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    having a nice time with my cpl in the sea of Tranqui Hill, Midori & fLizzah, traditional manual coloring with wood colors IGN: Midori
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    Hello everyone! With the large wave of new players hitting both of our 2 games, we have decided to update the starter packs again with new goodies inside of them! Both Eden and Scarlet Blade will get these packs and all accounts will be able to claim them again. Some of the additional goodies for Eden Eternal are: Some of the additional goodies for Scarlet Blade are: All items that were originally in the packs are still in there and are still available to claim. All items inside these packs are nontradeable. As a note for an SB pack, please be careful with the class you select. Once you pick a class' pack, we are unable to change the rewards you get from it! Head over to the Event page of your game's website to claim them! https://ee.vendettagn.com/event.vgn https://sb.vendettagn.com/
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    1. Reduce HP crystal to 1/5 current; Today i saw like 15ppl hitting xtal and the hp was not falling; 2. Add Class Drop back; I made all my run on 8p trial and we got like 2 item; 3. Safety Stone 25% on altar; That would make the economy more active;
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    Made this to see other people's opinions on this, really. Since I've been healing again I've become frustrated with times when someone is just out of my purify wind range and I miss debuffing them because they're for example, maybe a foot out of my radius. I'd like to propose that we add back the place-able purify wind skill if other players are interested in this change being made. It helps healers keep more of a distance and I think that overall it would be good for players in both PvP and PvE. Please share your feelings on this if you have any. I'd love to see other people's pros and cons. Don't get too aggressive with each other or I'll just request a lock. Thanks~ PS - Since Jordan will probably read this, is there any chance that this skill option could, if anything, be toggled?
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    diversity in builds after option C
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    Introduction Hey everyone, hope you're all enjoying the beta from the videos of PvP I see and the feedback I get from talking with you guys seems to be going pretty well. Me, Bash and Vivi are very happy with how the launch went and we thank anyone who supported our launch! Today I'd like to bring you a proper formatted topic about the current hot discussion of the weapon percentage system as I've seen many discussions on here, in game and in my DM's about this system. I'd like for your feedback along with your vote on the poll as an open discussion could provide even better results and a more accurate picture on the right direction. Now first of I want to run a disclaimer that the poll on this post will impactful on the final decision of this but it will also not be the one true factor as I will check each person who votes and check for any multi-account voting which happens most times we open a poll. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ ALL THE OPTIONS BEFORE VOTING SO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE VOTING FOR. Options Option A - Keep the 120% System The standard option of keeping the current system allows people to improve there gear by min-maxing as people who would on the current live. Let me remind you that the different between one of the bigger weapons (A staff) has about a difference of 2-2.5k M-ATK at level 55 between a 100% and a 120% both at +10. So this difference doesn't really have a huge impact on anything and is mainly just for asthetics rather than actual damage. Ofcourse its ugly to keep such a percentage but at the end of the day anyone who says a 101% 55 staff is un-usable just doesn't understand how numbers work in this game. This would also entail that 65 Awakens when released will need to have their attack stat re-evaluated so that they would match the kinds of ratios seen from the 75 golds to 75 awakens (About 121%-125% ish rather than being about 115% as they currently are so a 120% 65 Gold would be higher. Please note that 160% 65 Purples are slightly higher than 65 Awakens, the difference is about 80 M-ATK on the staff). Additionally there can be discussions made about increasing the trial cap so you get more runs a day or even reverting to the old system of 10 of any trials you want (we can even increase this higher if need be). Option B - Change the system to 110% max for Gold Weapons Simply put changing the current cap of gold weapons to 110% from 120%. In perspective this halfs the amount of RNG needed to get a good percent of the weapon still allowing for some min-maxing but will encourage people more so that low percent is ok. This change would push Purples at 160% ahead of the golds still but not enough to completely outshine said gold as the proc effect if serviceable should out-weight the M-ATK difference. If this change is implemented then peoples weapons will be scaled down. Here is a list of the scaling that will be done: 120/119 -> 110 118/117 -> 109 116/115 -> 108 114/113 -> 107 112/111 -> 106 110/109 -> 105 108/107 -> 104 106/105 -> 103 104/103 -> 102 102/101 -> 101 Option C - Change Purples and Gold Weapons (100% max) If we're going for the full classic experiance then some changes must be made. Arcane box is too convenient as it stands and with purples being so easy to obtain and reroll gold weapons practically lose all value with this change as your looking at the difference between a couple of rerolls running some 0/10's compared to running a trial, calling the weapon and then getting said weapon which is dumb. This is not how the game should be and not how it was so if we revert weapons to 100% max then likely arcane box will not be serving up purple weapons and if we are to keep rerolling then at the very least it will be made much harder (Most likely I will remove this option too). I would also like to inform since there seems to be a lot of people jumping on the 120% didn't exist at 55/60 cap but don't have the first idea about purples. The only thing that was different was gold weapons didn't have a percentage. Purples still had a percentage, so did blues, so did greens and so did whites. We also wouldn't be removing this before anyone suggests it. If this change is implemented all existing gold weapons will be reverted to 100%, I have this tested and ready to go so apologies if someone has a 120% already of anything of a high standard but remember this is a beta and things might be changed due to the community feedback. Finising Notes I'd like to thank everyone for reading and participating whether you just vote or provide feedback bellow. I would like to thank you in advance for not turning this thread into a flame war or an arguement. You can expect these changes for launch with the release of 60 cap giving us atleast a week to discuss these change.
