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    Hey Guys, Patch 35 is finally here with some big changes to the game! There will be a followup patch next week with the anniversary event and some costumes from Aura Kingdom and Twin Saga coming with it! I will also be posting an update thread in the coming days about the future of the games patches and what you can expect from me over the upcoming months so keep an eye out for that! If you want to give some feedback or report some bugs with the patch please head to this thread and post your response: Major Changes New Level Cap: 120! We're proud to announce that we are now the most advanced content Eden Eternal server even surpassing the official Taiwan version of the game. We plan to keep developing this game further and further for your guys!. New Level 100 Trials! Camodor Chaselands Dark Tide Cave Vingot Lab Devastation Dimension New Level 100 Gears. Weapons Armors Added Daily Login System! You are now rewarded each day when logging into your account for more than 30 minutes. Note: This is per account and not per character. Added Several New UI Features: Bag Auto Sort. Allows you to sort your bag into neat and tidily fashion! Archive Saving. Allows you to Specify specific items so that they don't get put in the archive when clicking Archive All. Select all mail. Allows you to select all mail items on the page to multi-collect or multi-delete. Status Assistant. Allows you to automatically use potions, mounts, star stones, etc. Updated Backpack Manager Allows you to bind Repair Hammers to be automatically be used if your armor falls below a certain durability. EXP/CP Bar upgrades. Will now use decimal numbers for more accurate reading on your current EXP and CP. Added a Bot Check that will appear every so often to reduce botting and Pet Afking within the normal maps. When disconnecting inside a dungeon, as long as you where not the only player in the dungeon and a player is still inside the dungeon you will reconnect inside the dungeon. Note: Exactly how Dream of Destruction dungeons and Gates of Pandemonium does. Changes Another Portal has appeared in Dimension of Souls opening a rift to an Alternate Version of itself. To compensate for the new level cap and peoples grinding needs, we have opened a duplicate Dimension of Souls to double the amount of grinding locations available. Note: NPC's and Bosses have been removed from Alternate Dimension of Souls but the mobs are exactly the same. Server rates are now always on and have been made so they no longer affect the EXP, CP and Awakening CP charms. This means charms, achievements, gear, etc. that give EXP rates are now all in full effect. This means we can host EXP events too. Note: Exp Charms give n% of the original EXP and not the Rates EXP. Example, EXP Charm I gives EXP +525% exp not (EXP + 500%) + 25%. Increase the Width of the Tip box that appears when hovering over Items, skills, etc. This means weapons with a lot of enhancements should no longer go off the screen unless your screen is SUPER TINY. Made some minor improvements to some buffs within the game to try and solve the issues with channels crashing. We hope this has fixed the issue. Peer channel has been merged for all levels so that new players can communicate with veteran players. Territory War will now give Guild Honor to enter active TW guilds into Guild vs Guild. Change Class Cooldown has been reduced to 5 seconds from 20 seconds. Viroona Vale has now been officially added to the map (South West Continent). The warp portal has been restored to its original state. Removed the Cooldown of: Basic Elysian Devil Soul Intermediate Elysian Devil Soul Advanced Elysian Devil Soul Increased the duration from 3 minutes to 30 minutes on: Quick Recovery Potion Lv1 Quick Recovery Potion Lv2 Quick Recovery Potion Lv3 Quick Recovery Potion Lv4 Quick Recovery Potion Lv5 Quick Recovery Potion Lv6 Quick Recovery Potion Lv7 (Enhanced) Quick Recovery Potion Lv7 Added EXP/CP/Awaken CP Charms to the Item Mall. Additionally created some bundles to save your some AP when purchasing. Eternal Talisman's I and II now worth with Awakening CP. Altered some skills to fit the trial versions of the Dungeon, should not affect the base dungeons at all. Text Fixed the text on multiple skills in regards to the new trial dungeons and the base version of the bosses to help improve understanding of what the skills do. Fixed the Recommended Event System Message. Fixed the Buff Description Name on the Auric Jewel. Fixed the Name and Buff Description of EXP Charm III, CP Charm III and Loot Charm III. Fixed the Typo with the Life Worshiper KP "Explosive Music". Fixed the Description of the skill "Dragon Wing Bash". Fixed the name of "Formula: 1H Weapon Enchant - Violence Lv5". Bugs Fixed the EXP and Loot Bug when in a monster taunt party and the monster puller leaves the party passing all the EXP and loot to another member. Fixed the Locus Life Leaf being usable in PvP. Fixed the "Anniversary Alpaca Ornament" item preview crash. Thank you all and have a wonderful day! Please make sure to leave some feedback and some suggestions of future content
