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Need Free Knights

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Need atleast 10-12 FKs for NB and AK...

No matter u lose to zerg or lose to loot....just come n play....I know theres nothing left to gear up ...

But everything has downside ....if u dont show up its literally killing the game..

Newbies need something to get going someone carrying them...

Forget FC i know pretty solid players can join NB ... One day u might lose other days u might b in someome happiness in getting victorius

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2 hours ago, Filomena said:

If they join, 2 or 3 FK more are enough to win every bunker... So I don't know what's better ahahahaha.

If you are referring to the first NB of the day where numbers were pretty even, but rg had a wall of WHs with high Ch-acc and SEs with 2 medics. There was no chance in hell for FK to take them on. But I'm normally asleep during that one and just happen to wake up in the middle of the night to join. The second NB of the day I can't make it. I'll be surprised if AK tomorrow has enough FK participating to even do anything as the last AK I was in there was 5 fk to 15+ RG so FK left and I just joined RG side. I do suspect one of your RG players that afk'd in last the NB I was in earlier to have been dual logged(which is a no no) to reap double winnings. 

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