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Hello, please excuse my shitty English as I write this guide.

My IGN is PeepingTom and I will be making these small guides to help anyone who is confused on how to build their character, please feel free to share your opinion and correct my mistakes, now let us start :D .



-Highest Base HP of all classes.

-Highest natural VOID/Chakara resist of all classes.

-Have the strongest offensive buff -Frenzy- in the game, making her in par with fully buffed Punishers.

-Has good disables and stuns.

-Can be lethal in PvE and PvP as she has very powerful particle skills.


-Below Average damage output outside -Frenzy- .

-Very long cooldowns on her main buffs -Iron Skin- and -Frenzy-.

-Mediocre debuff -Clash of Titans- .

-Usually she is the 1st target to ignore in PvP hindering her tanking role ( which can be a good thing sometimes to unleash frenzy)

-Aside from BladeRunner , her Mech skills have Aggro effects that has no benefit in PvP.


OK now I will provide some sample builds ( you can tweak some points to your liking for every build )

PvP Tank with good disables ( if the link doesn't work or give you an empty page click it again)


Hybrid Tank with good AoE skills


Full Tank with decent disables


Hybrid DPS/Tank


Now for some recommendations:

- Always max frenzy as it will destroy your enemies if given the right chance

- Always max PussyCatKillKill , not only you receive a large amount of resistance but you get a large boost for your ACC and CH-ACC to help you vs pesky ShadowWalkers and Sentinels.

- You should at least have 1 point in VOID passive and HP passive

- if given the choice between spending points on either ChakaraShield or VOID passive, I suggest you pick the passive for the resist boost.

I hope this helps I will write other classes soon.

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OK, next class and currently my favorite :D 



- 3rd highest Base HP out of all classes ( DE being the 1st and WH the 2nd )

- Collectively has the strongest buffs in the game as CB can have the highest amount of Attack/VOID/MoveSpeed when buffed.

- Good to play him in PvE regardless of gear since he has many AoE skills that can be used for mob clearing and his strong buffs help him survive any attack.

- Has a very reliable recovery move -Still Metabolism- .

- Has the best ( underrated ) offensive debuff in game.

- Extremely Powerful Immobilizes that can mess up enemy teams.

- Has the sweetest HP buff <3


- Despite being a melee/tank/inyourface class, he has rather low natural tankiness.

- Even though he boast the strongest buffs in game they have the worst duration out of all classes.

- All skills require too many points to unlock and/or max, hindering CBs full potential.

- Mediocre Stuns and disables even when maxed ( which costs shit ton of points compared to other classes ) .

- Still Metabolism has a very long start up and can be canceled quite often.

Now for sample builds, you can tweak these builds to your liking.

All the builds for CB mentioned here contain both Reckless Shout and Guardian Shout since they should be utilized for all kind of situations.

High HP CB


High Powered CB


Max Speed/ Max Immobilize


High speed Supporter / Immobilizer


Supporter with long range skills and immobilizes


Max Kick/Speed with decent immobilization


Tanky Supporter


Now for some recommendations:

- Sprint level can be anything you need and not necessarily be maxed.

- Investing more points in Spiral Kick is always good.

- Maxed Suppresser Shout can protect your team from critical hits and greatly reduces the Attack and Chakra Attack of your enemies.

- Everyone in your party will love you for giving them 3000-4000 HP with a Lv 9 Skin Repair.

- When investing points in Ankle Attack/Shockwave its best to max it at Lv5 instead of 6 , as the boost u get from Lv 5 to 6 isn't worth it.


I will post the remaining Classes soon, I hope this helped :D








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Alright next is



- 2nd Highest HP and natural VOID out of all classes ( DEs being the 1st)

- Excellent variety of disables/stuns/pulls and a sweet immobilize .

- Best collective debuffs out of all classes.

- Can do the longest stunlock out of all classes ( +17s if I'm not mistaken).

- Can rack up high amount of DoTs.

- Has 4 pull skills making her very annoying for the enemy.


- Ultimate Soul Shield costs too many points to max, has a very slow start up and mediocre effects compared to her other buff -Defender's Might- 

-  She needs to tank in Mech as her Arkana form is not as tanky as a DE or CB.