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    ✨EDEN ETERNAL SUMMER 2018 ✨ Happy Summer to all players! Here's my draw: 🔆--------------------------------------------------------------------🔆 IGN: Meiko99 Guild: Gate
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    Hey everyone it's finally here! Just as a small update some of the suggestions / minor issues that I've been told about wont be in this patch along with the Holy Sage Skill fix. This will be coming in a smaller cosmetic focused update in the next couple of weeks as I need a bit more time to properly solve this skill issue. Thank you! Major Changes Added New Dungeon "Gates of Pandemonium". Added New Equipment. Added level 65 - 90 Legendary Achievements Added new Racial Crafts for each race. Updated the PvP Schedule to fix issues with some of the arena's not opening right. Note: 3 vs 3 will close when other arena's are open. Note: Territory Wars and Guild vs Guild have not been changed. Minor Changes Added Partial Enchant Chest VII to Pirate Chest. Level 65 trials can now be entered 10 times. Poisonous Powder is no longer removed upon death. Added the following NPC's to Guild Towns Collecting Expert: Hanga Pickaxe Merchant: Phio Gardening Gloves Seller: Ri Crystal Ball Dealer: Aidey Merit HP Potion and Merit MP Potion's now stacks to 999. All couple Refreshing and Energy Potion's now stacks to 999. Reduced the Skill Damage on "Templar's Honor". Class Changes - Glacier Knight - Combat Knowledge (KP) - Additionally grants WIS. - Practical Training - Additionally grants G-Heal. - Duty (KP) - Healing increased by +5% instead of +7%. - Ice Lance - MP Cost is now 2% instead of 3%. - Blood Knight (Experimental) - Bloodsword's Mark - Duration: 10 seconds instead of 4 seconds. - Health DoT Duration: 5 seconds instead of 4 seconds. - Additionally Reduces P-Heal -15%. - Demonsword's Mark - Duration: 10 seconds instead of 4 seconds. - Mana DoT Duration: 5 seconds instead of 4 seconds. - Additionally Reduces G-Heal -15%. - Drainingsword's Mark - Duration: 10 seconds instead of 4 seconds. - P-ATK & M-ATK Reduction Duration: 10 seconds instead of 8 seconds. - Additionally Reduces ATK SPD and CAST SPD by 2%. - Bloodsword - Base P-ATK doubled. - Demonsword - Base P-ATK doubled. - Drainingsword - Base P-ATK doubled. - Blood Field - MP Cost: 2% instead of 3%. - Note: These changes are to try bring the class more consistancy and would like to have feedback on how well it goes. - Paladin - Light - Divine Shield - DMG Taken reduced from +30% to +15%. - Additionally removes 1 negative effect each 2 seconds from allies. - Arch-Elementalist - Doubled the duration of all combination effects. Archive Update All new Items. Lifesaber (Prime) can now be archived. Cupid's Bow (Prime) can now be archived. Magical Bunny Paintbrush (Prime) can now be archived. Dream Alpaca Mallet (Prime) can now be archived. Artrageous Guitar (Prime) can now be archived. Bug Fixes Fixed the spawn zone HP in Normal Class TW. Fixed TW quests in Normal Class TW. Human Thief can now be used in Normal Class TW. Hand Gem: Panzer now grants block instead of Move SPD. Dragon Emperor Leader: Flame Dragon Form now recovers HP. Level 85 trials no longer allows raid parties. Soul Guardian and the Detained Crimson Gem now correctly spawn at the end of Rose Temple 0/10 Mode. Holy Blessing KP now affects the Life Steal version of the skill. Removed the skill bar from "Arch Iron Robot I" to prevent the invisibility glitch. Conjurer "Roaring Thunder" KP version no longer stacks with the none KP version. Text Fixes Serveral Achievement Text Fixes (Too many to list). Blood Knight Passive "Iron Will" now has the right description. The "Get Free Items!" item from the blessed crystal now links to VGN not Aeria. Battle Poet's "Star of the Show" with KP now has the right description. Shield "Apocalyptic Defender" now has the right effect text. The "Upgraded Treasure: Tarragon Horns (legendary)" now has the right description. Blood Knight's "Bloodborn" skill description has now been fixed. The "Awakened Spell Master" 5-Piece Effect now has the right description. The "Awakened Thunder Hound" 5-Piece Effect now has the right description. The "Awakened Tempest Enchanter" 5-Piece Effect now has the right description. The "Awakened Dragon Lord" 5-Piece Effect now has the right description. Fixed the description of "Arch Iron Robot I" buff. Fixed the description of "Frosthowl Bow" effect. Fixed the description of "Holy Glow Shield" effect. Enjoy and have a nice day !
