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  1. cause some pussy FK play as RG for rewards
  2. Gin

    Mystery Box Item Requests

    Tarnished Love Teddy (All Female Classes) Foxfire Cruiser ( make it 180 for speed ) Suer Huntress
  3. Gin

    class change

    its possibble to add new class, archer, or mage, thats awesome class
  4. Gin

    Time for event boss

    xx.20 - xx.20 every hours
  5. Gin

    item on new patch

    hello @Vivi 1. i think this is not fair if uniq costume drop on DG is un-locked. useless if not for our class 2. why Accessories under lvl 50 is not NT too? ppl can put on AH for gold or trade to another toon for use. but not for lvl 58 ring. 3. i think its gonna good if pink/purple hexweaves NT can open on toon under lvl 60. gears lvl 60 can trade or send by mail. thank you
  6. Gin

    Welcome the God Squizzy

    who Squizzy! Squidward ?
  7. Gin

    Patch Feedback

    pink/purple hexweaves can open at lvl 60 its gonna be good if that item can be open on lvl 55+
  8. Gin

    Patch Feedback

    yes, last boss drop uni earrings and hp/sp pot
  9. Gin

    Patch Feedback

    about boss event on econia, make it free for all pick up loot
  10. can u help me sir? i need build "Run" with SP jewel uniq rank2.