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    Hi, good luck everyone ☺️ IGN: G59
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    Maybe my look at it is wrong, but i'd say likely yours is. People say right now the TWs are just stompfests(and let's be real, they have been most of the time on this server. With the current system you will always have 1 or at max 2 guilds actively playing TW and stomping everything. I myself quit a while ago but back then i and others simply lost interest in doing TW at all because it was just lame as fuck to simply have no enemies at all or get completely stomped, do quest and leave. The old system made EVERYONE able to participate thus bringing tons of life to TW. The System made each top 3 guilds on crystals get %, with many more people participating you will have many more guilds. Also less presure for people to only join top guilds. It literally only has benefits. Sure there will be times where people go "omg this trash ass guild got the map with 8%" but that's what makes it even more fun. Maybe some people that currently are actively playing TW can elaborate some more on the participation point. I think you can't really compare that as it's 2 whole different things. And that's where i come back to my main point. That is true to a certain point but makes every other person lose interest super fast. Some diversity and difference makes the competition lively and active instead of having the same 2 guilds all the time(i don't know if you still need to adjust it manually per hand or whatever you do right now to keep up at least a bit of balance). I mean if you consider trying it, you can still change it up as much as you want right. Like if you want to balance it more towards the top DPS on each crystals change the % everyone else gets or something. Don't underestimate your "casual" audience(not even casual for real, maybe just people that do actively play and want to do TW but simply don't have the resources/time to put into grinding classes/gear as much). I could elaborate myself for tons of hours more but i'll stop here for now and reply to questions/answers as they may come up ^^ I think i sold my main point, sorry for potential bad grammar at times, not native.
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    Can we have more prime pets in altar? we went for more than a month without prime pets and this week we had them again so the prices has gone too high. can we have a balance of prime pets? like once a week? even if u repeat same pets at least make them around.
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    Here is my entry, glad im still on time 🤪 Me and a Soul Guardian chillin in the beach. Tried to keep it simple ^^, hope you guys like it o7 IGN: Pokucha
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    To be honest i believe a lot of ppl got disappointed after seeing a diamond altar without even halcyon stones, there is just no excuses to put the same 10% stones from normal altar on diamond, it just makes more and more ppl quit because of how p2w it is if you wanna actually pvp and not take 1 month to gear a class and then the cap changes. A lot of ppl are already gone from pvp and it will keep happening until you guys stop been so greedy with $ on this server, even increased higher lvl wills from 1 to 2 ep which is a lot for ppl that need fame for new sets, literally everything been made on this server unlike awaken is to suck more $. a server been pay to win while rushing cap is the worse thing possible. Seems like all you guys are trying to do is to get as much $ as possible while the server is active and not thinking about the future. And im not complaining because i never have gold or money to gear, when new gears come i'll also +10 at least a weapon on first day so i can actually pvp but the point is that not everyone else can even if they grind a lot because of the rng on those stones, and just because aeria was like X or fno like Y you guys dont need to do the same thing (Or worse on stones) its not a oficial server there is no reasson to be greedy as them.
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    Changes Updated the first Territory War on Saturday and Sunday to be 30 minutes earlier. Bug Fixes Fixed the Devil Hunter Skill "Aimed Shot" to no longer apply "Mana Leak" or "Enhanced Mana Leak" on bosses. Fixed the text issue on low level quests where it would show a random high number amount of EXP. Fixed the trophy "Ulysses's Interrogation Records" to now immobilize and not stun as intended and now grants immunity as intended. Fixed the following Human Racial Craft materials: Claret Gore Defense Gem Lv8 Claret Gore Iron Shield Gem Lv8 Claret Gore Match Gem Lv8 Claret Gore Plus Gem Lv8 STR Defense Gem Lv8 AGI Ultimate Speed Gem Lv8 AGI Fast Cast Gem Lv8
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    New PVP Content and Ranks. I am playing this game less and less ,while investing time to pve gearup just for to be awake in a specific time of TW and GVG that last pathetic 30 mins that doesnt even get me started furious which making me simply to jump to other mmo. WE need everlasting furious pvp . enuf of sakura haha hihi testing, or circuing around fountain in Aven staring at the screen, sometimes ppl go Sakura and tryhard inventing hide-seek-assasinate games but it aint working if isnt real game restrictions and built-in rule protocols So, open world map, an every day 24h pvp with kills and ranks closely like in games Scarlet Blade and Shaiya. 2 NPCs in Aven, one for join red team other is blue, inside people forming raids, everytime a player is killed whole raid gets 1 kill (must be this way cuz healer and tank must also rank somehow with their contribution in pvp), main drive is ppl wana be higher rank but at risk because every death is minus 1f or 0.5f (downgrading rank, dont feed other side and wait for even numbered to push) Meanwhile there are crystals in the map 1 to 3 that when one side kills a crystal it gets 30% patk matk or some way of boost ,idk , keep battles going, tactic waitings etc.. Now what interest u the most is business mechanic and making real cash with selling vouchers. Item mall voucher tiers that gives 1.5f , 2f, 2.5f kill multiplier , normally is 1 per kill/death. also Loosing vouchers that makes u lose 0.5 kills upon death (preventive-like voucher) (Long-term possibility) Every year, maybe, ranks should get downgraded by 50% of what u earned. This keep players simply fight forever 50% of 50% of 50% every year cut down. The ranks in pvp are visible with a symbol like ||| > >> >>> ** next to ur name will make even nonpvpers join and leech a kill or 2, u need some kind of form to make ppl stay in EE to emo-rage, feeling to play and test builds and change classes etc.. Major flaw to this pvp content is one person making 10 accounts to go inside and kill and rank on its own( this is called statpad like in shaiya) - possible fix is getting a kill but only when both sides interchange some damage amount, or cant get a kill if a raid is less then 10 ppl, forcing cheater that wants to rank with many clients to must run 10 clients, gearscore works also meaning cant get a kill from a player with low stats and lvl, death-kill cooldown toward counting a kill also works meaning if they kill u, u wont get them a kill in next 1min if u die again, "slowing down getting kills behaviour"... rn i cant think of more preventive solutions.. So this is many IF IF IF for u Jordan, u cant do this? but maybe in some form relative to this one. Making Web page with ranks and kills and icons is also viable, connected with game database.