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    Patch Preview Update - UI Additions Archive Save (Button at the bottom left of the bag) Auto Sort (Button at the bottom) Mail Upgrade (Select all, Delete all and Collect All) This is just a minor thing to the patch, but obviously I wanna save the biggest and most special patch content ready for patch day as a surprise Have a great day and I will be posting a road map of content plans following the current patch so you guys know what to expect and can base suggestions around it.
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    It's time to make it official! Some of you may have known already, but 3 game sages were promoted to Head Game Sage for their games. Though they specialize in their game, they may float around and be of assistance in any of the 3. Your HGS for each game are: Nostale: @Pandemonia Scarlet Blade: @DrDieLess Eden Eternal: @Goddess You'll begin to notice over time that they'll be assisting in other parts of the games such as helping with their game tickets (you may have already noticed Panda answering your NT ones), or by assisting in other portions of the games such as creating altars or by assisting their fellow game sages. Please keep in mind, though they can answer tickets, they cannot give out items/vgn or anything a normal GS could not originally do.
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    Hey, everyone! I'm not new to the VGN - I played Scarlet Blade a year or two ago and made a video on it.. Being a fan of the VGN, I figured I'd go ahead and record some of their other games finally as well.. so without further adieu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4YoNYXJ48c Or if you'd rather the text version: Eden Eternal Review.
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    Hey guys, just another small patch for now to improve the quality of life of the game for newer players. I'm currently working on the next patch and will hopefully have it out in the next couple of weeks. Major Changes Players who have completed the ALL Awaken Armors on their main character can now pass their stat titles to an alternate character providing the alternate character is level 95. The CCM cost of Awaken Armor level 95 has been reduced to help the newer players catch up as well as older players being able to finish the armors they're yet to complete. Changes/Fixes Demon Summoner skill "Kyle's Meteor" now deals triple hit damage as intended. Crafting Item "Blueprint: Infinite Mirror Cape" now costs the correct amount of war stones. Life Worshipper KP "Duo Soulchaser" now displays the correct Max Level.
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    Happy Summer Everybody!!!😊 IGN: LesTat I'm Really Glad To Be a Participant On This Event Best Wishes For Everyone!!! 👍
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    Hello to all, I am the first participant of this competition Here is my interpretation of the theme: IGN Name : Origami, Guild "Chocolat" Bonjour à tous, Je suis donc la première participante de ce concours Voici mon interprétation du thème
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    Event Changes: - Valentines Day Event has now ended! Systems Anti-Theft System Trophy System Raids - All raids now reward players with a raidbox despite your character level being higher. - You can no longer bring alts into a raid. - Raids no longer require 5 members to open the raid. - You can no longer use the skill "Heaven Song" in Desert Robber Raid. - Increased chances to obtain Draco's Claw & Glacerus' Mane inside Erenia Raid Box. Act 4 - You can now recall back to your miniland using Bell of Sweet Home within the Citadel on act 4. - Disabled the use of the following items in act 4 maps: Inventory & Equipment - Characters can now hold twice as much gold! (Max is now 2kkk). - Increased the stack amount of items from 99 to 999. NOTE: You can only sell a maximum of 99 items per transaction. - Slightly improved +8 upgrade rate for equipment. - Item Fixed rate has been reduced slightly for both Specialist and Equipment. - New custom stats added to the game: Item Rework - The following items have had the following reworks: General Changes: - When penalized by a GS your character (additional to other penalties) can no longer Trade, buy/sell in NosBazaar, Drop Items, Buy Items, Open a Shop or add to Guild Stash. This was added to prevent bots from trading their items they gain to their main whilst botting before they're banned permanently. - Revamped GS mute command so when a player is muted they can only not speak in game. NOTE: You can however only PM GS and GM's. All other chat features are revoked! - Rement has been replaced with Ismatte and Tallion on the following maps: - Updated Fenrir item information. - Increased the amount of items each map can contain before it begins deleting items from the map. - All Time Space's that had a level limit on them have been removed. Item Mall Changes: - Added "Trophy Upgrade" to the Item Mall. Bug Fixes: - Fixed Fenrir name not showing up for some players. - Fixed several bugs causing channels to crash. - Fixed a bug causing players to disconnect randomly on the Ship of act 4. - Fixed banners in-game.
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    There is a couple of changes this maintenance that will affect Territory Wars, some players will not agree with the changes but we feel like they're in the best interest of the players currently to make Territory Wars more competitive. Note: The changes are not permanent and can be reversed if it has a negative affect on the game or the situation does not change at all. Change 1: Territory Wars will be returning to the original schedule the server had, with 1 Territory War on a weekday, 2 Territory Wars on a Saturday and 3 Territory Wars on a Sunday. Change 2: We will be resetting the Territory Wars with maintenance so that people have to compete for the Territories and not just attend for defense only. Change 3: We will be temporarily removing Normal Class Territory Wars for a short while until I get confirmation on something else which will help me decide the best approach as I'm finding it difficult to find the best approach to balance the normal classes without completely changing them all entirely which would then void the point of normal class Territory Wars. We hope you understand these changes thank you!
