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  1. Process has been complete. Analysis report has been sent to our providers. Thanks for your patience enjoy your day!
  2. Hey Everyone, We will be having some website downtime sometime today whilst the hardware for the machine is checked. Apologies in advance but it will affect SB logins for a little while until the process is complete. Thank you
  3. The issue could be related to your connection. I'd advise try and use WTFast see if it helps you.
  4. Where are you located? Speedtest results? Is it happening one character or all?
  5. I managed to get mounts from EE working but the main issue is the idle issue. Whenever you're idle on the mount you stand up on top of the mount. This is something to do with the many different animations and actions Twin Saga (just look at certain mounts and the different ways your character sits on them to get a better idea) has that EE does not. Yes I have also tried AK and DH mounts as well and no luck either. As you can see we can get decorations, pets etc to work from other games np but mounts are a little annoying and i've not figured the controller out just yet.
  6. I've been working on other x-legend conversions to this game but nothing has stuck due to the upgrade of the model libs.
  7. Yeah in SB it's necessary to relog in order to receive your points in game.
  8. Major Changes: Added new awaken classes for "Dragon Knight" and "Luminary". Added new 5 player dungeon "4 Trials of the Dimension". Added new 25 player raid "Dragon Slaying Expedition - Stormy Ridge". Added level 95 weapons to the previous level 95 trials. Added new awaken level 95 armors. Added new quests, used for obtaining the level 95 armors. Added new trophies that can be obtained from "4 Trials of the Dimension". Added new guild town statues that can be obtained from <Lost Spirit> Arvad in Aven. Added new special gems that can be obtained from "4 Trials of the Dimension". Added new racial crafting for level 95 (for all races). Added new gathering tools and gathered materials for level 95. Doubled all levels of class stress weekly performance (Allows all classes to gain more CCM) General Changes: Added level 95 crafting items (Essence, Stardust and Heart flame). Added several arcane box formulas. You can now re-roll DoD weapons for another chance at a different percentage. You can also re-roll level 95 weapons for another chance at a different percentage. Added new NPC in aven <Blueprint Seller> Elika who sells many different custom guild town merchants. Converted all missing prime star stones and luna rocks from legendary to prime. Added greatsword, Sword and Rapier to the Oberon 3 piece combination. Added level 95 gem formulas to the gem merchant. Added new Reaper Luna Rock's. Buffed movement speed on the Fantasy Dragon to legendary standard. Added Inquisitor path of destiny buff. Dimension of Souls bosses now give achievements and channel announcements when killed. Added more quests to <Soul Trader>Shyman for easier hand ins. Updated the Archive with all new gears, pets, costumes and mounts. Awaken Knight quest item can no longer be sold. Wedding items Extravagant Engagement Ring and Wedding Reception Coupon can now be discarded. Added 3 more honor titles (Ones that give stats without being worn) New Cosmetics Added! Head Gear Back Gear Body Gear Weapons Mounts Bug Fixes: Fixed several archive bugs. Fixed bug with Luisaka's Swift Ring. Fixed bug with Blisterbreeze's Sythesis Ring Fixed a small bug with custom bosses and auto pathing Fixed Damage scaling of Temple Warcry Gem Fixed buff of Holy - Guillaume's Soul Essence Fixed buff of Holy - Ram Blood's Goreclaw Fixed debuff of Oathblade necklace Fixed Awaken Blade Dancer's glyph icon. Fixed the class expertise of Assassin and Kage to give the right bonuses Fixed Luminary path of destiny buff's description and icon. Fixed portal bug in Valley of Kings to Wetlands. Fixed the tandem bug on the Ocean Fun Itasha mount Fixed the nameless pet Fox Spirit Inari Translated buff on the Royal Heart Palanquin mount. Fixed Typo's on the following: Balance Changes: Rifleteer skill "Holy - Illusory Phantom" now gives immunity Small Luminary changes to prevent it one hitting 100% of the time Small Dragon Knight changes to prevent having permanent skill fail Small Dragon Knight changes to prevent having permanent 60% damage reduction with no way of removing it Minor changes to both "Shake Sonar Study" and "Staggering Blow" certificate to make them more comparable (not one being better than the other in every way) Enjoy the patch everyone!
  9. Hi, We do not offer the game in this service. Modifying the client is also against the rules. We hope you enjoy your stay here and welcome
  10. Over time we will frequently update the item mall but it won't be to the extent of a rotation all the time. The Astral Puzzle is what is used for people to sink their LP and AP into to obtain the costumes. Maybe on events such as Xmas we might add some stuff for a short period but there are just not enough costume pieces to make this doable.
  11. We're not doing maintenance on Tuesday next week due to some other work needing to be done so we're doing it the day after. We're finalizing the Eden patch for Wednesday as well (main reason we're delaying maintenance by a day). This applies to all games.
  12. General Changes: - Drop Rate 3.0: Re-done the drop rate system. We will not be touching the drop rate again after this. This is our new drop rate formula we have done a lot of test and we believe it is more than fair. You will gain a lot more drops in party dungeons now as well! Please note that this change is a new change do not compare it to what it was before. The new changes official has done is a big part as to why the drop system is now this way. Bug Fixes: - Fixed text filter issue.
  13. Thanks for the input I will take a look and patch tomorrow for you guys
  14. Hi, Drop Rate is being addressed. I hope to have something for you guys for Monday. Depending on LP for everything though gives us no room to make any money so please also understand we cannot have it super high or the server will not be around.
  15. Weird considering I've heard different reports that it's too high =/