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  1. I suggest yall who still plays punisher quit the class untill its fixed, in battlegrounds you will end up being dead weight for your team even if u have the best of your intentions there. I joined janus with 3 punishers a few days ago and it was a shitfest
  2. but if none of you is a real punisher you guys should at least listen to people who played the class for about seven years now instead of guessing what would be good. for once do something that @BesTweaveR or I have been suggesting and undo those pointless changes you've made so far. some of those changes were a waste of effort, such as the damage passive and overkill's animation
  3. because SWs can kill most people in one combo, and they always land stun first, so people die to them without even fighting. if you want to make a build to kill shadow walkers you wont be able to kill any other class. even with full ch-acc build my stuns still miss 80% of the time. shadow walkers already have a lot of accuracy and chakra accuracy so they never miss, and now they also ignore crit-void and have a lot of damage boost. anyway I guess u agree that punisher is a dead class right now. the only utility we have is a cocoon that benefit the rest of our team. I'm gonna have to say that level 54 and 59 caps were much better balanced than now, there is almost no improvement in the changes made so far. Instead of making complex buffs and skills with a lot of stats yall should try to make it simpler, crit-void/crit-eva/dot-reduc were never meant to be put in classes skills, those have to be built through gears
  4. I was looking into all classes skills and I noticed something: from lvl 59 to 65, most buffs and debuffs get new fancy stats such as crit-void, crit-eva, cleanse, heal. punisher didnt get any of those, add that with the damage passive being nerfed and as a result punishers got a low dps in pvp and a even lower tankness. what I propose for a general fix not only for punishers but also for other classes is: undo punisher's damage passive change add a -DEF effect to penetration add a buff to defense cocoon that affects only one person, and gives some defensive stat such as ch-resist/def/crit-void/crit-eva and please undo overkill's animation change. I belive shadow walker's damage needs to be nerfed, they got lots of damage boosts since lvl 59 cap. people cant see them coming because they are invisible, cant tank them because their debuffs are too strong and their buffs got extra damage. now related to what @SparkOne said about mech stun, its common when someone lags to move a bit after being stunned. for punishers its really annoying because after u use swiggers and firing squad, our own buff wont let us move foward to keep the target stunned. having a better range on mech stun would help. if you are playing against a punisher even lag benefits you :s
  5. Dying to damage over time from classes skills will not remove the wanted, only a skill stone bound to a weapon can do that.
  6. The only way to take the Wanted bounty from a player from your own faction is using a destruction skill stone in your weapon and repeatedly duel untill the stone triggers. so if you see a system message saying "PlayerA has killed the Wanted character PlayerB" and both players are in the same faction, you can assume they are doing it on purpose, because no one ever uses destruction stones in their builds and the chance for it to trigger with a perfect timing in a duel to kill someone is very low.
  7. Teresa's suggestion of lowering the amount of exp required per level seems solid to me. Do that and we can forget about exp rates
  8. idk if raising the effect of exp boosters is a good idea to fix exp in endgame, bcoz bellow lvl 50 the exp rates are ok, we mainly needed the level 60+ mobs to give more exp when they are killed. before the patch I was getting about 1% exp per hour farming seona's dg using booster. now it should be 5% per hour which is still very low. I'd suggest to change back the booster to its original values and boost the actual exp from mobs (which should probally take more time to be done but it is the most efficient way to fix one part of the game without breaking others)
  9. Overkill's animation and cocoon area/cooldown: something that has been changed without necessity. The issue with defensive cocoon is that if the buff it too big PU becomes decent but everyone else who shares that buff becomes freaking op. if the buff is too weak everyone else gets a decent buff but PU becomes too weak. one possible solution: change back to the original duration/cooldown/area of lvl 54 and 59 cap. make the cocoon give 2 diferent buffs: one that boosts a small amount of eva (like 900) and void and affects 6 players, and another one that has some extra eva and void, plus some amount of defense, ch-resist and DoT reduction, but this one only affects one player (which should be the owner of the cocoon as long as he stays on it by priority). one thing that could help is to remove the visual aura on Firing Squad, its huge and using it is like putting a target on yourself so everyone sees and aim for you. also whats the point of the imobilize debuff if whippers can pull punishers in firing squad? we are the only class who uses a buff and gets rooted to the ground, then in mass pvp whippers come and force pull punishers 25m away from where they were, and they cannot run back because of the imobilization debuff wont allow them. being pulled while firing squad is on is instant death. now some issues going on with other classes: DE's reflect is too long and too strong, I'd say make it 20 sec and 50% reflection. shadow walker's smoke screen DoT is way too strong. its at least 25k damage with a single skill, and its AoE.
  10. its kinda cool when Im on firing squad out of range of everyone and some wh pulls me, then I just use detonation and wildfire in his face and boom rip whipper. but I agree that wh's acc and ch-acc from pulls should be nerfed.
  11. people would care if a BG is 12x2. few of the 12 will always try to make the 2 miserable, thats how SB is, the only balanced pvp we can have is in janus/tp/siren/ark/soccer pit. if you guys make it unbalanced, they will become the same shit of saturday alkasava
  12. I rather have a longer wing buff than a better wing buff. but if people want extra stats add 200 crit eva and 500 crit void instead of more offensive stats
  13. leveling from 64 to 65 takes at least 10 hours of grinding, most people stop at 64 so they can use Lv64 earrings and the effort to lvl up isnt worth the Lv 65 suit
  14. Please fix the game while you still can!
  15. gonna leave my statement here that I disaprove all sorts of exp-loss, and this feature should be removed for the sake of the endgame. one thing that many successful private servers MMOs have in comon is that they focus on the endgame instead of splitting the player base in 4~5 diferent areas. if we put all those players together we can always have massive pvp, more people in battlegrounds. sometimes I play another faction based mmo in a diferent private server where we have 25x25 battleground every 4 hours on common days, sometimes 70x70 on weekends, and its not a global server (not even english language). the server has been up for about 8 years, maybe more, and its still kicking, all because of the endgame focus Stop giving people what they want, and give them what they need instead.
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