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    Hello ! This is the new racials Level 95. Halfkin : Human : (Ice / Fire / Thunder / Nature / Holy & Dark) Anuran : Ursun : Zumi : Enjoy !!
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    Trophy Guide What is a Trophy? A Trophy is a new and exclusive to VGN piece of custom equipment that will boost the stats of your character. Trophies are not tradeable and must be grinded by the player. There are 2 types of Trophies "Minor Trophies" and "Major Trophies". There are 13 different kinds of Minor Trophies and 7 Major Trophies. The Trophy Slot can be found on Character Info by pressing (p) in game: How to Farm? You farm Minor Trophies by completing raids and obtaining the Raidbox from that raid. When you open a raidbox additional to your raidbox item you will have a % chance at obtaining a Trophy as well. Each raid has it's own respective Trophy so you will have to farm the respective raids for each Trophy. The following raids apply: Each Raidbox that you open will also provide you with 1 "Trophy Piece". If you collect 100 Trophy Pieces and talk to the Trophy Collector in NosVille you will be awarded a random Minor Trophy. Trophy Collector (Major Trophies) The Trophy Collector can be found in NosVille (34, 90). The Trophy Collector is the NPC used to manage your Major Trophies. You can deliver your minor Trophies to this NPC and he will keep record of your progress until you have collected all 13 minors. NOTE: When you "Give" a Trophy to this NPC the Trophy will disappear and is unable to be retrieved. Once you have collected all 13 Trophies you may cast the spell of your choice to forge the Major Trophy you select. This will cost you all 13 Trophies and 25,000,000 coins so if you do require another Trophy it will be essential to farm the minor Trophies again. Major Trophies currently have 3 versions (low, min, high) the lowest will have the lower stats and the highest will have the highest available stats. You can upgrade your lower ones by purchasing "Trophy Upgrade" from either Bash NPC in NosVille or the Item Mall. It will cost you 1 per attempt. Trophy Stats Minor Trophies Major Trophies We hope this new system comes as a huge excitement to you all. It has been a great experience developing it for you all! Enjoy!
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    Hi guys, as you probably know A6.2 brought with it the new fairies: Erenia/Zenas and the more powerfull one, Fernon. Now, Fernon's fairy is very hard to craft (and i'm ok with it), you'll need: (sorry for italian) And as you know for every Big essence you'll need: Now my problem with this is that you can obtain Sellaim+Woondine+Eperial+Turik ONLY from the shop, i'd like to suggest a way to introduce them into the game: FC RAIDS! So the idea is very simple, you'll be able to get: SELLAIM>Lord morcos Woondine>Calvina Eperial>Lord berios Turik>Hatus This would solve 2 problems: 1) People will do more FC raids and FC raids would become less useless 2) You will be able to craft Fernon's Fairy without shop/buying from shoppers Now that being said i think that we could talk for eventually change the Fairy itself, maybe by adding a 3% def pvp too since it's very very hard to craft! But i would not change the crafting sistem because it's an end-game item so it's all right to be that hard to craft Let me know what you think about this idea and if you have some alternatives to introduces the fairies in the game and maybe to make FC raids better!
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    Hey guys, I'm currently working on Patch 35 and thought to share some sneak peak images of some upcoming trials. Try to have a guess at which dungeons where used for these trials from the 2 images below. I will be posting another preview next week on this thread and looking for a release possibly the following week (Might be the week after)! Have a nice day!
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    Hey Guys, We've decided that on the next big patch we will be removing all Raidboxes from every character in game. We're doing this due to the mass changes to Raidboxes that 6.2 brings and the fact a lot of people have been hoarding them for it's launch. It is advisable to use up all Raidboxes before the launch of the patch or you will lose them. No form of compensation will be given as the items the Raidboxes contain suffice the efforts already. This might come as bad news to some but we're more than aware of the discussions being made about this and those who feel they can "workaround" our proposed solutions. Either way the changes we were going to apply were going to make them useless anyways but we feel it's best to just wipe the boxes instead to avoid any scamming or any issues that arise. A lot of work has went into this patch and to allow people to just 1 click get everything isn't worth the effort placed for this patch so we hope you understand our decision. The Raidboxes being deleted are the following: NOTE: We will announce a few days before the launch of the patch on this thread as a reminder to everyone.
