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Mystery Box Item Requests


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perfect naraks 

pet expansion slot 

perma warehouse and backpacks 

how bout the different colored rapids you promised a very long time ago 

how bout a lucky box that is exactly what it is a lucky box pay your ap and get a chance at a possiblility of 1 of the items listed above or 

pet , bike , outfit , uni ling, 30% kilo, vehicle upgrade key, ancient spanner, reg spanner, pet skin, and so on

and of course the loser items 

mms pet exp hacks and so on  

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as you can see the two weapon skins are Big Bertha and the m8 rifle girl 

but i saw in game a week ago there is a new modern version machine gun skin that is in game but sadly i have no ss or name totally slipped my mind.  I thought it was the Elderwood skins but that was wrong, so if you could put mystery boxes for the two skins shown above, the mystery new version machine gun, foxfire, rapid, magnum, Valkyrie  or rapids with new colors would be great 


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