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    Hello, I heard that premium medallions aren't on VGN shop because Vivi wanted it event-exclusive only. So my suggestion is, why not put the 3 & 7 days medallion on VGN shop and then the 15 & 30 days medallion will be event-exclusive only? I'm also thinking putting those two would give at least a good revenue for the server since people can choose to keep buying them every after duration expiration.
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    I will add them, I was planning to add them last maintenance but it was earlier than expected.
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    Hello, 1) As you must know, there's gear swap system, and i suggest to get 2 more. We are at the beginning of the server and this shouldn't be a priority, so for the future as players might play different classes with many different builds. 2) The game is mainly played by players who have a lot of PvP Experiences, And you maybe would like to have more than 3 skill's bars.These been used to put some potions, items, weapons, stars... I suggest to get the acces to put 2 more bars, which each players will decide to put it or not with the + from the first bar.. 3) We are far to get it, but i would like that idea be considered or at least thought. From Searing Valley (lv 69 - 71) - Vingot Lab To Devastation Realm (lv 73 - 75) - Devastation Dimension Both have maps to run, and i suggest that to avoid areas stealing, to get enters like dungeons (illimited or not). 4) I would personally like to know if you have information on G-Healing and P-Healing, to know when we have points and whether it is high or low. if so could you implement it in the game? 5) I think we are a lot of players who came to this server for normal classes, and for fun in PvPing. Could you put one more TW in the future to get more fun during week days ? Thank you for taking the time to read this topic. Let's react, give me your points. Thank for the work produced. - Zel
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    I believe one of the reasons people were not committed to upgrade their gear was lack of clarity when future upgrades would actually happen. Why fort your stuff if the next patch might happen next week or in 2 weeks. Now that we can see your planned release dates that will help people be more aware for how long their upgraded gear is relevant and plan accordingly. Also there will always be people hoarding, but it is up to you to decide the rate and quality of stones on altars. The less it would cost to fort the more there would be people with max forts. Sure it is a fine balance to make it so that it would not be too easy, but I assume the game sages are there to actually monitor and let you know if the economy needs stone prices to drop so casuals could also fort their gear. I personally don't think sublimes should be added to altar, but maybe the ultramarine halcys from rankings could be changed to sublimes instead.
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    @Bash How can you not see a benefit on creating a GF server? There are thousands of people who love Grand Fantasia and would give everything to have a classic server just like the good old days, in those thousands of people, hundreds of them are pay2winners, for some odd reason GF players always tend to spend money on that game, that reason alone should be motive enough to make you at least consider launching a server. Besides all that money related stuff, we are a huge community, that server would probably be the bigger server you would ever have, it may not look like it, but the success on a well made GF server is 100% guaranteed. We all just want you to at least try and consider giving us such joy, we all love that game, but the current servers are just awfully pay2win, which means, a good server would bring all the players together, and would be super fun Well anyways, thanks for your attention and sorry if there are some spelling errors, I'm sleepy at the moment.
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    For those that are voting Option A for more diversity, why do you guys kid yourselves when claiming the reason is for diversity? IN the previous iterations of this level cap or on different private servers, players have proven over and over they don't know how to diversify. Maybe it's different now, but I have my reasons of doubt after speaking to some of the players who play on the Awakened server. Jordan, if you're going to choose Option A you should be implementing the true classic feel of repair costs and fortification costs. If golds are going to be the true META, players should experience how annoying it was to fortify them and repair them. There was more than one reason people used purples over golds, it has nothing to do with the raw magic or attack they provide a player, it was to circumvent almost bankrupting gold costs in repairs and fortifications. Option B is the most balancing option provided to us and I'm curious to why it's the least voted option. I guess people still only care about seeing their M-ATK or ATK as high as possible, even though it's been proven through history of the game that it's barely a relevant stat in PVP if everyone has the same fortification level on their weapon.
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    Eden Eternal VGN Video Promotion What is this event? Players will create a short video to promote an aspect(s) of Eden Eternal VGN. Rules & Requirements Video should range between 1 to 3 minutes. Exceptions will be made. Content must not violate any community network rules. Refer to https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/topic/8915-community-network-rules/ Content must be original and from VGN server only. No plagiarism of any kind. Cannot use old videos even if it's from our server. One video submission per player. Players may use any video editing software available to them. Video must be uploaded and made PUBLIC. (YouTube preferred.) **Please include your in-game name with your video submission. Content and Themes You may want to focus on specific areas of Eden Eternal VGN to promote. Examples: Gates of Pandemonium (GoP) PvP (TW, GvG, GA) Dungeons (Palace of Dreams, Utopian Realm) Dragonside Ridge Dragon Sactuary (DS) Mounts Color Dyes Pets **You are not limited to these topics. Prizes 1st place - Legendary Costume OR Pet of Choice + 1 Event Point + 10,000 VGN Points (Excludes Diamond Altar items, Excludes Fused Pets, Excludes Event Point Rewards) 2nd place - x30 Eden Crystals + 1 Event Point + 5000 VGN Points 3rd place - x15 Eden Crystals + 1 Event Point + 2500 VGN Points The event starts Nov. 14, 2019 and ends Dec. 12, 2019. Please CLICK HERE to submit your video in this thread.