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    So, I was going to post this under Crystal Meth’s feedback, but Doc closed that thread just as I was posting. Don’t worry. I’m not here to rant. Please read to the end before dismissing this out of hand. I do agree with Doc that there was a lot of ranting and bellyaching taking place on that thread. As a teacher, online instructor, and someone who studies game design, I noticed some things as I was reading everyone’s posts under the patch 101 feedback. While I agree that threatening to quit and being inflammatory is not productive, before we look at this in a dismissive way, let’s look at the pain underneath what is being said. No, I am not resorting to hyperbolic rhetoric when I say, “pain“. When one studies long-term MMO style games like this, one finds that the sustaining attraction to such games (what keeps people playing / paying) is a sense of place and a sense of purpose that they do not find in their real lives (see the work of Dr. Jane McGonigal and Dr. James Paul Gee). For example, the reason I play this game is because I enjoy playing as a part of a team with my friends. I have a sense of place and purpose on that team, by identifying as a Whipper. I play that class, because it’s mechanics fit my play style on the team during PVP. As I read over the posts in Feedback, I saw a lot of other people sharing the same sentiment, albeit very emotionally and perhaps in ways that can be seen as inflammatory. The reason, I think that there is so much pain being expressed is because some of the changes being made to that class are fundamentally changing the place that that class fits into by fundamentally changing the core mechanic of playing that class. Even if, for example, one would swap out the hook and sinker stun for more DPS (which I honestly don’t see happening anyway), the root play style of the class is still changed. I imagine this is the same reason so many medics became upset and left after recent patch that fundamentally changed their character class, making it more vulnerable and less effective in PVP. When people come here because they have a sense of belonging, purpose, and accomplishment for what they contribute to their team in PvP, changing that in a radical way is essentially saying to them, “I’m sorry, you just don’t matter like you used to. If you would like to still matter, you’re going to have to learn a whole new way of doing things. For now, though, you’re pretty useless, so go work that out.” While we gamers have a hard time expressing our feelings, that level of rejection is causing a great deal of real pain. I know that that is easy to dismiss, particularly when it is being expressed as anger. Unfortunately, the money that these gamers have already spent has already been spent. The time has already been invested. The only leverage they have left is to threaten to quit. I’m not going to lie. For whatever reason, I love this game. I was very sad to see it go the first time (https://mmos.com/editorials/saying-goodbye-to-a-game). It’s very sad to see it so empty and unpopulated now. I know that change is not easy for anyone ever. I know that we all have differing opinions on the situation. I’m not here to recommend a specific course of action in terms of the Whipper skill set, the Medic skill set, or anyone else’s skill set. I just want to express that moving forward, it may help to change our assumptions about each other. First, Regardless of what faction they play on, we should assume that the GM’s and GS’ Are acting in the best interest of the game and the game’s community, in order to make it the best experience they possibly can. Everyone is going to make mistakes, and no one is inherently out to get anyone. After all, we can’t play this game without allies or opponents. Second, when a large amount of the core devoted player base expresses an outcry about something, even if that outcry is expressed in an unconstructive hyperbolic way, we should assume that there is a genuine concern underlying that expression that we need to look at. Whether one says we play this game for a sense of place & purpose, to kill others in glorious combat, or "because boobs", it is a game. People won’t play it unless they’re having fun.
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    Changes Added level 98 Orange Gear in preparation for future updates. Added level 95 Crafting Materials. I'm aware they're not in the Item Mall. Adjusted the gold gained in maps from Eloise Plains to Viroona Vale. Re-Enabled the Sage Aura with a change to how it works from a mechanic level. If it causes the channel to crash then it will be disabled again and likely reworked entirely into something else. Changed how the Deter Jewel and Blockade Jewel work (like a Star Stone / Luna Rock). Old ones can be traded in for new ones in Aven. Added Merchant outside Decayed Hallows. Added an option to use Legendary converted Alpaca Items for the Angel Alpaca Mount. New Cosmetics Back Costumes Ink Jet Wings (Legendary) Sunset Blaze Wings (Legendary) Navy Blue Angel Wings (Legendary) Grass Green Angel Wings (Legendary) Bright Green Angel Wings (Legendary) Pale Green Angel Wings (Legendary) Bright Purple Angel Wings (Legendary) Dark Pink Angel Wings (Legendary) Candy Pink Angel Wings (Legendary) Navy Blue Seraph's Wings (Legendary) Dark Green Seraph's Wings (Legendary) Grass Green Seraph's Wings (Legendary) Pale Green Seraph's Wings (Legendary) Bright Purple Seraph's Wings (Legendary) Blood