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    Trade Limit has returned: All EXISTING players level 94+38 or higher have automatically skipped the Trade Limit requirements. NOTE: Any new players will have to do the goals as normal. Only existing players could skip this. Any existing players that were not 94+38 also must do all the goals. Upon levelling to 20, 40, 60, 80 and 90 you will be reminded to claim your Level Up package from Armored Bash. Increased the drop rate of the following items: Increased the gathering rate to 100% for the following items: Cooldown of skill "Capture" has been reduced to 15 seconds. Fixed a bug that caused Channel 1 to crash over the weekend.
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    happy halloween :3 IGN: Khea
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    Information Hey everyone, we have a nice mini patch for you today! We're in the middle of developing a bigger patch for you guys but we needed to patch today so I thought I'd throw in some of the changes from the major patch aswell as some bug fixes and other Quality of Life changes. We have some changes planned for Devil Hunter for the upcoming patch too that will surely make the class a lot more fun in PvP! Events Due to the release of Alternate Dragonside Ridge I have decided to give a +100% EXP/CP event for the week. Enjoy running everyone! Event Winners for the Dragonridge Sanctuary Event have had their titles added and will be given out shortly after maintenance. Main Changes Added Alternate Dragonside Ridge, Portal Located at (X:164, Y:276). Note: As per usual, bosses and Quest related NPC's have been removed. Added Dragonridge Sanctuary (Easy Mode). Please provide feedback on this mode! Changes Added Hanga 2.0 who allows trading for x999 Eden Amethyst's. Note: Located at (X:482, Y:462). Increased Monster Stone drop level gap to 15 instead of 10. Increased the drop rate of "Angelic Blood" in Ruins of Ages, Dragon's Keep and Palace of Dreams. Note: In Ruins of Ages and Dragon's Keep the drop amount are additionally doubled. Tripled the Exp given by the following Items: Nature Seeker's Organizer Seeker's Upgraded Organizer Arthur Hammer Basic Mallet Arthur Hammer Select Mallet Arcanum Association Scroll Ancient Arcanum Scroll Sage Stone Preamble Sage Stone Manual Market Research Report Crystal Camel Summary Silver Needle Basic Tool Silver Needle Medial Tool Pyrowind Enchanted Ore Pyrowind Enchanted Ore (Alpha) Amber Eye Apprentice Kit Amber Eye Smith Kit Ancient Spirit Follower Prequel Ancient Spirit Follower Journal Cosmetics Back Items Radiant Butterfly Wings (*New* Event Box Exclusive). Rhodonite Butterfly Wings (*New* Event Box Exclusive). Starry Moonflower Wings. Crimson Moonflower Wings. New Player Changes Added a new Level Up Reward Chest. Vendetta Level 80 Chest. Note: Contain's gear and some custom made equipment to help new players find there footing when they're getting started. Note: These rewards are given to all existing characters too. Bug Fixes Applied a Test fix to Guild Arena Rankings that was randomly resetting itself during the week. Note: Let me know if it continues after this point. Removed Amaterasu's 3rd Skill as it was causing Alpaca's while running Crystal Utopian Realm. You can now gain CCM while using Blockade Jewel. After fishing for a while you will no longer randomly sit down and cancel fishing. Fixed the base stats on the item "Mysterious Dream Monarch Eyepatch (Legendary)". Fixed the material cost of crafting INT Amplifier Gem Lv8. Fixed the material cost of crafting INT Minus Gem Lv8. Fixed the material cost of crafting INT Magic Elimination Gem Lv8. Fixed the material cost of crafting INT Plus Gem Lv8. Fixed the following items when you have more than 75000 fame: Nature Seeker's Organizer Seeker's Upgraded Organizer Arthur Hammer Basic Mallet Arthur Hammer Select Mallet Arcanum Association Scroll Ancient Arcanum Scroll Sage Stone Preamble Sage Stone Manual Market Research Report Crystal Camel Summary Silver Needle Basic Tool Silver Needle Medial Tool Pyrowind Enchanted Ore Pyrowind Enchanted Ore (Alpha) Amber Eye Apprentice Kit Amber Eye Smith Kit Ancient Spirit Follower Prequel Ancient Spirit Follower Journal Text Fixes Updated the Character Password Help Dialog to improve clarity. Fixed the name for the Achievement for the weapon "Great Snarl". Fixed the description for the skill "Heaven's Hammer" for Angel of Justice. Fixed the description for the item "Blueprint: Alpaca Knight Helmet (Prime)". Fixed the description for the item "Blueprint: Alpaca Knight Suit (Prime)". Fixed the description for the Level 9 Stat potion formula's. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
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    Channel 1 player count has been reduced back to 300. Global Speakers have returned to the game. Created the following new stats: Added Zephyr's Calamity wings to the game. Added Zephyr's Vanguard wings to the game. Updated the stats of the following items: Removed Fibi Frosty from Mimic Mystery Box rewards in-game. NosMate Guardian Angel will increase HP to 100% when used. Partner's Guardian Angel will increase HP to 100% when used. Updated text of certain items that gave wrong information. Improved drop rate of Amon and Lucifer bosses. Martial Artist now has a Trade Limit requirement of 93+30 and 2,500,000 reputation. Fixed a bug that caused Channel 1 to crash this week. Fixed bug where "Huge Monsters" would not drop anything.
