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Hey guys!

Today I bring you a post for all those members of our community and who are youtuber, who are currently uploading content on your channel and want the other members of the community to check out your content.

The youtubers or stream will be categorized according to their game and their language.

What will be the requirements?
- Have at least one video playing in any of the 3 games of the network.
- Have activity in at least the last month.

How can I enter the list of Youtubers/Stream?
You should comment in this post the following:
- Youtube channel/Twitch channel.
- Game to which you belong.
- Languages of your videos.

I will try to update the list as often as possible.




BlackHawkEleven | Language: SPA / ENG | Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1 j0ZNEGj.png?1

ByCriisYT | Language: SPA | Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1

Effect Zero FTW | Language: ENG / ROM | Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1 j0ZNEGj.png?1

ganya1 | Language: SP| Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1

Hamtaro | Language: SP| Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1

Kaizou | Language: ENG | Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1

Kenaka10 | Language: SP| Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1 j0ZNEGj.png?1

KonataTVOrg | Language: SP| Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1

PosiTv | Language: ENG | Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1

Raigan | Language: SP| Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1

RonaldRe | Language: SP| Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1

Tokyo TV | Language: ENG | Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1

VoidSlayer | Language: SPA / ENG | Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1 j0ZNEGj.png?1

Xoseliko | Language: SP| Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1

xRay | Language: GER | Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1

ZafiroBlack | Language: SP| Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1

Kravos | Language: GER / ENG | Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1 j0ZNEGj.png?1

KitTV | Language: GER / ENG | Platform: j0ZNEGj.png?1



Corgo Gaming | Language: ENG | Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1

Dominate | Language: ENG | Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1

Mark | Language: SPAENG | Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1

[GS] Zsoltgewinn | Language: ENG/ FR | Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1

Popz owo | Language: ENG | Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1

MatsukyLiveFrance | Language: FR | Platform: j0ZNEGj.png?1

Vyzer & Deathoniak | Language: ENG | Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1



DrDieLess | Language: ENG | Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1 j0ZNEGj.png?1

NovalZSmol | Language: LOLI / ENG | Platform: wHn7Ysw.png?1 j0ZNEGj.png?1

NoRunNoGun | Language: ENG / GREEK | Platform: j0ZNEGj.png?1

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