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  1. why dont just have both options that can use to make epoxy glues than replacing original option
  2. if guards could get nerf, they should still able do that much dmg that you cant just go with tanks to aggro them and let army of medics out heal all dmg that guards do or if you guys make that base raiding as thing again then should make that respawn spot have some kind thing(nexus for example) that gives buff every second and last 5secs and it rebuff every second as long you stay in respawn area in base ,that buff could be like simon's buff that cant be touched,pulled,etc so it dont become just endless spawn camping, here my lazy picture how it could look like🙂
  3. it could be good idea make them to magic grade items or higher so they could stand out more from general grade items, since almost all items that drop from world bosses have "base" on it name so base pet chips can easily go unnoticed since there too many base items and RP chips that drop from bosses
  4. did you guys fix lingeries yet? there seems to be 2 different types same lingeries, or my lingerie didnt get stats changed back
  5. one thing i want everyone take attention are new skillstones(Stun and immobilize) that got released on this year halloween event, those should be first thing to observed how they affect both 1vs1 on every class and mass pvp, before we gonna start nerf or fix classes, since those can have so huge impact on pvp in this game particularly on mass pvp
  6. now both lingeries have same stats in game, tears of the spider queen should have 5% eva and 5move spd like it was originally when you guys did drop 1st time these lingeries to game
  7. you guys did edit only SE kiss of the spider queen and Tears of the Spider Queen stats after maintenance from guide and in game to different stats, in that guide all other lingeries have their original stats in that lingerie guide that was before maintenance
  8. can you guys fucking around with editing stats in Updated Unique 65 Lingerie Stats guide since before maintenance Tears of The Spider Queen (SE) had 500 EVA and 5 move spd in guide and in game that lingerie had same stats, and now it have totally different stats that before and it did not even have wrong stats like some other lingerie stats that showed in that menu and in game, i wasted 20k gold on this lingerie because i checked both guide and in game that it had same stats and all sudden you guess go edit both stats from guide and in game that been like that from start for that lingerie, if some lingerie stats show wrong in game you should fix them to be same as in that lingerie guide and not go edit lingeries that have been there and have not had any wrong stats in game.
  9. that one of reasons i stopped playing my SE, since it so funny hit those 1-200 phy dmg hits on tanks while they hit like truck on you, end game tanks are tanky but in lower lvls caps they more tankier than in end game, pretty much only pu able deal with them in 1vs1 there 🤣 ,and yeah i can undertand that peoples can get frustrated from this thing so no worries 🙂
  10. i dont think that even skills changes can really save this game anymore from low population when game is this dead already, even if new skill changes could bring some old players back, they could probably play 1week-1month at best and then realise that pvp havent really changed much at all, other side could just go zerg mode and kill pvp that way, no matter what skills changes it cant win against zerg really and then they realising that same things repeat again and again that been happening all time in pvp and quit again.
  11. i leave this here any SE that take Lightspeed lvl8 are either making troll build or they are noobs, since if you take it you dont have enough build any decent build with rest of points for se, sure 186 move spd is nice and all but it means nothing when most classes have pulls and charges that can close range and even PU can make that move spd to 0 if it use it all slows from 25m range and se cant even touch it, so if you start nerfing se's move spd then better nerf pu's slows too and medic's move spd since it can get it so high too
  12. i think some bosses have fake dmg that show like 24k ch-dmg hits but it dont hit me really,here pic example of drac fire breath: charon's aoe ch-dmg on dps classes is brutal even if using -55% ch-atk debuff on it, still get like +14k ch-dmg hits easily and i think 10k resists not enough to get immunity on ch-dmg to bosses since they 5lvl higher than us,so there level difference and i think that still affects on stats even in pve, you can avoid charon's aoe ch-dmg as range class being in +21m range from charon
  13. not sure if you meant +60lvl bgs with your comment since lower lvl cap(15-49lvl) battleground guards wont 1 shot characters that have even decent gears
  14. i think guards should still stay at 15-49lvl battleground maps so it could be more newbie friendly so they could still able get some cover from them if they happen to encounter alts with +12 gears and 40lvl pets and just dont get stomped ground if there no guards when they jump from platforms and start dislike pvp because of that and never go bgs again and i think map like soccer pitch(30-59) should too have guards still since it more pve kinda bg since balls gives good exp and if there were no guards WHs could just pull enemies from bases, 60-65lvl bg maps wouldnt need guards really since peoples should be pretty experienced with bgs at this point of game(if they havent powerlvled)
  15. if you read that topic that you did link, you can see there that DNC have said that have he dont have time to spend on that game project anymore and that hycker have not speak in that topic almost over year so i think they not really working on it anymore and why could VGN help with this ,since helping them could make new potential private servers to rise that could be threat to their own server to stay alive longer
  16. Cairn's and Behemoth's titles should not be for 39lvls since they break balance between classes there Those may not seems so bad as alone like that but Giant title on +12 geared 39lvl WH could break so much class balance in that lvl cap, even now most classes with full +12 gears expect PU hit 1-100 phy dmg hits on with skills on +12 geared 39lvl WH when it have buffs on, for example here my +12 geared SW's dmg with uni envoy set and max atk passive on +12 geared WH that use buff. Wh did able out heal my dmg with 35lvl hp pots which is insane when im full +12 with uni envoy set and before anyone say that try attack in fade mode when it not buffed, all what WH need to do is look map for rival dot before you even close target and try to fade and if it vanishes it will know that there sw and be alerted and buff up and they on bike so they able ruin your possible rotation with cap that bike make when you try attack moving bike, even if you able start rotation on wh you wont able get even 40% hp off since stun/disable duration so low so it able easily buff up, so if +12 39lvl WH get that Giant title most classes could not able do anything against it, and for Elementalist title it could make +12 40lvl pet 39lvl medic pretty much unkillable since increased Healing Rate 5% is lot for that lvl cap.