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    Hello everyone! With the large wave of new players hitting both of our 2 games, we have decided to update the starter packs again with new goodies inside of them! Both Eden and Scarlet Blade will get these packs and all accounts will be able to claim them again. Some of the additional goodies for Eden Eternal are: Some of the additional goodies for Scarlet Blade are: All items that were originally in the packs are still in there and are still available to claim. All items inside these packs are nontradeable. As a note for an SB pack, please be careful with the class you select. Once you pick a class' pack, we are unable to change the rewards you get from it! Head over to the Event page of your game's website to claim them! https://ee.vendettagn.com/event.vgn https://sb.vendettagn.com/
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    Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I hope you all are doing good. As everyone can tell, I'm new to the VGN community. So please go easy on me! Firstly, I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome and attention i received. So I guess a bit about myself? I played a bit of Nostale and Eden before, but I wouldn't count myself as pro at it. I still have a lot to learn with Scarlet Blade though so I'll be looking at you guys for help there. In general, I still have a lot to learn so please look after me. I'll try my best to help as a new GM and I hope to be able to give assistance to everyone soon! Nice meeting you all!
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    Spring has Sprung in Scarlet Blade! Bunnies and various creatures have invaded Chromia and you are now tasked with getting rid of them! Our bunny bartender Mindy has appeared in Enocia (right behind the teleporters) to help out those dealing with these pesky rabbits. Visit her daily for a special request quest! She'll task you with collecting various items to make into a special Everlasting Pen! One that'll help her write all day long for those who have traveled to Enocia! Our love-able Carl also has a request for you after helping Mindy. Assist him in surprising Idel for some nice goodies from her! Finally, Erin will try to grab you attention in taking care of those pesky bunnies. Speak with her to get cracking on defeating them! Along with those quests, you will be tasked in defeating Mr Bun Buns! The world boss that will spawn in Enocia. He will spawn every 4 hours on both channels! A red system announcement will play when he spawns! Note: Unfortunately, these bunny mobs did not have original attack animations. As such, when you attack them or are attacked by them, they will not make a noticeable animation. Mr Bun Buns will also drag along some eggs with him. These eggs will spawn randomly (time and place) around Enocia. They'll spawn in grassy areas both in the fields of Enocia, or even in Enocia Canyon. A red system announcement will play with an egg has spawned! As a hint, no egg will spawn when Mr Bun Buns spawns! General Changes: Reduced the sizes of all monster pets that have been added to the game. You can now craft x10 passcards for x10 of the NT passcards 1 Hr Pet EXP Booster (+5) (NT) can now be destroyed Mother's Miracle (NT) can now be destroyed EXP Hyperchips can now be destroyed Updated the Cyberblade costume "Debonair" Diamond Card Gambling has been added! Note: Jack gambling is currently disabled Added 2 new level 60 dungeons: Derelict Tunnel: Overrun Floor 1 and Derelict Tunnel: Overrun Floor 2 In order to enter Floor 2, you must defeat the 1st boss on Floor 1! He will (at least 90% of the time should) drop the key to floor 2! Once you complete Floor 1, you can leave and enter Floor 2 via Enocia portal These dungeons have a chance of dropping 60+ gear/accessories and unique costumes! Each set of the dungeon has a chance of dropping a weapon or hat unique! The NPC for these dungeons can be found next to their original dungeon entrances in Enocia! Added 7 new costumes: Fairy of Nature Fairy of Dreams Fairy of Love Naughty Bunny Hunny Bunny Elven Prince The Dark Bunny Added 9 new lingerie (all level caps unless otherwise mentioned) Blooming Blue Bell Blooming Chrysanthemums Blooming Lilac Blooming Tulips All Natural Cybertronic Lingerie (59) Pretty in Black Baby Pink Easter Boxers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where Rank 9 Provocation (WH) would debuff with Rank 8's values Fixed a bug where Provocation would still disable at all ranks
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    Bash is currently fixing a last minute bug he found with items that were taken off the nosbazar. Since this thread was already answered and the server is infact offline, I'll be closing this thread.
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    I'll see what I can do, maybe add it sometime today.
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    I'll have to ask @Nanami if she can make the white bits black but i mean this is the best i could get it.
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    Honestly this is how I see wings when I play high, looking cool ?
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    Hello, I heard that premium medallions aren't on VGN shop because Vivi wanted it event-exclusive only. So my suggestion is, why not put the 3 & 7 days medallion on VGN shop and then the 15 & 30 days medallion will be event-exclusive only? I'm also thinking putting those two would give at least a good revenue for the server since people can choose to keep buying them every after duration expiration.
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    I will add them, I was planning to add them last maintenance but it was earlier than expected.