- DoTs damage is severely cut down with enemy gear and PvP modifier.

- Her Debuff -Eternal Suffering- costs a minimal  of 11 points to unlock and extra 7 points to max. 

Now for sample builds:-

Full Tank


Tanky Tank Buster


Tank Buster with decent DoTs ( note that the simulator is bugged , you only need 5 points on Flaming Whip instead of 6 to unlock Immolation Lv 5 ) 


Maximum Damage


Tanky with excellent DoTs ( due to the simulator being bugged note that I'm using level 9 flame whip where it should be level 7 and level 7 immolation where it should be level 9)


Now some recommendations:

- If you are given choice between HP passive and defense passive , pick HP passive.

- You don't need to max Lightning Whip but its very helpful to have it maxed as the disabling duration increase is worth it.

- while under rated Hardcore Assault can mitigate some of the critical damage you receive from enemies but it costs many points to max.

More classes coming soon.



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Sorry for the delay, recent events in-game made me lazy to complete this guide >.< .

OK next up is

-Shadow Walker-


- Ability to vanish in and out of combat

- Posses the highest EVA + CH-EVA , when fully buffed she becomes untouchable for a few good seconds.

- Highest DPS out of all classes if outside Attack buffs.

- Very powerful AoE disables and stuns.

- Fast and extremely single-target-destructive Mech.


- Lowest HP out of all classes due to lower hp% boost from kneeguards.

- Very Frail if not on buffs.

- Concealment passive costs too many points to be effective.

- She only has a mediocre offensive buff.

Now for sample builds , and as you now you can tweak around with some points if you feel like it :-

Hybrid DPS


Tanky Killer build


Chakara DPS


Sneaky Killer


Now for some tips & recommendations:-

- When investing in Concealment passive make sure to have atleast a total of 90-100 concealment from your passive + fade lvl 3 to block PUs and MEs and SEs detection on their own, however if they stack it with each other they will spot you.

- Maxing deathblow is always recommended in PvP, as it allows for the infamous SWs endless combo and with it an SW is unbeatable in 1v1 let alone touchable.

- Resurgent Sting is a really overpowered skill as it have a stupid amount of chakara damage, ability to attack from long range and a very short cool down,  so it should always be in a Chakara or Hybrid SWs build.

- Secret Charge is best be left at lvl 5 as the immobilize duration doesn't get boosted from leveling it up, while the damage boost is decent but your points should be spent else where.

- Ghost Walk is one of SWs greatest tools to survive and even reposition after you dive a large group, maxing it is always worth it.

- Sky Jump is a decent skill to have, but require some getting used to and the cool down on it is horrid, its still a badass skill to reposition and blink yourself to a location.


More Classes to come soon :D



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Next is



- Fastest out of all classes in both movement and skill casting.

- Very powerful speed debuffs that can cripple enemy movements.

- She has a powerful defensive buff -Skirting Disaster- granting a large amount of VOID and EVA making her very tanky for a good amount of time and has no drawbacks.

- Posses a good AoE Critical buff that can greatly increase your allies damage.

- She has the most powerful Arkana skill out of all classes -Photon Trap- , in the right circumstances it can severely damage or even 1-shot people inside it.

- She can use a good amount of debuffs that can cripple tankers.

- Posses 3 stuns , making her stunlock unescapable.

- Ability to detect SWs.


- Has an average base HP and below average HP% passive.

- Frail outside her buff.

- Unable to detect an SW with max concealment on her own.

Now for some sample builds :-

High Damage Immobilizer


Tanky with good speed debuff


Chakara Build (1)


Chakara Build (2)


Now for some tips & recommendations:-

- Hex and Exhaust are not affect by the enemy's CH-EVA and will always land.

- Exhaust is an excellent defensive debuff but it can also act as an offensive debuff due to the huge - Crit Rate reduction. If you want to tank a powerful enemy's combo in 1v1 , use it before they stun you to negate most of the Crit damage inflicted on you.

- You can still root enemies with Atomic Shot and Atomic Burst even if they are not maxed, a lv 10 Atomic Shot with a lv 6 Atomic Burst can root all Arkana form classes aside from SE aslong they are unbuffed.

