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Farewell and Goodbye [I'm resigning]


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💎Hi Hi everyone Nova here~ 💎

Yes not "GS Nova" Just Nova

My timing on this is terrible given what has just happened recently with NosTale, I know.
I was actually planning to leave the team at the end of August but was convinced to stay to see if things would get better. Sadly to say, they have not.

As it is now the end of September my mind is made up and I am leaving the Scarlet Blade Vendetta Staff Team.
This wasn't an easy decision to make, I love Scarlet Blade and being able to work on one of my favourite MMO's has been amazing. I'm really glad you all liked the costumes I made and I really hope you like the new ones that are on the way.
I'm sorry there was a delay we were backed up

I'm really happy I got to meet you all and play this game with you. Lot's of up's and downs for sure but that's what happens in any game really 😋

That being said I hope you all have a fun time in game
I'm glad I got to play Scarlet Blade again after Aeria shut it down
and don't worry VSB isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Onwards to better things~! 👊💜💙



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Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you've put in; it was really appreciated. we'll miss the great outfits, that so many use and enjoy. It's been wonderfull knowing you and I hope you keep in touch and play from time to time. Hope you enjoy the next chapter in your life, we'll be waiting to hear about the next episode of "Nova Talks". Adieu, bye bye, cheerio. hope to see you soon.


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