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    When we place items like Eternal Coin Mold, War Stone Polymerizer and I believe there is one more for CCM, on Item Support, they aren't automatically used by it. Can you change it please?
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    I will close this thread as requested. However, I would just like to address this comment. Nobody is saying Zumi Templar is balanced. But people are telling you that there is counter measures that can be taken to cope with the disadvantage. You cannot say you're fine with 1 class countering another class and then in the next comment say "why should I be forced to play a class" as that's just conflicting arguements. Like why should an MA be able to kill every class? It can kill healing classes and another cloth armor classes quite easily. However, why should MA, a physical damage dealer be able to deal with a healing Heavy armor class? That kinda goes with your arguement of 1 class being able to counter another... Templar counters MA just like MA counters Cleric. I believe this has turned into a post that isn't really accurate in conveying your suggestion and more of a thread of just "people should agree with me". Race advantage is a thing and like someone else commented if you start knocking away racial skills you also have to start with passives too. Not every class works in every scenario and I believe thats the entire purpose behind this game and why you have the freedom to change class at any moment. If you decide to gear only one class then thats fine, but you cannot expect every class to be defeatable in a fair fight cause thats just not how most games work.
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    Everyone should ignore this post after reading this. You say you don't want to look like a cry baby. You don't look like one, you are one. There are a lot of people who didn't spent 1 USD in this game and have +10 weapons. You are asking to remove racial skills from all races in 3v3 based on the arena experience of a +2 cestus/club Martial, that's like. You aren't even trying to gear, but you are losing to geared people and wants Jordan to make a big change in gameplay based on your experience. That is like asking to buff mage cast speed and m-crit dmg without doing legendary achievements because I don't have money to make and I also don't want to make because I don't have 1000$ to spend on a game everymonth. No one is forcing you to do ANYTHING. I said that the difference about all others PVP to 1x1 is that in others PVP you can find a counterplay. You can still play martial...and lose. You know why someone create a Zumi templar? To use the racial to win. Are they having fun or farming tokens? We don't know. But he picked this race and class to win. You are completely free to use a class that is good against it when you are facing one in arena. You are completely free to play a class that is bad against it and losing. I'm not forcing you to play Warlock. I'm saying that something shouldn't be change unless there is no counterplay at all to it. If you can't ask your team to focus A or B before you get to a point you can't win the arena, or if your team can't avoid those situations, doesn't means the game need to be changed, just that your team is bad. That will happen a lot of times in 3x3, the same way you will get a bad opposite team a lot of times. I play Zumi puple. In arenas full of M-DPS my racials are useless. Purple frogs are always going to be better with Sirocco. Bears are always going to be better with Fear and even human with his MS to reposition way faster than I can. I'm still not crying for them to be removed from 3v3.
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    Just make baby powder available for humans Like Poisonous Powder is available to all races in awaken.
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    the quote bugged because he was quoting you lol
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    I think this is what youre looking for. How to play SB for dummies 101: Make an Account. Make a PU starting class. Donate tons of AP, enough to buy a pet, 11 pet chips and to sell other players (30kish AP). Ask someone to boost you to LV40, EDGE in FK and HappyGuild on RG. Do quest up to Meet the Batachrian. Continue boosting to LV60. From here you will hit a bump, either wait for people who Do DV party or AFK in suer to level your pet. While there is no exp party, try to socialize and ask what to do with your 30k gold( you will need lots of PVP medals to craft your gears, Republicubes etc.) Making +10 is easy so if you do this right you will get: +10 set LV59 - LV65 gears, Pet, Pet chips and a LV 60 toon in like 2 to 3hrs.There is no actual ranking in PVE imo every class can solo Tartarus, the game is highly gear dependant. Everything will just boils down on how fast you can clear monsters, it is wise to do full clear anyway eversince Tartarus Challenger was implemented. Every class can survive the dungeon granted you have the required defensive stats. DE, WH, CB = Void and CH resist. SE, SW, PU = EVA and CH EVA or CH resist. Ranking of class depending on how fast it can clear solo: <--- this is the only thing that matters. PU SW - Max AoE and DoTs SE DE and CB - CB is much safer tho, because most CB if not all, has Heals on their build. WH - What makes WH suck in PVE even tho it has the most AOE is because WH damage comes mostly from DoTs and the total dot damage is around 72k I think with atleast 15 seconds cd on each skills, most Dungeons in late game has twice or thrice the HP than their DoTS and the bosses is like 10 million HP so have fun with that. SB is almost a dead game, Average log in player is about 20 people and half is AFK, there is no one in the lower zone, you will find yourself at the mercy of veteran players if you cant donate. You cant really do anything since there is nothing in lower cap that is worth the Gold anymore. It will be a long and painful grind till you give up, I hope this helps and goodluck.
