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To Wolfbane's Friends and Anyone else who knew him


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We just learned that Wolfbane has passed with covid, close friends of his heard from his family and I was just passed the information to share. A lot of us in Curse over the years played with him so its very sad to hear. Banana, Kira, and I are working on doing something in game for him.


Feel free to share any fond memories you have below. 


I always loved watching wolf pvp with bikini and otp. and the testing he did on classes just in his own time to learn game mechanics was so helpful to everyone and played a huge role on how people have come to learn to play a lot of the classes. Wolf was also part of the GS team for awhile and was super helpful to have around and I really enjoyed having him.


I hope you are all doing well and know that even if you play with people online it doesn't make them any less of your friend. Not knowing what they are up to if they are offline for so long is not a great feeling. That has been on my mind a lot recently wondering how all my old sb friends are doing.


Please be respectful in the comments.


You can reach me on discord at cowboy

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This is a very sad time and hard time for all of us in the world, but to hear one of our fellow gaming brothern has passed on is something else. I always had this mindset that everyone I have had the pleasure to game with is somehow immortal and just will never ever pass on.
I've known Wolf since ASB and remember the good times. He lived in Trinidad like Rory and I do and we'd have a full blown convo about the pepper from the local fried chicken franchise here called Royal Castle and other foods in Trinidad. 
I am still in denial and just think he is still here and just pranking us, but I know in my heart... He isn't. 
I hope his family and friends near and dear to him are okay and will be able to recover from his passing. I never ever thought this was going to happen to one of us in this community, especially someone so impactful to this game. 
Rest in Peace, Wolf.

You will always be remembered.

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Hello everyone hope you are doing well i just started playing scarlet blade i didnt know wolfbane at all but sorry to his family and friends for thier loss covid has been a hard thing to deal with for alot od people everyone just make sure they take care of themselves and those around you have to hopefully be rid of this covid again sorry for your losses and have a great day or night 

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My memories of him aren't very detailed. But from what little I do remember of him was that he was cool guy. Even though we were on opposing sides more often than not, he was a respectable guy just playing the game like anyone else.

And earlier today, when I was out of the house and I heard the news, I don't know why but...it hurt. When I came back to Scarlet Blade, his name was among the few that I still recognized and seeing him gone.

Rest in peace, the world's going to feel a lot emptier.

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4 hours ago, mrapplepie said:

A few years ago, i was hospitalized due to issues with my kidneys, Wolfie took the time to come see me. Went out for drinks with my mom, sister and brother-in-law after. Really appreciated that. He made it to see me before closest friends.

Wow, that was really kind of him. I didn't even know he did that. I hope your kidney issues are gone and you are safe and healthy now. 

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I remember him as a great PVPer and a great SE of Royal Guards at ASB. We are not that close but we fought a lot of Boss wars at Viledon together with other RGs. This news brings a heart break and shock to many of us. Condolences to the family and friends. May he rest in peace. 

Hope this pandemic end soon!!!

A big salute to you Wolfie!!! we all gonna miss you!!! till we all pvp again together !!!

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It feel like yesterday when I last talked with him, I remember when he told me that he will be fine and will come back to play the game when he getting better. It's hard to believe that now he's gone. But i'm sure he in a better place. I will be missing you bro, till we meet again. 

I will remember the thing you have taught me.

Condolences to his families. May your soul be at peace. 


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Dear friend,

Here is me.. italy2.. and this is to much for me to take alone..

It was 16 Dec 2021 when you stopped answering, Uzo said.

During the hard times you were passing through I was travelling to USA and Mexico.. in the airplane looking at the world map and staring at Trinidad too, and thinking of you, hoping one day to be able to meet you and Andrew.

The heart is aching and memories are not letting me rest, emotions are pouring out and the time spent with you keeps playing in my mind.

Here I am awake counting every mistake I’ve made replaying fights while thinking of you.

These sharp memories of you and of all the time we’ve spent together. It was like yesterday the last time I saw you.. there with your silent presence like always.. enjoying to your heart content the game and fun that you loved hated the most. Here I am while thinking of all those moments and writing this post with my eyes incapable of seeing clear because the tears keep just coming..

I’m sorry for all the times I was rude to you like many others, luckily to my memories I did not ever hurt you in any way. And have always been true..  you were a nice friend that I enjoyed spending my time with and I loved you in a friendly way so much despite not talking to each other in the recent times. I loved your sole presence online in those moments.. your logging ins that would tell me that you were doing fine.

We used to joke and laugh and have fun. I remember our discord group of detectives..where we had great fun with many others, moments that I loved, you were so yourself and I remember your laughings that would make you fill with joy. Where we are today has changed, you are no longer here.. Sometimes life pulls us in ways we’d never expect, with dreams to hold, egos to protect. It hurts to wander, so we wonder.. what’s current. ‘What do they expect?’, so we get distant, acting all stupid but we still care and we know deep inside what's real. I didn't expect you to get so distant..

No one simply ever get by but you were strong and I can't get to accept this, while I watch all these memories, they take me back to July.. chit chatting and fighting side by side.. Those moments I remember, and realize, those beautiful ones through good and bad times. Even though it’s a dream with open eyes, in my memories, they bring you back to life.

Dear Wolf, the sunrise over the paradise illuminates all that made your soul great, and legends say there they run their own race and they have their own fate to grasp with new worlds and no maps. Here’s a prayer, to you and your soul.. here’s to tomorrow, to the growth, the victories and defeats, the ups, the downs, and yeah even occasional sorrows, and to the grand plans, now you can sketch the universe free hand, filled with peace, happiness, stars and you and us. Now you have the power. This is the beginning of something incredible, of you, a trip unforgettable, don’t forget to reminisce of the places you’ve been, of us, and the precious moments shared with everyone, the family you had and that always you will, and the life that you lived. I Thank you with all my heart and soul to have come in our lives and sharing your precious life with us. You will always be loved and be part of my heart till the end of my existence.

A toast to you,

‘Cause the drinks bring back all the memories

And the memories bring back you

There’s a time that I remember, when you did not know no pain

When I believed in forever that everything would stay the same

Now my heart feel like December..when somebody say your name

‘Cause I can’t reach out to see you, but I know I will one day.

Everybody hurts sometimes

Everyboy hurts someday,

But everything gon’be alright

Go and raise a glass and say

'Cheers to me, cheers to us'


Till we meet again, Cheers to you my dear friend. May the peace be with you

In your loving memories I dedicate this to you

Your friend italy2



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