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    Right now, the game is now no longer player friendly. Just about every level cap isn't fun. Nothing worth farming, lowbies can't even make it past 39 without heavily relying on end game players help, and exp in all caps isn't balanced. Early caps give too much, later gives essentially nothing. DG's aren't worth the grind since nerfs were done. Combined factors of DGs being nerfed and exp being difficult, caused many players to quit and lowbies don't even stick around for longer than a month. We had tried helping several recently, for them all to quit because the game isn't player friendly. New players should not have to rely on end game players to get them to where they need to be. It also gives end game players an unfair responsibility of basically having to help new players nearly every step of the way. I'm going to try to keep this as brief as possible. Most DGs should be reworked and exp adjusted for all caps. One general change I thought about was making Base Gears the equivalent to +7 gears. This means that new players can farm most DGs with relative ease, but if they want to farm faster or prepare for the next cap, get regular gears and enhance those themselves. It's a thing that would help any new player since the current base gears are garbage. Another problem which is understandably hard to balance is how medics and tanks struggle with farming. EXP: Drasilmarsh, Bitterstone Core, Ignis Vortex and Subterranean Factory give too much exp compared to what they have to farm for. They should be farming accessories to gear themselves, instead they end up doing 10-15 runs and have to de-exp. It shouldn't be nuked but lowered so people can farm it and get what they need before they move up. From SF, DGs give terrible exp so should be buffed everywhere. An overall buff to all DGs, would be give Team Mode dungeons a great buff in exp so they are worth doing. This would mean that players can solo farm and get themselves leveled without having to get a free ride to level 59 then participate in exp parties in DV, which no one likes to do. Overall buff to everywhere: increase the trash drops sell value (HP/SP pots, general item trash). This would help new players have some sort of starting income to enhance gears and buy stuff they might want/need. Like instead of 1b for 1 trash item, maybe 5b-10b. Drop Tables: Overall the drop tables are pretty okay, but drop rates not so much. Gold from dungeon bosses and silver/bronze from mobs should be increased to help players get what they need and better prepare for the next level cap. A specific increase for gold is for DS/DTO in 60+. Those DGs drop less than DMH, being a level 54 dungeon. Doesn't make sense and considering how expensive things are, a bit more gold couldn't hurt. Average is around 150g per DMH run with buffs and gold collector chip. DS/DTO (2nd floor) should be totalling around 175g-200g. A potential change as well would be to reduce the cost of enhancements. Gets real expensive if you're unlucky. Combine that with no real solid way to make gold, progress can't be made. - DM: should drop low level rare accessories, such as trinket and earrings. This will help them with BC and starting 39. Maybe a 20%-30% on the bosses for any of the accessories. - BC: should drop higher level rare accessories solo, such as rings and necklaces. BC currently is only worth farming for jewel replicubes, which is only obtainable on the last boss. Which means most if not all players who farm BC, abuse the mainframe glitch. By adding rare accessories to the minibosses in solo mode, that could change. However, to drive it home, adding an additional 30% chance to drop any random jewel replicube on each of the minibosses would be a great change. It would encourage people to farm the whole dungeon and can help people obtain jewels. - IV: Should drop magic/rare earrings at a higher rate, being 10%-15% increase - SF: magic and rare accessories should get a reasonable increase, in the 5%-10% range considering they drop on mobs. Add a unique laser scanner onto the last boss at a 10%-15% rate. Captive experiments drop nothing quite often. Increase gold from bosses, they only give around 2g-4g. Mobs only give 1s, maybe increase this as well. - AT: Since it's the most difficult dungeon in the game for most players, it should be high risk high reward. Increase Drops of unique costumes by 2%-6%, fix solo mode to drop zeta uniques instead of kappa Uniques, increase drop of unique gear team mode by 10%, increase EXP Team mode, increase L44 rare earring drop rates by 15%-20% and add rare L40 trinkets at similar rates. Difficulty should be left alone. - SS: Should drop magic/rare rings at a higher rate, being 10%-15% increase. - TA: Drops are reasonable, but maybe offer more loot options from bosses. Getting 1-5 drops off a boss bad considering how many items drop on other bosses, in most other DGs. Consider adding blueprints at a 15%-20% drop rate. - DMH: Provide a small 5%-10% increase for smoldering lava rocks and major azure ores. Considering how many is needed, that being a few hundred, it can take a very very long time to get whats needed. Should also remove the open hexweaves (beta red/green 1-3), and potentially increase the packs drop rate by 10%-15%. - DS: This dungeon was really good before the nerf. It should have some quality brought back to it. It used to drop 0-3 uniq gears per boss. Max was 9 per run. It was really good but a bit op. A more realistic number is 0-1 per boss. This change would help players who don't PVP, gear themselves outside of BGs. Many players quit after the DS nerf and for valid reason. Having up to 9 chances at an SG was a bit much, so 0-1 unique gears 50-59 would be more practical. Perhaps a 50% for each boss to drop a unique weapon or KG. - DTO: This dungeon was supposed to have similar drop rates to TA. I farmed DTO 2nd floor 200+ runs and DS over 100, and got nothing worth mentioning. Got a unique costume, but one thats worth the least out of all costumes. 300 runs for chump change. A 5%-10% chance increase to drop rates, a step above TA, would be ideal. Why spend legendary passcards which are hard to come by, when I could just farm TA with regular passcards? - DTO/DS: Could drop rare 60+ gears that offer similar rewards to L50. Hypovial packs, clusters, cards. Alternative to dropping 0-1 Level 50 unique KG/weapon/suits/bangle/helmets, these could drop 0-1 unique L60-65 PVE gear per boss and offer similar salvage rewards to L50 unique gears. That being clusters, napalm, jewel replicube, Safeguard replicube, stardusts. Quests: An overall increase to the gold/silver players obtain would give players more incentive to quest and can help them get started. By Ellis, should be obtaining around 70g+ per quest. A slight decrease to exp obtained from quests so players don't accidently level from questing. They should be obtaining the majority of their exp from farming dungeons.
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    Broken classes will exist anywhere buddy, I'm saying the old ones don't even compare to these today. these awakening classes are extremely broken and you know it. As an usual PvP player i can tell you, the only broken classes in this server was DE and Ca with elemental dmg build, both nerfed now, the thing is in this game u need a good party setup. Is someone hitting you hard? then u can put shielder, gk, paladin, elegant dancer, adj or any class to bring you more reduction (assuming that you know about resistance and dmg reduction certs/gears). I feel like u dont even try pvp in party here, because after the rework u can play almost every class successfully. Remember every class have a counter, just learn about it °. °
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    guys chill. He will be home soon. Just taking the lambo a few rounds around the block.