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    I'd say I agree if you asking to remove from 1v1. But 3x3, 10x10, TW or GvG, no way. Most people who are playing classic are experienced EE players. We all knew all passives and racial, and if you think something is broken and you don't want to use it: I'm sorry, you are prob some of those retards who doesnt want to play a race because "I can't look cute on it". I can understand removing them from 1v1 because there are no counter play for some stuff. Picture a Zumi mage vs a Bear mage. Eventually you will be feared, there will be no one to remove, while all you can do with your racials is turning into a box that reduces no magic damage or knock-him back with a skill you prolly wont ever even be in range to cast. A Human Martial also can't win against a Frog since you will turn on your shit damage tornado + your racial to heal on crits and will simply be stunned for 99% of the fight. For stuff like that, I can understand removing it from 1v1, as simply there are no counterplay for that. But when we talking about other PVPs, there are one huge counterplay, the reason almost everyone here started playing Eden: The fact you can change classes. There is a lot of was to deal with pretty much any racial in all PVPs other than 1v1. Zumi tanks are annoying, but I've seen people dealing with it easily with Warlock. Never had any problem playing Orange Frogs with Illusionist or mage. But you can also use hunter and will be able to use Ranger since cap 65 is coming in 2 days. You can deal with bear fear using classes who can remove debuffs from allies. You don't want to play a class that can counter something you are against? That's entirely YOUR problem. Doesn't mean the game needs to change, but you. People who picked Zumi for tank classes, bear for purple and frogs for purple shouldn't be screwed over to benefit a couple of crying babies. TL;DR: For 1v1 okay because there's no counterplay to better racials. For 3x3 and PVPs with higher number, there are counterplays, if you don't want to use a coutner that's your problem.
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    Is can possible add teddy bear, royal salt balt, baby powder for this cap? this is so cool and is only for appearence, i need to see my bodybuilder frog bro.
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    Right now it's the same quantity and quality of loot regardless of the difference in levels. Both lv1 and lv19 toons get the same garbage from killin a lv10 boss. Should be within ±9 level difference. e.g. lv18 boss still gives loot, gold and exp if killed by until lv27 toon. A lv28 toon killin the same boss gets absolutely nothin.
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    I'd gladly do that if it helps getting rid of some dickbags
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    At least some people who really deserve will get banned then They just need to make the punishment for resetting WBs an instant permaban. People will think twice about stealing them then.
