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  1. Our main focus of marketing will be cosmetic instead of paygate kind of items. Ofc we will have "shortcuts" which is fair for paying players to get ahead that way considering paying to win and paying to get ahead are 2 completely different approaches.
  2. Q&A

    To be honest I need to probably re-code the drop system or look into it further. The issue I am having is I've set the rate to x100 and it still only drops 1-2 items per so I am assuming it goes by rate instead of quantity so until I have decided how I intend to execute this I won't say much more on that subject.
  3. Q&A

    Server will be based on UTC similar time to http://sb.vendettagn.com/ Since it is beta everything will be wiped afterwards yes. But we are planning a lot of rewards for people who help which will be given out depending on length of time they played, progress and so on. More information on those rewards will be out during Beta but it's worth it some exclusive limited edition items! The rates are currently from monster kills only it seems I am looking into having the rate go off quest rewards as well as other areas we can figure it out during beta. I am actually setting up the Live server atm. Maybe when I am done doing that I will gather some more screenshots. I don't have a lot to show given I am only level 27 on the server as I was testing some stuff haha
  4. Just a small heads up that I will be reviewing all the guides on Monday. That is when you will be able to claim your VGN Points.
  5. This is a big reason why we're doing a month long beta so we can find a nice balance for most features.
  6. If you guys want any changes to items or anything in general it's always best to give a list of the items (their exact name if possible) so it makes it a little easier going through and making the changes.
  7. Hey Guys! From now until Monday 1st May anyone who posts a guide (showing images and descriptive information) will be rewarded 500 VGN Points per guide! Rules: We only accept 1 type of guide. Anyone who re-posts or does similar guides will be denied. (First come first serve). Do not reserve a thread or topic. Thread must be originally submitted with all the information already included. We do not accept reservations. To know your guide has been accepted by us, it will be replied by myself advising you to create a ticket for us so we can reward your account. You submit as many guides as you'd like, as long as your guide is useful to the community! Thank you to everyone in advance who submits guides!
  8. Also as for rates we will be increasing and decreasing the rates to find that happy balance. We want people to work for their stuff but we do not want to have them dig their life into the game. This game is old and people have already experienced most parts of the game making someone start all over again isn't the best impression to give so we have to find that balance.
  9. Well I've never been one to wanna wall off paying players and non-paying players so if there is ever a wall of difference we will definitely look into it and come up with a solution.
  10. I'm actually looking into this atm myself so hopefully I can provide quicker fairy levelling.
  11. The game is gonna be somewhat accessible to everyone but I agree certain things must remain in the cash shop at all times for the sake of the server making revenue to pay for itself. Even though our main marketing will be for cosmetics some items do have to remain.
  12. You're allowed to have external links don't worry as long as they don't advertise other servers/competitors of ours. Some great ideas coming from you!
  13. Great suggestion I have noted this down!
  14. Just a small change in plans regarding the launch date. I totally forgot I have plans near the end of this week which will see me away from Thursday till Monday so I am going to push the launch of NosTale back till 1st May Monday (1 week today). I don't feel comfortable launching a game and spending half of the first week away. Hope you all understand thanks!