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Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions


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Please leave your suggestions for the Crystal Altar, Gem Altar and Mystery Boxes.

Remember to submit the correct name of the item when posting! Also remember to specify if it is (Legendary) or (Prime).


We've updated this post due to the page number and large list of old suggestions from the previous post.
Please be sure to leave your suggestions here again if you're still looking for them!

Once posted, please do not keep spamming posts or bumping your post!


Your posts may be edited to add the date in which the item was/should be on the altar.

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I'm just gonna paste my rather recent post back in here then, with a couple updates. owo

  • Obsidian Half-Rim Frames✔️
  • Custom Pacifier (Legendary)✔️
  • Mysterious Spectacles (Legendary)✔️
  • Beach Inner Tube (Legendary)✔️
  • Mysterious Starlight Princess Dress (Legendary)✔️
  • Mysterious Singer's School Uniform (Legendary)✔️
  • Secret Treasure Hand-Dyed Pirate Captain Threads (Legendary)✔️
  • Hello Kitty Kimonos ✔️
  • Dream Monarch Staff (Legendary)✔️
  • Oracle's Key (Legendary)✔️
  • Shining Starlight Staff✔️
  • Star Sickle✔️
  • Demon Pirate Cutlass (Legendary) I fo✔️rgot about this one please forgive me ;w;
  • Eternal Love Miracle (Prime)✔️
  • Double Love Miracle (Prime)✔️
  • Punker's Flying Cloud for Two (Prime)✔️
  • Alpaca Pirate Airship (Prime)✔️

Thank you!

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  • Robust Amaris (Chibi one)✔️
  • Robust Energetic Gogo✔️
  • Ancestry Hairdo✔️
  • Royal Spirit Fox Hairdo✔️
  • Sunny Glow Fox Nine Tails✔️


  • Mysterious Sweet Heart Lollipop (Legendary)✔️
  • Blue Sky Koi Pinwheel✔️
  • Blue Blaze Wings (Legendary)✔️
  • Mysterious Spiral Blush (Legendary)✔️
  • Mysterious Men's Yukata (Legendary)✔️
  • Candy Pink Seraphic Wings (Legendary)✔️
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Legendary Costumes

  • Jade Mask Legendary, ✔️
  •  Mysterious Seraph Headphones Legendary (pink one), ✔️
  • Tan Elf Ears Legendary (brown ones), ✔️
  • Mysterious Squirrel Legendary, ✔️
  • Mysterious Black Scottish Fold Ears Legendary,✔️
  • Ghoulish Silver Skull Legendary,✔️
  • Ghoulish Midnight Skull Legendary,✔️
  • Darling Pet Panda Sleep Mask Legendary,✔️
  • Mysterious Pet Panda Sleep Mask Legendary,✔️
  • Mysterious Cunning Panda Sleep Mask Legendary ✔️
  • Popular Pet Panda Sleep Mask Legendary,✔️
  • Pleasant Cunning Panda Sleep Mask,✔️
  • Crescent Moon Tattoo Legendary,✔️
  • Dream Catcher Moon Tattoo Legendary,✔️
  • House of Cards Diamond Tattoo Legendary,✔️
  • House of Cards Hearts Tattoo Legendary,✔️
  • Millennium Rose Tattoo Legendary,✔️
  • Rose Tattoo Legendary,✔️
  • Yin and Yang Tattoo Legendary,✔️
  • Dynasty Oracle Hat Legendary,✔️
  • Hipster Glasses (not spectacles),✔️
  • Intellectual Glasses,✔️
  • Cool Shades,✔️
  • Model's Shades,✔️
  • Adorable Nurse's Cap,✔️
  • Mysterious Radar Headset Legendary,✔️
  • Mysterious Beastslayer Cane Legendary,✔️
  • Emergency Response Hat Legendary,✔️
  • Black Enchanting Wing Beret Legendary,✔️
  • White Enchanting Wing Beret Legendary,✔️
  • Mysterious Lace Hat Legendary,✔️
  • Mysterious Sprite Sachet Legendary,✔️
  • Mysterious Fish Fin Earrings Legendary,✔️
  • Mysterious Seafarer's Hat Legendary,✔️
  • Mysterious Jewel Demon Eye Legendary,✔️
  • Mysterious Feather Beanie Legendary,✔️
  • Mysterious Harmonica Legendary,✔️
  • Mysterious Glycon Mask Legendary,✔️
  • Mysterious Mirror Camera Legendary,✔️
  • Mysterious Crystal Mask Legendary,✔️
  • 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate Legendary,✔️
  • First Love Strawberry Donut Legendary✔️
  • Mysterious Blue Seaworthy Uniform Legendary,✔️
  • ALL the Olympics Costumes,