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    Da Penetrator for DE weapon skin. I dont have DE toon tho
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    YO HO~! GS Nova here ❤️ So while lurking in the lower levels of Scarlet Blade Particularly the PVP Battle Grounds I find that pretty much most if not all of my Opponents and just newer players in general are jumping into PVP with basically.. no gear what so ever and while I try to let them get crates and loot I think it is best if I try to give a small guide just to help players prepare themselves BEFORE going into PVP and wondering why they are 1 shot. No! it's not Hacks your gear is just BAD. SO! how can we get you ready to kick some butt in PVP? well first of its time to say bye bye to MAGIC gear I want to say this first before we start: IF YOU ARE NOT AT LEAST LEVEL 25 YOU WILL NOT BE READY FOR PVP For PVP level 25-29 you will need RARE Gear as it's stronger than MAGIC You can farm RARE gear from BITTERSTONE CORE Located in Bitterstone Base or by purchasing it from Gloria the auction house merchant that other players are selling. It's VERY important that you replace all your MAGIC gear with RARE Before entering any PVP areas or Battles or YOU WILL GO SQUISH Another thing you will need to do is ENHANCE your gear at CATHERINE the enhancement technician. Ideally your gear should be enhanced +7 and up (Normally you won't need to go all the way to +12 since its low level but its your choice) I cannot stress enough how important it is to ENHANCE?YOUR?GEAR!? While enhancing your gear you also need to add ?JEWELS? Depending on your class the jewels you need will be different For example: Here are some jewels you may use for these classes SENTINEL: EVA , CRIT-ATK DEFENDER: HP ,CRIT-VOID, CRIT-ATK MEDIC: HP, CRIT-VOID , CRIT-ATK, CH-ATK Generally your Damage jewels (REDS) Will be placed on your Weapon, Glove and Bangle while your defence jewels (GREENS) Are placed on your Helmet, Suit, Knee Guards and Shoes Now that your gear is ready you will need accessories Just like Jewels the accessories you use depend on your class typically damage based classes like Punisher and Sentinel will use Scout accessories where as a Tanky or Chakra class like Medic or Defender would use Warrior or Seer accessories (Depending on your build) MAKE SURE YOU SEAL YOUR ACCESSORIES AT ALICE THE SEALING TECHNICIAN! Sealing items will put a lock on them making it so they cannot be mailed, traded, grafted or destroyed. Sealing your accessories will grant a BONUS STAT which is something you must not pass up on! NOTE: Unsealing an item is the exact same process as sealing but will take 24 hours for the lock to be removed, Please be aware of this! So now you have your Gear and accessories ready, what else will you need? well ladies and gentlemen allow me to present: ?Lingerie? YES! even your underwear makes you stronger! Ideally you will need the RARE Level 27 lingerie which can be bought from Gloria or obtained from PVP zones like Caregate and the Battle Ground Janus (Buying from Gloria is the better option) But! before you can use it you will need to obtain LINGERIE UNSEALER to remove your base lingerie. This is easy to obtain! Unsealers can be obtained in 4 ways: 1. Bought from Glorias Auction house 2. Dropped from the world boss CX1-Destroyer (NOTE: YOU CANNOT BE A LEVEL HIGHER THAN 27 WHEN KILLING THIS BOSS OR YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY LOOT) 3. Bought with VGN Points (real money) from the in game VGN Store 4. Bought from another player with GOLD! (Real money transactions between players is a bannable offense) Once you have your unsealer you will be able to remove the base lingerie and wear any lingerie you desire, you only need to do this once. Now you have all your gear ready there are only three more items you need to be PVP ready RARE Lvl 20 Mech , RARE Lvl 20 CyberSkin and Madfly (YOUR PET) Your mech is a POWERFUL tool in PVP and can be the difference between life and death it is best before trying PVP to learn what your mech does and practice using it while questing. Cyberskins are only wearable in PVP ZONES and grant extra protection while in PVP only while you are wearing it! I highly suggest wearing it if you are in Caregate or any PVP battleground especially if you are new to PVP. They also look badass?? Both of these items can be purchased from Glorias Auction house While they are obtainable from PVP Zones and bosses it is much FASTER and EASIER to buy them from Gloria. Lastly is ?MADFLY? which you get while completing quest in Enocia from Davidson as well as your first Bike (Which is also important for PVP) I cannot stress this enough... YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PET SUMMONED AT ALL TIMES IN PVP BATTLES AND ZONES!!! Not having your pet summoned puts you at an extreme disadvantage! as pets grant extra HP and SP as you level them up, having your pet summoned will level it up slowly so have your pet summoned as much as you can and make sure to FEED HIM! or he will go away Pets are able to have Pet chips installed which give you extra stats and effects depending which one you buy. At lower levels pet chips are not entirely needed however in higher levels you will need them so it's up to you when you will buy them or not. Pet chips can be bought from Gloria's Auction house or with real money on the in game VGN store, They are rather expensive so do this AFTER you have everything else mentioned in this guide. Once you have done all of this you are ready for PVP! Congrats~ Make your faction proud!! ❤️? But... Do you know what to do in PVP battles?? Allow me to explain! At level 29 there are 4 forms of PVP you can take part in: Janus Turnpike Caregate Player duels Let's start with the Battlegrounds: Janus: In Janus your objective is to destroy the 3 towers on the map, easy right? WRONG! YOU FOOL! It is a PVP battle after all. The enemy player will be trying to do the same and its up to you to compete for the towers by killing the enemy player and defending yourself while destroying the towers. Destroying the towers will give you useful loot that you can use so make sure to do your best and GET? THAT? LOOT!? Turnpike: In turnpike there are 3 creates guarded by 2 enemy NPC's that you need to kill and destroy, super duper simple right? YOU IMBECILE!!! NOTHING IS THAT EASY!! Just like Janus you will be competing with the enemy player but the difference is this time not only do you need to destroy their crates BUT! you must defend your own. Once the crates are destroyed you can get that sweet sweet loot! Battleground PVP ends when a faction receives 200 points or when the time runs out so keep an eye on that clock and hustle! you don't want to get loot as the clock hits 0 or you miss out. The faction with the most points by the end of the battle is the winner! While loot and Objectives are important its the points from kills that can make the difference and secure you the win, don't be afraid to make the attack and assert DOMINANCE on your enemy! ?? Caregate: Caregate isn't a PVP Battleground but a Zone you can only travel to at level 23-29 inside there are bosses to loot, crates on the enemy side to take and other players who will hunt you down or are ripe for the picking. !!!BE SURE TO WEAR YOUR CYBERSKIN WHILE IN THIS MAP!!! Caregate is a map that is best spent with friends and good for starting a PVP war! got no one to fight? have a friend hop and the enemy faction and duke it out with them! ? PVP is what you make it in this game, Make it fun and exciting, don't wait for the fight to come to you. Player Duels: Got a bone to pick with another player? want to have a skirmish with your friend? CHALLENGE THEM TO A DUEL! right click on the player you want to fight and challenge them to a showdown! this is a perfect way to show people your skill or practice with friends! ASSERT DOMINANCE!! SHOW NO MERCY!??? ================================================================== Thank you so much for reading my lovelies! I really hope this guide helps you have fun with PVP and has taught you how to get ready to challenge the other faction and friends to a fight. Make mumma Nova proud! (or kill me in PVP ❤️if you can) If you have any questions please comment below and I'll answer as best I can, never be afraid to ask the other players for help with your builds and classes or for tips and tricks with PVP. We are all here to help and always welcome new players to the game!