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    the skills 'Eternal suffering,Electric tempest and Immolation can all do with some animation updates,as u know these 3 are very slow,also idk if u notice in pvp ,trying to use electric tempest or immolation after pull, fails the skill.it hits air instead of the target(s).as for animations I find that Hardcore assault, Flaming whip, Wrecking Ball or Sadist Choice are some of the best flowing whipper skills.any other info or questions u can always msg me on dsicord.
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    Changes Increased the drop rates of all Essences on all bosses in Haven of Oblivion. Note: The increase is only slight but should make them drop a bit more frequently. Increased the amount of Silenced Soul dropped: Bosses now drop 6 instead of 2. Monsters now drop 2 instead of 1. Guards now drop 4 instead of 2. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with Alice's crystals effecting newly spawned players. You now have to be within range of the boss in-order-to be effected by her crystals. Thanks all!
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    Hey Izo! You are wrong when you say low levels have more survavibility. My 39 can oneshot pratically every level 35 DPS, but on the other hand people like Evovoe, Ibelina and Celia69 can oneshot my level 39 with 20k HP (so I figure they can oneshot every other player in Viledon). If we go far away, I remember there was the same situation from the beginning of the game: this was from November 2013: May 2014: To reach 50+ kills in less than 15 minutes, you understand everyone fall down in few seconds. And I remember pretty good the opposite situation, when we RG just went down in the battle just to die as flies still before to touch the ground. You find the game not balanced just cause it never was. And it will never be.
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    Im against this. Trophy achievements arent a necessity really and I agree with matt and yes i do believe it would result in people endlessly resetting/stealing the bosses (mostly the ones that will come with next caps). Matt brings a good point in that it could result in a ton of reports that would easily overwhelm the GM/GS team so why add the fuel for that. Also see you when awaken quest items start to drop from wb bosses, we will have the usual problem of 1 person being afk in spawn and calling the boss when it shows up saying he/she was there waiting the whole time while other party complaining and saying that he cant solo it and will just "steal it" then GS/GM would need to see whos right. If you add a timer then GS/GM better be prepared cos its gonna be an endless influx of reports of that kind which will easily overwhelm them.
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    The % progess when you fort a item gets deleted after closing the fortification window. I wanted to suggest to change this system so we can fort something and after failing few times and closing the window the progress we reached dont get deleted. Like if you start with 10%, start forting the item but fail everytime and you end up with 15% chance but you have to close the window because you want obviously keep playing the game, you will lose the progress you reached after putting hours into farming the gold for the stones. Thats just frustrating and thats why i think this change might be a good idea. Pros Less frustrating if you fail because you know the chance to fort the weapon up is next time you use stones higher You spend less life time into forting 1 item More ppl would be able to gear up for pvp Cons Safety stone price might get higher Sublime safety stone could be less worth to buy since you can stack the % (Even if i think it wont decrease the price of those stones to much) Ec price could increase too cuz its more rewarding to fort stuff. Ec = safety stone
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    Information Hey everyone, just a small update for you guys with some fixes, some tweaks and some new additions. I know a lot of you seem to be asking when is the weapon percent system going to be added and I can tell you its in progress! There is no ETA of when this will arrive but just know it's being worked on. There is some other things being worked on for Classic Eden Eternal also. I cannot give much information on it yet but for the moment I will be prioritizing the percent system over it. Hope you are all enjoying it so far and I might have some polls coming next week for some community feedback on certain matters. More information on that later. Just as a further noticed incase anyone missed it, there seems to be some players experiancing graphical issues in regards to some items in game, please check this post out if you are effected by any graphical issues: Updates We've added some new items to our Item Mall. We've added level 30 / 45 / 60 gathering tools to the Item Mall. We've fixed the Bank Slot Rental to a tradable version in the Item Mall. We've moved the Shattergem (NT) to the Gear Group in the Loyalty Shop. We've implemented all the custom dyes to the Item Mall that where added to the Awaken Server here too! Here is a preview thread made by @Herakles: We've updated the Archive to contain more items that Aeria has blessed us with hiding as well as added all the Alpha's from the previous event too! Note: We've also fixed some errors with the archive regarding the "Other Items" section. We've updated both the "Extreme Rock" and "Infinity Rock" guitars to active on attacks and casts. Bug Fixes Fixed the Movement Speed of the "Razorsteel Leaf" mount. Text Fixes Fixed the Bard Class Talent "Pop Style" to list the correct skill. Fixed the description text of Support Skill "Prevention". Fixed the buff text of Human Support Skill "Snub". Fixed the buff text of Zumi Magic DPS Skill "Perfect Disguise". Fixed the effect text of "Jala's Execution Decree". Fixed the effect text of "Robin's Control Rm Key". Fixed the effect text and the buff text of "Ulicul's Love Charm". Fixed some of the dye names that didn't match their counterpart. Thats all for this week, I hope you all are enjoying EE Classic!
