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  1. Can it be obtained via any other dungeon?
  2. We will be going into testing with the staff tomorrow.
  3. Is it only available in party mode of this dungeon atm?
  4. There is a mermaid senshi coming out in the next patch
  5. I have reduced Phantasy Star player requirement from 10-20 to 3-20 on the upcoming patch as well if this would help players.
  6. Where am I?!!!!!
  7. Just a few preview images on what to expect with this upcoming patch! We're still busy translating and testing the content. We are waiting until we hire the new staff so they can assist with some extra content and custom changes. Expect new level cap, dungeons, maps, cosmetics, items and a revamped item mall/astral puzzle. Hope you like!
  8. The amount of CC in this game is beyond stupid I do agree. Balancing however is something myself and Jordan will be looking into once the latest patch is released as all classes will be finally available to play.
  9. I am only able to work 3-4 hours a day but it is being done it's the only thing I am working on now and I thank you all for your patience and if you have suggestions go make them!
  10. Pulled from the current server running: http://imgur.com/a/f1LL7 Idk whats happened there but it's set to 100% don't just assume we do silent changes we announce all changes. I understand you and your wallet was raped by aeria but take the chip off your shoulder and stop assuming we're just as bad.
  11. It's being worked on there's a lot I've had to aside of Twin Saga but the only patch work I've been doing is Twin Saga.
  12. Further update it appears that the reason is due to the hardware not being delivered yet so it could be tomorrow if it arrives I hope!
  13. Sorry about this guys but our hardware maintenance has been pushed to Friday. I have no idea why but they've asked for us to be around friday so I will push maintenance to friday sorry!
  14. We've had to schedule a hardware maintenance for our core machine and the only open slot is Wednesday 8th February 2017 so to avoid having 2 days worth of maintenance's we will be moving all maintenance for all games to tomorrow only. Altars, Mystery Boxes and Astral Puzzles will be updated tomorrow as well. Sorry for the small delay and I hope you understand the hardware maintenance is important for us. The downtime shouldn't be long it is only some extra hdd's being installed but we need it as it's getting clogged in there nowadays. Thanks!
  15. We're not in any rush to rush this content the next big patch coming out is for Twin Saga so until that happens don't be expecting a patch.