  17. no im not talking about Athena's Fang of the Asp since plasma resist debuff wont increase dot's dmg, it could need dot reduction debuff for that, i am talking about kumari, epona and yesod's resist debuff skills that have 6sec duration that you able spam every 2-3secs for example here SE's Enrage is 2sec cd and -1.5k resists debuff, Yesod have same amount in resist debuff in mech skill with 3sec cd and Epona have lower resist debuff than other 2 but still with low cd too, in 1vs1 fights these could not seem to be that bad but when you see that peoples able spam these in mass pvp every 2-3sec it just make it bad, and for 55lvl major mech these new debuffs what mechs have make it so broken for 59lvl cap when peoples there able use these in that cap in pvp too
  18. i think those new debuffs on major mechs are big mistake, it makes mass pvp more bad when peoples able spam 2-3sec cooldown resist debuff skills on major mechs, not sure why did you guys decided put them on lowest cd skills on mech, all these new debuffs that major mechs got just unbalance game more and make changes that you done for classes more meaningless, these new major mechs were huge turn off for me when i did see their skills, one reason why i do not even bother log on game these days anymore.
  19. i did read whole thing and since you seems not see it, i did make it more visible for you, it doesnt matter what other peoples write there when GM is one who decide this thing and GM have said that they dont have the capacity right now to achieve a launch, maybe you should be one that read what GM said, and they opened on this month Eden Eternal Classic so you guys wont probably see them launch any new games anytime soon before they absolute sure that they able handle more games than current ones that they already have.
  20. GM have clearly given his answer in "any chance of a private grand fantasia??" post so there no point force them for different answer, no matter how much you guys know about game.
  21. was bored so did record Tartarus solo hard mode bosses(all expect bloodcat or whatever it name is in 70lvl) with Sentinel, i used wizard/ghost accessories and one killer ring, my EVA in bosses were +35% with buff and -15% unbuffed so bosses did hit almost all times and with debuff that reduce acc( i had lvl1 Evaporate -7% acc that did only last 7 secs on boss) so most times my EVA was +42% with EVA buff and without buff -8% with debuff on Bosses. anyway here clips what i did take: tested 1st without hp crisis, and then when boss had like 70% hp i started use them since normal pots didnt able keep up with dmg what boss did, i can safely say that if used them at start my hp could been almost all time in 80-95% on this boss. not sure if needed kill that mob in middle room before go boss or if i just had bad luck with boss buffs since it did take much more time than normally when i done it. 3rd boss i did do like we do normally in Ancient Temple, didnt really need look out for 2nd boss mob and just focus on main boss. last boss was not problem too, only needed just look out for 6 adds when boss go to 1min buff since those can do more dmg than boss to me, so just save photon trap for those mobs. dungeon did take around 50mins for me while clearing all mobs that needed to get bosses
  22. i guess only sw have problem with eva debuff, se do just fine even with 85% base eva in solo hardmode Tartarus, here some pics i did take on my se, i did just literally stand there killing boss didnt really need move at all expect in 3rd boss only time i moved when needed go to some resist color
  23. i think one thing that should be lowered from DE is Frenzy skill's Phy Atk% and Ch-Atk% ,those are way too high if compare it to other classes max attack passives, it probably could be fine with those numbers (+140%) if there was not that +80% Crit-ATK with it too, anyway when DE buff with frenzy it get like x2.5 times higher dmg than any dps classes when they have maxed atk passive, for being Tank class that little too much really
  24. 30lvl Unique Mech only drop from Turnpike 30-39lvl, only other ways to get is use Uni kilocystals or buy it from Auction House from other player
  25. you right, they need fix numbers from skill simulator to right, it says 13% in there but in game it 5%
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