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    I wanted to state the problem which is bugging the players since quite a few time. I know not many of you will agree to it. Im just expressing my opinion about it that the drop rates in trials are so low. I reckon with 4members in the trial party using Loot charms wouldn't make the boss drop the weapon nor the trophy. I personally have done more than 10 trials of century and i still have not seen valmor drop his rings or staff or his trophy. Im playing this game when the main server had Lv70 cap but i cannot recall having so low drop rate. As i already stated that people may or may not agree with me but, trials have become a place to leech classes not to get good trophies/rings/weapons/armor blueprint etc. I personally have leeched no denying the fact because we never get the thing we need from trials, i understand for some players it may drop but the majority are in dry runs. Using loot charm just makes the runs go drier to dry nothing good comes out of it. I only request the GM/GS to give class drops or least increase drop rates in trials, as doing trials for gears will be lot fun than doing it to leech classes.
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    Now people feel someone's absence in TA... Karma for those of ya who held Jesse in derision. That aside, crafting it may sound good but what ya guys suggestin do not make it accessible for lower levels. Its funny that unique delta gears sell 10g while scanners sell 200g. Every newbie can buy a uni delta but not all can use em, sad. That said, my suggestion is to make those uni scanner drop in SF and all higher DGs.
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    Not really sure what 120% has to do with physical weapons being harder to obtain that magical ones? That makes no sense at all. People play magician because they want to not because they have 120% of 160% because chances are maybe 5-10% of those players have a weapon thats of those %'s. Maybe its so powerful because it has more range than physical classes and can simply kite them in PvP. Generally speaking its easier to play mage and have success than it is to play PDPS. This is not by any means calling pdps bad because there is some great pdps classes Thief and MA just to name a few. Wanna counter mage? Also just to prove how bad your arguement is, 160% purples existed always so yes you did have this level of power. The only thing that didn't exist was Arcane box which basically would chalk them up to higher RNG that 120% ever was and just increasing the power gap even more. That is why the arguement for 100% is completely not thought out in my eyes and to be quite honest likely not the route we'll be going. I'm still undecided but it's likely either: Option A with the upgradable % option. Option B. Before anyone responds to me arguing till your blue in face just think about it logically. The only real arguement for 100% being returned is for the classic experiance. There is no other arguement to balance that Option C is better than either of the other 2 and I'll explain why. Option A and Option B offers more diversity and more room to improve by being able to fort what you can and then if people want to min-max their build they can aim for the 120%. This gives trials more reason to be run every single day by every player on the server and not just a 2 weeks in mentality when all the high tier players have gotten their weapons and then they're like "nah your alright why do I need to run Manor Trial I've already got my 100% staff". It makes the trials burn out so fast and then whats left? Theres not DSR or DD to run people to make gold, there is no DS to farm materials for profit. What do you have left to gain? Yeh people could run trials to farm the gold weapons blueprints to sell but honestly speaking you'd basically have to be insanely lazy to buy a 100% gold weapon. I know plenty of people who have already gotten the 55 weapons they wanted and the servers been open what? Less than 2 weeks... There is no longevity in Option C which is why I'd prefer not to bother with it. Yes there is some players who will run now get a 120% or a 119% and say they're done, but there will also be players who will get say a 115% fort it and then farm a 120% for min-maxing. Most games outside of eden don't have high drop rates and have class drops either, I've recently played game and after 8 runs had nothing to show for it other than some dungeon materials but thats how its designed. Your not suppose to be able to do what happens on VGN Awaken where within a week of the update your already fully geared and ready to go, people just get bored and then quit for months till the next patch comes out just to burn through it in a week and be bored again. Many of you guys want 65 cap and when 65 cap comes you guys keep telling me you want it to stay close to 65 cap and not change for a while. But what would be the purpose of that when within a week of the trials coming out people have the best weapons already. Then when awakens come out people will have them too as fast as the limits allow them. All you guys need to understand is we're not just trying to run a quick server thats about for a year or so and then is all burnt our of content. We want a server with some longevity and that can only happen if everything isn't handed to you for free. We want you to have a reason to log on and play the game other than a 30 minute PvP session. We want you guys to have something to work on and something to be happy about when you get that high % rare drop. If you guys suggested more runs to be able to help farm it thats fine, if you guys want some sort of system that can make use of all the trash %'s you have then thats fine too. But throwing a tantrum over class drops and drop rate is just not what we're aiming for here. I hope you all understand and if you want to pitch your input on this statement please do. But I'm telling you know unless someone thinks of something I've not yet thought of, I doubt Option C is on the table anymore. Just a disclaimer before anyone says something dumb like "Well Option C won the poll or Option A only won because people where making fake votes". As stated Option C was also fake voted, I've also seen many people on this post and DM me in game and out of game explaining that they voted C but now would rather A or B. This is before going into the whole preaching in peer chat to vote C like some sort of election campaign. TL;DR Only valid reason for C is true classic experiance. Anyone who wants there gear in the game should be thinking about the longevity of the server over themselves. Forting something 115% is perfectly fine and acceptable as the difference is so small doesn't even matter. Also not sure what the guy quoted is on about how everyone playing mage has anything to with 120% weapons when about 90% of the people playing mage are using +0 and random %'s with blue gear as most people are waiting for launch before commiting to their gear. (I also was in Friday's TW checking peoples gears to see how the server was progressing, there was also 180 people in that TW so I think I have an accurate picture)
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    First of all, i'd like to point out that i disagree with the subject of this pool being the best solution for our server. The problem right now is: the drop rate for gold weapons is so low that, based on pure luck (rng whatever you wanna call it), one would get to have an 120% and another person would get a 101% weapon and with be stuck with it. There are so many people in my guild that need Magic Skeleton (Veninfang Trial lvl55), for example, and if you don't take the first one you see cause you didn't like the %, you might as well never get to have it. Also, i've done a whole bunch of trials and i only saw that staff drop twice, it's so frustrating to do 12 trials everyday and only get one drop for the incredible amount of people that is playing in our server. The current state is just forcing people into low % weapons. Second, with increasing the drop rate or getting class drop not being an option, option C seems to be the most fair one. Not only cause it sets a limit to how "strong" everyone can get, making skillful players shine out more, but also, because you're probably gonna be stuck with the first weapon you get.