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    Thanks for the long post Jordan. Let me see how much of it I can address here. If I omit it then it's because I have nothing to say about it. Sad to hear about the wipes/expiration being unfeasible but that's totally understandable. I think on the topic of hoarding I don't have much left to add. I have to admit I'm one of those "no point in upgrading now" types, and I can tell you from my perspective it simply comes down to value per dollar. It's just not economical enough for me to gear up a class to +10 that will be meta for a couple of weeks, so I've been instead investing in achievements and fame, things that will carry over with me to 65. I'm not hoarding either though. Onto the gap between donators and free players. I have some thoughts, some that could potentially fix the issue. The first is that currently the baseline, bottom of the barrel resource for upgrading is not freely available, that's regular safety stones. They are only relevant to get equipment up to +6 so I think if it could be incorporated into loot tables it would make things significantly better. How about throwing it into boss tables to encourage people to run more trials and 0/10s? Hell, it would help bring people back to lower level content so newer players can catch up after the server moves on. They could be NT so they don't have an effect on the economy. Then on the altar, you could have lucky+ stuff instead, and tweak rates accordingly. The alpaca coin suggestion was pretty funny. But those are too easy to get and I don't want to spend all day thrashing dyes just to get a few stones. Onto longetivity: I'm taking some inspiration from destiny here, but here's some random thoughts: - Have time-limited changes to loot drops on certain dungeons. Perhaps adding things like essences or alphas? Or whatever you think might be balanced. - Introduce *hard* versions of dungeons with higher % drops, and perhaps some unique drops. - More extreme balance changes with the condition that they are temporary. Like having a special bard week where vocal bomb becomes a triple hit. Stuff to make us shuffle around our gear andf think of new possibilities. Age of Empires 2 DE is constantly changing the balance of the game to bring a fresh feeling to it, and it's a 20+ year old game at this point.
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    Well was Just wondering coz the Crono only dropped in Events but when its a Pack of Scanner then its okay with the price i know Skill reset and Booster are ap items but think would help to level players.
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    ME - Well medics got a large buff in Skills. Ofc you can run DG's - PvE with them too but you will need a lot time to finish, good gear and all this stuff to get Most DPS as possible. Good thing here you can heal urself so you wont die. ( If skilled). Dont forget at all its focus as healer class and takes you lot effort.
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    1. Punisher - This class got the highest dps combined with aoe skills which are excellent for farming and leveling up. Decent level of void/def but the ability to reset agro makes it one helluva survivor in pve. But the thing is it's great offence is it's best defence that enemies already dead before they can inflict significant damage. Downside: ya need lotta cp pots for it's mech. 2. Shadow Walker - The best single-target dps class. Very efficient in the sense that ya need not to mech up cuz certain skill builds makes arkana mode deal higher dps then mech. In case of getting into a pinch, this class has the notorious skill that grants 10 seconds of invulnerability and has another skill that resets agro better then punishers and at the same time cleanse harmful debuffs. Has the ability to go invisible and sneak past enemies and go straight to bosses and high value targets. Downside: Has 3 aoe skills but not really that effective in killin multiple enemies, thus may not be fast in leveling up. Requires keen management of survival skills as it is very squishy without it's self eva buffs. 2. Sentinel - Decent aoe dps skills set especially Photon Trap. Squishy but has debuffs that blunts down single enemy attacks so you receive greatly reduced damage and such skill comes really handy in a boss fight. Downside: Photon Trap can only be learned lv43+ so ya get a kindda meh dps on lower levels. dunnu bout cyberbladez, whippah, and defenduh but I'm pretty sure that medics will go down the bottom of any list
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    Camping times has always been apart of the game. I don't think its beneficial to those that are willing to put the effort in to timing boss spawns and farming them until they get their trophy or achievement. Why reward players for being lazy? The game is already easy enough as it is, put in a little bit of effort and this sort of change isn't even necessary. All it's going to do is promoting boss resetting and stealing bosses because everyone will know the respawn time and sit there and wait for it spamming AoEs.
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    lol medic jus has really low dps but should be able to kill it. I hope you are also using the Kali aoe circle for extra healing + dmg boost. idk if you are pvping or not as this would change the build quite a bit https://limeox.info/app/scarlet/sim/?c=4&l=t&s=50001123101005095110600000001 If pvping I would move stuff around to maybe get shift/heeled flair/ max restoration. A lot of your dmg will be coming from your dot and kali but at this cap it will be steady in arkana form. If you are missing hits I would maybe dip some points into accuracy buff. If you really want more dmg I would max both offensive mastery and veil of offense. If you are able to tank okay maybe moving some points out of hp passive will help you out. I've never really seen someone play the game with percentages on it might be helpful to see the full numbers for yourself and the boss.