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  1. spanners were removed from hounds along with unique binding stones
  2. Welcome to the VGN Community i hope you enjoy your stay here with us if you got any questions you can find me on forum or on RG Side - Satana / Anaxilea
  3. WELCOME WELCOME CHUBCHUB hope you have a wonderful time with us here at VGN, if you need anything come back to the forum and let us know o/
  4. we'll always be here when you need us o/
  5. Welcome back~ hope you enjoy it and if you need anything poke us on the forum or ingame.
  6. I don't play twin saga sadly can't give you a suggestion. but i can give you a warm welcome to the VGN community o/ sooooooo WELCOME and i hope your stay is enjoyable
  7. lets talk philosphy.......damnd boring? Ok - kill fk;s:)

  8. Welcome to the game pudgy o/
  9. that build should not be used for pvp or pve
  10. first time on your profile - hi:)

    1. Satana


      ello o/ welcome c:

  11. Bonjour o/ welcome to VGN and hope you enjoy your stay with us in SB
  12. Welcome Addison, and definetly this server is alot better than aeri. hope you enjoy your stay and come back to forum if you ever need anything.
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