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    Post any patch feedback, bugs etc here!
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    Soon you'll be able to get in through Neutral Settlement in Amara via the dungeon keepers next to the portal. Exitting this Archeron will return you back to your Amara base as well.
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    @GoddessSand Dude! A Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) would be nice if you're going to be making these essays. There are those who don't have to patience to read through all of it when there are many others to look through along with many other things to worry about. There is a reason there are people who just provide short, clear, and concise answers to decision makers first and then the justifications..
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    Just because I don't comment on something doesn't mean I don't see it... I check and read over every single post regarding SB.
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    Show a little seriousness and explain why they really close the game ... because (Personal Problems) It doesn't seem enough to me to understand the reason for this ... and maybe if they explain it, I and maybe other people would stay to play EE or SB ... but give a reason that makes sense
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    lmao, puts in onyx last week before it shuts down, big stonks but pretty scummy on you guys parts
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    Ahh I understand now. This is actually not a bad idea at all. It also gives somewhat of a timewindow for coordinated teams to force a win. Say for example theres 3 left and the next spawn time is 15 seconds away. Then you could try and hunt those 3, where as if theres only 5 seconds till the next spawn time then you could maybe leave them alone and try and make it harder to regroup. Obviously in most 10v10 people will just zerg around and kill kill kill, but this could be an organised advantage in certain teams. Although I have a worry that it could cause a bit of drama in which people get flamed for killing someone when the timers a few seconds away. Although this isn't me saying no or this is not happening, as your not the only person suggesting this. However, from my experiance with balancing on the awaken server. Often times skill radius being reduced by a small amount doesn't really have much of an impact on anything as although it might help, it will only actually help in about 5% of situations for the most part. So although I'm not against it, I don't actually think much will be changed by such a change but thats just my 2 cents on this suggestion. I don't think its a good idea to base any balancing around a bug that wasn't intentional and that will be fixed this maintenance. This is why it's listed as 6 mins and I believe most suggestions around 10v10 have this in mind. If anything I think generally speaking basing balance changes on people who are clearly griefing arenas is a bad idea. We have punished a player this week for these sorts of actions and I think in future we can look into giving arena based punishments to all players who are caught greifing, specficially in these team based PvP modes. One punishment that might be a good idea for example is say a week long Defector debuff. So they're basically banned from the arenas for a week or a couple of days. This should help encourage them not to grief the arena. We have medals in PvE dungeons now so there is no need for people to grief the arenas too. I think a group life system would be a good solution to the disconnection issue though and just like other PvP games we just need to improve our punishment system for those who ruin it for others. Every PvP game has griefing so its not something we should balance around. Theres not a lot we can do about that I agree. But its a tough situation as the current situation sometimes requires you to be able to one shot someone or burst someone really fast or its hard to out dps. I'm not sure of a solution to this but it's definatly something that should be further discussed. One interesting thing a game I played before does is when you recieve a heal from a certain skill, then you get a debuff that acts like a cooldown to the spell lowering its healing by a high % to stop healing spam. Although I'm not sure this would work in this game but its something to think about. Maybe we could do something which psuedo limits healers to 2 - 3 only, where if theres more than the limit they all get a debuff or something. Well what you'd do is attack the P-Healing stat by a percentage. So this would nerf Templars more than it would a Mage for example. This way you'd be harming their recieved healing asside from Zumi's and their Mechanical Healing Shield they would for the most part be affected as much as the next class would be. But again this would be something that needs to be played around with to make sure it works as planned. I definatly agree with this, I do think that there would need to be some changes focused at survival added for this though. Cause the issue I see right now from 3v3 is that there is a lot of cases where a class will just one shot another class and thats the end of that. Key ones being as you mentioned: Illu with KD, Templar with KD, Ranger against invisible targets. Often times there is little room to counter these classes and its just a match of who one shots who first. I know some are complacent with how it is but others are not. Which is why this thread exists. I think if we can find a good balance that makes CC not too punishing while not as you say, buffing Templars out the ass then it might make for a slightly more fun experiance where a battle actually lasts slightly longer and has more room for counter play. Apologise for replying out of order I think this may leave arena feeling a lot more stale than it is now. Although I understand a couple of racial inparticular stand above the others but there is kinda a good handful across the board that makes most races balanced. Humans have resistance on ranger and - resistance debuffs while also having an out of combat button on healers for reviving. Zumis have the double hit and triple hit orange and green classes respectively. While having the anti pdps box on Purple and the Mechanical Healing Shield on yellows. Frog Orange classes and Purple classes have nice CC while Blue classes have the super anoying reflect and healing. Bears have the super anoying fear that isn't a fear on yellow classes while having the fear debuff on purple classes, the knockdown on orange classes and the damage reduction on blue classes. Halfkins have the double hit on illusionist, the long ass stun on greens and the resistance drop on orange classes. Yes I didn't cover everything and yes sometimes they're somewhat class specific. But at the end of the day people choose a race to play with their class selection in mind. And taking that away will make a lot of people anoyed as if they knew this would happen from day 1 they may have just been human or halfkin. Also just to note, the reason the Zumi skill is disabled was due to the fact that certain objects in the game world you can get stuck inside of when pulled into them. This was a massive problem on the US server originally where people would pull others inside the rocks in TW for example. If we where to ever nerf healing we'd try to factor this in mind to not make building high heals feel wasted. There is ways around this however I can physically edit the maps collisions so that there is a massive invisible wall in the way making it impossible for players to get through without the need for death barriers and such. Then we can just simply litter some objects in the way to give the asthetic of "This is blocked off". Before anyone says it, this doesn't stop attacking through it so the wall would have to be big enough that people cannot be attacked inside their spawn. I also think dreadlore is a bit of a stale map, although it does the job. I'd like to see what other maps are usable first before this as this is quite a boring looking map in all respects.