- The best way to burst a single target enemy is to stack debuffs on them b4 you use your combo, a max Gatling Storm is always worth to have.

- Detect Passive is good to have if you have the points to spare, 1 point atleast is good enough. Just remember that you will not be able to see a max Concealment SW unless you max your passive and use your mech or receive a detect buff from your teammate.

- Use Photon trap to quickly dispatch of mobs or the enemy team in PvP, just make sure they are stunned beforehand or you create the opening yourself with Mech stun.

- If maxed, Crater Maker has as much damage as a Kumari skill, only down side is the long animation.


Only 2 more classes to go :) I hope you find these helpful.



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Now for the



- Highest Burst DPS out of all classes.

- Boasts powerful supportive buffs.

- Only other class besides SW that can vanish, allowing for more escape options.

- Possesses the best stun out of all classes -Overkill- a 25m ranged AoE stun with destructive power and not much cooldown.

- She has the most devastating defensive debuff out of all classes -Penetration- .

- She got one of the best offensive buffs in the game -Firing Squad- .

- She has deadly DoT skills in Arkana and Mech.

- Ability to detect SWs with her -Detect Cocoon- .

- Much like SEs she possesses 3 stuns, making it impossible to escape her combo in 1v1 .


- Has an average base HP and HP % passive , 3 way tie between her, SEs and MEs.

- Being a high threat target means she is usually focused by enemy team in PvP.

- Frail without her cocoon.

- Her DPS outside mech is lackluster most of the time.

Now for sample builds:-



High CH damage


Tanky with good Cocoons


Now for some Recommendations:-

- If you have points to spare, then maxing Demolition is a good choice. Its a slightly faster but weaker version of mighty impact.

- It is highly recommended to invest in Defense Cocoon, it has a very large diameter that allows for some movement inside it and will greatly help you and your teammates survive much longer in PvE and PvP.

- Offense Cocoon is a nice tool to have in PvE but it has a small diameter compared to Defense Cocoon making it less useful in large scale PvP but still can be used to an extent in small scale PvP.

- Detect Cocoon can easily find non-conceal passive SWs and will help your SE friends help find concealed passive SWs.

- 1 point is enough to invest in PUs Vanish -In Plain Sight- .

- Offense Cocoon Crit-Rate is the same for all LVs so you can put it anywhere between Lv1 to Lv12 depending on your need.


I hope this helps, only 1 class remaining :D will write it later.




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Some comments sire  :D

~Demolition is for a sniper game play, atomic bullet is more useful in very way level 7~10 is nice for the slow.

~ Swigers level 3 is for max stun + damage, level 4 is for the max range + damage, level 5 will just give higher damage, so mostly people just get it at least level 4 for the maximum stun duration and the max range of the skill itself for rotation setup

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Why no love for the Medic?

I realize you can find an old guide from when Aeria games was still hosting Scarlet Blade, but a lot of the skills were either changed or not even available to put points in at the time it was written.


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Yes, I found a lot of good information THERE, but what is the title of this post?

So here comes a new player to Scarlet Blade, he's looking through the forums.

"Ah!" He says, "'All Classes Skill Builds Guides and Recommendations'! Excellent!"

And then nobody plays Medic, because apparently it's not worth playing.


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I don't like the sneaky killer build, personally. I'm willing to sacrifice damage for utility. However, you lose damage and PvE DPS by not keeping your particle skills. 


You need conceal at 15/17 or higher if you really want to sneak into the happiness like back lines during big fights. Your evasion buffs are not up to par with the new level of accuracy people have. It's best to put your buffs on the second before you charge in, than to waste some of your buff duration just so you can get close. Our evasion buffs also haven't increased in a while. 


This build can be modified pretty easily, but will work if you're using chakra or critical accessories.  


I should also note that this is built around utility, and group PvP. There may be enemies you need to start your combo in mech to kill, or you can get assistance. This build also works great in PvE. If you only want to PvP then take off auto attack and double blow and throw them into slaughter, or change whatever you want. 

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For hybrid SW DPS, are we supposed to have two sets to switch between full ghost and mix Killer/Ghost?  Or Full Ghost and Full Killer?

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