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  1. Choice: B4 IGN: WhiteTygress Faction: Royal Guards
  2. bye bye, Don't forget to give away all your gears and delete all your characters
  3. yeah... most people don't care about auto atk tho, I almost never include it in a build. On the grand scale of things, auto attack is negligible.
  4. Okay well with much luck, you can getl lvl 48 rings in low level NB i think, its passed just bit more than an hour ago
  5. lvl 48 rings were available in last Christmas event dungeon, Did you miss it?
  6. Just sell them on a different toon
  7. Thats a feat, best of luck with your endeavors!
  8. I wonder why the ppl don't wanna do the hauler? its FUN! I remember people asking for it to be a functional quest, now it is, nobody cares...
  9. Tygress


    Buffs, shorter buffs will always appear the farthest left, if you need to cancel something like frenzy/ironskin then they will be to the leftmost end. maybe take some practice to cancel the right buffs. nobody ever complains about this before. Hexwave packs are better to store than the hexwave1/2/3 they are also cheaper to send by mail. perhaps mail the packs to an alt if you have inventory problems, when you save up like 50 hexwaves or so then send them back to your main toon, open them and use them up. or you can put hexwaves in auctionhouse. Cyberskin backpacks cannot be dropped ingame, the server needs a way to make money and that is one of them. VGN tries to make SB not purely pay to win. but server costs need to be met somehow. Yes we need a bit of advertisement, as it is now, most people who find this game are people who played it in the past. As dated as this game is, I don't think there is a shortage of people who would play a game full of tits and mechs but they just don't know where to go. I don't know what it would take to make bike skins, that is being looked into but the bike speed description thing is pretty minor. maybe it can be fixed easily, not sure. ask @limeox, he knows everything
  10. Last Man Posting third and final round is live. Same rules as before. Post entries Here The Third and final round for Last Man Posting is over. @GoddessSand has disqualified himself by double posting at the end, @Che posted less than 5 words therefore, the winner is @Filomena Thank you all for participating
  11. Last Man Posting round 2 is live. Same rules as before. Post entries Here Last Man Posting round 2 is over The Winner is √Buffy AKA @Bruise Keep your eyes peeled for round 3 Where the grand prize is all of 3 points! Thank you all for participating.
  12. You could get, unsealer, skill reset, safeguard 8 and 9 among other things which were as @Filomena says, junk
  13. Tygress


    Okay lets close this thread now
  14. https://justgetflux.com/ save your eyes
  15. Since GM/GS cannot win events and the runner up post was profane, the winner of the August, 2018 last man posting event is @Che Congratulations Thank you all for participating good luck in future events
  16. Hello everyone, I am hosting a very simple forum event, there can only be one winner. I will create a forum thread that will be closed at a specific time, the last player to make a post in said thread before it is locked will be declared the winner. Rules: Establish who you are in game on your first post. (IGN. No special characters) Alternate accounts are not allowed. (any two accounts posting with same IP will be disqualified) No double posting.(you may post more than once but not consecutively) Your post must be a sentence no shorter than 5 words. Your post must be scarlet blade related. Your post may contain one photo only. No profanity, or sexually explicit posts Failure to follow those rules will result in disqualification. Prize: Two event points Submit your entries Here
  17. What exactly are you saying? If I can pick up scarlet blade and be equal to the players here long before me then why would I spend any money? Anyway they only thing that has been suggested toward that is to increase stats of base gears so they are usable to some extent. You don't need real money to get the things you need on here if you have time to farm
  18. As requested you have now Joined Bikini's black underwear, enjoy your time in there.
  19. Jigsaw Puzzle Event This event is very simple To participate in this event one only needs to complete the puzzle and submit your time via screen-shot Here Entries for this event will be open until the 12 of April With your entry please include your IGN or alt on your main account with NORMAL characters in their name. Failing this, your points, if any, will be given to some random participant. You may solve this puzzle as many times as you wish until you are satisfied with your completion time The prize for first place will be 3 points, 2nd place 2 points and 3rd place 1 point This puzzle is very easy, only 99 pieces. The main challenge of this event is not the puzzle itself but being faster than the other players. Enjoy The Puzzle can be found here: https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=0e0b23dd8730 There are some buttons at the bottom left of this puzzle, play around with them to make life even easier! Winners for Jigsaw Puzzle Event are as follows 1st GoddessSand 2nd CrazyCow 3rd Spyro Thanks for participating
  20. come on everybody! chant with me! "What do we want?" "Low level shit!" "When do we want it?" "Now!"
  21. Better than being called money grabbers tho im 90% sure there are plans...
  22. Quipao v3 plox, I need for 3 classes
  23. Best times to look for me is when turnpike is about to start, RG - WhiteTygress, FK - TygressX
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