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    This thread in a nutshell:
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    Hii here Milya ~ Merry Christmas ?❤️?
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    Eden Eternal VGN Video Promotion What is this event? Players will create a short video to promote an aspect(s) of Eden Eternal VGN. Rules & Requirements Video should range between 1 to 3 minutes. Exceptions will be made. Content must not violate any community network rules. Refer to https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/topic/8915-community-network-rules/ Content must be original and from VGN server only. No plagiarism of any kind. Cannot use old videos even if it's from our server. One video submission per player. Players may use any video editing software available to them. Video must be uploaded and made PUBLIC. (YouTube preferred.) **Please include your in-game name with your video submission. Content and Themes You may want to focus on specific areas of Eden Eternal VGN to promote. Examples: Gates of Pandemonium (GoP) PvP (TW, GvG, GA) Dungeons (Palace of Dreams, Utopian Realm) Dragonside Ridge Dragon Sactuary (DS) Mounts Color Dyes Pets **You are not limited to these topics. Prizes 1st place - Legendary Costume OR Pet of Choice + 1 Event Point + 10,000 VGN Points (Excludes Diamond Altar items, Excludes Fused Pets, Excludes Event Point Rewards) 2nd place - x30 Eden Crystals + 1 Event Point + 5000 VGN Points 3rd place - x15 Eden Crystals + 1 Event Point + 2500 VGN Points The event starts Nov. 14, 2019 and ends Dec. 12, 2019. Please CLICK HERE to submit your video in this thread.
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    Hello, it's me, Sirocco. I've made a topic a really long time ago about people AFK'ing in maps to generate gold, which was listened to. Thanks VGN, specially Jordan! This time, i'm writing this topic to discuss something that has roots on the very heart of our veteran community: Salary. We have a member cap in TW's and GvGs (if I remember correctly, it's 50). I'll add some math on gold-generating here: A level 100 character, with 3 territories, gets around 600g. That same character can be created and leveled up in a couple of days, if not a single day (with charms). At the current moment, we can have 350 characters in a guild. Considering that a "big guild" has 50 real players, that's room for 300 gold-generating alts. That means, if all those alts are at least Lv100, that the server is getting 180k gold everyday from people logging alts and doing nothing. From a single guild. The number gets higher if you count all the territories involved and multiple guilds. Now, you may tell me: "This is OK because PVP has costs like pots and pods, and those people won that right because they put effort on it!". All PVP costs can be covered for a week if you do Palace of Dreams in a single day. That's 1 hour of farming. Not only that, allowing people to exploit the system in order to generate gold has been an issue to the server growth for a really long time. Most of the lazy new players dream of joining a guild that grabs them free salary just so they can exploit like the veterans. It's not healthy for the server. MY SUGGESTION: Lower the guild member cap to 100. ___________________________________________________________________________ Now, after that. We all know how painful it is to level guilds and NPCs from guild towns up. It was made easier on gold thanks to VGN, but it's still really slow to level up buildings like Magic Pool or even Mine/Farm. If the member cap were to be changed, we would have even less motivation to level a guild up past 6. This is where my suggestion kicks in: GUILD BUILDS Yes, you read that correctly. I'm suggesting that each guild, past level 3 (the level for Guild Town) gain access to a couple of "Knowledge Points", quite much like the classes, in order to encourage people to level their guilds up. That helps the server with more NPCs and variety, not being gated by dead guilds or high taxes. How would that work? Since this is not a feature in original Eden Eternal, that would probably need a gimmick to insert in the game. My initial idea, to make things easier, was to put new special NPC slots in the guild town (as you level the guild up), and make a store with permanent NPCs that we can plant in those slots, that would grant the guild, the passives they want. Quite much like our VGN Statues, but permanent. If it's possible to program a guild KP system, then that wouldn't be needed. No, not more status I'm not suggesting more P-ATK or that kind of stuff. This idea was more guild-oriented in the sense of economy and market, so the guild KPs could be something related to crafting itself. I have some suggestions, but that idea could be refined with the help of the staff, or the community. Some examples - Passive: Longer NPCs (That would heavily help rare NPCs since they last for 3 days) - Passive: Higher building EXP (Would help leveling stuff like Magic Pool) - Passive: Higher fame gains from NPC activity (Would help leveling the guild itself) - Passive: Higher NPC durability (For less need of repairing NPCs) The NPCs could have multiple levels (with higher benefits), so the higher levels would be unlocked as you level up your guild. More NPCs with guild utility could be created (again, we would need the help of the staff or community with more suggestions). Why would we add that? The guild system is perfect I agree that the guild system is currently on a good state, but as I mentioned, we don't have any real motivation to level our guilds past 6, unless we want to exploit the salary system. These suggestions are a complement of my first suggestion, but would heavily improve our lifes on building guilds up. Trust me, being a guild leader, nothing makes it more boring than creating "rules" to force people into farming fame into oblivion just to get more room for guild recruits. That way, we would have clear benefits, more high level guilds with quality NPCs, less room for tax exploiting (since there would be more guilds offering the same service) and less room for "hey can you repair Guild X please" on peer. That's all. Thanks if you read it until here. Goodbye! ~
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    A Big thanks to our team for being patient, taking the time to test everything and optimizing the trial, Vyzer, Mark, Ro, Hiroro, Jeeze ->In game names -> Shinryu, 500ms, Hetz, Hiroro, Riio It was fun doing trial and error, we cleared the entire dungeon in 59.58 min, with 1st boss having constant dcs. Means it is clearable in even less than this. Thank you @Jordan for such a fun trial/raid. We will post a guide in 1 month. Good luck to everyone finding their ways to beat this dungeon and record.
