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Farewell VSB B|

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My Cursed Ones sleeping eternal dream, no light reach in darkness where they sleep, no more glorious battlefields for them to fight,victims free from terror and pain, what Cursed Ones did bring, no more adventures for them to do in glorious Chromia, in darkness they sleep their eternal dream. RIP ΣvilTεrεsα, PvPTrainer and that nobo FreeKnight :D


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On 30.3.2018 at 1:28 PM, Filomena said:

Nuuuuu. You are too strong to compete to anyone, that's why you're boring. You should start fight in lingerie only, maybe something changes.

Well it not my fault that most my opponents were weaker :/, even maxed geared dont make you good if you dont learn your class first and how other classes work so you able counter them in any situation, maybe is only you that think that i was boring to fight because there been lot players tryed search me without that i need go search them :P or come get me even from fk base if i been in map :D, anyway there no coming back to me anymore to vsb, i have already given my all gears away and characters deleted and im not gonna come back even if new patch comes, im finally free from Curse called Scarlet Blade :P.

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23 hours ago, ΣvilTεrεsα said:

do you see any those character names in rank list, if you dont see it mean it deleted -_- and i did give all my gears to evovoe

well you can seal them :D if you dont want to play so no one can see you in the Ranks then comeback later 

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