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  1. I can look into adding 20v20 arena or something if this would help?
  2. The BG limits have helped the server a lot the factions do not seem abandoned now yes some bad apples ruining the show but things are changing soon to aid this situation.
  3. None of those mystery boxes right now have been used more than twice so far idk what you're trying to say but making it sound like an issue doesn't help.
  4. We are revamping the astral puzzle and item mall on our next patch. Maybe some of these changes will come. The idea of the VIP was just a thank you reward for spending AP. We can look into the drop rate but I don't think it's needed given how generous we've already been with the drop rate.
  5. You get between x and y exp every time you dig so the 42kg is say between 30-50 and the other is between 30-70 maybe the first one you got lucky and received the higher scale one and the other you were unlucky and received a lower scale exp rate. btw those numbers are completely wrong I was just using as example
  6. Mystery Box was new items + some old. Altars idk what was done but you can't expect new things every week thats how you run out of items insanely fast.
  7. We can add items from other x-legend games just nothing from other games outside of the graphical engine x-legend uses.
  8. Player online count has increased by a lot as of late this is good news guys I am glad we are getting players back. I will begin working again on the server at the end of the month and I hope to bring a patch asap for the game with a lot of changes so again thank you for the support!
  9. Having an opinion based on the way they do things is not a sign of jealousy. I don't work that way never have done their server is only successful (was successful they've lost over 70% of their community now because they're bored) because of the amount of freebies they gave away and the fact they used aeria mailing list to spam emails about their server (lost their access because of this as well lol) so please don't see it as me being jealous I just don't wanna be compared to a turd as that's what it is and their other servers are very good examples of what happens when it stops making money.
  10. But they are just a copy and paste server lol. If you open your eyes you will see none of the new features work they're lying to you guys with their updates and it will backfire some day.
  11. Thanks a lot I have noted this down when I begin working on the patch I will address these
  12. So they've not been working at all? Any idea of a name of one of the quests I could follow to see what is going wrong?
  13. Maybe you're missing one of the previous quests?
  14. Bad mouth? I am stating a fact.
  15. Unfortunately the game doesn't offer the best variety of challenges when it comes to PVE a lot of it is straight forward 2004 bullshit so the only challenges would be making it hit harder. Yes we could do more skills but again the effects for those skills are again straight forward so it's not the best game to be thinking on a broader scale unfortunately but I can try see what I can do to help Vivi in making future bosses more entertaining as I feel you on that.