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Sneaks Signing Off. [Bye Bye. o/]


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Oh Well...

This game took us by the storm, and wonderful Vendetta team revived Scarlet Blade in all of it's glory for us titty lovers to play. For so long I have loved this game, but some certain things finally finished me off and I honestly can't remain around any longe

Over a week of me not playing, and it's like a sad shadow still lurking around, so I did what was right, yeeted my gear, and here we are. :[ Lots of money put in, even more time, but it had to be done.

BIG THANK YOU for VNG trying their best and always being friendly to everyone's complaints, because they do get a lot of 'em.

Thanks to OATH guild for being a lil cute family, and INQUISITORS for being sweetest guild to hoard newbies and pros alike. :v

Thanks to 💗
 Italy, Kira, Bikini, Shiny, Taco, Wolf and Uzo (my precious rats :v) Larrissa, Mighters, Yevon, Panini and the big Panini, Empy, Snoopy, Perv, Wolf, Cuddles, Katie, Max, Shiro, Evil and his waifu, Peppa, Raz, Renegade, Filo, Mar, Nev, Itsu, Lyzz and probably many others my brain can't even mention (I still will miss you noobs).

Also thanks to CNF and Ahmi never leaving my ass tf alone in pvp. Fuk u guys. (imjoking)

Thanks to Vivi for working hard and doing her best to help with any problems.

And in general, just thank you for the good memories. It all might be bad now, but at least I will remember everything good that happened.

Hope that people learn to love each other more for the future and be better towards everyone.
Community is small, learn to be kind.

And don't forget : SP is best stat in game.
BYE!! O/

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Thanks for being there and thank you for creating all these good and fun memories that won't be forgotten, it's been a fun adventure to have you around me each time, however as everything comes to an end this had to come too, today's your day and it's a sad day seeing u go from sb however it's an amazing day you. I'm also on the verge of quitting soon so get a bottle of Champagne ready.

And it's time to do what's best for you and fuk everything as what's most important is you, play some more real life too and let's see what it's gonna bring you :)

        Treasure all the good memories and look forward to the beautiful future.        

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  • Aww Sneaky dear...
  • It made me said your not around on SB but still it was wonderful to had meet you. Well you are welcome to come back if you like and if not you know where you find me online. I may be slow on responding but I will respond.  Still life is one to be explore and be full of moments to live on and  to be remember. I always will think of those sweet and friends ones that we share. :) You have a lot to offer to the world so go for it.
  • Just remember that life is much more richer when is full of friends.
  • Take care always.
  • :) - Mar
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