Red Seraph's Wings (Legendary) Dark Pink Seraph's Wings (Legendary) Candy Pink Seraph's Wings (Legendary) Lapis Sacred Cross (Legendary) Sterling Sacred Cross (Legendary) Rose Sacred Cross (Legendary) Dark Sacred Cross (Legendary) Black Ironblade Wings (Legendary) White Ironblade Wings (Legendary) Navy Blue Ironblade Wings (Legendary) Green Ironblade Wings (Legendary) Grass Green Ironblade Wings (Legendary) Pale Green Ironblade Wings (Legendary) Purple Ironblade Wings (Legendary) Red Ironblade Wings (Legendary) Pink Ironblade Wings (Legendary) Candy Pink Ironblade Wings (Legendary) Black Crystal Wings (Legendary) White Crystal Wings (Legendary) Navy Blue Crystal Wings (Legendary) Green Crystal Wings (Legendary) Grass Green Crystal Wings (Legendary) Pale Green Crystal Wings (Legendary) Purple Crystal Wings (Legendary) Red Crystal Wings (Legendary) Pink Crystal Wings (Legendary) Candy Pink Crystal Wings (Legendary) Black Phoenix Wings (Legendary) White Phoenix Wings (Legendary) Navy Blue Phoenix Wings (Legendary) Green Phoenix Wings (Legendary) Grass Green Phoenix Wings (Legendary) Pale Green Phoenix Wings (Legendary) Purple Phoenix Wings (Legendary) Red Phoenix Wings (Legendary) Pink Phoenix Wings (Legendary) Candy Pink Phoenix Wings (Legendary) Black Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Blue Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Navy Blue Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Green Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Grass Green Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Pale Green Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Purple Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Red Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Pink Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Candy Pink Seraphic Chestplate (Legendary) Black Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Blue Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Navy Blue Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Green Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Grass Green Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Pale Green Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Purple Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Red Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Pink Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Candy Pink Six-Winged Angel Wings (Legendary) Hel's Infernal Wings (Legendary) Sapphire Laserstream Wings (Legendary) Ruby Laserstream Wings (Legendary) Demon Wings (Legendary) Mythic Wings (Legendary) Glamorous Butterfly Electric Guitar (Legendary) Rock Star's Electric Guitar (Legendary) Starlight Crystal Wings (Legendary) Phantom Crystal Wings (Legendary) Flaming Uriel's Wings (Legendary) Holy Flames Uriel's Wings (Legendary) Purple Fae Wings (Legendary) Pink Fae Wings (Legendary) Purple Judgment Wings (Legendary) Glorious Judgment Wings (Legendary) Silvermoon Skywing Wheel (Legendary) Goldstar Skywing Wheel (Legendary) Golden Shard Wings (Legendary) Rainbow Shard Wings (Legendary) Consecrated Seraph Wings (Legendary) Defiled Seraph Wings (Legendary) Azure Demonic Wings (Legendary) Crimson Demonic Wings (Legendary) Weapon Costumes Unholy Aurora Lance (Blue) Unholy Aurora Lance (Cyan) Unholy Aurora Lance (Gold) Unholy Aurora Lance (Green) Unholy Aurora Lance (Pink) Sparkler (Blue) Sparkler (Red) Sparkler (Green) Sparkler (Pink) Sparkler (Gold) Sparkler (Silver) Sparkler (Black) Frostscale Bow (Pink) Frostscale Bow (Green) Frostscale Bow (Red) Frostscale Bow (Purple) Frostscale Bow (Gold) Frostscale Bow (Black) Holy Magic Crystal Frost Axe (Legendary) Lavalord Axe (Legendary) Mounts Energized Armored Kaiju (Prime) Energized Armored Kaiju (Legendary) Abyssal Armored Kaiju (Prime) Abyssal Armored Kaiju (Legendary) Snowy Shiba Inu (Prime) Snowy Shiba Inu (Legendary) Sooty Shiba Inu (Prime) Sooty Shiba Inu (Legendary) Ares' Crimson Combat Machine (Prime) Ares' Crimson Combat Machine (Legendary) Ares' Black Combat Machine (Prime) Ares' Black Combat Machine (Legendary) Jet Black Sportbike (Prime) Jet Black Sportbike (Legendary) Racing White Sportbike (Prime) Racing White Sportbike (Legendary) Gray Kitty (Prime) Gray Kitty (Legendary) Flushed Kitty (Prime) Flushed Kitty (Legendary) Pets Robust Koharu Magic Koharu Robust Aflallo Magic Aflallo Robust Fina Magic Fina Robust Aryn Magic Aryn Balance Changes Note: I was suppose to be doing some small tweaks to Normal Classes to improve some of the worse ones but I've been a bit sick the past couple of days so I was unable to do everything I wanted. Blessing Glyph Changed "Druid Skill <Nature's Blessing> cooldown -50%." to "Druid Skill <Monkey Rage> cooldown -35%." due to a small oversight by myself. Flex Glyph Assassin has proven to be a bit over tuned as of late so I've taken a little bit of its P-ATK away. Assassin Skill <Massacre Stance> increases P-ATK +10% instead of +20%. Kage Skill <Blazing Scorch> increases P-ATK +15% instead of +30%. Text Fixes Amethyst Soul Puma buff text is now correct. More Achievement Descriptions. Bug Fixes Fixed the flashing effect on "Glowing Fantasy Wings" and "Shadowflame Fantasy Wings". Fixed the placement on "Six-Winged Angel Wings", "Eternal Ironblade Wings", "Ice Crystal Wings", "Seraphic Chestplate" and "Skyroar Pheonix Wings" so that they are correctly against your back. Fixed the Normal Class TW so now upon leaving the Safe Zone you recover any HP you are missing. Attempted a fix on the #1 EE Top Thief rank buff. Enjoy!