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    I can tell you just some of the most used ones: Main/Sec weaps: - Crit DMG - 58% - Crit chance - 9% - %Evil - 19% - %Stun/Deadly Blackout/Freeze - 4% - Enhanced Damage - 190 - SLs: Def/Prop/Ene/DMG - 17 - SL Overall - 11 - S%Dmg - 19% - S%PvP Damage/ S%Def down - 33% - S%All Ress down - 17% - A%Ress down Water/Fire/Light/Dark - 14% Armors: - Enhanced def magic/melee/range - 190 - A%Ress Fire/Water/Light/Dark - 19% - S%All Ress - 26% - S%Neg effects - 38% - S%Def - 23% - S%PvP Def - 38% - S% All dodge - 19% - S% Dodge magic/melee/range - 13% I hope it helped a bit. Someone can maybe update the rest.
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    I'll tinker around with it on test server with Jordan sometime. See if it's doable.
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    This is my entry for xmas event IGN:Vampire lets win!!! http://
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    Just because I don't comment on something doesn't mean I don't see it... I check and read over every single post regarding SB.
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    lmao, puts in onyx last week before it shuts down, big stonks but pretty scummy on you guys parts
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    Hello yall. I've been playing Vendetta for like 1 year now I think, in game I'm Kirlu but I don't play much and created a forum account just to comment this topic. I was very happy to see that I was not the only one wanting an old school EE. I remember that to complete dungeon objectives you had to enter in hard mode, so in order to complete/proceed to the next map you HAD to make a party using the holy trinity and beat the bosses (At least in vileshark, mayors dream, eroda, branda, root, etc.) So you had to socialize and make new friends and join guilds to have people who could help. It was a challenge. I remember you had to sell runs in Veninfang to make money when lvl cap was 50 if I remember correctly. The thing with an old school EE is that it would be better if you had no exp boost, try to make it a challenge, kinda grindy so when people get a piece of set or an item they wanted, or they clear a dung it would feel like an achievement. Honestly I hardly play the VGN actual server not because i don't like the game, i just feel like with awknd classes and the mimic is not the essence of what EE really is. Everything was simpler, you could actually enjoy being a lvl 55 char, completing achievements and everything you needed with spare time until the 60 level cap and so on. I would like to express myself better and tell you guys how I completely feel but this is not my main laguage and my head already hurts. But hey, this is just my opinion. I want to clarify this because as far as I have read there are some people here that take opinions as attacks to their beliefs. I'll give this server another chance just because the GM's asked us to prove that people were interested in a classic server. And thank you guys for letting me know by this thread that im not the only one missing the old EE and wanting to play an old school server.
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    I don't know who you are and I don't care who you are or who you were, but I think you said some mistakes there, friend, hahahaha. 1. All players who want a classic server (including me) want the old experience of joining pvp / pve with pleasure and not playing with the broken classes where you skip and kill everything with a single blow. 2. I don't think you should know what a classic server is, because you compare normal TW to classic and really have problems. 3. Normal TW will NEVER work on this server because everything increases damage, such as 90 achievements, level 120 classes, and arousal set archiving. 4. Laziness? at where? we play this server in beta practically and we always do all the content and even create characters like alt for farm (potion / pod / glyphs etc ...) 5. A classic server is defined with an exciting pvp / gvg / pve to play with and that is why voting is currently winning, because the only ones who voted "no" there are mark and his friends because dominating the server for the first time in PVP, because only they are playing. 6. Don't say things you don't know about my angel. Enjoy another classic video, my baby.
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    DS gears no is worth for me just draconem combo and combo for supps but i dont play supp
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    We want your expertise on management/dev, but we don't want your Awaken Classes. And we know that is not possible just remove them from the current server, so we are asking for a new server without them but with you.
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    You're nothing. You lose all credibility when u start to try bringing stuff that's not related to the suggestion. Also have to note that this is not a suggestion from me, I just support it. And I don't care about who thinks i'm nice or not. Also, playing "a mode" in VGN current server is totally different from playing a classic server. I don't think you should be saying anything about a suggestion ur tiny brain isn't even able to understand. It's a pool, everyone have the right to vote, but if u didn't understand, stop trying to change the focus of the suggestion. Trying to attack people while not even understand what they are suggesting is just pathetic.
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    While having just a little or none impact for PVP, it allow us to use buffs to run trial, palace or DSR without having to stop and rebuff every 10 minutes. While Sacred Grace (adjucator) have 30 minutes duration, Poem of Wind (Bard), has only 10, Song of Life and Wind of Impatience (Life Worshipper) have 20 and 10 respectively and Munky Waters (Totem Master) 15. I think it would be better if every buff have 20 minutes duration or even 30 minutes (30 preferably).