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    Game's too dead already and yet you guys still wanna get each other banned. Yeah kill the game more roflmao. Jokes aside, not that im siding with anyone but i get Akan's point. Maybe it's better to just remove the guards on BG's so that way it's either both factions kill each other or try and survive (most specially registration BG's are always 1v1 atm). And from there, you'll see more clearly who's AFK and not because an AFK will just remain on spawn instead of hiding behind guards. The only disadvantage i see to this is when a real non-alt lowbies who enter a 1v1 match BG will just get bullied and will probably remain at spawn and opposing faction might think they're AFK unless there's a way to say they give up. Just my personal opinion
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    Hello and welcome to this concept of card game made by me: Eden eternal Trading Card Game. Something evil is coming ... Only light could banish its darkness which devour this world ... Eden eternal Trading Card Game is a card game inspired by Popular card games like Magic or Hearthstone with some unique mechanics such as mana for casting spells or special cards like World bosses. (everything will be detailed if below). Please note this is a concept and there is a good chance that it will not work, but I would do my best to make it possible . Do not hesitate to give your opinion in the comments, it is always a pleasure to read them as in the time of my guides :D . Note: The post is WIP , things will be added gradually. In the current state, it is not playable due to the lack of certain card and the balancing, but if that interests you, You can create your own rules while waiting and having fun with friends. You can, if you want, print them on your printer or use them on another site or post as long as you mentioned my username. For example "Created by Kwai" or "Made by Kwai". There are different cards like: Eternal Guardian: ATK / VIT / MANA With different skills and a unique passive. -1 Passive. -2 competence. -1 secondary skill. Her skill consumes mana Condition for the invoked: After turn 5 Have the number of gem required for the summoned Boss: ATK / VIT Iconic boss card of the license - special skills World Boss: ATK/VIT Has powerfull stat but several ally can hit them at the same time. Monster: ATK / VIT Normal monster Soon: -mana regenerates by 1 per turn but can be regenerated faster with a mana potion. -Potion: Gives effects only to the eternal guardian. Iron Skin Potion Reduces Damage by 1 Mana Potion Regenerates 2 MANA Strength Potion increases by 1 ATK - Upgrade Scroll: Guard: Increases VIT by 1 Weapon: Increases ATK by 1 Guard Prime: Increases VIT by 2 (usable only by units that have more than 5 VIT) Weapon Prime: Increases ATK by 2 (usable only by units that have more than 5 of ATK) -Mage Class Card Soon Download: https://mega.nz/file/gYp3gIxT#p6ZgJ_oGHIsz7GR6Mgvspy2KEL1KPvlbweTec59iVn0 Download: https://mega.nz/file/cBYRRQhQ#DizD3m9zh2ZXhE8j-i2U6y8u_CNZDter6eiFdSzE58A Thank you for reading and see you soon for a new adventure! Have fun Kwai
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    the best thing would be to delay until September or October the awake cap.
