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    Speed Running in Trials as fast as you can to farm trials/coins at end game especially, is based around having a Blade Master in the party, and aligning your buffs/debuffs/skills in the 15 second most effective Blade Master Combo. Usually Blade Master becomes ineffective if bosses cannot be killed in within 20-30 seconds, as a Double executioner will do more damage over time than a Blade Master if that is the case. Here is how the party compositions for Dps/healers should line up: Obviously will require a good knowledge of your class and not just spam buttons to do this, Otherwise you will end up take 30 seconds + to kill depending on your damage. Here is an example of a party composition: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you do not have DS Trophies/Accessories Parts , sub them for GoP ones. Keep in mind, Cerberus does more damage that Bushi whole combo, there is various reasons for that including the extra elemental resist cerberus adds for you to sub into Triple Hit/Double Hit Gems. However Bushi necklace is effective at times and in classes like Asura due to a lot of basic attack damage. Here is a detailed explantion of it if you are confused. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The party i mentioned above by any means is not for Dragon Sanctuary, it works for Trials Like Level 100/110, sub and remove classes accordingly. I understand GK there is using a dps rapier instead, but believe me, in PvE, the weapon won't affect your heals so much if your party is optimal, and since GK is going to hit with Rimeblade to Proc +20% Dmg, it is worth adding an extra debuff to the enemy. Pre Party buff Requisites: Totem Master/Adjudicator/Life Worshipper/Bard Buffs. if you need a shielder for example, you can let them use Rylon Trophy instead and make the Rifleteer use a triple hit for more damage, change accordingly This type of comp at End Game, should easily blow Trials bosses in 15-20 seconds and ending them fast within minutes. Use it to your effectiveness for farming Trial Coins. In the long run the seconds you save adds up and saves you a massive amount of time, you can use onto other things in the game or something else. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy ~
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    Well that actually depends on the medic, not every medic is a support medic. There has been some medics that actually DPS or DPS, or they focus on something else entirely. Though I do support the self atk buffs being a waste of time for me personally, but I can’t speak for everyone else as I said before. There are medics who have put points into it because they themselves dps. What I don't get, is you saying that having atk and def buffs were harder than before. Medics could have 2 buffs fully,without sacrificing their hp. In 59 cap, and this cap. I could have 3 buffs easily but I would have to sacrifice hp, something that a medic absolutely needs or else we wouldn't even survive a wh. So i’d say getting both attack and defence buffs are harder. I dont know about having the requirement of getting shockjock to able to buff my team, seems kinda unfair if we're going back to being pure support and having to put points into getting that while wasting skill points into other things.
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    Comparing a PU to a Mage is silly. A PU is pretty much a stereotype of Sniper type classes/skill sets across many MMO’s. They have long CD’s on strong, single target skills, have low mobility, and have ways of being able to burst down their target through buffs that have balanced drawbacks ( being Paralyzed, and having to stay in a small-ish circle ). They also have a limited form of stealth. This is the class. Straying from the core of what it is cripples it. Edit: And not going to lie. If ME’s party buffs required the super shitty self buffs, I’m out. I know that’s selfish, as I don’t play at cap. But holy crap. Edit 2: I have no idea on why PU has a large defensive cocoon. It’s not in line with what the class does or is about. Edit 3: Since I don't want to be one of those types of people who just complains but offers no suggestions, here's one people can pick apart. People complain that PU doesn't have an ACC/CH-ACC buff, and ME's have one they can keep up permanently; remove ME's ACC/CH-ACC buff, remove VOID/EVA on Cocoon, slap it on the Defensive Cocoon, and rename it. Now PU's have ACC/CH-ACC buff with the drawbacks of it being a Cocoon, can no longer be off tanks, and removes perma-ACC from ME. That leaves a skill open to ME's to fill in. So for that, you could take off the EVA's on Shadow Projection, put them in Accuracy's old spot, rename it. ME's don't have a flat DEF buff, to compensate revamping Shadow Foil, throw a scaleable flat DEF buff in there to work in tandem with VOID and Resists. Keep in mind that DEF is much more valuable where I'm at. So please don't let us CG Medics turn EVERYONE into Whippers. No more than a 100 DEF at 6 pts for 29 cap, please. It can scale to higher levels after that to offer something to ya'll.
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    That stands for all tho ….Some PU can be tanky doesn't mean all PU are Many things depend on how they create toon ….SB is currently like don't think copy paste other gears u OP... In General PU -Burst dmg like mages low mobility cant escape easy SE are fast range attacks like Archers...
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    yeah bring back nemesis pvp map i need suicide by catherine and stea ^^
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    yea, miss nemesis pvp qq
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    yeah nemesis is the best pvp map i hope and wish that we can do pvp there
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    Personally Nemesis Map is best wish it didn't lag