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Eden Eternal - Item Suggestions


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Alpha/ White item to Legendary requests

First love Strawberry Donut (EE) the chocolate version is available in prime under a different name but its not dyable its the chocolate version not strawberry pink so i cant get the pink version since nobody has alpha items anymore so i would really like to see it made legendary or prime because its my favourite item. There is another legendary strawberry donut but it is different and not the same item. I will include a screenshot of both so you dont get confused.

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Recently we got our last content which contains the most logic pve content (bases on mechanic) , and this i can just say how its good.
But talking about cosmetic, we usually get other games costumes,mounts,pets.
Which is bad for me and some others, since i really dislike how they are, animations looks weird, some are too big or too small, stuff like wings are doesn't looks good on halfkin or zumi.
Also we're limited on altar having alot of repeatable items, sadly i have no hope on altars since they always come costumes that i already have or isn't worth buy it. (opnion)
Would be nice for future cosmetic patch, get recolors and some prime costumes get into legendary, i see alot of suggestions here , and also have some costumes on classic which could have on awaken server , Some looks like costumes which already exist ingame but have diferent texture which is much better.

To finish it, would be nice see them comming to our server, and give us more variety of original costumes models.
Tyvm for ur attention ❤️

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8 hours ago, RENZO said:

Because I saw you bring some new NPCs and turn them into pets

So I think these NPCs can also be pets

We don't have a new legendary pet. who has been a male for a long time 😄



This one exist as pet.
Just a bit rare to see ingame like 90% of prime pets that have basic weapon status.
Turning into legendary just will give 4th skill and a bit more of status which means nothing.






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Hi! As always when i'm bored i keep looking into gamefiles and ingame stuff then i noticed that we have diferent item models which looks amazing.
Found those icons then i went ingame to check if we had it, and have those, they are white and alpha quality, look amazing ,better than legendary versions (opnion) and fits on halfkin perfecly (new ones from TS don't *sadface*)
ZOjEkqY.pngm9BTpzx.png (K10729 and K10732 )
Also found some wings/back gears that we don't have, i know some of them and would be nice have them!
K60281 and K60282 are original recolored and they looks a bit better than base chestplate wings with better effects.
Nz8gNin.pngthis one we have but its White/Alpha Quality :c pls give us pink fairy wings!
and finishing :
With these 2 cute hammers which i've never saw ingame (could be mace too idk)
Hope we can see those in close future!

That's all ty for attention and sorry for bothering :c

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  • 1 month later...

Few days after Patch:V97 that had Furniture warehouse upgrade, we got many slots, and we have alot of VGN exclusive stuff to add there.

Would be nice if into close future we get following items:

Celestial Corridor Gate Mirrors

Mage's Belief Statues (Small size)
Painting from VGN Maps


Would really cool if we get those! 
Thank you for attention, have nice day!

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Legendary Pet Suggestions: 
I don't know her name.
I think this is her item ID: M98001.
Festival Elizabeth. Again possible item ID: M97301.
Hestia. M97401.
Santa Idun. M97101.
Bastet. M95501.
Santa Amaterasu. M96001.
Festival Succubus. M95601
Festival Muramasa. M92401.
Muramasa. M88801.

Demeter. M89101.
Alina I don't know her Item ID.
This version of Phoenix who is currently a NPC in fallmyst too plox.

Old Prime pets for legendary such as:
Fox Priestess Rika
Fox Spirit Inari
Teddy Bear
Black-Eyed Panda
Burger Bears (Small and large ones)
Battle Bacchus

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I'd really like to add texture variations such as skin and eye variations for Ursun.  I would definitely make plenty of eye variations for any other races tbh.  If I am allowed to, may I submit some whenever I have some ready to be reviewed???  I enjoy texturing lots for folks and I do some detailed re-textures for complex VRC models.  I make use of substance painter, photoshop, clip studio, procreate, etc.  I understand if I am not allowed.  And if it would be too complicated, considering there are (if I'm correct) only two texture maps for the Ursun; "panda" and "regular bear" if that's how the skin colors work.

As for suggestions (I know, too many suggestions probably),

I'd really appreciate it if the Ursun race could at least get access to more ears even if it means the wigs cannot be attached to them (without the wigs imo).

The Zumi race could afford to have a flat head option or a very small spike/s coming forward or backwards, without the big pointed cone shaped hair/fur sticking up that which often clips through cosmetics.

It would be nice if we could have all sorts of tails that we could wear possibly on the back slot or maybe some other convenient slot for it to be placed??  Would be fun to dress up like a girl with shiba ears and a shiba tail.  Would be funny to see on non-humanoid races as well.

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On 7/30/2022 at 4:28 AM, Quasimoto said:

Mysterious Newsboy Cap (Prime) > (Legendary

Corduroy the Teddy (Prime) > (Legendary)

Green Miraculous Gourd (Prime) > (Legendary)


This is about to turn 1 year old and we still don't have Newsboy Cap Legendary.

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