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    Character Name (IGN): Percy Boss Name and Title: Stellaria, Celestial Star Boss Model : Kiriyata with yellow/red/orange clothes instead of purple Weakness : Darkness [yes only one, it can't be that easy, Stellaria is a celestial being] Skill 1: Casts a cross shaped attack, dealing massive damage and immobilizing for 10 seconds those who are hit. Can be removed by the first skill of the NPC player. Cast time : instant Cooldown : 8s Skill 2 : Casts a wide self-centered aoe which decreases and decreases hp -10 % and all resistances -10 each seconds the player stays in the aoe Cast time : instant Cooldown : 12s Skill 3 : Stellaria summons two clones of herself (with less hp), one giving her -80% damage taken, the other one giving her +50% damage dealt. These clones can use Skill 1 and 2 but not 3 or countdown skills. Cast time : instant Cooldown : 20s Countdown Skill 1 : Supernova : large self-centered aoe which wipes everyone unless every player has the buff 'Only if I die' given by the NPC player. For more detail about NPC player skills, see the 'Any other information that is relevant' paragraph, down below. Cast time : 5s Cooldown : 25s Countdown Skill 2 : Summons two portals, Stellaria is immune to all damage while they are still up. Every 30s, each portal wil heal Stellaria for 15% HP. One portal brings to a secondary boss at Quiller's place which looks like Celestial Dragon Jira, has to be killed to make the portal disappear. The other portal brings to the entrance of the dungeon, with monsters on the path, have to be all cleared to make the second portal disappear. Cast time : instant Cooldown : 4 mn Passive Buffs : 1) for 1mn, clear all negative debuffs Stellaria received every 0.1 second next 1mn, this clearing buff is disabled 2) Immune to Demonfire 3) Every 5s of the fight , increases all physic resistances +1 and M-atk and P-atk +5% (cap at +50 resistances and + 300% atk), can't be cleared Trophy Name (Optional): Stellaria's Undying Will Trophy Description (Optional): When righteous Eternal Guardians overcome Stellaria's trials, she gives them this crystal to help them and propagate virtue. Trophy Icon (Optional): a Blue crystal (like the one dropped by Jahan in Andrew's mine) Trophy Effect (Optional): +3 resistances, HP +2500, +5% damage dealt, -5% damage taken Boss Achievement Name (Optional): A new star is born Trophy Achievement Name (Optional): Our origin, our future Dungeon Name: Dark Star Hideout Dungeon Map (Optional): Baram's Chasm Dungeon area (Optional): Miller's room (at the end of the dungeon) Boss Lore/Background (Optional): Disappointed by how many Eternal Guardians grew arrogant because of their power instead of helping many of the poor civilians of this world, Stellaria herself has decided do renew the faith and will of Eternal Guardians. She who many years ago gave her mana to create the famous blue crystals disguised herself to blend in the population and talk with Eternal Guardians. She slowly realised that the Bane Prince had indirectly managed to corrupt too many of them. Indeed, constantly fighting evil, more and more Eternal Guardians have become violent to survive the atrocities created by the Bane Prince. Upon seeing one of them extorting hundreds of gold pieces to a trader for more rings and weapons the trader would ever be able to resell, leaving him in this awful situation, Stellaria exploded with rage and disintegrated this so-called Eternal Guardian. But when she learned that this was a common situation all around the world, she sunk in despair. The Bane Prince took this opportunity to take control of her mind. Usually far more powerful than him, this unstable mental state helped him win. Nevertheless, her will was initially so powerful that even after changing her into an aggressive being, the Bane Prince was totally unable to control her. She wanted Eternal Guardians to go back into the right path...those who will disturb her rest will either be righteous and overcome her trials and win against her or perish. Since then, she has stayed hidden from the sight of everyone in a hot area which suits her stellar origins and filled with the energy of magic fire crystals. Boss Quotes In Game (Optional): - Repent ! Or I will force you back into the right path... -Why would you rebel ? I am your mother ! -Without me, the connection with Eden will decay ! Any other information that is relevant (Optional): NPC player skill 1 : removes the immobilisation of 'On your knees !' but also give a -50% dmg dealt debuff for 10s. Cast time : instant CD : 5s NPC player skill 2 : reduces the resistances of Stellaria's clones by 30, but grants every player within 30 meters +15% damage taken. Cast time : 2s CD : 3s NPC player skill 3 : casts a little aoe which lasts 5 seconds around the NPC player, players who walk in this little aoe get a buff called 'Only if I die' for 5 seconds. If even one of the players has not this buff when Supernova hits, everyone die. NPC automatically gets the buff for 5s when he activates the skill. Cast time : instant CD : 8s.
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    Oh, I forgot to say but something I really would like to see for next patchs are a rework of racial passives and skills. Some of they are useless, like human GK healing 15% p-atk/m-atk with rapier. I know some races are supposed to be better at x or y class, but I think we could have a passive that is at least usefull with all classes and races. And maybe buffing some passives? I can reach 100% m-crit rate on human holy sage, for exemple without losing to much of anything. I'd like to see a cap where only Halfkin holy sage with his m-crit rate passive can reach 100% m-crit rate easily, other races would have to choose between losing 1 or 2 stats to reach 100% m-crit rate. But they would have better passives, instead of 5% Move speed on Zumi, having block so Zumi would be the only race to cap block on HS, while anuran gets more healing, etc. I know that's not something easy to do, it's actually very hard. But that would mean we could have more build variety and also would feel more rewarding to gear every classes. (All those passives I said was just an example, I know u can reach really good stats with any race but for me that's the problem, I feel like with some classes one specific race can't be as good as other, like Human 15% p-atk with Sword in BA vs -30% malice for Halfkin, while with other classes some racial feels like isn't really helping since any HS can reach 100% m-crit easy and not just Halfkin that have the 20% passive)
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    can we have bikes with guns or rocket launches on them to hit the enemy..
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    I've read a bit of last 2 pages' posts, and for what I've read people are just bluffing over everything on this thread regarding the classes' balance and their PvP usefulness, what more not do to fool the higher management into getting this game more unbalanced lmao. All this manipulation. Not worth wasting my time.
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    as some 1 who play pu since i started playing this game i think pu are quite uselss now, why?? because 4-6 skill from sw pu die... even with full uniq cv set rank 2 /tank erring +hero accories/ u say pu dps not bad ?? then which pu can kill buffed tanks, pu cant even kill buffed cb nowday,i mean if cb on guardian shout no pu can kill it.. so u saying pu still ok ?? same as buffed wh pu cant 1 v 1 buffed wh anymore so u saying pu ok on pvp ?? my point is pu die really fast.. and the only thing good about pu was it has good dps, but now pu are nothing more then a PVE toon people keep saying pu dps are not bad which part of it not bad.. im sure few pu have same thing on mind but they just dont say this. in another word pu are sucks... de have same dps as pu in clearing dungen/ PVE so tell me what are pu good for ?buffing people and puuting down cacon for that thats all what pu can do in pvp other then that 0
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    Bye DongerLord 😂