunshine Yellow Blue Maple Pickle Red Brown Frosted Pink Teal Coral Pink Thank you !
  15. Zsoltgewinn

    Altars guide rotation