Prime Costumes


  • Peacock Feather Mask Prime, ✔️
  • Mysterious Dog Hat Prime,✔️
  • Mysterious Good Luck Charm Prime, ✔️
  • Summer Grilled Squid Prime, ✔️
  • Gentleman Rabbit Wig Prime, ✔️
  • Lady Bunny Wig Prime,   ✔️
  • Midday Sun Blaze Wing,  ✔️
  • Majestic Melded Marvel Wings Prime,  ✔️
  • Sunset Flare Blaze Wings,✔️
  • Gilded Melded marvel Wings prime,  ✔️
  • Serene Melded Marvel Wings Prime,  ✔️
  • Spirit of 24K Gold Alpaca Prime, ✔️
  • Celeste Gossamer Fins Prime,✔️
  • Emerald Sky Wheel Blade Back Gear Prime, ✔️
  • Dark Sky Wheel Blade Back Gear Prime,✔️
  • Aqua Sky Wheel Blade Back Gear Prime, ✔️
  • Frost Crystal Wings Prime, ✔️
  • Sundown Crystal Wings Prime, ✔️
  • Emerald Crystal Wings Prime,  ✔️
  • Blue Seraphic Wings, ✔️
  • Golden Sacred Cross Prime,    ✔️
  • Metal Heart of Justice Prime,✔️
  • Metal Heart of Freedom Prime, ✔️
  • Midnight Alpaca Backpack Prime, ✔️
  • Ornate Cross Pendant Prime, ✔️
  • Bronze Witch's Clock Prime, ✔️
  • Gilded Witch's Clock Prime, ✔️
  • Green Miraculous Gourd Prime, ✔️
  • Mega Scallion Prime, ✔️
  • Aurora Lance Prime,   ✔️
  • Blue Star Light Shield Prime,✔️
  • Lava Star Light Shield Prime, ✔️
  • Mecha Light Beam Cannon Prime,  ✔️
  • Legendary Intricate Painted Drum, ✔️
  • Mysterious Rock'n Rose,  ✔️
  • Lifesaber Prime (between Cupid's Bow and Princess Celstial Wand),✔️
  • Cupids Bow Prime,✔️
  • Magical Bunny Paintbrush Prime,
  • Dream Alpaca Mallet Prime,✔️
  • Sabreflame Slasher Prime,✔️
  • Exquisite Plume Earrings ✔️
  • Mysterious Sweet Heart Lollipop (green version)✔️
  • Mysterious Wizard's Top Hat Prime (yellow version)✔️
  • Midnight Resurrection Egg Prime (yellow/green one)✔️
  • Majestic Melded Marvel Wings (green ones)✔️

Luna Rock & Star Stones


  • Badge of Honor,
  • Spirit Rabbit Transformer,
  • Azurewhisp Shield Luna Rock,✔️
  • Moonbless Shield Luna Rock,✔️
  • Jamberry Jazz Star Stone,✔️
  • Amethyst Luna Rock,✔️
  • Frost Dragon Star Stone,✔️
  • Crimson Sprite Star Gem,✔️
  • Deep Violet Dolphin Luna Rock,✔️
  • Honey Hued Dolphin Luna Rock,✔️
  • Emerald Dolphin Luna Rock, ✔️
  • Cobalt Dolphin Luna Rock,  ✔️
  • Innocent Spirit Luna Rock,   ✔️
  • Ocean Goddess Star Stone,    ✔️
  • Royal Galaxy Star Stone,   ✔️
  • Royal Soul Luna Rock,   ✔️
  • Frost Soul Luna Rock,   ✔️
  • Fire Element Luna Rock,✔️

Pets Prime



All the Pets missing here are primes


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Crystal Altar:

- Mysterious Sinner's Robe (Prime) ✔️

- Mysterious Knight Armor (Legendary) or Prime ✔️

- Mysterious Swordman Garb (Prime) ✔️


Also if it is possible put the "Harpe Swordman Garb (Alpha)" as a low tier reward. ;-;

Edited by Vivi
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Star Stones: 
Golden Idol Star Stone (on priority please!)   ✔️
Sprite's Miraculous Star Stone ✔️
Beryl Blues Star Stone   ✔️
Flaming Dragon Star Stone ✔️
Pink Dream Star Stone ✔️
Claret E-Field Star Stone   ✔️

