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  1. Have moved my account to @MAIKA xx

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    2. Filomena
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      Changed in game name, decided to match it to my forum account too. :^)

    4. Mar


      Ohhh ok. :) Nice I will add you then. 

  2. This is some sad vibes place. 😐

    1. Filomena
    2. SneakyHeal


      Forum seems so quiet, I miss reading some action! 😭

    3. coctanic36


      Sad backwards is das und das nicht gut

  3. Well best is to try buying AP in Suer where both factions can see the chat. :]
  4. Hello ! As someone who's always nerding out about outfits and such, I was curious : is there a posibility to make hairstyles wearable? Like recolors and etc - but with different shade accessories, example : ( this cute NPC having orange ribbons (?) in her hair ) Having unique wearable shades of hairstyles (or same hairstyles but different shade accessories in them) might bring some interest into the market. wink
  5. I purchase a lot of AP, but personally, I'm not 'hording gold' like people here insist. I sell 1:2 because AP need is high, I purchase things for new players or help them out, and I same way can't farm because I'm a medic. Meaning I'm out of gold most of the time I play. Unless you're close friends with someone who buys AP, I'm pretty sure because of absolute rarity, no one's gonna be selling 1:1.
  6. Hi hi and welcome. There is amazing guild Inquisitors on RG side if you wish to find some fresh players. Other than that, Curse and Hookers are two other guilds (FK and RG) you could seek to join for some pvp purposes. @KawaiiNyanNyanis amazingly helpful with stuff in game and so are many other players. Hope you enjoy your stay. xx P. S. I run a discord server with most active players of SB so if you're intetested and want to get more out of us or get some general discussions about classes faster, feel free to ask for link in dm. :3
  7. The Tiddyport. Name it Tiddyport. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. Welcome! Should you be around RG, I'm always down to help ya. Just look for Sneaks. ^^
  9. Hey. At the moment Pixel Game Cards is down, so we're all just waiting for it to come back up. I am sure GS/GM team will update us when it's back on. At the moment, just waiting game with the service sadly.. :')
  10. Hi. If you go to Mereholt and find Bike Mechanic Davidson, you can check which bikes you can upgrade with keys and what amount of keys you need. The generic white Stormchaser you get as beginner bike to your character cannot be enchanted by keys.
  11. Just as Filo said. Inquisitors is amazing for starting players. :3 And has one of the nicest people in game.
  12. Will help you out with anu necessary stuff on RG side if you join in. Other than that, game is not heavy p2w. Doesn't matter how much you will spend, you have to be actually good first for any stuff bought. 😄
  13. Take care, Tako. Best DPS medic that ever existed. xx ~
  14. Hi hi and welcome to SB. If ever you'd be seeking help or company, don't hesitate to find Sneaks in game, RG side. And happy to have you!
  15. '' When you try so hard, but you don't succeed... '' IGN : Sneaks
  16. Hello . *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Would love to ask for : Royal Corset and Banneret Corset. RG and FK Jumpsuits. Kama Sutra Cooldown / Bashful Bloomers + Special one (if they're still available) 50 Shades. Commandos of all colors! Thank you! xx
  17. Man I used to have massive decks of Yu Gi Oh...
  18. I think fact of the matter is: Balance just won't happen. If a something messes up, both sides, one side, doesn't matter : people won't play. You cannot, sadly, force them to play somewhere they're uncomfortable with or for somebody that casts them out. Game becomes unbearable and they quit. Best way is to try and settle things with people instead of forcing them out. That way balance WILL happen. Other than that - it won't, ever. So it's best to allow people to be on side they wanna be instead of having dead, stagnant account with a player who won't play it anyways. Your numbers will not increase by forced hand. Your numbers will increase by teamwork. If you want FK side to be balanced - accepting, befriending people is best way to go. Other than that, nothing will change. And RGs, at least the people from Hookers guild, back out from pvp if numbers are too high. Done it myself multiple times. THAT is the way to balance the game. Not the 'full force stay in this faction because hurr durr' way. Let people enjoy the game the way they want to, in environment they're comfortable with. : ) P.S. After all, games are for fun. Not for sheer force. ^^
  19. I agree. Activity from some players dropped heavily mainly because of the faction itself. So its sort of a lose lose situation. Either they fc and play, or already a small player base loses a person. FC is sort of mandatory at this rate.
  20. Hihi. Just popping in to ask if please, we could open Faction Change again? There are quiet a LOT of people trying to change factions, and many of them are even dropping activity due to not being able to swap the factions. I got account to transfer as well, and I know there are at least 5+ people who'd like to send alt or two to one faction or another. Could this happen this maintenance? I'd be great. xx tyvmbaiii
  21. When turns have tabled and someone who pooped on FK before starts pooping on RG. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Don't think topic's about that, @Venom P.S. Mostly old NB/AK times were quiet fit/better if I'm not wrong. Who leaves, who goes, who comes or who doesn't is really onto people themselves.
  22. Filo's guild is very nice, and also Filo is an amazing leader. Inquisitors is the place to go for fresh players, but if you ever need any other help, I think RGs are always willing to assist.
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