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    Because of the reports of possible abuse to this event that we've been receiving, I have decided to wipe the current GOP rankings and allow them to reset for this week. Why were they wiped? Though it was meant to deter people, parties found it to still be worthwhile to use tower pots when they were never suppose to, making the rankings illegitimate and giving possible cheaters/bug abusers the chance to take the top spots. Rather then reward them, we've added a measure to deter the tower pot use again and are allowing those who can do it legitimately the chance to do so. I'll be watching the logs of what buffs are used in this dungeon and if someone finds another bug and attempts to abuse these buffs again in this dungeon, then I will be forced to take further action and possibly ban those involved.
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    Hey Everyone, I would like to inform everyone that we are no longer going to be investigating "Stolen Accounts". The amount of time we are spending investigating on a daily basis speaking to deaf ears is beyond our control and we feel it is necessary to just lay the hammer down and refuse to help you recover your account due to negligence. If you open a ticket you will receive a default message and your ticket to be closed from now on. We will not waste our time trying to help you when you could have helped yourself by avoiding the following: Account Sharing Providing your account information to someone you believe you can "trust". This person you've probably never met in person why trust them? They then log your account and take your items. Using Similar Account Information Using the same information you have used on an open-source emulator for instance that anyone can setup. Accepting plaintext passwords or logging your information to use again in the future on competition or official. Using Hacks/Fake Hacks I investigated 3 new released hacks over the last 2 months. The youtube showing how the hack works saying it's on Vendetta (when it isn't it's on an emulator). I ended up submitting the exectuables into a sandbox environment where I debugged them to find really odd features like why would a hack tool that is meant to remove skill cooldown be communicating to a server/url? Odd really that isn't it? This is a big reason why peoples accounts are just going poof. You guys are falling for these fake hacks that are logging your login this is why your email is being compromised and your account information is too. Fake Giveaways Sites Another idea people had was to advertise free VGN/Item websites. People input their account information and then voila they get free items (or so they think). Their data is then logged and they have your information now... Are you guys really that gullible and desperate for free stuff? The above are the key reasons you're losing your account all of which prove to us the lack of care you show towards your account so why should we waste our time when you failed to secure your account? I am not joking when I say I spend a good 2-3 hours a day dealing with this stuff and I refuse to continue doing so from now on. Why are people stealing items? The majority of people responsible for stealing your items are the people selling gold. So you can blame everyone who is buying gold as they're the reason why the gold sellers are so motivated to perform such malicious actions. As long as they have a customer base they are going to continue so I advise you all to do the following: Stop Downloading Hacks. Stop Sharing your Account Information with others. Stop Visiting Fake Giveaway Sites. If you believe you have been hacked then do the following: Run Malwarebytes or a similar program. If you believe that didn't work then re-install your Operating System. Change your password (After Anti-Virus/Malware Detection/Operating System reboot, what good is it changing it before when they're probably logging you?). Then read how not be hacked again above! What are we going to do to prevent this from happening? Right now we're trying to find ways in preventing this for the future but it's not something very simple. We are designing a 2FA system that if your IP changes your email will be notified and your account will be blocked until you've responded. But as I've said before some peoples emails have been compromised as well so this can only help so much. We're also working on a new monitoring system in regards to trading. Trading is already heavily logged but we're looking for ways to flag any suspicious activity and block the trade if so. Our time is best spent finding solutions instead of wasting it with people who fail to respect their account. Thank you for those who bothered to read.