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    If only I could go there, would give them a piece of my mind!!!
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    BugFix: From now on you will see the real damage, if you make 100k of damage it will be reflected 100,000 damage in the enemy and not a relogue of the damage. New SPP. Skill 1: Scope: 2 fields, Objective: Election CD: 10.0 seconds Restores, with a 5% chance Debuff Debuff S: Duration, 20.0 seconds Every 2 seconds the HP level (player level +10) MPs decrease by 100. Fire Resistance is reduced by 15%. Skill 2: Scope of fire Scope: 2 fields, Objective: Election CD: 20.0 seconds Restorations, with a 5% chance Debuff Debuff S: Duration, 10.0 seconds Every 2 seconds the HP level decreases (player level +9) The attack time decreases by 1. Reduces all damage caused by fire attacks by 15% with 100% chance Debuff 2, appears with a probability of 100% Debuff2: Duration 15.0 seconds The level of defense has decreased by 15%. Damage caused by all attacks has increased by 5% by 50% probability. Skill 3: Scope: equal, Objective: NosMate CD: 65.0 seconds Restorations, with a 100% probability Buff Buff S: Duration, 30.0 seconds Reduces all fire attack damage by 100% Restorations, with a 10% chance of Fatal Burn. New Pet Attack Magic attribute: 35% Water element. Resistances Fire: 20% Light 60% Water: 60% Darkness 50% Influences the attack: Restores, with a 10% chance of slight freezing. Influences the defense: 40% chance to reduce water damage by 90% Raibow Battle The schedules will be the same: A new icon will appear in the instant combat section. It is randomly grouped up to a minimum of 5 players per team and a maximum of 15. Each crystal provides activity points of 1, 2 and 3. The winning team will be the one with the most point, so protect your crystals. Duration of each battle of 7 minutes. Prizes: Winners 3 Rainbow coins and 1k Fame, Losers 1 Rainbow coin and 500 fame. New Rainbow Store in Tidus (Nosville, Krem and PortAveus) Rainbow Box: 18 Rainbow coins Small crystal: 18 Rainbow coins Medium Crystal: 30 Rainbow coins Big Crystal: 42 Rainbow Coins ArcoIris Wig: 50 Rainbow Coins Emoticon (unlocking): 120 Rainbow coins Rainbow Pegasus: 200 Rainbow coins Rainbow Box Awards: Angel feathers: from 10 to 30 units. Full moon crystal: from 5 to 25 units. Large special potion: 2 Divine recovery potion: from 20 to 50 units. Attack Potion: 5 units. Defense Potion: 5 units. Power potion: 5 units. Pirate pet trainer: from 2 to 5 units.
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    Not a fan of opening it for FK to RG when I hear reports(with screenshots of it too) of RGs literally telling others NOT to join the BGs to try and force an FC to get uneven sides again.
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    Not really, @Filomena is part of the rare breed of people that read the damn patch notes that @Vivi posted saying that exact thing on April 26th.
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    HI HI GS NOVA HERE~ ❤️ I made this video on my channel recently and felt like sharing it ^^ Is it cringey? Yes, would you expect anything less? no. It's a parody of a parody but I wanted to try and send out a message to gamer's to try and focus on having a good time and enjoying the game with friends or while you grinding it alone for all you solo scrubs out there. There is too many negative and toxic vibes being thrown around in game which is stopping people from enjoying themselves because that's all they can focus on. So you lost a BG, well there's always next time! BG's won't run away and who cares if you lost just try to make of it what you can. So someone is hunting you? well put it this way, once you level up and get geared you can smack them back :3 My point is there is always a positive to a negative when you look at it from the right perspective. Turn something that annoys you into something that doesn't and eventually it won't bother you anymore. Stop spending time arguing and rather spend it making good memories with your friends or being productive in game. Nothing good ever comes out of being negative and life is too short to waste it arguing with someone over a video game. Let's be real 99% of arguments are over something dumb anyway, you all know it's true. With that in mind, on with the video!
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    There are two classes in this game that unbalance and greatly damage the health of PvP being they Shadow Walker and Whipper. But in this topic I want to raise the discussion only about Whipper because this class is by far the most unbalanced class of the game, in the case of Shadow Walker simple nerfs could make it healthier for PvP of the game, but for Whipper the problem is more serious because the structure of this class is TOXIC for any MMO and I will try to explain it clearly along the topic. First point "Pulls": In relation to the famous pulls of this class, this type of mechanics is very common in several games nowadays, the Roadhog of Overwatch has a pull, Blitzcrank and Thresh of the League of Legends also have skills to pull their opponents , but what makes these skills "ok" in these games is the difficulty involved in using these attacks, because these attacks are ALWAYS skillshots, the player needs MECHANICS to aim and hit, because pulling skills are always very rewarding when successful, because any ppl that uses doesn't need to put himself in a position of risk and doesn't even need to expose his team to this type of situation, the pulled target will die 99% of the time because it is extremely difficult for enemy to have any chance of counterplay after being pulled, which can often make a simple pulling skill have as much impact as an ultimate depending on the match. But in MMO games this kind of skill does not work, not because of structural problems, but because MMOs are not friendly with skillshots, which makes this type of skill never have a fair risk/reward. In our beloved Whipper this becomes even worse, because she doesn't have only 1 pull (which would already be bad), but has 3, and 1 of these 3 can reach several enemies. And at least 2 of the 3 pulls has more range than the range of attack of any ranged based enemy and to make matters worse all pulls don't just pulls the enemies, but they also give stuns. Second point "Skill Kit": several skills of this class doesn't make sense with the proposal of role. In several mostly MMOs games have a class "carry" that is the one that causes more damage and clean the game, we have the assassins who usually hunt fragile target and mainly supports enemies, we've the tanks that makes the front line and protect the team and well, you must have understood where I want to go. The point is that Whipper breaks the natural balance we should have in the game, analyzing the class structure it is easy to see that the class's intent was to be a "secondary support," it did not necessarily need to heal allies, but it did support they have CCs under the enemies, as it earns less defensive statuses than DEs, and usually has too low damage to be a carry class, but has more CCs than any class in the game, and several of those CCs are in