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  2. Hi Hi IGN: Pocifery I wish for a Rapidfire (Black) +10
  3. Monoki, I have nothing against ur post, but it has nothing to do with pvp or fix. The idea of obtaining every item in dungeon will only invite more PVE. Don't get me wrong, I love it tbh. Ideas on possible nb fix (50%) 1. Making 2 nb, as stated before. Having 2 nb isn't half bad, the problem is either both have a one sided win meaning it's all about the loot or one is totally empty with just 4v6 showing up. 2. Moving the time of the current nb up or down to a more convenient time, we're both faction will be active. #just dropping ideas dat have already been said. Also, I will b really happy if the GM could fix the 30+ in nb, it should be 30 without an extra
  4. Ghost buddies! that eye creeps me out :D

    1. Valac


      hahaha ,but m loving it .want me to change it or something ?

    2. Sardonic


      Nahhh. Its creepy but its yours xD

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