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    ※ Some family missions may be restricted depending on the family level. ※ World Skills can be used once a day for one month. So let's take a look at the Family Mission UI. ① Mission icon: Each mission icon is displayed. If you right click on it, you can see detailed information of the mission. ② List of missions: The title and detail information of each mission, current progress, and the number of successes are displayed. ③ Select classification condition: You can check the mission by category. ④ Compensation Information: Compensation when the mission in progress is completed is displayed. This time I will look into family achievement. Family achievements can not be repeated, but you can challenge higher levels of achievement as you raise family levels. [Family achievement type] Classification Kinds Explanation reward Achievements Family Reid Family Raid Attack Family Raid Success Completed Acquire each attribute resistance, experience of family Family General A word of the day, family level Achievements accomplished at family level Family feature purchase privilege, family experience This time, I'll show you a family achievement UI. ① Achievement Icons: Icons of each Achievement are displayed, and you can see the details of Achievement by right clicking. ② List of achievements: Title and detailed information of each achievement, current progress, and number of success are displayed. ③ Selection of classification condition: You can check achievement by category. ④ Compensation Information: Compensation when the achievement in progress is completed is displayed. Of course, when you complete the Family Mission and achievement conditions, you will be able to reward the various effects of the Family as a basic unit. [World Skills] Effect name Effect description Usage criteria icon Increased experience Experience gain is increased for 1 hour. (Use family 20%, other 10%) (once a day, one month) Except Frozen Crown Warm aura effect The warmth effect of the camps is maintained for an additional hour.(Once a day, for one month) Only in the family to which the family belongs Increase faction points Fill camp's camp points 20%. (Once a day, for one month) Only in the family to which the family belongs [Family effect] Effect name Effect description Requires Level (Family) Purchase amount icon Increased damage and defense (Lv1 ~ Lv6) Increases the attack and defense strength of the player and the Nomate by 1% to 10%. Lv3 to Lv20 1,000,000 to 900,000,000 G Increased food and simple food effect (Lv1 to Lv3) Recovery from food and simple food use increases by 5% to 15%. Lv4 to Lv17 300,000 G to 3,000,000 G Warp Tower, Boat discount rate (Lv1 ~ Lv3) 25% to 75% discount on warp towers and boats. Lv8 to Lv18 1,000,000G to 3,000,000G Increased recovery effect (Lv1 ~ Lv3) When using a remedy that fills a certain amount, the effect increases by 5% ~ 15%. Lv3 to Lv20 1,000,000G to 3,000,000G Family Warehouse (Lv1 to Lv2) You can use 21 spaces, 49 spaces for the family warehouse. Lv2, Lv7 500,000G to 2,000,000G Family Expansion (Lv1 ~ Lv2) We extend family member to 70 people, 100 people. Lv5, Lv9 5,000,000G ~ 10,000,000G Fire resistance increase (Lv1 to Lv5) Fire resistance increases by 1 to 5. No level Achievement compensation effect Water property resistance increase (Lv1 ~ Lv5) Water property resistance increases by 1 to 5. No level Achievement compensation effect Light property resistance increase (Lv1 ~ Lv5) Light attribute resistance increases by 1 to 5. No level Achievement compensation effect Dark property resistance increase (Lv1 to Lv5) Dark attribute resistance increases by 1 to 5. No level Achievement compensation effect ※ The attack power and resistance value increased by Family Mission compensation are not displayed in the character information window. Depending on the type of family mission, you will be able to purchase the World Skills or Family effects you have shown above when you complete the mission. Family Mission rewards can be purchased through the "Family Functional Officers (NPCs)" in Milano Village. If you complete the Family Mission and meet the purchase criteria, a reward icon is available for purchase. Note that purchasing can only be done by the family head, but world skills can be used by the head of the family and the head of the family, and only once per 30 days. Finally, I will look at the family title sentence that can be received under Family Mission Completion Condition ~ [Family Experience Title] [Monthly] Ranking Competition - Ranking 1st in FXP Monthly Ranking [Family festival title sentence] [Monthly] Ranking Competition - 1st in Angels Monthly Ranking of Frozen Crown [Monthly] Ranking Competition - 1st in the Monthly Ranking of Frozen Crown Devil Show title sentence If the title is achieved at the same time, both the Family Experience Point (FXP) sentence and the Frozen Crown Ranking sentence are displayed at the same time. I want you to check the details of the family mission and achievements in the game. True, there are some missions that are related to family levels and family missions and achievements, and if you have already achieved that level, you can still get the rewards if you do not do it again.
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    The next custom update is actually going to be Trophy related and is using the TimeSpace map system as the basis of where you will farm. Basically we're generating a good collection of maps and you will spawn randomly inside one set the difficulty and do the run it will be solo though including a ranking system. It's influenced from the Rift system in Diablo 3 and I believe will be a fun addition to the game for those who enjoy the PVE side of the game. My point anyways is we could add good rewards here to try calm the farm spots down a little.
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    Happy Summer From Alpaca Grills IGN: SunnyFox (its bad but i tried,sry for taking picture on some toast)