area, so it is easy to see what the class should do in the game, ie, be a class that would play between the backs (PUs and MEs) and the frontline (CBs and DEs), pulling possible Shadow walkers who were attacking MEs and PUs allied and helping CB and mainly the DE to advance, in that case it wouldn't have to be as tank as an DE because it would not be constantly in the front line but still it would have some own mechanics of defense not to be targets of SWs and be a completely useless class, while while it is not a DE it would still be a bit further ahead in battles than backline classes, it would also be a possible kite class (enabling the other classes ranged the hit and run), because it receives slow while using its defense buffs But the reality inside the game is that the class can play in a range of backline, because it has pulls that hit enemies within 25m (only losing to the PU that is the most range-based class of the game), its defense buffs do not are as strong as the DE but they are still as strong as to leave it almost as tank as the DE itself, with the difference that the DE receives a heavy nerf in its offensive status while using its buffs, the WH does not lose practically nothing when using its buffs already that can use the own bike to ignore the issue of the slow, and still has a speed buff in its mech form, what makes this class still to have a potential of greater damage than the DE, DE has to choose between attack and defense and know how to use these instances very well, WH does not have to give up anything to continue being very easy and functional, and with that we can start the third and last point. Third point and last point, Whipper sabotages the work of other classes: Well, giving some continuity to the last point, and knowing all the advantages of whipper. Why would someone use an DE for example? Whipper plays the role of tank better than the DE itself, since you do not have to give up anything to do that and still have a lot more CC's than the DE, the time windows of whipper buffs are the hardest to abuse the entire game , are 2 buffs with 1 of them having 30 sec duration and the other 35 sec, and recharge time only 45 and 40 sec respectively, and considering a situation of 1v1 for example, it will ALWAYS be able to fight using all the buffs, because when they run out she can put the enemy under CC long enough to activate them again. In the end even PU playing super safe in the backline can still be targeted for a pull with a 23m range, which makes it completely unfeasible to play with this squishy class and no counterplay methods in a game full of whippers, MEs also can not do their work because even playing safe and enjoying their 20m range for healing, WH has up to 25m range in an AoE pull, even SE being the class with the highest kite potential in the game she can't do this very well against WH , because the pull of 23m DOES NOT MAKE SENSE, and kills the only counter of this class. After all that, all I can think of is, what was going on the head of the IDIOT that created a class that sabotages the game itself in that way. Whipper has to get heavy nerfs as fast as possible, but either way I'm willing to have some good discussion with someone who might come up with some argument as a counterpoint.
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    This is a terrible idea, a very terrible idea for this to be managed by staff instead of by the players. This would not increase the competitiveness, it might bring a little bit of a push for more balanced guilds but what happens to the players who are still gearing or the players who are still leveling. There is going to be no desire to recruit such people and 90% of them will just be sick of not having people to help them or people to play with and will just quit. What would be the desire of inviting friends to come play this server when their guild is already full? For every positive point you brought comes atleast one negative point in tandem. How do you think a player would feel if all his friends said, sorry mate you're not good enough to win PvP with so we need to kick you for another person who is better? Do you think he will take that well? Likely not and will likely just out right quit the game unless he's lucky enough to be recruited. What about PvE only players or PvP only players, where do they slot into this system? If a guild is PvP focused they likely would take 1 good PvP only player over an Average PvP player and a avid PvE player making the guild less active and meaning the PvE player has no home and then unless finds a guild that only wants PvE players will again just quit because bored no one to talk to. It wont enhance PvE at all, it will just mean people who are in guilds with strong members (who likely are PvP players) will be able to get gear. While new players have nobody to help them because guess what, people don't wanna waste a recruitment spot on them lol (result? quitting the game cause nobody to help). You say guilds are not linked together but are only their for toxicity and are only united to destroy another guild. IDK about you guys but the people I know who play this game are usually good friends with most members of their guilds and I've had some of the funnest times over the past couple of years leading a guild and made some good friends in doing so, if you guys treat your guilds like robots then you get robots this is a you problem not a everyone problem. As for uniting againts a stronger power, isn't that a good thing? Isn't that how you match a greater power by uniting with people and making new friends. Yeh theirs people who merge guilds just to win but I've only ever met one Eden Eternal player who acts like this and he never succeeded and doesn't even play anymore. This is true about "Free Market", but this again is a player issue. If you guys choose to stack in one guild then whats stopping a group of you dropping the trend and starting a new guild and competing. If players care about competition then they would do something about it rather than just crying "Limit X guild cause they have more players than us and its not fair QQ". I've played this game for year even with Awaken classes at their most broken state and yet you could still win with a 1/3 player ratio if the 1 is greater than the 3. I'm not going to be the asshole that says to people "You can no longer play with your friends and your going to have to make some of your friends feel like shit by saying that they need to find a new guild because they're not worth the spot in your guild as you cannot win PvP with them". This is a terrible idea in its entire.
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    Hi it's possible add an portable shop(like portable bank and AH) , like npc so we can sell items in dng, many times when i use guild shop only sell once and need to re open the shop. Adding that will help alot. (Use the same icon with diferent color as others portables)
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    Information Until the next maintenance their will be a 150% EXP and CP boost. Decemeber 25th, I will be hosting a Boss Spawn Event (Likely twice, earlier in the day then later in the day). Enjoy the holidays!