Mysterious Rugged Gi Garb + Threads (Legendary) prioritized✔️
Mysterious Suave Kimono + Genteel Kimono (Legendary)✔️
Mysterious Brigand King Gear + Bandit Queen (Legendary)   ✔️
Mysterious Guirella Garb + Threads (Legendary) prioritized   ✔️

Thank you for granting my previous wishes.🥰

Edited by Vivi
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-Mysterious Desert Rose Dress (Legendary) and male version. ✔️
-Mysterious White Goddess Threads (Legendary) and male version.✔️

-Mysterious Royal Floret Hairpin (Legendary) ´´   ✔️
-Petal Hairdo (Legendary)  ´´✔️

-Flower Fairy Wings (Legendary)✔️
-Sunbeam Pixie Wings / Enchanted Pixie Wings ✔️
-Resplendent Fairy Wings / Glimmering Fairy Wings✔️

-Aurora Crystal  Staff /  Noctis Crystal  Staff✔️
-Pink Bear Hammer / Mocha Bear Hammer    ✔️
-Blazeblight Cestus (All Color) ✔️

-Robust/Magic Ruby Star Amaris   ✔️
-Robust/Magic Snowy Kueta   ✔️


Edited by Vivi
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Crystal Altar :

Multihue Bubble (Legendary) ✔️

Atrageous Guitar (Legendary)✔️

Rose Thorn Snipper (Legendary)   ✔️

Draconic Rime Scythe (Legendary) ✔️

Knife (Legendary)✔️

Fork (Legendary)✔️

Magic Watering Can (Legendary)✔️

Carnation Cane (Legendary)✔️

Buttermilk Silk Umbrella (Legendary)✔️

Tedde Bear (Legendary)✔️

Bludgeoning Bouquet (Legendary)✔️

Legendary Decadent Chocolate Stick (Legendary)✔️

Watermelon Slicesword (Legendary)   ✔️

Prestigious Adam Belle (or Bell) (Legendary)✔️

Golden SabreFlame Slasher (Legendary)✔️

Sunflame Pheonix Blade (Legendary)✔️

Dark Flame Pheonix Sword (Legendary)✔️


Sugar Bear Satchel (Legendary) ✔️

Blushing Bunny Backpack (Legendary)✔️

Periwinkle Pixie Wings (Legendary)✔️

Sun Sprite Wings (Legendary)✔️

Pink Pixie Wings (Legendary)✔️

Six-Winged Angel (Legendary)

Milky Way Wings (Legendary)✔️


Mysterious Nutcracker Doll (Legendary)✔️

Mysterious Sultry Bunny Costume (Legendary)✔️

Mysterious Leather and Lace Dress (Legendary)✔️

VIP Pop Star Gown (Legendary)✔️

Mysterious Butterfly Dress (Prime)   ✔️


Mysterious Seafarer's Hat (Legendary)✔️

Heart of the Ocean (Legendary) ✔️

Mysterious Strawberry Jam Sandwich (Legendary)✔️

Enigma Bell (Legendary)✔️

Black Enchanting Beret (Legendary)✔️

White Enchanting Beret (Legendary)✔️

Banana Cream Pie Popsicle (Legendary)✔️

Mysterious Whistle(Legendary)✔️

Mysterious Yellow Demon Horn(Legendary)   ✔️

Mysterious Crystal Rose's Whisper (Legendary)✔️


Violet Starlight Lunar Rock✔️

Royal Soul Luna Rock    ✔️

Magical Zodiac Star Stone✔️

Violet Butterfly Star Stone✔️

Metallic Dragon Star Stone✔️

Golden Dragon Star Stone   ✔️

Earthly Light Lunar Rock✔️

Courageous Spirit Lunar Rock✔️


Ferocious Infernal Dragon 

Dyes :

Rose✔️ , Jade ✔️, Citrus, Amethyst   ✔️


Pretty please and Thank you !  ❤️ 

Edited by MrDoudou
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  • Mysterious Beguiling Cheongsam (Legendary)✔️
  • Mysterious Guerilla Threads (Legendary) Ehe oops you put it on this week's altar, so sorry
  • Mysterious Vixen Dress (Legendary) ✔️
  • Shadow Kitty Ears (Legendary)✔️
  • Mysterious Hair Bow (Legendary)✔️


  • Dark Grey✔️
  • White Ash ✔️
  • Lilac✔️
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